How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of 'GH,' 'The View' and 'The Chew'; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of ‘GH,’ ‘The View’ and ‘The Chew’; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

A War is Coming
Sunday, December 2, 2007 5:15 PM | By Errol Lewis

( — As the War begins, families come together.


Alexis tells Jerry that she won’t get involved with him. Alexis catches Leyla in Jerry’s bed, but it isn’t what it seems, at least not at that moment. Luke agrees to have the heart surgery he desperately needs after Lulu and Johnny help him post-collapse. Ric gives Skye an offer she can’t refuse, or can she? Maxie lets it slip that Coop had no alibi during the Black and White Ball. Is the killer after her next?


Jason tells Lucky that he believes it is in Jake’s best interest if Lucky continued pretending to be Jake’s father. Lucky informs Jason he will only do that if Jason promises to stay out of Elizabeth and Jake’s life forever, which Jason agrees to do. After sharing an emotional moment with Jason, a devastated Elizabeth heads to Jake’s (the bar) with Robin, Lainey and Kelly. Elizabeth gets drunk and let’s Patrick have it.


Johnny can’t admit to Lulu that he is being forced to run the family business, while Sonny and Trevor deliver threats to one another. Sonny offers Johnny money to leave town and the family business, but Johnny lets Sonny have it. Lucky and Harper inform Trevor that they wish to question Johnny on Emily and Leticia’s murders. Jason finds himself understanding the situation that Johnny is in as their fates are similar.

D2D PreVUE’s for the week of December 3

Monday: Skye stands her ground with Johnny and Trevor.

Tuesday: Trevor gives Jason a deadly warning.

Wednesday: Johnny tries to make peace but Trevor has other plans as war is declared.

Thursday: Things get lethal when Trevor’s plan begins.

Friday: Johnny and Lulu are caught up in a trap.

Pictured: Greg Vaughan courtesy ABC

Y&R PreVUE: Week of December 3 Edition

How the Mighty Fall
Sunday, December 2, 2007 12:00 PM | By Venus Stone

( — Someone gets dumped; another’s proposal is rejected and a past letter could be the key to someone’s downfall…


Lauren and Michael convince Jana to reject Kevin’s marriage proposal. The hearing for Jack gets underway and Gloria and Jill are all but ready to testify against the man. Nikki cuts her losses and drops David like a bad habit. Maggie realizes she could have been wrong not to suspect Victor, after discovering that the tape between he and Ji Min is legitimate. Nikki moves back into the ranch to care for Victoria, who is still not out of her coma. Police come knocking on the Newman ranch doors.


The letter that John wrote to Gloria is found by Kevin, who is more than happy to hand it over. As the hearing gets underway, Jack again gets a ‘visit’ from John, who advises him to be honest with the committee that he bought Jabot. Sharon, who is there to support Jack, soon begins to wonder if Jack has been a liar all a long, after the letter of John is presented to the committee. Things soon spiral out of Jack’s hands when the committee discover Jack’s duplicity. Once the hearing is over, a smug Gloria and Kevin relish the downfall of Jack. Meanwhile, Jack receiveds some choice words from a steamed Sharon.

Pictured: Peter Bergman courtesy PGP

GL PreVUE: Week of December 3 Edition

Doomsday for Edmund
Saturday, December 1, 2007 10:00 PM | By Venus Stone

( — Who will succeed in eliminating Edmund?


Ashlee fears that her mother has fixed the election when she notices Buzz losing the lead. Marina plans a romantic dinner with Cyrus, only for him to stand her up to stay the night with a jittery Harley. Bill makes a business deal with Alan, much to Billy’s dismay. Mallet doesn’t like the lengths Dinah would go to help Bill. When Natalia spots Olivia and Gus together, she confronts her; only for Olivia to slam into her about her insecurities. A sneaky Olivia pays a visit to Gus and Natalia’s wedding planner and begins taking over.


Edmund tries to blackmail Rick into helping him stick around in Springfield. Jeffrrey returns to find Edmund unconscious and begins to tie him up. Reva, still torn by what is happening, tries to coax Edmund to wake up. On the day of Josh’s ordination and Will’s school play, Edmund tries to make a break for it. Rick, who has a syringe with a sedative warns Edmund to keep away from Beth. During the play, Alan and Rick get into a heated exchange of words. When Edmund is forced to leave during the play an upset Will, who is still on stage, cries out to him. Reva lets it slip to Bill that there is no such place as “Pleasant Valley Compound” and that other plans have been made for Edmund. Jeffrey reveals to Edmund that he is going to be sent to stand trial for the murder of Alonzo. Meanwhile, Josh finds that the guard is unconscious and that Edmund has escaped.

Pictured: David Andrew MacDonald courtesy PGP

AMC PreVUE: Week of December 3 Edition

Lost and Not Quite Found
Thursday, November 29, 2007 1:36 AM | By Angela Rosa

( — Kendall and Aidan team up.


Greenlee is hit hard by the truths Zach dishes out to her. Adam and Krystal grow closer, as do Tad and Hannah. Lily shuts down after overhearing an evil Richie and Dr. Chambers discussing a murder plot. As Jack looks on, Julia does her best to try and uncover the source of Lily’s fear. Zach becomes emotional after losing the only photo of his family he has which leads to a moment of mutual commiseration between him and Greenlee. A captivated and amused JR watches on as Ava’s unorthodox plan to clear his name ends up getting her unceremoniously thrown out of jail. Tad’s fury is unleashed after Krystal turns to Adam when she runs into a bind with Jenny. Richie acts out when he sees Walter bonding with Annie and Emma.


Erica and Kendall turn to Aidan and Tad for help. Aidan coldly lets Kendall know that he has absolutely no interest in helping her find her husband, but a more sympathetic Tad lets his and Aidan’s theory slip to the women. Tad promises to inform Erica if he finds out anything. Aidan fears that he’s found Greenlee when he locates a large drum buried on the property near where Zach went missing. Aidan’s fears are unfounded but his frustration grows as he’s no closer to finding Greenlee. Kendall tracks down Aidan after suffering through a nightmare in which both Zach and Greenlee die. Kendall insists to Aidan that she wants to help him in his search because she believes Zach and Greenlee are together. Aidan continues to turn his back on Kendall even after extracting a full confession from her. Kendall informs Erica that she’s not about to give up on finding her husband. Aidan has little choice but to relent when a determined Kendall gets in his face. Kendall and Aidan find further proof that Greenlee and Zach are together.

D2D PreVUE’s for the week of December 10

Monday: Aidan promises Kendall that he’ll find Greenlee – and therefore Zach.

Tuesday: Tad takes drastic action to make sure Adam never gets near Jenny.

Wednesday: Ryan has a surprising confession for Kendall.

Pictured: David Canary courtesy Yolanda Perez/ABC

Wednesday, November 21, 2007 4:27 PM | By Angela Rosa

( — Could this be the final chapter in Jack and Erica’s love story?


Erica and Kendall take Ian home where a heartsick Kendall longs for Zach to return to her and the boys. Greenlee panics when she and Zach realize their only hope of freedom was deliberately sealed shut. Adam is left stunned when JR refuses his offer of an alibi and instead tells Derek everything he knows. A dying Richie confesses to his crimes in exchange for Annie’s word that she’ll put him out of his misery – a deal Mrs. Lavery is unable to conform to. Greenlee pretends to be Kendall to keep a delirious Zach from passing out but soon sees the opportunity to use the situation to get some answers. Babe urges Richie to fight for his life. Ava and Amanda visit a jailed JR with completely different agendas in mind. Piecing together that the answers to both Greenlee and Zach’s whereabouts may be hidden somewhere on his property, Tad and Aidan make Sylvester an offer he can’t refuse. A concerned Erica rallies Kendall to fight. Greenlee and Zach put their evident animosity aside realizing that need to find a way out – soon!


An eerily calm Jack confronts Erica after Joe informs him of Erica’s intention to have Greenlee committed. Erica responds to Jack’s claim that they’re through for good, by proposing they get married again – this time for good. Jack lets Erica know exactly what he thinks of her and hopes that she’ll see the truth about herself one day. Jack tells Erica that he no longer feels love for her and walks out on his heartbroken ex-wife. Jack is surprised when Erica doesn’t thrash Greenlee on New Beginnings. Not satisfied enough with her gesture, Jack challenges Erica to expose Kendall’s misdeeds in order to protect his daughter’s interest. The distance between Jack and Erica grows as Erica won’t comply and Jack insists that he no longer loves her.

D2D PreVUE’s for the week of December 3

Monday: Zach and Greenlee come up with a new plan to escape their prison.

Tuesday: Kendall is determined to join forces with Aidan.

Wednesday: Ryan and Jonathan set out to uncover what Richie’s really up to.

Pictured: Susan Lucci courtesy Yolanda Perez/ABC

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