AMC Recap: Monday, September 19, 2011


( — “All My Children” Episode Recap – Monday, September 19, 2011.


Colby tells a confounded Maya that she believes [Maya] is what is right for Lucy. Liza comes down hard on Maya with a clear objective to send her back to the Hubbard family. Jesse realizes Angie can really see and rejoices with his wife. Jesse takes Angie to see David. Angie thanks a thrilled David for what he’s done for her. Brot and Natalia tells Randi and Frankie they want to keep their wedding low-key considering all the loss the Hubbard family has recently faced. Jesse tells Brot and Natalia that they’re getting married at the loft and reveals that Angie will literally see every minute of it. Maya takes Lucy to Angie after Jesse reveals the good news. Angie sees Lucy for the first time. Jesse, Angie, Frankie, Randi, Natalia, Brot, Maya and Lucy gather together for a family portrait as the audience is treated to flashbacks of the rich history and legacy of the Hubbard family.

Colby reveals to Liza that Maya is going to stay with the Hubbard family … and that Angie regained her sight. Liza is overcome with emotion. Colby is impressed with the changes she sees in her mother.

Liza remains neutral on the topic of David while talking to Cara. After giving it thought, Cara goes to see David in jail. She tells David she does want him to be a part of their child’s life. David and Cara share a kiss.

David insists that Griffin take care of the remaining Project Orpheus patient that he can’t care for now. Although Griffin refuses to give him an answer, David is sure Griffin’s conscience won’t allow him to refuse his request. Cara presses Griffin to do as David asked. Griffin arrives at David’s facility but has second thoughts. He ultimately can’t turn his back on the patient.

JR is convinced David has Babe. Krystal refuses to believe it is true and insists that JR get a grip when he asserts that he and Babe will get AJ back. Marissa shoves her restraining order in JR’s face. JR threatens Marissa and makes it clear that there isn’t a piece of paper that exists that will keep him from his son. Later at the mansion, JR fondles the gun he took from Adam’s belongings as he tearfully stares at a picture of himself, Babe and AJ.

On the Next All My Children

  • Through Thursday, “All My Children” will celebrate the rich history and legacy of one of Pine Valley’s favorite families including the Kane family, the Hubbard family, the Martin family and the Chandlers. The Kane family will take center stage on Tuesday’s episode. This week, the special guest appearances include Sarah Michelle Gellar, Eva La Rue, David Canary, Julia Barr, Ray MacDonnell, Lee Meriwether, Justin Bruening and Alexa Havins.

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( — Both “Days of our Lives” and “General Hospital” have added a writer to their respective staff.

David Kreizman joins the writing staff of “GH” as script writer.  Kreizman is the former Co-Head Writer of “All My Children,” “As The World Turns,” and “Guiding Light.”

“DAYS” is adding new blood to its writing staff in hiring Lacey Dyer to write scripts.  Dyer was a writers’ assistant for “DAYS” from 2010-2011.   In other “DAYS” news, script writer John Newman is exiting the show.  Newman rejoined “DAYS” for his second stint as script writer in 2008.

For discussion on these topics and more, join us in the Writers/Directors thread at the SON Community.


( — A look at what’s happening on “General Hospital” during the week of September 19, 2011.


On Monday, September 19, Lulu tries to resist the pull to Dante. Olivia gives Dante some advice. Lulu turns to Ethan and Maxie for help. Dante confides in Lucky. Lulu is ready to make things right with Dante. Kate has a heart to heart with Kristina after talking to Sonny. Will Kristina forgive Sonny? Kristina shares some good news with Ethan on Wednesday, September 21. Luke watches Tracy and Anthony dining together. Luke and Skye cross again. Kristina and Molly surprise Alexis. Robin and Patrick bond. Sonny has a special invitation for Kate on Friday, September 23.

The Inside Story: I Do
Maxie once again finds herself ring-less as she prepares Jason and Sam’s wedding. Sam catches Jason off-guard on Tuesday, September 20. Franco learns Jason is getting married and didn’t invite him. Jason and Sam get visits from Edward, Monica, Elizabeth and Carly. Is an emotional Sam having second thoughts? Franco plots his return to Port Charles. Maxie tries to salvage the wedding preparations but things just go from bad to worst. Maxie loses her cool. Franco prepares for the wedding. Jason calms Sam and takes her on a ride on his motorcycle. The pair decide to get married on the spot at a Chinese restaurant. The next morning. Jason and Sam prepare to announce the news to their friends and family. Franco takes “aim” as everybody celebrates at the reception.

A Closer Look: Fire
Spinelli releases his inner Jackal, P.I. to ride to Maxie’s rescue but his rescue of Maxie is not completely unaided. Lucky, meanwhile, manages to rescue Elizabeth in time. Johnny takes care of Anthony’s mess. Lucky briefs Mac on the case while Dante worries Lucky will incriminate himself. Matt treats Elizabeth much to Maxie’s chagrin. Spinelli tries to come clean to Maxie about his cyber amnesia. Johnny makes big plans on Thursday, September 22. Dante and Lucky discuss the case. Someone is shot when Dante interrupts Johnny handling business in Sonny’s warehouse. Lucky fights the urge to give in to his addiction while trying to pack up Siobhan’s belongings.


  • Dante tries to answer Lulu’s call.
  • Ethan discovers Lucky in bad shape.
  • Johnny and Anthony face off.
  • Ethan comes face to face with evil.
  • Carly and Shawn find themselves working together.

Y&R PreVUE: Week of September 19 Edition


( — A look at what’s happening on “The Young and the Restless” during the week of September 19, 2011.


On Monday, September 19, while Abby confesses to Victor on her wearing a wire, Ronan begins a heated interrogation on Ashley in order to get her to confess to killing Diane. Tucker learns from Jill that Katherine hired Devon. Wednesday, September 21, Colin and Gloria decide to drown themselves in bottles of wine. Cane hands over evidence to nail Colin. On Friday, September 23, Sharon is stunned to run into Daisy while heading back to jail.

The Inside Story: Billy Yearns to See His Loved Ones
Kevin wants to know from Billy what Victor has over his head that would keep him from going to see Delia. Unfortunately, Billy isn’t talking and refuses to admit what Victor is using against him. Victor shows up and tells Billy that his is a positive match for Delia. Billy becomes emotional over the good news that his daughter will be fine. An uncaring Victor, however, points out to a crushed Billy that once Delia is well, he will leave Genoa City for good. Meanwhile, Kevin continues to lie to Chloe by telling her that he matched as Delia’s donor. He becomes even more uncomfortable when Chloe, along with others deem him as a hero for saving the little girl. While Kevin continues to be plagued with guilt, Billy is plagued with being kept in line by Victor. Billy comments that he should be with his daughter, but Newman snarks that his actions that landed him in jail are too unforgiveable. Meanwhile, Victoria, still pining for Billy, decides to write him an email to let him know about Delia’s condition. Billy, in turn decides to do the same thing.

A Closer Look: Adam’s Sabotage on the Stand Blows Up in His Face
Adam comes to the court house to testify against Sharon. On the stand he attacks her, calling Sharon a terrible mother. Sharon is crushed at how cruel Adam’s words are. When it’s time for cross-examination, Avery promptly turns the tables against Adam. Adam’s hopes of revenge against Sharon blow up in his face. Meanwhile, as Sharon is debating taking a plea bargain, Avery and Phyllis get into a heated exchange with one another.

What To Watch

  • Jill works her magic to have romance
  • Tucker and Ashley have harsh words for Abby
  • Sam comes to Victoria’s aid at the stables

The Young and the Restless News and Headlines

  • Yvonne Zima returns as Daisy Carter on Tuesday, September 27
  • After many months of speculating whether she’d return or not, word is that Melody Thomas Scott will be coming back as Nikki Newman. Word is her first air date is slated for November.
  • Jerry Douglas will play John Abbott’s ghost Wednesday, September 28
  • Former American Idol contestant, Diana DeGarmo signed a contract to play Angelo’s daughter, Angelina.
  • Debbi Morgan is joining the cast of the show. Her slated air date is Friday, October 7


  • Faces from the past come back to Genoa City
  • Victor continues to be a burden to Billy when he demands he agree to stay away from Victoria
  • Cane continues to work hard at bringing Colin down for all of his crimes
  • More insight on the history about the Atkinson family sheds light on the decisions Cane has made
  • A reconciliation with Lily could be for nothing when Cane’s choices places someone in harm’s way
  • Daisy torments Phyllis from behind bars
  • A woman of mystery has interesting connections to Katherine, Neil and Sofia
  • While Lily tries her best to cut Cane out of her life, it’s obvious that love is still there for the two of them
  • Reconciliation could be thwart by new issues for Victoria and Billy
  • By Thanksgiving, several romances may come back into bloom
  • Adam continues to be a problem for Sharon
  • Paul’s son, Ricky Williams heads for Genoa City

Y&R Recap: Friday, September 16, 2011


( — “The Young and the Restless” Episode Recap – Friday, September 16, 2011.


Lauren and Jill met up at Crimson Lights, where Jill complained at how she was once again duped by Colin. Lauren didn’t believe Jill had enough proof, but Jill insisted that if Genevieve wanted to have Colin, she could. She was done. Gloria and Jeffrey were there and stopped at their table. They said they were going down to the hospital to be tested. Jill, in the meantime, was a little taken-aback in Jeffrey openly flirted with her. Unfortunately for Jeffrey, she wasn’t interested.

Jack, Victoria and Chloe were in the hospital room with Delia. They were all talking about Billy together. Victoria excused herself to leave but promised to return. She headed home to have a home cooked meal with Sam. Jack, in the meantime, was still working on finding any leads on where Billy was. He received a phone call and learned that Billy could be in Myanmar. He stepped out of the hospital room, promising Chloe he’d keep her posted if he heard anything. He called Victoria to report the same news to her. After getting off of the phone, Jack ran into Jill, who came with Lauren. Jill wanted to know if Jack was aware that Genevieve took off with Colin on the business trip. Jack told her he wasn’t but it was none of his business. He told her that their concern should be that of Delia. She agreed, and she and Lauren went into the hospital room, where Lauren shared a home video of Fen and Kevin.

Kevin wanted to know why Billy wasn’t at the hospital to see his daughter. Victor, however, did all of the talking, telling Kevin that the two of them would be working together. He took Kevin’s phone from him, to prevent him from making any calls to alert anyone about Billy. He went on to tell Kevin that Billy would have some preliminary tests and if he matched, Kevin would be the faux donor. Kevin told both Victor and Billy that it wouldn’t work, since everyone knew that he didn’t match. Kevin wanted to know what was going on and why Billy was laying low. Victor explained that Billy got into serious trouble and couldn’t simply re-emerge to the family. Realizing that Delia needed to be saved, Kevin reluctantly agreed to help.

Victoria showed up for dinner and marveled over the smell of Sam’ chili. The two dined on chili and a game of Parcheesi. While they were playing, Sam received a phone call and had to take it, leaving Victoria by herself. Sitting there alone, her mind raced to thoughts of Billy and her playing games together. Once off of the phone, Sam and she went back to playing the board game. Victoria did a little victory dance after beating Sam in several matches. An amused Sam challenged her to playing some penny arcade games with him some time. Once again, her mind went back to Billy and the time they shared.

At the Athletic Club, Victor and Jack ran into one another. Jack told Victor about his possible lead, and Victor, said he would ‘look into it’. While he was away, Kevin wanted to know why Billy would turn to Victor for help, when he hated the man so much. Billy, however, wanted to know how Delia was. Kevin told him that Chloe was holding it together. He shared that gave Delia McGruff to her. Billy teared up when he learned that Delia was asking for her daddy. Victor showed back up with a nurse to draw Billy’s blood. He instructed Kevin to go back to the hospital and tell Chloe that the hospital called to have him re-tested. The minute the nurse and Victor were gone, Kevin departed to go back to the hospital. Billy, unable to contain being apart from Delia, also left, sneaking to the hospital to see his daughter.

Victoria decided to leave the house and head to Billy’s trailer. When she peered inside, she noticed it empty. Trying to turn the handle, she discovered it locked. As she stood there, Victor appeared, wondering why she was there. She too, was surprised to see her father there. She shared the news of Jack learning that Billy could be in Myanmar. Victor once again urged her daughter to accept the fact that her marriage to Billy was over. When she left, Victor unlocked the trailer, looking around. He wondered where Billy went off to.

Jack was with Kyle at Crimson Lights. He called Chloe to let her know that he found Billy. He shared with his son that he had to go out of town to bring Billy back home from Hong Kong. An eavesdropping Victor overheard and called someone to tell them that he was glad to see Jack heading out of Genoa City to China.
Kevin told Chloe that he had to be re-tested, which puzzled her. She shared the news that Jack was headed to China to get Billy. When they both headed back to Delia’s room, the little girl told them that she had a dream that Billy was there to visit her.

Jeffrey told Gloria that he had to leave for Las Vegas. He once again flirted with Jill, which annoyed Gloria. She soon received a call from the security company, telling her that she was put down as a person to contact if there was a problem with the security system at Genevieve’s house. Gloria glowed at the notion that Genevieve put her down as someone to keep an eye on things for her. When she arrived, she let herself in, making sure everything was in order. Meanwhile, Colin, who tripped the alarm system, prayed that someone would come. When Gloria came down to the wine cellar, she was surprised to see a drunken Colin sitting in there. Colin hollered for Gloria not to let the door close, but it was too late: Gloria locked herself, along with him, again, in the wine cellar.

On the Next The Young and the Restless

  • Abby goes to Victor for help regarding Ashley
  • Ronan interrogates Ashley
  • Kevin once again asks Billy what Victor has on him

Y&R Recap: Thursday, September 15, 2011


( — “The Young and the Restless” Episode Recap – Thursday, September 15, 2011.


Chloe was the hospital, tending to Delia, who just returned back to the room from her first round of chemotherapy. Delia received a visit from Kevin, he brought her favorite stuffed animal, McGruff. When she saw the stuffed animal, she asked Chloe if her father was going to come and see her. Chloe said that Billy was away on business but loved her very much. Cane soon showed up, giving the young girl a little stuffed koala bear. He told Chloe he went to be tested but wasn’t a match for the transplant. Kevin, in the meantime, stepped out, promising to come back to see Delia. Alone together, watching a sleeping Delia, Cane asked how Chloe was doing. She vented that she was upset that Billy hadn’t made any attempts to see his daughter. Cane made the suggestion that Chloe give Lily a call, since she too was a cancer patient that beat the odds. Chloe thanked him, along with others for their kindness.

Victoria called the office to talk to Victor but was told that he wasn’t there. When Sam came in with Keely, the dog he gave to Victoria, he asked if she had any news on Delia. She shared that the young girl just had her first round of chemotherapy. He was sure that Delia would survive and pull through. As the two were talking, Jack arrived to see Victoria. Spotting Sam, he offered his hellos and asked how he was doing. Jack was curious if Victor had any luck in locating Billy, but Victoria said she tried calling her father but was told he was out of the office. Sam revealed that when he was at the ranch, he heard that Victor was out of town. She was surprised that he left town. Jack and Victoria soon started to talk about Billy and his not being there for Delia. Jack relayed how he talked to Chloe on his being there for Kyle now that he was without a mother, saying it was similar in some ways for her having to handle Delia’s illness without Billy. Jack departed, determined to find out where Billy was. Sam learned that Victoria hadn’t had much to eat and offered to cook her something. Victoria was touched by how kind Sam was being toward her.

Ronan continued to listen to Ashley’s ‘confession’ as Abby wore the wire. Abby, tried in vain to get Ashley to stop talking about the park, but was soon interrupted when Tucker arrived. He wanted to get things out in the open about her not supporting her mother’s decision of them being together. Still freaked out by what she learned and what she knows Ronan had heard, Abby tried to leave, but Tucker said that she wasn’t leaving until they all talked to one another. Abby soon rushed into their bedroom, locking the door. There, she removed the wire and threw it into her purse. When she re-emerged, and bolted out of the door. Tucker was puzzled by her behavior and wanted to go after her, but Ashley told him to let her go. She was thankful that he was being supportive in repairing their relationship

At the Athletic Club, Victor talked to someone on his cell phone to let them know he made it back in town, and that Billy was also in Genoa City. He headed over to see Victoria, who wanted to know when he was out of town. He fibbed and said it was business. He told Victoria he wasn’t able to find Billy at all. Victoria was crushed by the news. When Victor left, Sam told Victoria that while he was making something to eat for her, she should head to the hospital to check in on Delia. Meanwhile, Jack, who had Billy still on his mind, went to his trailer to see if he might have returned there. Seeing the trailer empty, Jack looked around and spotted a picture of Billy and Delia on the table. Jack silently cursed Billy for staying away when people needed him the most.

When Abby reached to police van, she begged Ronan to turn a deaf ear to what he heard Ashley say. Ronan, however told Abby that he couldn’t do that, and he had a confession. Abby told him that her mother wasn’t a murderer. Ronan told Abby that he had what he needed and that she could leave. He asked for the wire and the microphone. She gave him everything out of her purse, but he asked her where the mic was. She said she didn’t have anything else. Meanwhile, back in the bedroom together, Tucker and Ashley found the mic on their bed. Tucker believed that Abby was the one that was trying to get dirt on him. A furious Ashley said she would take care of her daughter. She called her and told her to meet her at Crimson Light immediately. In the meantime, Abby departed the police van and Ronan instantly put a ‘tail’ on her to see where she would go.

At the hospital, Chloe and Cane still talked, as Delia slept. He was grateful that she treated him a bit better than the others have been since he returned back to Genoa City. Chloe told him that she still wasn’t ready to forgive him for what he put everyone through, but she knew that he cared for Delia. Lily arrived and she too offered to be there for Chloe and Delia in anything they needed. When Delia woke up, Lily shared with the little girl a secret on how to handle the nurses and doctors.

Victor ushered a hidden Billy to come into his trailer. While inside, Billy read up the reports on the bone marrow donors. He didn’t believe he’d be a match for Delia, but Victor believed he would be. A concerned Victor wanted to move Billy from staying in the trailer but Billy didn’t want to leave. Billy was more focused on learning the condition of his daughter. Victor called Victoria and both learned that she went through her first bout of chemotherapy. When he got off of the phone, Billy talked on an experimental procedure. They continued to talk on Delia’s condition but when Billy mentioned Victoria, Victor told him that she was of no concern to him anymore, per the deal they made.

Jack arrived at the hospital to see Delia. He told Chloe he found a picture of Delia and Billy and wanted to show it to her. Chloe objected, saying it would just made it harder for her to understand why her father wasn’t there. She continued to gripe at how Billy was proving to be an uncaring father, but both Kevin and Jack defended him. Jack said if Billy knew what was going on, he’d be there for her. Victoria arrived, and Jack showed her the picture. Victoria, too, thought Delia might like to see it, but Chloe, again was against it. Victoria and Jack both tried to reason with Chloe, saying that with Billy gone, Delia had only the good memories of her father. They both encouraged her not to keep her from seeing the photo. Chloe soon agreed to give the photograph to Delia.

At the trailer with Victor, Billy questioned how they were going to hide that fact of who the donor is if he is a perfect match. Victor told him he had a plan to cover their bases. Billy wanted more information on who else was working with them. When there was a knock at the door, Victor answered it. Both Billy and Kevin were stunned to see one another. Billy was horrified to learn that Victor was going to have Kevin be the faux donor.

On the Next The Young and the Restless

  • Jill opens up to Lauren about Colin
  • Gloria gets trapped in the wine cellar with Colin
  • Kevin demands Billy go see his daughter

Y&R Recap: Wednesday, September 14, 2011


( — “The Young and the Restless” Episode Recap – Wednesday, September 14, 2011.


Jack learned that his shipments in product were not going out as planned and discovered that his workers were staging to slow things down. When Katherine learned of the problems, she laid the blame at Jack’s feet, but he told her he wasn’t to blame for what was going on. Jack soon learned that Tucker was behind trying to sabotage Jabot. When he informed Katherine, she immediately wanted to call him, but Jack said he could handle it. Katherine threw her weight around, pointing out that she was the one in charge. She called Tucker, insisting that he come see her. When she turned around, Jack was gone.

Tucker was happy to see that Ashley was at his home. While she was still upset with him, she soon softened, glad that he was trying to make things right by her. Tucker asked Ashley if they had a chance to try again. He opened up a jewelry box , showing Ashley a huge diamond ring. He wanted the two of them to renew their vows to one another. He wanted to have the wedding that Ashley always wanted. A happy Ashley said yes to his request and the two shared a passionate kiss then proceeded to the bedroom to have sex.

Eden was still having troubles at Crimson Lights, working with the espresso machine. She voiced her frustration to Daniel. Daniel in turn shared his own woes by telling Eden that Lily hadn’t been answering his telephone calls. He believed that she was still upset at him for going to Neil about Cane. As they talked, Eden made Daniel her guinea pig to taste coffee for her. He told her she was improving. As he talked on taking his own advice he was giving to her, Eden told Daniel that it was really up to Lily to come to him.

Cane showed up at Lily’s to see the twins. When she let him in, she told him that the nanny would be there to supervise his visit. When the nanny did arrive, she told her that she had to step out, which disappointed Cane. Talking to the nanny, she told her to make sure not to leave Cane alone with the twins. Cane assured her that he wouldn’t harm their children.

Jill was getting things set in Colin’s room for their romantic evening together. Wondering where he was, Jill called Colin’s phone but received no answer. After waiting for a period of time, a frustrated Jill got dressed and was ready to leave. When she opened the door, a deliveryman showed up at the door to hand her a bouquet of flowers. Assuming that they were from Colin, Jill opened the card that came with them. She fumed when she read a note from Genevieve stating that she knew she could keep Colin from her. As for Colin, who was locked in the wine cellar, realized he was without his cell phone. Berating himself for once again falling for his ex-wife’s antics, he tried to see if he could find a way out. He, unfortunately came up short. With only a corkscrew with him, he decided to down wine, unaware that Jill was there, looking at the open laptop to show two boarding passes out of Genoa City. Jill assumed that Colin went off with Genevieve.

At the Athletic Club, Ronan bumped into Abby. Abby wanted to know when he was going to arrest Tucker for Diane’s murder. Ronan said he didn’t have anything to go on. Abby, however, pointed out again about the poison sumac. Upset that Ronan wasn’t taking her seriously, she huffed off, heading over to see Ashley. When she got there, she asked her why she was packing. Ashley told her it was time for her to move out. Abby thought she was moving at the Abbott mansion but was upset to learn that she was actually moving back with Tucker. She slammed her decision, telling her that Tucker couldn’t be trusted, especially if he killed Diane. Ashley was angry that Abby was back to her accusations and told her she had to go. Abby shot parting words to her mother that she should watch her back. When she was gone, she called Ronan and told him that she wanted to do his original suggestion on wearing a wire to catch Tucker in a lie.

Jack set up a meeting, pretending to be Tucker, in hopes that some of those who were slowing down business would show up. When they did, Jack was honest, letting them all know that he set up the meeting, wanting to know if Tucker was the one that called upon them to sabotage Jabot’s business. They were upset that he lied, but Jacked worked on them by telling them all Tucker’s real motives: he wanted to destroy Jabot because he was bitter that he no longer had control of the company, and was doing it in order to get back at Katherine. After making a few suggestions, as well as a fair business deal with those in attendance, Jack was successful in getting the workers back on track.

Tucker met with Katherine at her office and was happy to hear that Jabot was having problems. He told her if she didn’t give him the company back, he’ll do much more harm to Jabot. Katherine was furious that Tucker would be that spiteful over not having the company for himself. Tucker didn’t care about Katherine’s feelings and once again told her that if she didn’t give him what he wanted, he’ll take great joys in seeing Jabot fall apart. As the two were there arguing with one another, Jack showed up and told both of them about Tucker’s failed attempt at destroying Jabot. He lectured them for using Jabot as a toy to get back at one another. He pointed out to Katherine that he was the one in charge and that he was doing things without any authority from her. An angry Katherine snapped that Jabot was her company and not his. She pushed Tucker out of her way and huffed out of the door. An angry Jack listened as Tucker told him that as long as Katherine had him wrapped his finger, it would always be this way for him. Jack told Tucker that he’d have his help in getting Jabot away from Katherine on the condition that Tucker kept him in charge.

Lily went to Crimson Lights, where she saw Daniel. She immediately called him out for telling Neil about her situation with Cane. She went on to tell him that she couldn’t trust him. Daniel told her he wasn’t going to apologize for caring about her. Unfortunately, Lily didn’t want to listen to him, instead telling him to stay out of her life.

Abby met with Ronan in his van, ready to be wired to get the dirt on Tucker. Ronan instructed her on how to get the information on Tucker, as well as telling her to be calm when she encounters him. Meanwhile, Ashley, who has returned to Tucker’s home, was opening her mail, when she opened up an envelope that had a picture of Ashley and Diane in a struggle in the park the night she was killed. Freaked out, she tried to call Nick but her message went to his voicemail. At that moment, Abby arrived at the door and Ashley opened it, letting her inside. Abby said she stopped over to talk to Tucker, but Ashley told her he wasn’t there. She noticed that Ashley was upset and wanted to know what was going on. A frightened Ashley started to confess that she was scared that what she did the night that Diane Jenkins died would come back to bite her. She admitted to Abby that she was in the park that night. Abby, realized that Ronan was listening to every word she had said, and tried to get her mother to stop talking.

On the Next The Young and the Restless

  • Sam offers to care for Victoria
  • Victor continues to keep Billy at his word
  • Abby tries to make a hasty escape from Tucker’s

Donna Svennevik/ABC

( — Bo Buchanan on “Castle?” Say what? In a new interview with, Nathan Fillion reveals he would like to see his former “One Life to Live” co-star Robert S. Woods play dad to his primetime character, author/police consultant Rick Castle.

Never one to forget his daytime roots, when asked if “Castle” was any closer to casting his character’s father, Fillion suggested that Woods would be a perfect fit for the role saying, “Great question. There are tons of people I would love to see, but less than famous and more personal for me, I would like to see the guy who played my uncle on my first job, my first soap opera ‘One Life to Live,’ Bob Woods. He played my uncle Bo [Buchanan]. I’d love to see him come in and play my dad. For me, that’s … personal. That man actually means something to me. He’s the fellow that said, ‘Hey man, you’ve got to wrap up this soap and move to L.A. You’re gonna do well out there.’ He’s the one who sat me down and gave me the courage to pick up and leave New York when they offered me an extended contract.”

Fillion played Joey Buchanan on “One Life to Live” from 1994-97, and again briefly in 2007 in honor of the soap’s 10,000th episode.

To read the complete interview, which includes a few spoilers for the upcoming season of “Castle,” click here.

And be to watch the season premiere of “Castle” on Monday, September 19, at 10:01 pm ET on ABC.

AMC Teasers: Week of September 19 Edition

Yolanda Perez/Harper Collins

( — “All My Children” Teasers for the Week of September 19, 2011.


  • Monday (Episode #10709): “All My Children” celebrates the rich history and legacy of Pine Valley’s favorite families including the Kane family, the Hubbard family, the Martin family and the Chandlers. Special guest appearances include Sarah Michelle Gellar, Eva La Rue, David Canary, Julia Barr, Ray MacDonnell, Lee Meriwether, Justin Bruening and Alexa Havins. (Rated: TVPG)
  • Tuesday (Episode #10710): “All My Children” celebrates the rich history and legacy of Pine Valley’s favorite families including the Kane family, the Hubbard family, the Martin family and the Chandlers. Special guest appearances include Sarah Michelle Gellar, Eva La Rue, David Canary, Julia Barr, Ray MacDonnell, Lee Meriwether, Justin Bruening and Alexa Havins. (Rated: TVPG V)
  • Wednesday (Episode #10711): A look at the history and legacy of the families of Pine Valley. (Rated: TVPG)
  • Thursday (Episode #10712): A look at the history and legacy of the families of Pine Valley. (Rated: TVPG)
  • Friday (“AMC’s” Final ABC Episode) (Episode #10713): A look at the history and legacy of the families of Pine Valley. (Rated: TVPG)

GH Teasers: Week of September 19 Edition


( — “General Hospital” Teasers for the Week of September 19, 2011.


  • Monday (Episode #12393): Tracy doesn’t know that Luke is spying on her. Liz and Maxie are each in peril. Kate aggravates Sonny. (Rated: TVPG L, V)
  • Tuesday (Episode #12394): Franco comes back to Port Charles. Sam keeps an eye on Jason. Johnny cleans up his father’s mess. (Rated: TVPG L, V)
  • Wednesday (Episode #12395): Maxie takes care of some wedding issues. Dante gets some advice from his mom. Spinelli wants to make a confession. (Rated: TVPG L, V)
  • Thursday (Episode #12396): Maxie stresses over the wedding. Dante and Lucy discuss what the future holds. Wyndermere is the site of a strange incident. (Rated: TVPG L)
  • Friday (Episode #12397): Jason and Sam have some news for their family and friends. Anthony comes to a decision. Lucky finds old habits hard to break. (Rated: TVPG L, V)