How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of 'GH,' 'The View' and 'The Chew'; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of ‘GH,’ ‘The View’ and ‘The Chew’; Shows Also on Hulu Plus


Y&R Recap: Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Y&R Recap: Tuesday, July 12, 2011

( — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Tuesday, July 12, 2011.


Rafe showed up at Victoria's to find out if she had seen Billy at all. She said she hadn't seen him, and he said that today was the custody case, but he didn't know where he was. Back at Crimson Lights, Chloe was talking about how she was doing the right thing and didn't have any regrets in her decision to obtain sole custody of Delia. Back at the trailer, a passed out Billy, obviously on a drinking bender, didn't hear his cell phone.

Sam was talking to Sharon when Victor made his presence known. Interrupting their conversation, Victor asked how Sharon was doing. He soon focused his attentions on Sam, asking her about him. Sharon told Victor that Sam was the one that helped her when she found herself in New Mexico. She introduced Sam, but Sam surprised them both when he said he was very well aware of who Victor Newman was. Meanwhile, back in his suite, Adam was still sulking over Sharon's new man and his decision to toss out the memory card. He was still stewing when Diane knocked on his door. When she sauntered in, he made it clear he didn't want her around. She tried to convince him that they needed to work together to get even with Victor, but Adam had a new motto: "Do unto others before they do it to you." He told Diane if she didn't want to be one to get on his bad side, it was best she left. Outside of his suite, she hurriedly called to make an appointment to see D. A. Walsh to bring down Adam.

Noah told Eden that he didn't have a reason to stay in Genoa City; that just yesterday they were scattering another person's ashes, believing it to be his mother. With a little talking to, Eden convinced Noah to stay.

Victoria went to the trailer and found Billy already dressed to head to the courthouse. She showed concern for him and he admitted that he was nervous. She gave him a pep talk and told him to focus on how much he loves Delia and just be honest when he takes the stand. At the courthouse, Chloe and Rafe were both wondering if Billy would even show up.

Adam was at the bar of Gloworm when Sharon called him. Adam wasn't all that thrilled to hear from her but she convinced him to see her; she had explaining to do about why she stayed away, as well as Sam. As for Sam, he was being grilled by Victor. Victor wanted to know what he was trying to achieve by coming back to Genoa City with Sharon. Sam was slightly insulted and told Victor that he didn't have any motivation; he wanted to know what was going on. He started to tell of how he first came in contact with her and as he was talking, Victor realized that Sam truly cared about Sharon. Sharon, in the meantime, saw Noah in the hallway and the two embraced.

D.A. Walsh met up with Leslie and Diane. He told her he didn't like being ordered around and said she better have something good for him to go on in order to pin Adam with a crime. She shared about the ambulance and how she knows that Adam was the one that was behind everything. She said she had a reliable source who Adam paid to set things in motion. With Leslie's help, they convinced D.A Walsh to take things into consideration.

Noah and Sharon talked in the visitation room. She admitted that she didn't know how he would have reacting to her coming back after how they left things. Over the course of their conversation, Noah told Sharon that he would be there for her. After he left, Sam went in to talk to her. He lectured her on always running away from her problems and asked her if she was so willing to do that to him and Piper. Sharon told Sam that he didn't need to be involved in everything that was going on with her and that it would be best for him to leave for New Mexico. Sam, however told her he was going to stick around; he'd make his own decision on when he was going to leave. When he walked out, Adam spotted him.

Adam talked to Sharon, who explained about Sam. Still trying to hide is disappointment, Adam told her that he understood that she turned to someone else who wanted to help her. Things seemed to be going well until Sharon admitted that she saw him in New Mexico at the fair. He wanted to know why she didn't come to him. She said she believed it was best for him to move on and that she wanted to make a new life for herself. She told him that Noah informed her about the proof he came up with. Ego bruised, Adam told Sharon that Noah had it all wrong; he never found anything to clear her name. Sharon was crushed.

Billy walked into the court room, apologizing for his tardiness. Chloe was the first to take the stand and she told the judge that she was the best suited person to care for Delia. She listed all of Billy's faults and crimes and said he wasn't responsible. Rafe took her to task and asked her on her crimes. She said that she was cleared of all those; he turned the tables and said, if she was cleared of all those crimes and still a good parent, Billy clearly is one too. Billy too to the stand and unlike Rafe, Chloe's lawyer went at him hard, damaging his reputation. As the custody case was going, Victoria ran into Esther and Delia. Victoria made an attempt to try to get Esther to talk to Chloe to drop the case, but Esther pointed out she needed to look out for the best interest of her own daughter.

Outside in the police station, Victor saw that Sam was getting ready to leave. Noah said that he was most likely going to head back to New Mexico. When Victor looked over his shoulder at the closed door of the vistor's area, he told Sam that he thought it was in the best interest for him to stay: Adam was nothing but trouble. Sam was surprised that Victor would talk so negatively about his own flesh and blood, but Victor said that the only thing that mattered was that someone be there for Sharon, and it was clear that Sam was the one.

On the Next The Young and the Restless…

  • Lily has a confrontation with Colin
  • Chloe has reason to worry; thanks to Victoria's testimony
  • Billy pays Victoria a visit at the house
  • The Young and the Restless
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    Y&R Recap: Monday, July, 11, 2011

    Y&R Recap: Monday, July, 11, 2011

    ( — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Monday, July 11, 2011.


    A stunned crowd watched as Marco and Lee approached Sharon, cuffing her. Sharon sputtered her apologies to a confused Sam, who wanted to know what was going on. Meanwhile, in Genoa City, Phyllis and Nick were getting ready to have desk sex when each received phone calls: Phyllis, from a source, giving her the news about Sharon, while for Nick, the detective on the case, letting him know that his ex was very much alive and being sent back home.

    While listening to the audio on the memory card, Adam became happy to know that he would finally have proof that Sharon didn't kill Skye, but rather was trying to help her. He soon received a news blurb on his computer and was thrilled to find out that Sharon wasn't dead. As he was rejoicing over the news, back at Jabot, Jack, who was on his computer, was interrupted by Victor, who was there to harass him about Ashley possibly wedging him out of his job. Jack pointed out that he had three months to prove himself; and he planned on doing that. Their bicker session took a backseat however, when they got word about Sharon.

    At Crimson Lights, Noah walked in to see Ashley with Faith. She asked him on how he was doing and he admitted it was hard for him scattering Sharon's ashes for the memorial service. When he looked up at the televison screen, he saw the breaking news. Both he and Ashley watched in stunned silence.

    Phyllis, was the first on the scene at the police station, attempting to squeeze in to get the first interview. D.A. Walsh blocked her and told her she wasn't permitted anywhere inside. Depite her insistance, she was escorted out and she got her first look at Sharon, who was being escorted into the preceinct. Phyllis left the room and ran into Adam and immediately started to nag him. Not phased by her, Adam told her he was going to be there for the woman he loved. At that moment, Nick showed up and both he and Adam walked into the room to see Sharon for the first time.

    Jack ran into Ashley and seeing her with Faith, begin to question her sudden bond with the little girl. Ashley assured her she was there only because Nick had a situation with the baby-sitter. Jack was still not convinced but shelved the worry to discuss with her about the news of Sharon being alive. Ashley didn't mince words on how she felt, pointing out that Sharon put herself before her children. When Jack started to place the blame solely on Adam and Victor, Ashley said that Sharon had a mind of her own and she used it to run away from everything and everyone.

    Victor met up with Michael to discuss Sharon. Michael pointed out that now that Sharon is alive and back in Genoa City, it could spell trouble for his company. Michael advised Victor to stay away from Sharon and everything pertaining to what was going on with her. Despite his warning, it was clearn that Victor was going to involve himself.

    At the jail, D. A. Walsh grilled Sharon, determined to get her to admit that Adam helped her escape. She told him that it was all her, but he laughed, saying it was impossible for her to do all of that on her own, that it was clear that she had some help. Sticking to her story, she said she was the one that left. Nick started to talk to Sharon and admitted that he was glad she was alive. When he slowly learned from her that she knew that everyone thought she was dead, he lashed out at her and said he was done. Adam, who was there, told Sharon he understood and was there for her.

    Ashley and Jack were talking when Nick called to ask her to continue watching Faith for a bit. She asked him if he had seen Sharon and he told her he did and shared that she intentionally let everyone believe that she was dead. When she hung up the phone, Jack asked on the phone call. Ashley repeated what Nick and said. She said that Sharon was selfish to put her family and friends through so much pain; abandoning Faith and Noah because of her own needs. Jack tried again to place the blame on Victor and Adam but Ashley blocked it; Adam and Victor didn't make her decide to stay away; she did that all on her own. Meanwhile, Noah was on the phone trying to set up plane reservations to get out of Genoa City as soon as possible. Eden, who overheard, tried to convince him not to abandon his mother.

    Sharon tried to talk to Adam about being in New Mexico, but Adam was too busy gushing on how he had her back. His gush fest was cut short when Sam walked in and called out to her. He told her he couldn't leave things the way they were without knowing what was going on. Adam saw the instant attraction between the two of them and realized that she moved on with Sam. Without a word, Adam walked out. He soon was at the bridge where the memorai was done. In a fit of anger, Adam threw the memory card; the only proof of helping Sharon into the river.

    On the Next The Young and the Restless…

    • Adam has a new motto for Sharon
    • Bill and Chloe's custody case begins
    • Victor wants to know what's Sam's real motivation
    • The Young and the Restless
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      AMC Recap: Tuesday, July 12, 2011

      ( — “All My Children” Episode Recap – Tuesday, July 12, 2011.


      JR dreams about a wedding night with Marissa and when he awakes he shares it with her. Marissa questions if Bianca scripted that for him too. She wants to know how much Bianca helped him. Marissa says he used Bianca and Scott was right, he is as bad as Adam. She wonders if there’s anything else he’s keeping from her. Marissa admits to Scott she doesn’t blame Bianca or JR but herself for being scared and taking JR back. JR finds his cousin comforting Marissa and thinks it’s a classic Chandler move. Scott surprises him by saying that he’s not like Stuart and JR isn’t half as bad as Adam. Adam would be disappointed in JR and Scott rubs it in that JR doesn’t own the mansion and that he’s just a tenant. All the stress leads JR to go and buy a bottle of alcohol. He stares at it until AJ shows up and says he’s so happy he and Marissa are back together. JR dumps the booze in an urn. Bianca drops off to Scott a picture Stuart had given to her. As he’s about to go and get Marissa, Bianca says they need their distance. She admits playing Cyrano for JR and Scott’s upset JR used her. Bianca says she did it because she thought she could bring out the best in him and Scott hopes Marissa has seen there is no good in JR. JR asks Bianca why she told Marissa she was behind everything. Bianca tells him to stop thinking he’s the answer to Marissa’s prayers and hopes when Marissa finds the right person she knows and trusts it. JR thinks Bianca’s referring to Scott. Marissa finds Bianca in the park and says she misses her and that her better judgment is telling her to run from JR. Marissa takes Bianca’s face in her hands and kisses her.

      Kathy wakes Tad from his dream about Dixie to ask if Cara’s mad at him since he slept on the couch. Tad says he and Cara are taking a time out. Tad tells Cara he will keep her safe and stay married to her. She apologizes for using the word “grateful” because he means so much more to her. As Cara prepares Kathy for school, Kathy shows her a picture of her mom, Dixie. Tad looks at a picture of him and Cara and then one of Dixie. In talking to Opal, Tad realizes he wanted Cara’s gratitude but he never wanted that from Dixie. At the hospital, Jake and Tad share their feelings about their respective relationships and Jake is glad that Tad is the kind of guy he wants Cara to be with. He hopes Tad doesn’t let his past keep him from appreciating what he has. Jake talks to Cara and says if Tad makes her happy then she should go for it. Dixie tosses and turns as she starts to come out of her sleep all while saying Tad’s name.

      Amanda has a nightmare in which her family is all around her and JR enters, saying they are all diseased. Jake tries to calm her down when she wakes up. Amanda hurries out while Jake’s in the shower and he goes to the hospital looking for her. Opal sees Amanda at Krystal’s and Amanda admits she had a one night stand but doesn’t say with whom. Alone in the park, Amanda’s hearing voices of Cara telling her she has an STD and Jake saying she’s having a bad dream. When Jake shows up she tells him she has an STD.

      On the Next All My Children…

      • Marissa acts on an impulse.
      • Bianca asks Kendall for some advice on love.
      • Griffin lies to Ryan.


      • All My Children
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        OLTL Recap: Tuesday, July 12, 2011

        OLTL Recap: Tuesday, July 12, 2011

        ( — “One Life to Live” Episode Recap – Tuesday, July 12, 2011.


        The man with Todd’s original face sneaks into Todd’s office and tries to find out more about Todd, but he’s interrupted. He prepares to strike thinking Todd is coming in– and ends up hitting Jack instead. Todd comes in and the man with Todd’s original face hides. Todd thinks he knows who’s responsible for this.

        Bo probes Rex’s reasons for trading Gigi’s heart for Clint’s assets. Rex reveals his anger at everyone who covered up for Jack. Bo tries to get him to open up, but Rex shuts down and kicks Bo out. Rex, alone, allows his grief to surface.

        Natalie presses Brody about the tape recorder and John joins in. Brody gets defensive, which makes John suspicious.

        When Baz finds Starr looking at an old photo of herself and Todd, he questions her. She explains about Todd’s plastic surgery. He probes further and she reveals that she’s troubled about Sam’s imaginary friend who has “a line on his face.”

        Blair walks in on Dorian evicting David. When Dorian tells her what’s happened, she mentions the dead body found by the pool. Blair connects this to Sam and vows to talk to him about it. Viki and Todd try to figure out who broke the photo of him. David interrupts, blaming Viki for his problems with Dorian. Viki promises to help him find out who set him up.

        On the Next One Life to Live…

        • Tomas gives Todd a stern warning.
        • Destiny freaks out while talking to Vivian.
        • Bo and Nora find a clue at the loft.
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          GH Recap: Tuesday, July 12, 2011

          ( — “General Hospital” Episode Recap – Tuesday, July 12, 2011.


          Michael gives Edward good business advice, to Asher’s jealousy.

          Lucky arrives to take Siobhan home, but tension is high when they run into Elizabeth.

          Javier takes a special interest to Lulu. Later, undercover Dante saves Lulu from an overeager patron at the Bordello, drawing Javier’s attention. Lupe inadvertently gets a glance of Dante’s badge.

          Maxie continues to meddle with Jason and Sam’s thoughts on marriage.

          A concerned Maxie feels Spinelli packing a gun, and Spinelli as Jackal, P.I. confronts Anthony Zacchara.

          On the Next General Hospital…

          • Lulu and Dante strategize as Javier dangerously overhears.
          • Anthony can’t believe Spinelli’s behavior.
          • Ethan continues to exaggerate his interest in Abby, but Kristina does not buy it.


          • General Hospital
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            AMC Recap: Monday, July 11, 2011

            ( — “All My Children” Episode Recap – Monday, July 11 2011.

            IT HAPPENED TODAY…

            Angie tells David she doesn’t doubt his talent as a doctor. He confides the first patient he ever lost was his father who committed suicide. He admits giving Angie back her vision means more to him than she realizes.

            Madison asks Greenlee is she’s going to give her idea another chance and Greenlee admits she likes her pitch and is impressed by Madison’s transformation. Madison tells David his advice worked.

            Jackson wants some answers from “Erica” before making love to her; he suggests she get professional help to deal with the kidnapping. “Erica” says working at the hospital is all the help she needs. Jackson asks her to talk to him but she says needs time. Jackson admits to Greenlee that he doesn’t buy Erica’s excuse for her strange behavior and fears he’ll never get her back. Greenlee tells her dad to fight for the woman he loves. Greenlee says Erica didn’t go to the spa and they wonder where she went and with whom. Jane is jealous when she sees David with the “fierce” looking Madison. She tells David that she handled Jackson by saying hospital business is helping her recover so now they have an excuse to spend time together. Greenlee overhears the two making plans for their next meeting. Ryan fills Griffin in on the plan to stop David. Griffin now understands David’s paranoia but after Ryan explains their concerns Griffin agrees to help them out.

            Griffin admits to Kendall she’s the reason he came back to PV and kisses her. They agree to take things slow. Kendall looks at a photo of her and Zach after Griffin kisses her goodnight and her love for him is still there.

            Amanda tells JR she has HPV and it can cause cancer. She gets upset when he makes the situation about him and Marissa. JR asks if she plans to tell Jake what happened and Amanda’s not sure. JR goes to get tested but Cara says there isn’t a test for males. Jake tells Angie he’s working on having another baby with Amanda and has planned a romantic dinner for them. Amanda tells Jake she doesn’t deserve all this.

            On the Next All My Children…

            • JR dreams about a wedding night with Marissa.
            • JR buys a bottle of alcohol. Will he relapse?
            • Amanda has a nightmare.


            • All My Children
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              OLTL Recap: Monday, July 11, 2011

              OLTL Recap: Monday, July 11, 2011

              ( — “One Life to Live” Episode Recap – Monday, July 11, 2011.

              IT HAPPENED TODAY…

              The man with Todd’s original face is about to make contact with Viki when he spies her with the other Todd.

              Natalie tells Jessica that she and Brody have become a couple. Jessica slaps Natalie in front of Viki. Viki alerts Jessica to the fact that Bree has witnessed the confrontation. Jessica leaves to see to her daughter, and Natalie leaves for the police station, where John is questioning Brody about the tape recorder, found on Gigi’s person at the time of her death and lately missing from the evidence room.

              Brody produces the tape recorder and covers the reason it is in his possession. The tape is played – but it’s blank. Natalie finds the tape recorder and remembers it as the item she and Marty fought over prior to her falling over the roof of the Angel Square Hotel. Natalie seems to be on the verge of remembering everything when John returns and Natalie’s memories of the incident disappear, but she questions John about the tape recorder. John suggests Natalie look to Brody for answers.

              Dorian threatens David with the gun Ionia sent. Dorian believes David was meant to use it to kill her. Their confrontation is cut short when they discover a body in the bushes – Agent Kent, dead. David assumes Dorian killed the man and calls the police. John and Brody arrive and quickly ascertain that Dorian could not have killed the man. Dorian gets back at David by alerting John and Brody to the gun and note. John and Brody don’t have enough evidence to arrest David, who is nonetheless sent packing by Dorian.

              Todd confides in Jack his secret knowledge that John doesn’t know Liam is his son. The secret they share draws the two closer. Todd assigns Jack the task of looking into Origami Cogs, the shadowy company that stole his satellite out from under him.

              Meanwhile, Echo overhears Rex plotting revenge against Todd and Jack by hurting Blair and Téa. Rex covers and diverts Echo by cluing her into his scheme to hit Todd in the wallet with a new subsidiary he’s created: Origami Cogs. Rex explains that the name of the company is an anagram for Gigi Morasco. Blair and Téa tell Starr about their disastrous attempt to share their grief over Gigi’s death with Rex.

              Starr warns Blair that Jack isn’t her only problem. Sam has been acting weird, too. The trio discuss Sam’s new imaginary friend, which seems innocuous enough to Téa – until she finds out the friend wears a conspicuous characteristic on his face: A scar.

              On the Next One Life to Live…

              • Jack is attacked from behind.
              • Rex asks Bo to leave him alone.
              • Viki agrees to help David.
              • One Life to Life
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                GH Recap: Monday, July 11, 2011

                ( — “General Hospital” Episode Recap – Monday, July 11, 2011.

                IT HAPPENED TODAY…

                Angry with her near death in surgery, Siobhan turns protective over Lucky and accuses Elizabeth of more nefarious reasons for the accident. Elizabeth overhears as Lucky takes responsibility for what happened to Siobhan and avows he loves Siobhan.

                Brenda reveals the recent attack on her and Alec during Carly and Jax’s custody hearing. Later, Sonny takes the stand just as Carly stops the proceedings – appealing to the judge for joint custody. The judge makes a decision, Sonny discovers Jax paid off the court appointed mediator, and he blackmails her.

                Robin easily takes over the responsibilities of chief of staff, as Patrick adjusts to his wife bossing him around at work.

                On the Next General Hospital…

                • Javier takes a special interest in Lulu.
                • Maxie continues to meddle with Jason and Sam’s thoughts on marriage.
                • Michael gives Edward good business advice, to Asher’s jealousy.


                • General Hospital
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                  Updates on the Latest Returns to 'All My Children'

                  ( — We previously issued a report to help “All My Children” viewers keep track of the many upcoming returns to their favorite daytime drama. Since then, we have gotten official word on the return dates for fan favorites Josh Duhamel and Thorsten Kaye.

                  As the extent of and the details to Dr. David Hayward’s (Vincent Irizarry) murky “Orpheus Project” continues to come to light through this month and next month, coincidentally or maybe not so coincidentally, look for the returns to the canvas to start coming at a lightning fast pace beginning with the return of Eva La Rue (Dr. Maria Santos) on Tuesday, July 19. Along with the previously reported list of returns, Duhamel returns as Leo du Pres on Thursday, August 4 and despite conflicting reports it does appear Kaye will make his return as Zach Slater on Friday, August 5. Duhamel is scheduled to air in up to three episodes. Kaye will remain on the show up through the end.

                  Stay tuned for an action-packed summer on “AMC” as time winds down for the 41-year-old soap on ABC.

                  • All My Children
                  • Vincent Irizarry
                  • Thorsten Kaye
                  • Josh Duhamel


                    AMC Teasers: Week of July 11 Edition

                    AMC Teasers: Week of July 11 Edition

                    ( — “All My Children” Teasers for the Week of July 11, 2011.

                    ALL MY CHILDREN: Teasers

                    • Monday: (Episode #10660) — Ryan reveals his plan to bring down David to Ryan. Amanda confides in J.R. Greenlee listens as Jane and David plot. (Rated: TVPG)
                    • Tuesday: (Episode #10661) — J.R. fantasizes about having a wedding night with Marissa. J.R. purchases some booze. Amanda suffers a nightmare. (Rated: TVPG)
                    • Wednesday: (Episode #10662) — Marissa throws caution to the wind. Bianca seeks advice from Kendall. Griffin is less than honest. (Rated: TVPG L)
                    • Thursday: (Episode #10663) — Ryan receives more information. Kendall has a few questions for Griffin. J.R.’s loved ones plan an intervention. (Rated: TVPG V)
                    • Friday: (Episode #10664) — David has some good news for Angie. Erica talks to Ben. David makes an admission. (Rated: TVPG)
                    • All My Children
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