ABC Comments on ‘GH’ vs. ‘OLTL’ Re: Starr, Todd and John


As expected, ABC has issued an official statement on the matter of Starr Manning, Todd Manning and John McBain, characters currently being seen on the network’s “,” as it pertains to the license of the characters originally from the soon to be rebooted “.”

“There are on-going collaborative conversations,” says an ABC spokesperson. “We have various strategies in place depending on the outcome of these talks and of Prospect Parks’ plans.”

While the spokesperson informed us that there would be no further comment from ABC on this matter, it looks as though Daytime Confidential’s report of “GH” being forced to rest the characters for the time being would be the most logical step. This would also mean that although would like for the characters to appear on “One Life to Live” when it transitions to the web, until a deal is put in place between and ABC where actors (Starr), (Todd) and (John) are set to appear, neither character will be seen on “GH” or “OLTL” until those deals are actually signed. It’s unclear at this time on how much input (if any) the actors themselves have on the matter. For reference, Easton had signed an agreement with Prospect Park back in September 2011 that would have kept his character in Llanview. Since that deal fell through, Easton is under contract with ABC along with Alderson and Howarth, both of whom previously did not express interest in moving to the web with “OLTL” back in 2011, when Prospect Park first tried getting the project off the ground.

A rep for Prospect Park did not respond to requests for comment.

  • Anna

    keep them on GH ! They are great on this soap, the reboot OLTL web version can have all the other core characters from OLTL, Vicky and co for pete’s sake !
    Todd, Starr and John moved on from Lanview so the audience, Port Charles is their home now.

    • I must agree with Anna. I hope that they can do both GH and OLTL . They work well on General Hospital. Good luck to the future .

    • Did you read the Daytime Royalty website? It says that Ms. Alderson, Mr. Howarth, and Mr. Easton are leaving “General Hospital”, so that means they’re free for the reboot of “One Life To Live”.:)

      • Anna

        I can’t stand this Daytime Royalty site (posters are nasty here, not worth my time trashing actors for fun) but yep i know about this new move towards these three actors, still i can express my opinion that they are better on GH. That’s all, maybe ABC and PP can negociate, you never know, lot’s of people want them to stay on GH.

    • Mary

      The only way Todd can work as a character on GH is if they bring in Vicki, Blair and David. He is a different character on GH now, it’s not working and he just turns into an insipid wimp when in the presence of that big assed Amazon called Carly

      • Anna

        Disagree, Todd is a character who can be pretty flexible, he drive stories, has humor, is edgy, often controversial, he draws audience, love him, hate him, who cares he is interesting with his family but also by himself. He is an asset for Daytime, no wonder GH and PP battle for him..there are not lot’s of characters like that, even after decades and decades he still work at driving soap stories like a Roger Thorpe back in the day.

    • Patti

      Keep Todd and Carly together

  • Jenny

    Should have never crossed them over as oltl characters…I love ME and RH on GH too. Starr is blah on GH. Good riddence to her!

  • Starr & Todd i’d have make a brief OLTL return to tie up the Victor story, depends if Florencia & Trevor sign up tho, if they dont then just have them stay on gh as people do move. Same with John he only needs to return if Melissa Archer signs & even then just to do a break up scene.

    • I would doubt Melissa Archer would come back to OLTL for any extended period of time. Her career is going pretty good with some film roles and she seems to be based in LA now.

      • Anna

        She would prefer to go to GH i am sure, lol, they could write a Sam/John/Nathalie triangle..obvious, i am not a great fan of John (too dull for my tastes) but can’t deny he has two pretty popular pairings in Sam/John and Nat/John.

        • Please no Natalie on GH. I am sorry but John and Natalie were so dull and boring as a couple. They just did not have chemistry together. Natalie was better with her other suitors on OLTL.

  • PP OLTL is only going to be 30 min 4 days a week…. They don’t NEED all these characters (except perhaps to tie up a few loose ends)

    • Shana

      30 min without a commercial break genius!

  • I want Michael Easton to stay on GH. John has moved on with his life, has a new love interest and a job at the PCPD. As long as he gets visitation rights to his son, he needn’t stay in Llanview. He has no reason to be there anymore. Moreover, I was really looking forward to John and Sam getting together. However, as much as I love the character of John, I would love it even more if Michael Easton would stay on GH regardless. I am open to him playing his “Port Charles” character, Caleb Morley, again. The flashbacks of Caleb on Wednesday and the story with Lucy the vampire slayer really have me intrigued. No matter what happens, I just want Michael Easton to remain on GH. He deserves better than to appear on an online soap which hardly anyone will watch.

    • I want Michael Easton to stay on GH, he and Kelly Monaco have such great chemistry, something he did not have with any of his OLTL co-stars.

  • They need Keep John on General Hospital, I Mean Fans love him on GH more than OLTL. SO Please Keep John McBain on General hospital, so I can enjoy watching my couple of him with Sam… Please!

  • emtk

    It would be ridiculous if these characters didn’t appear on either show since they’re wanted on both!

  • Karenp

    Regardless if GH “needs” these characters or the fans want them to stay or go, the characters belong to PP. There’s no reason they shouldn’t be able to keep them all. Cartini knew this could happen if PP wanted them back. Lets remember the actors and characters are two different things. Cartini calculated the risk before crossing these characters over. Sometimes you win……

  • Shawna

    PP can have all 3 of them. In my opinion, they should have never been on GH in the first place.

  • OLTL fan

    I want John back on OLTL where he has been a featured character. GH has failed to utilize John properly. He is almost never on, and when he is, he is in a support role – hardly as a lead. Often times, it seems he’s been tacked onto the scenes of others such as FakeDuke/Faison reveal. John doesn’t even have a proper place to live in Port Charles. I also want to see John with his family, Natalie and Liam, working with Uncle Bo (who has been rumored to have signed on) among other things and a rivalry with Clint. From my point of view, John has more in Llanview than he got in the few months he’s been in Port Charles. I think the move would be good for OLTL and the character of John.

    • I believe Michael Easton most likely has not been on screen as much on GH because they wanted to ease his character in and because Kelly Monaco was busy with DWTS for months. Melissa Archer would be crazy to come back to OLTL online when her movie career is going so well.

      • OLTL fan

        Well that’s sad that his character has been that limited by the schedule of another. I think Michael Easton should be doing more than just waiting for Kelly’s schedule to free up. Todd and Starr were not restricted like that.

  • So we really have no real facts on what will happen to the characters? I am not going to trust that Daytime Confidential has the facts. I am pretty sure the characters will stay on GH, with perhaps a crossover when PP starts up again to try to boost PP’s ratings. If I were PP I would strike a deal where during our launch of OLTL we feature a story that crosses over between GH and OLTL to try to get people to watch OLTL and hope that the OLTL new reboot is good enough to keep the people watching when the crossover is over. Personally I won’t be watching an online 20 minute soap. How is PP going to offer their shows free having advertising pay for them or are they going to charge the viewers?

  • Donna

    I love the Manning’s on GH. I’d love to see Todd with Carly and I love Starr with Michael.I think it would be great to see them all appear during the on line launch of OLTL and to have Starr have occasional visits with her mother, aunt and siblings in Llanview. I have watched GH since the 60’s and OLTL since the 70’s. I will definitely be watching the on line show and would even pay a reasonable fee to support the show’s production. I am a die hard fan and have really missed the OLTL.

    • Mary

      ANYONE who knows anything about Todd and his history knows they are ruining his character on GH. They have taken a deeply conflicted and dark character who views Blair as the love of his life and turned him into Richie Cunningham who wants to have a malt with Carly at the shakeshop. He enjoys zero chemistry with Carly–they are force feeding this couple down our throats. Roger seems to think so as he delivers his lines of love to Carly with us much emotion and feeling as Lance Armstrong does about how sorry he is. In other words, I don’t buy it.

      • I TOTALLY agree with you on all points!!the three should never have been moved to gh in the first place. I want them back on oltl where they belong

      • Anna

        oh please Blair is maybe the ‘love of his life’ (yep they were great together back in the day) but Todd can have other loves in his know he also loved Tea and Marty..and i disagree Howarth has great chemistry with LW aka Carly on GH. It is maybe not iconic Todd and Balir but it is a refreshing new love between two pretty flawed characters with lot’s of baggage. Blair did enjoy herself with lot’s of men for years when Todd was missing. It is a soap, maybe in few years Blair and Todd will reunite but right now Todd can explore new romances imo. By the way his pairings or even potential pairings are more popular than Blair’s..

        • 100% agree with Mary: Roger Howarth and Laura Wright are as sexy as Liza Minelli and David Gest. It’s so fake and a major fail by Ron and Frank!

  • Kara

    I am ecstatic about OLTL and AMC coming back! It is my dream come true! I feel like part of my life is back now:) The characters and their stories are part of me since I watched since I was 11 and now am about 36. I hope that the characters originally from OLTL will come back to OLTL and not stay on GH. Since they are the same characters from Llanview on GH, the possibilities are endless…but they belong on OLTL.

  • BxJuice

    Have been patiently waiting for my “One Life to Live” family to return…. Glad to hear that it is finally going to happen and hope everyone gets back on board. More importantly, I hope they pick up right from where they left off with the series…

  • I can’t wait to see when All My Children and One Life to Lives when it finally debut on the Website. I hope that both side will get their act together and allowed the actor to appear in both show. I am glad to read that Robert S. Woods will return as Bo. I hope that the writer will finally tell what happened to Victor Lord Jr. and finally learn Todd Manning ‘s good name. I wanted to see the look on everyone face when they discover that Victor Lord Jr is still alive and a prisioner somewhere.

  • Elizabeth

    Is Kamar de los Reyes joining the One life to Live Reboot??????

  • tim

    Let the actors choose where they want to work.

  • If those 3 are smart they wii jump off the sinking ship that is abc and jump on the new wave ONLINE. Soaps started on raido went to tv now on to the internet. I hope our soaps are going strong when abc gets closed down from lack of viewers. Can’t stand the soft talkers John and Sam. abc keeps trying to match these two up .this is like the 3ed time. STOP already no one can understand what they are wispering about.e

  • One Life To Live should stay dead and gone. Let’s get real the show was starting to suck towards the end. Bringing the show back would not take this fact away. All you are waiting for is a big train wreck…