Jack Wagner Has Returned to ‘General Hospital’

Disney/ABC Television Group
Bob D'Amico/ABC
Bob D’Amico/ABC

As Soap Opera Network first noted last week, actor Jack Wagner has quietly returned to the set of ABC’s “General Hospital” as he reprises the role of Frisco Jones on the daytime soap. According to set side sources and a recent report by TV Guide‘s Michael Logan, Wagner’s return will coincide with “GH’s” 50th Anniversary celebration. While details are scarce, sources tell Soap Opera Network that the network will kick off a week long celebration beginning with the Monday, April 1 broadcast that also happens to be the same day “General Hospital” aired its first episode 50 years prior.

Per TV Guide, “GH” is also seeking to have the likes of John Stamos (Blackie Parrish), Richard Dean Anderson (Jeff Webber) and Demi Moore (Jackie Templeton) return in some form for the 50th anniversary, but things aren’t looking up at the moment. Antonio Sabato, Jr., who reprized his role of Jagger Cates on “General Hospital: Night Shift” back in 2008, is said to have had recent discussions with “GH.” No word on whether the series and the actor have come to an agreement.