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Y&R Recap: Monday, June 20, 2011

Y&R Recap: Monday, June 20, 2011

Y&R Recap: Monday, June 20, 2011

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Monday, June 20, 2011.


Kevin, Chloe and Abby are at Crimson Lights, wondering on the outcome of the custody case regarding Lucy. When Daniel walked in, they knew that things didn't go as they had hoped. Meanwhile, back at the Abbott home, an upset Billy vented with Rafe on how they could have lost custody of Lucy to a woman that did more dastardly deeds than he's ever done. As they talked, back at Phyllis's, she tried her best to soothe a crying Lucy, telling herself that she did the right thing by having her with her real family.

Victor is in his office on the phone with Michael, issuring that the SEC comes in search of Adam and Diane for their set up to swipe stock. Back at Gloworm, Adam and Diane are quietly celebrating their victory against Victor. Jack, soon arrived and disrupted their gathering by letting slip that Diane put him in the know of what was doing down. He shared that when the stock went down he snatched up enough of it. Adam failed at playing dumb and slowly relished in his victory.

Rafe lets Billy know that their chances of getting Lucy back are slim to none. Billy is furious that nothing can be done and starts to realize that because Lucy is no longer in the picture, he's going to wind up losing his relationship to Victoria as well. As for Victoria, she opened up to Nick about how difficult it is for her going forward now that Lucy is gone. She also admitted that JT could come and take Reed once he learned of Billy's buying Lucy. They soon switch the conversation about the fake news about Victor's stroke. Nick says he knows that it was set up.

Victor arrived at Gloworm in time to see Jack, Diane and Adam drinking up celebratory champagne. Jack is first to get his jabs in, as well as Adam. Jack lets him know that he can't do anything to them for taking up stock; they are a bit shocked when Victor admitted that they are correct, he can't. Victor grabs his food and is heading out when he stops back by their table. He drops the word that the SEC is investigating them; he tells them to drink up the new bottle of champagne he's given them; their victory will be short.

At Crimson Lights, it's the blame game at the table for Abby, Daniel, Chloe and Kevin. Kevin shared that while he wasn't keen on Billy, he knew that Lucy was in good hands with he and Victoria. Chloe scoffed and said it was Billy's fault to begin with; Abby and Daniel both agreed that Phyllis was the troublemaker. When Chloe said she was still going after Billy for Delia, Kevin questioned her motives in hurting Billy when he's already lost so much. Upset that Kevin didn't have her back, she left.

At the Abbott house, Victoria returns to learn that Billy is willing to move out. She asked where he was going to go but he tells her that it shouldn't really matter. He headed up to pack his belongings. Meanwhile at Phyllis's house, Nick, who went to have it out with her, is having a hard time getting Summer to understand why Lucy is now a part of their family. Summer tells Phyllis that Lucy belongs with her family. Nick watches on without saying a word. When Summer is gone, the two of them get into it again. Phyllis snapped that if Nick were in the same postion with Noah as she was with Daniel, he'd do the same thing.

Abby paid Tucker a visit at the hospital. She opened up to him about the lie she created that caused him to be in the hospital. She opened up and shared the truth with him. She begged for him to get better.

Back at Gloworm, Adam and Diane leave Jack to finish up the bubbly. Katherine showed up and gave him the news: she's putting him in the position of CEO of Jabot. A gleeful Jack thanked Katherine and continued his celebration solo.

Billy takes solace at a bar, while back at the Abbott house, Victoria finds herself being comforted by her father.

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