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Y&R Recap: Thursday, October 20, 2011

"The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap - Thursday, October 20, 2011

HOME / Recaps / Y&R Recap: Thursday, October 20, 2011


Y&R Recap: Thursday, October 20, 2011

"The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap - Thursday, October 20, 2011

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — “The Young and the Restless” Episode Recap – Thursday, October 20, 2011.


Jack met with Ashley at Gloworm, upset by the fact that Tucker was stalling on his deal to hand over Jabot to him. Ashley told Jack that Tucker had been busy in the office, as well as stopping by to see Sofia. She reassured her brother that Tucker would honor his agreement. Meanwhile, Tucker received a call from an anonymous buyer, interested in purchasing Jabot. Tucker was more than impressed by the amount of money the person offered to buy Jabot.

After listening to Colin’s phone call, requesting a hit on both Genevieve and Gloria, Ronan informed Cane that he had police in action to go into Genevieve house the minute the hit took place. Soon after, he learned that Colin was with Jill at his hotel suite, while Gloria was taking care of business at the bank. Cane, however, wanted to make sure that Lily was alright and decided to call her.

Jill had a plan of her own. Sauntering out of the bathroom, she started to lay it on Colin with a neck rub. She then suggested they share a bath together. Colin offered to get the bath ready, and while he was inside, Jill called for a delivery man to drop some items off. When he did, Colin soon emerged, curious to know what was happening. Jill caught Colin’s attention when she showed him a pair of leopard patterned handcuffs. Handcuffing him to the bed, she told him that she had no plans of seduction for him, but rather keeping him away from whatever he had been plotting.

Genevieve received a phone call from Lily, asking if they could talk. She told her that she could come over. Right after talking to Genevieve, Lily received a call from Cane, questioning if she and the twins were alright. Lily informed him that since he refused to tell her the truth as to what he was hiding, she was meeting his mother. Cane tried his best to get her not to go, but a determined Lily ignored him. After hanging up with her, Cane was going to head over to see Lily, but Ronan reminded him that she was not to know about their plans regarding Colin.

Jack and Ashley headed over to Tucker’s office to talk about Jabot. When Jack asked Tucker for the exchange of the company, Tucker told him that someone called making him a wonderful offer to purchase the company. Jack grew angry, telling Tucker that they made a deal that once Jabot was away from Katherine, Tucker would give it to him. When Tucker told Jack that no proof could be shown in his promising to return Jabot to Jack, Jack countered, telling him that Ashley was there to witness everything. Ashley told Tucker not to try to put her in the position of choosing between the two of them. Tucker continued to toy with Jack, but soon told Jack that he had already signed the papers to give Jabot back to the Abbott family. Jack was overjoyed and wanted to celebrate with his family.

After Jack left, Tucker and Ashley toasted with a glass of champagne. Ashley expressed her happiness of Tucker giving Jack the company back. Tucker admitted that he was interested in the offer he was made, but knew that he would be doing right by her by honoring his agreement to Jack.

Cane showed up at Lily’s urging her not to go to see his mother. When Lily blasted him for not telling her what was going on, Cane warned Lily that both his parents were dangerous and for her to stay away from them. Tired of his not being honest with her, Lily told Cane to stay away from her and the children.

Jack, on a high from getting Jabot back, headed over to see Genevieve. When he shared the news with her, Genevieve was thrilled for him. He told her that he didn’t think he’d get the company back after Tucker was offered a better deal to get Jabot. She wanted to celebrate with her special brand of champagne but realized that her maid, Myrna wasn’t there to serve it up to them. She suggested that they go to Gloworm to celebrate.

Ronan realized that Jack and Genevieve weren’t at her place, but left to head to Gloworm. Lily, meanwhile, debated if she should listen to Cane’s request in staying at home and away from Genevieve. After she called Jill, leaving a voice message for her, Lily made up her mind to go to the house to see Genevieve.

Tucker and Ashley both received text messages from Ronan, requesting a meeting at a remote warehouse. They both wondered what was going on. Jack, who was still celebrating with Genevieve, received the same text message. Meanwhile, Ronan, who was still on stakeout near Genevieve’s house, noticed that his cell phone was missing.

Lily made her way to Genevieve’s, knocking on the door to see if she was home. She walked inside, calling out to Genevieve, but didn’t get a response. From a distance, Cane was frustrated that Lily went to see his mother, despite his warning. Ronan told Cane that he couldn’t reveal what was going on to Lily, but Cane wasn’t going to put her life in danger. He ran out of the van and into the house, trying to get Lily to leave. Lily refused, determined to talk to Genevieve. Back at the van, Ronan was glad that Chance, who somehow was also on the case, showed up. The two of them rushed away from the van, to the house. Inside the house, Lily noted that she smelled gas. Cane there and then grabbed Lily, making a dash out of the house, just as the house exploded. Looking up, Cane and Lily watched as the house burned up. They both were unaware that someone was already in the house, lying on the floor.

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