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Y&R Recap: Thursday, April 21, 2011

HOME / Recaps / Y&R Recap: Thursday, April 21, 2011


Y&R Recap: Thursday, April 21, 2011

Y&R Recap: Thursday, April 21, 2011

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Thursday, April 21, 2011.


Lily can't believe that Cane is truly standing across from her. She tells him that she held him in her arms when he died; he tells her that he's always going to be there for her; their love will never die. She questions if anyone else can see or touch him. He chuckles that he doesn't know. She reaches out and puts her hand on his chest; and can't believe that she can actually touch him.

Noah and Nick talk about the funeral arrangements for Sharon. He's still upset at how he left things with her before she "died". Nick is surprised when Noah tells him about the conversation they had. He says he believes that Victor was talking on his love for his family, despite what has gone on. Just then, Victor arrives offering to help with anything they may need.

Adam talks aloud to Sharon, sorry that he talked her into running away. He says he doesn't know how to deal with her being gone. He would do whatever just to have her back in his life. Over in New Mexico, Sharon and Sam are slowly bonding as he is checking out his newborn ewe. He hands it to her and she names it. He compliments her smile and she admits it's been some time since she's smiled.

As Victoria and Lucy are having mommy and baby time, Billy is at the bank looking at the video of Jana. When the bank clerk arrives, she asks if he recognizes her. Billy quickly tells her no; but wants to make sure that all of his records was changed and passwords updated. She assures him that it is all taken care of. Unfortunately for Billy, Kevin and Jana continue to probe into who's account number they have belongs to. Across from them, Daniel watches on, wondering what they may have found out.

Sharon bonds with the newborn animal when Sam asks her for a favor. He asks her what wine would be good for a dinner he is having with a lady friend who is coming over. She names off a few suggestions to him. While Sam and Sharon are bonding, Adam prays for his mom to watch over Sharon. As he is talking, the pastor stops by the pew and asks Adam if he is in need of help. Adam asks him why God took his mother and the woman that he loved. When he says her name, the pastor asks what relationship they had, and Adam tells him. The pastor sits next to him as Adam grieves. Meanwhile, Noah, Nick and Victor have made the funeral arrangements, making sure that things are kept private. Victor offers to take them to the church; and they all leave the tact house, unaware that Adam is there.

As Jana and Kevin are talking about someone buying Lucy. Jana comments that on the fact that despite someone buying her, she could be in a good home. Kevin scoffs that regardless of who has her, they are criminals for buying his niece in the first place. Jana, however, gushes on how they make a good team, just as Daniel comes up to them, wanting to know what's going on. She lies and tells him that Kevin is helping her with her taxes. Once she leaves, Daniel digs for information, and Kevin tells him about the bank account numbers she found. Daniel feigns that he has to pick up something but would be back.

Lily gushes that she knew that he was real and that she wasn't making things up. She tells him about seeing someone about how she was having a hard time coping. When she comments that if everyone knew the truth, they'd think she were crazy. Cane tells Lily that she must not tell anyone that she's seen him; she must keep his being alive a secret. Lily asks about the picture on the grave and Cane tells her it is a picture of his sister, Samantha. Before she can ask anymore questions, Jill and Colin get out of the car to approach the tombstone. Cane hurriedly tells her he has to leave. Lily wonders how she will see him again. He tells her he'll find her and quickly leaves.

In the barn, Sharon talks to the ewe, saying that her family are better off without her in their lives. She says that although it would be hard, she knows that they are better off. Meanwhile, the pastor tells Adam that he should stay and see if the family would need any assistance with the funeral preparations. Adam quickly says that Noah is handling things. The pastor leaves and as Adam is set to leave, also, he's face-to-face with Victor, Noah and Nick. Adam scoffs that he can't be apart of the funeral arrangements; Noah tells him that he wants him no where near the funeral. Victor in turn tells him that he has no place there. When Adam points out that Victor is to blame for what happened to Sharon, Victor turns it around and says that Adam caused everything due to his diabolical ways. He wants Adam nowhere near the service.

Billy and Victoria are playing with Lucy when Jana arrives. Wanting to possibly keep Jana happy, Billy offers to give her a raise for all her hard work in watching Lucy. Jana happily accepts. When she departs, Vicky talks about the funeral service. Billy comments that he thinks that with what has happened, they should update their wills and find a possible guardian for her Lucy.

Daniel arrives back at Crimson Lights and asks Kevin how things are going with the account numbers that Jana gave him. He tells Daniel that he's not making any headway but he's going to keep working at it. When a situation occurs at the counter, Kevin leaves the computer to go help. Daniel takes out a device and swipes it across the computer, erasing the information on the computer. When the files disappears, Daniel makes a hasty exit. When Jana arrives, they go back to look at the files, only to find out that they are gone. Meanwhile Daniel visits Lily and admits what he did.

Jill and Colin apologize for intruding on Lily's time with Cane at the grave. They try their best to comfort her but a distracted Lily barely hears them. Jill talks on he bringing the twins over for a Easter egg hunt; Lily quickly says she may have plans with her dad and the rest. She hurries away; Jill and Colin both believe that she is still having a hard time with Cane's death. As they are at Cane's grave, Jill softly admits how much she misses him, unaware that he is watching them both from a distance.

Adam tells Victor that Sharon would want him there at the funeral, but Nick angrily cuts him off, telling him that he is not wanted there; either leave or get thrown out. As things begin to escalate, the pastor returns and lectures them for their behavior in the Lord's house. Adam smugly tells him to meet Sharon's family. A snappy Noah whines that they are Sharon's only family. The pastor informs Adam that the family have made their wishes known and to leave out the back way. When he leaves, Noah and the pastor go to discuss the arrangements, while Noah laments to Victor that he thinks Adam is going to crash the funeral. Victor sniffs and tells his grandson to let him.

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