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Casting a Dead Man’s Family on ‘One Life’

Nash Brennan may have died a year ago, but that isn’t stopping “One Life to Live” from introducing the deceased character’s estranged parents.

It was a serious of horrific accidents that led to death of father and husband Nash Brennan in May of 2008, the shock of which led his widow Jessica to a nervous breakdown resulting in the resurfacing of her struggles with DID.

Now, one year removed from the tradegy, Jessica is finally beginning to put the pieces of her life back together again. However, there remains one secret that could again shatter her already fragile state of mind. As the news of baby Chloe’s true maternity begins to rear its ugly head around Llanview, Jessica begins to retreat into her own mind. With the heiress unable to comprehend what is happening around her, Jess’ domaineering gate-keeper alternate personality Bess soon resurfaces to get a grasp on the situation. Along the road, Tess, her free-spirit counterpart, also looks to cause trouble for those involved.

But it is Bess who, while pretending to be Jessica, goes on the run with baby Chloe and seeks a safe haven with Phil and Cindy Brennan, the long absent parents of Jessica’s late husband Nash. At this time, “OLTL” has not released the names of the actors potraying either character, however they will first air on May 28th when Bess and Chloe show up on their doorstep.

Eric Martin Brown returns once more as Stan, Stacy’s old Vegas boss, the week of May 26th, as he demands the former stripper return the money she stole from him. In addition, he will also have to tangle with Rex, who believes Stacy is an angel sent form Heaven above to save his son’s life with her stem cells.

With the KAD serial killer storyline reaching a climax later this month, “OLTL” is confirming that Sean Moynihan and Jessica Kaye are out as convicted rapist Powell Lord III and his evil sidekick Rebecca Lewis during the week of May 18th.

Look for another dayplayer role on June 26th.

And “OLTL” released to new audition scripts on Tuesday of this week. The first is for a “Justice of the Peace.” In this dayplayer role, a wedding cermony is being performed. Toward the end of the ceremony, the justice states that ‘John’ and ‘Karen’ have asked their loves ones to join with them as they make a public display of a private commitment they have already made with one another. As the scene ends, he tells those in attendance that the couple knows how much everyone cares for them, and that they are about to witness their holy union as they prepare to spend the rest of their lives together. From the tone of the script, it appears that the couple was recently married privately, and is now reaffirming their vows in a public ceremony. And, as is common policy with “OLTL,” the names are frequently changed in audition scripts to throw off the viewer.

The second script is somewhat more complex, and is for the role of ‘Brenden.’ The scene begins with Brenden, who is apparently a teenager, being introduced to ‘Ron’ and ‘Jim’ by ‘Lynn.’ Apparently his drug counselor, Lynn calls Brenden a friend. Brenden responds by telling Lynn that’s it alright to reveal that she is his counselor and that she (Lynn) is really great. Ron asks Brenden is telling the truth, to which he responds that, before he met Lynn, he stayed so high he couldn’t even skateboard. Lynn says that they should see how good Brenden skates now that he has kicked his drug habit. Brenden states that he got a little scrapped up a short time ago while trying to do a kickup and needs to get some ice from ‘Carlotta’ to put on his injury. Jim tells Brenden that he needs to start wearing a helmet, prompting Brenden to ask him if he was the one who sent the flowers to Lynn. Ron speaks up and confessing that he was the one who sent them to her. When Lynn asks Brenden how he feels, he becomes nervous and states that he is 42 days clean, but asks to take some aspirin for his headache from his skateboarding accident. Brenden ignores Jim’s suggestion that he go to the emergency room to get checked out, and becomes agitated when Jim asks him exactly where he hit his head. As the scene draws to a close, Brenden points out to Jim just where he bumped his head, and states that it really hurts. However, when Lynn asks Brenden the extent of his injuries, he questions how she knows his name.

“One Life to Live” airs weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.

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