How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of 'GH,' 'The View' and 'The Chew'; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of ‘GH,’ ‘The View’ and ‘The Chew’; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

Truth and Consequence…
Friday, December 28, 2007 11:18 PM | By Venus Stone

( — The truth has a way of coming out to destroy families…


Stefano wants to spend more time with Johnny, which upsets EJ. Marlena receives another veiled message from Crystal. Lucas admits to Sami that he was the one that shot EJ. Stefano requests that his bodyguard take care of Lucas. Marlena received a call from Crystal to meet her. Sami turns away from Lucas. EJ tries to get word out to the police that Lucas could be in serious danger.


Belle, unable to hide the truth, confesses to Shawn that she slept with Phillip. A furious Shawn walks out on Belle, telling her he wants a divorce from her. Chloe tries to get Phillip to help her regarding Brady, but he wants her help in return. Belle goes looking for comfort from Marlena while Shawn is stunned to learn that Hope knew all along about the affair. After some thinking, Chloe tells Phillip that she will help him in whatever he wants her to do.

NOTE: “Days of Our Lives” will be pre-empted Tuesday, January 1.

Pictured: Bryan Dattilo courtesy NBC

An Arrest for the New Year..
Saturday, December 29, 2007 5:55 PM | By Venus Stone

( — Victor is arrested for a crime; did he commit it?


Brad needs Phyllis’ helping hand in getting what he wants; Sharon away from Jack. Ashley corners Jack, demanding he admit using John’s health to get what he wanted. Paul has a warning for JT. Despite all that has happened, Sharon decides to stand by her man. Gloria tries to stay one step ahead of Jeffrey; while he is thinking of doing the same thing.


Victor makes Nikki an offer; on the condition she dump David. Ashley pays Victor a visit and tries to get him to drop his revenge against Jack. Not pleased with Nikki’s attitude, Victor moves forward with his countersuit. Meanwhile, new evidence in Ji Min’s murder comes to light and Victor is arrested. Nick heads to the police station to post his father’s bail. Once out of jail, Victor points the finger at Jack for setting him up.

NOTE: “The Young and the Restless” will air the 2006 episode featuring Cassie and Nick, Monday, December 31 and be pre-empted Tuesday, January 1.

Pictured: Eric Braeden courtesy CBS

OLTL PreVUE: Week of December 24 Edition

Holiday blues
Thursday, December 20, 2007 11:25 PM | By Scotty Gore

( — The holidays are anything but tranquil in Llanview.


Nash has strong objections to Jessica’s new plan to trick Jared into thinking Tess has returned. Jared has a difficult time controlling his emotions when Natalie tells him she slept with John. Later Jared gives Natalie his mother’s locket as a Christmas present. The Cramer girls are shocked when Addie arrives at Dorian’s doorstep, and appears to be normal. John puches Jared. Blair is happy to see the change in her mother, while Dorian is taken aback. Blair, struggling to adjust to Addie’s new personality, is worried when she can’t find her. John wonders what is up with Jared and Natalie. Cristian and Layla decide to speak to Mrs. Williamson about allowing Cristian to see Evangeline. Dorian decides to use her newfound knowledge about Charlie and Jared to her advantage, and heads for the Buchanan mansion. Her plans quickly change, however, when she sees Clint and Nora sharing another kiss. John receives a Christmas present Marty ordered before her death. Talia helps Blair and Dorian find Addie at Capricorn. Addie is ready to start her own life. A band member has the hots for Sarah. Cristian makes a decision about Evangeline. Antonio asks Talia to remain in Llanview. Rex and Adriana share a New Year’s Eve kiss at midnight, as do the Vegas and the women in their lives. Starr, Cole, Langston, and Markko celebrate the New Year. Roxy jumps to the wrong conclusion about Natalie and Miles. Roxy kisses Miles. Natalie and Jared find themselves alone at midnight.


Viki and Charlie share their first kiss at the drive-in. Shortly thereafter, however, the car breaks down and the snow begins to fall. Finding other ways to occupy their time, Viki and Charlie continue to kiss. Later, as they awaken in one anothers arms, Viki convinces Charlie that he should ask his son again for a second chance, and tells him that he helped her as well. Agreeing that they will see each other again soon, Viki and Charlie part company. Gigi keeps her composure when Rex tells her he is going to propose to his girlfriend; Gigi is relieved when Rex failed to recognize the ring. Ramsey manages to get information from Noelle. Marcie and Gigi say good-bye. John offers to help Michael look for Marcie. Adriana gives Rex the answer he was waiting for. Rex has no idea the engagement ring he got Adriana is really the one Michael gave Marcie. Moe brightens Noelle’s day. Michael discovers Adriana’s ring.

D2D PreVUE’s for the week of December 31

Monday: Cristian is ready to take a chance on Sarah; Antonio’s kiss causes an unexpected reaction from Talia; Clint and Nora celebrate the New Year.

Tuesday: Pre-empted.

Wednesday: Todd and Ramsey demand answers from Gigi; Lindsay’s future is decided.

Thursday: Marcie and Todd meet face-to-face; someone is shot by Ramsey.

Friday: Marcie does something desperate.

Pictured: Farah Fath courtesy NBC

Someone becomes a proud papa..
Sunday, December 16, 2007 3:49 PM | By Venus Stone

( –The paternity of Victoria’s baby is revealed…


Jack reads too much into an innocent moment between Brad and Sharon. Cane breaks Lily’s heart when he says he only wants to be friends. A determined Nikki lets Victor know she’s taking him to court. Phyllis tries to get Sharon to focus on making amends with Jack. Michael agrees to be Jana’s lawyer. Sharon gets a new roommate in Nikki.


Amber’s antics give Daniel just cause in being suspicious of her. Summer has a birthday party celebration. Katherine advises Victor to let his agenda against Nikki go. Wanting to spend time with Karen, Neil invites her over for the holidays. While Nikki tries to convince Jack to join in her suit against Victor, Nick tries his best to make peace with Victor. Meanwhile, Brad and JT, both await the news of the paternity of the baby. The result come in, naming JT the father. JT immediately decides to name the baby.

Pictured: Thad Luckinbill courtesy CBS

GL PreVUE: Week of December 17 Edition

No Innocent Child’s Play
Friday, December 14, 2007 9:35 PM | By Venus Stone

( –Will becomes the little scrooge of Springfield…


Unable to shake her suspicions regarding Harley and Cyrus, Marina purposely sends a text message to Harley in hopes of finding out if she has reason to be worried. Olivia, wanting to be with Gus, sabotages his date with Natalia. Matt crushes Dinah by telling her that he doesn’t think he can be with her. Daisy and Rafe continue to get closer. Billy learns that Dinah was the one that leaked to everyone that he was a drunk. Bill has a hard time keeping his mind off of Lizzie. Doris tells Buzz she will not continue to pursue incriminating Marina. Dinah continues to scheme with Bill, offering to help keep tabs on Billy.


Cassie is furious when Will comes to her in tears, upset that Josh has placed the blame on him for Edmund’s fall. Josh doesn’t shy away from believing that Will could have been the cause of James”s accident. Reva and Jeffrey are invited over to Josh’s for Christmas. While on Main Street, Reva is approached by Will, who tells her that Josh wants to see her. Daisy offers to babysit Will but Josh nixes the idea. Later, Cassie gives Daisy the go-ahead to babysit, despite Josh’s reservations. Will continues to manipulate Reva when it comes to Josh. Will is put to work on painting pews when Daisy comes looking for Josh to give her more babysitting hours. Will tells Daisy that he can pay her with money he has, just as long as she takes him to the mall While at the mall, Will approaches a repairman, questioning him about his truck. Meanwhile, Reva, Josh and RJ are also shopping in the mall when they all get stuck in the stairwell. Unbeknownst to them, Will is the one that has paid off the repairman to keep them trapped together.

Pictured: Kim Zimmer & Robert Newman courtesy Bleacher & Everard/PGP

OLTL PreVUE: Week of December 17 Edition

Tis the Season
Friday, December 14, 2007 11:45 PM| By Scotty Gore

( — The holiday season brings unexpected surprises to the citizens of Llanview.


Roxy pours out her heart to Miles, not realizing he has fallen asleep. Natalie is repulsed by Jared’s kiss. Bo keeps his eye on Jared. After unsuccessfully trying to talk Rex out of proposing to Adriana, Dorian gives him her blessing. Cristian and Layla are shocked to learn that Mrs. Williamson has moved Evangeline back home. Bo and Matthew visit Lindsay, and see RJ there as well. Lindsay has a court date after the holidays. Layla and Adriana give Roxy some good advice. Nora tells Cole that, according to Marty’s will, he will move in with her and Matthew. At La Boulaie, the Cramer girls are shocked by Addie’s behavior. Jessica concocts a plan to get rid of Jared. Sarah hides her feelings for Cristian. Adriana works to cheer up Cristian and Antonio. Talia requests a transfer. Starr apologizes to Langston. Jared tries to befriend Cole. Natalie bumps into John at Capricorn, and later they share a night of passion. Natalie floors Jared with news of her tryst with John.


Rex tells Michael that he’s planning to pop the question to Adriana; later he does Michael a favor and goes to Texas in search of Marcie. Viki tends to a drunken Charlie, and encourages him to become sober again. While Blair urges Todd to go easy on Marcie, she couldn’t care less about Rex and Michael. Charlie chooses Viki over the bottle. Moe and Noelle compete in the 2007 Dallas Bake-Off, however, an mishap by Marcie results in the judge nearly chocking to death, resulting in their elimination. When Moe throws a pie at the judge, a pie fight ensues as Viki and Charlie return to the diner. Todd names his son Sam in honor of Sam Rappaport. The Mannings celebrate Christmas before Todd resumes the search for his son; Blair and Todd share a kiss. Marcie asks Gigi to help sell her engagement ring to raise money. Blair and Adriana duke it out over Marcie. Rex is surprised to see Gigi in Paris, Texas. Viki and Charlie have their first kiss. Todd hires a suspended Ramsey to help find his son.

D2D PreVUE’s for the week of December 24

Monday: Viki and Charlie share more than a kiss; could Shane be Rex’s son?

Tuesday: Pre-empted.

Wednesday: Jared has a hard time controlling his jealousy.

Thursday: Todd and Ramsey interrogate Gigi.

Friday: John and Michael are determined to bring Marcie home; unexpected kisses occur as the New Year begins.

Pictured: Melissa Gallo courtesy Yolanda Perez/ABC

AMC PreVUE: Week of December 17 Edition

Consequential Reactions
Thursday, December 13, 2007 2:05 AM | By Angela Rosa

( — Impulse reactions may change relationships forever this week in Pine Valley.


Erica’s attempt to score points with Jack backfires. Adam informs Tad that he’ll find Kate if Tad drops the custody suit against Krystal. Amanda realizes that Adam hasn’t told JR about the DVD. Richie shows up at Babe’s doorstep after Janet plots his great escape. Annie contemplates giving Richie exactly what he wants. Adam manages to bolster Erica’s spirits. Father Clarence’s lectures to Tad and Krystal, and later Adam ultimately leads to a nasty reversal of fates.


Unable to stop the water from seeping into the bomb shelter, Zach and Greenlee realize their situation has gone from bad to hopeless. Meanwhile, Aidan’s hope for Greenlee’s survival seeps away when his latest lead ends up not only cold but frozen solid. Kendall ends up stranded with Aidan after arriving at the cabin to tell him the news of Greenlee’s innocence. Greenlee sees a different side of Zach as he opens up to her and admits that he was wrong about her. As they wait out the storm, the facts of the situation begin to weigh heavily on both Kendall and Aidan, but Kendall refuses to give up hope. Overcome by his pain, Aidan bluntly makes it clear to Kendall that there is no hope. Kendall angrily rails at Aidan as despair overtakes her. Desperately wanting to be with their loved ones one last time, Kendall and Aidan end up having sex – an action both instantly regret. Meanwhile, facing what they believe to be their certain deaths, Zach gently kisses Greenlee as each thinks about the one they truly love. While getting herself together, Kendall discovers the map for the bomb shelter. Aidan, Kendall and Quentin race to the bomb shelter where they find Zach and Greenlee near death. As Aidan tries to breathe life into Greenlee, Kendall goes to be with Zach only to have the shelter begin to collapse around them.

D2D PreVUE’s for the week of December 24

Monday: Will Aidan’s love be enough to save Greenlee?

Tuesday: Encore Presentation; 5/18/04 Episode.

Wednesday: Adam is enraged by Krystal’s actions.

Pictured: Alicia Minshew courtesy Yolanda Perez/ABC

Nothing to Celebrate
Friday, December 7, 2007 7:13 PM | By Venus Stone

( — Buzz’s win as mayor is put in jeopardy by the likes of Bill, Doris and Ava…..


Suspicions continue to mount on who could have done away with Edmund. Will’s comment about being with Cassie at the time of Edmund’s fall peaks Josh’s suspicions of him. Harley is on edge when she learns that Zach has been receiving gifts from Philip. Marina has just cause to want to claim what’s hers when she sees the closeness deveolping between Harley and Cyrus. Rafe confronts Olivia on her sudden ‘interest’ in Gus. Bill gets hit hard when Olivia has papers drawn up, revoking him of any parental rights to Emma.


Lizzie is not pleased to learn that Bill has made a deal with Doris to redo all of Main Street. Ashlee becomes fearful of how far Doris will go if she wins as mayor. When it looks as if Doris could be the winner, Ashlee calls in a favor from Einstein to help flip the votes in Buzz’s favor. Ava confronts Ashlee on her knowledge of the rigged votes, but opts to keep quiet on the condition that Ashlee do a favor for her when she calls upon her. Buzz, realizing that something is not right with the win decides to come forward, but later backs out when he thinks of the good work he could do as the mayor. Bill approaches Buzz with the proposal for Main Street, but is turned down flat. Seeing his being rejected, Ava tells Bill that she has information he can use to muscle Buzz into doing what he wants. The two soon fall into bed and she lets Bill know that she believes that election was rigged in Buzz’s favor. Buzz hires Marina to dig into the possible mayoral vote rigging. Bill gives Buzz an ultimatum; give him the contract to work on Main Street or he’ll leak what he knows about the election. Meanwhile, a leery Mallet, who is also working on the investigation of the election, calls the election board to find out what’s going on.

Pictured: Justin Deas courtesy Arthur L. Cohen/PGP

New Place to Live
Friday, December 7, 2007 6:40 PM | By Venus Stone

( — Sharon finally sees the light; packs her bags and moves in with the least expected person…


Gloria gets played by Jeffrey, when he admits that the cream he gave her was the fake one. Colleen tries her best to be there for JT. Brad and Victor face-off regarding Victoria’s baby. In order to keep her secret from being exposed, she has to follow one request from Jeffrey; marriage. Neil sticks up for Nikki by trying to talk Victor out of calling in her loans.


Jack steps down from his Senate seat. Sharon, still spurned by Jack’s lies walks away from him. The ghost of John tells Jack to admit his faults if he ever wants to save his marriage to Sharon. Sharon has a heart-to-heart with Nick, who tells Sharon that he can see that she truly does love Jack. Jack soon finds Sharon and tries his best to get her forgiveness; but she’s not willing to do that. Meanwhile, Sharon finds herself at the door of Nikki, asking if she can stay with her.

Pictured: Sharon Case courtesy CBS

To Tell the Truth…or Not!
Thursday, December 5, 2007 1:12 AM | By Angela Rosa

( — Tad, Adam and Amanda put their own set of rules into motion.


As they wait for Spike to come out of the anesthesia, Ryan confesses to Kendall that he had the chance to stop Greenlee from escaping and muses about what might have been had he acted differently. Meanwhile, in the hole, Greenlee comes clean about her sins and becomes incensed when Zach refuses to do the same. Kendall reveals to Aidan that she made a pact with God and plans on confessing everything she did to Greenlee if Spike is able to hear again – a notion Aidan now feels opposition towards. Josh explains to Erica that while he believes she was justified in the actions she took against Greenlee that she’ll have to bite the bullet and apologize if she wants to repair her relationship with Jack. Joe reveals to Ryan and Kendall that Spike’s deafness was the result of a pre-existing medical condition and not the accident.


Tad presents Krystal with papers suing her for full custody of Jenny after she refuses to abide by his demand that she not let Adam near Jenny. Meanwhile, Adam is infuriated when JR decides he rather remain in jail than live under house arrest with him. Amanda lets Adam know that she can give JR an airtight alibi for the night of Zach’s hit and run – for a price. Krystal and Tad vent to Babe and JR, respectively, about one another. Amanda emerges victorious as Adam presents her with a five million dollar check in exchange for the DVD clearing JR. Adam is thrilled when JR finally accepts his offer to get out of jail. JR makes an untimely mistake when he’s rude to Adam who then decides to keep the DVD clearing his son’s name to himself as insurance. Krystal quickly rationalizes that moving out of town with Jenny is not the right thing to do but becomes enraged when Tad informs her that taking Jenny and moving to Babe’s is also out of the question. Adam uncovers some starling information that Tad just may have a vested interest in.

D2D PreVUE’s for the week of December 17

Monday: Zach and Greenlee fear the end is near.

Tuesday: Richie finds a partner in crime in Janet.

Wednesday: Kendall and Aidan turn to each other in their time of grief.

Pictured: Cameron Mathison courtesy Yolanda Perez/ABC

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