JUST THE OPENING: Getting Used to ‘All My Children’?

The OnLine Network

Three days in and many readers are finding themselves adjusting very well to the new opening and theme music for The OnLine Network’s “,” titled “We Are the Love We Give” by Imaginary Friend. The opening was recently published on TOLN’s YouTube page for the viewing pleasure of the shows fans.

What Do You Think? Do you like the opening and music or do you have reservations?

  • Cassie

    I really like it!

  • Gail

    I love the song!

  • goldenduckie

    It reminds me of a mix of AMC’s older openings. Except with the old theme song. It’s like a mixture of the white opening/gold opening/and the last ABC opening and I loved it right away. And, the song is PERFECT for AMC.

  • goldenduckie

    I meant to say except without the old theme song.

  • ABCsoapfan

    Unsure about the show, I watched the tv version and miss it terribly. am guessing it Tad in the bed. The newbies with the exception of Pete and Celia are going to take time. however the opening is meh at best.

    • It *has* to be Tad in the bed. The question is, how long will it be before Michael E. Knight is able to be there (and therefore, how long will Tad be comatose??)? I read that the timing didn’t work out for him, so hopefully when his schedule frees up, Tad will miraculously wake up!

  • Missjewel22

    Love it:)

  • Guest

    Don’t like it

    • jeanie

      Love it online!! Watching new episodes in bed at 9am (p.s. I work nights). Been watching since I was in college… about 25 years! Think this is gonna be BIG! Just please bring Erica and Kendal back!

    • Fine if you are a prude, not satisfied with so far limited charactors back. But, at least be quiet for those who love the show so much. I fought long and hard to bring back the soaps doing the tasks. Did you do the daily task for 2+ years to save the soaps?

  • I loved every single thing about both shows .I am so greatful to prospect. Park .and Hulu.Plus .

  • JR35

    Really like it a lot.

  • Vicki

    Love the music. Grouping characters together may have to change with changing relationships in opening. So happy with it all!

  • Watched both of them all three days and I have to say I love them and love the flexibility of watching them when i want. Seems like they’ve never been away! The downside..its only about 23 minutes 🙁 I miss not having Krystal Tad, Ryan, Greenlee, Kendall and the boys and Erica on AMC …and Jessica and others on OLTL. Love the openings and music. Hope to see more of the old regulars return. Great work!

  • Well…guess it will grow on me, just like the new characters and how much the kids have grown in 5 years…seems like they grew 10…but then again, I am one of the viewers that began watching at 8 years old with my mom and I am now 51…so I am one of the loyal long-term viewers (about 40 years). I was sad when it went off the air and now excited that it is back…so I am open to the new changes and surely will get used to it. Would hope that some of the other cast memebers would see the success of the show and eventually join back. A bit suprised with the cursing…but not complaining…just happy it is back. Thanks Hulu! I will be a Loyal “All My Children” viewer forever <3

  • The new theme song plays out through out my day. OMG Did I say not only a home run from the few episodes, but better than more than the last decade and into more “real”. LOVE IT!

  • I have no issue with the music; I have issues with no Erica; because in the Erica and Brooke feud; I was behind Erica and it’s hard to see Brooke; knowing her nemesis isn’t around. I guess after watching since I was 12 and now being 50; I have gotten used to a lot of changes with AMC this is just another one I am going to have to deal with I guess, I am just glad it’s back somewhere and I can watch it.

  • SoapFan2013

    At least this opening is better than OLTL’s. It looks slightly more professional. The Pine Valley scenes look nice. Its a tad too long. Speed it up a bit. The characters Adam, Evelyn, Jane, & Joe are listed in the end credits as recurring but are in the opening and Bianca isn’t but Eden is listed as contract. And where’s Jordi (Griffin)? Lea hasn’t even debuted yet & she’s in the opening. It would be nice if they had better close-ups of the actors that went across the screen. The “scenes” should act as “buffers” between groups of actors. But I do give them credit for using the book opening from the 2002 opening credits. Now just end with the book closing b/c the logo isn’t consistent. Like I said about the OLTL opening, there are fan made openings on YouTube that are 100 times better.

  • I really like it! I have to admit I do like it better than the OLTL opening. I love the dancing on OLTL, I just really don’t like the song. It’s grating to my ears. But I love the AMC opening!!

  • BJ

    Not loving the writing as much and the actors (even returning ones) seem stiff – but I’ll give them a pass for now because of the unusual circumstances and the small cast of characters. HATE the theme. Instrumentals are always better as themes. Favorite part oddly – Brooke and Adam – Least favorite characters are Miranda and AJ – not feeling them at all.

  • myrc60

    What bothers me most about the cursing is that if they did this 40 years ago I wouldn’t have been allowed to watch as infrequently as I did as a youngster. Would you let your 12 yr old watch the shows we’ve seen so far this week?

    • Do you let your 12 year old watch TV or movies or listen to pop music at all? I don’t know where you live, but cursing is everywhere.

      • Cursing may be “everywhere” as you say, but in the places that I frequent, No, my friend, cursing is not that common. I love All My Children, but they are cheapening it by adding the nudity and the cussing. Whatever happened to showing a glimpse of skin and letting the imagination take over??? It is much more romantic that way.

        • Guest

          i am sure ppl curse were u go anne not everyone can be a saint get over it and u see about that much on a movie nowadays or a tv show and ur freaking out about a little skin wow i wonder how old ppl are they all act like u got to be a nun or something not saying that everyone should be having sex or anything but cmon this 2013 not the 1950s i don’t know if u stepped out of ur house lately but i have seen girls wearing less clothing on the street of my home town that look like prostitues just be happy ur soap is back on

    • Kathy

      The cursing doesn’t bother me as much as the AJ and Miranda relationship. The nudity is not necessary. Even if AJ and Miranda are just friends, the nudity is not appropriate. Now, if AJ is gay, which he does not appear to be, then I might understand it better. I loved Colby. Miranda’s personality is annoying. If she is suppose to be the young Erika, then it is not working. Love the music and love all the rest of the characters so far. Waiting for JR to wake up. So happy Pine Valley is back! I just hope it can last, I can’t take another cancellation.

      • Meenah15

        I completely agree with the nudity. I don’t care if you grew up with each other after a certain age, cover up! Missing Tad and what happened to Dixie daughter?

  • Loving every single second of watching my favorites soaps …Yay Prospect Park…….Love the opening music on AMC…catch myself singing it …lol

  • Bteragram

    Have to agree with both Karen and BJ on their respective points … I do kinda like the AMC opening, cannot stand the song for the OLTL one. I mute it when it comes on.
    And yeah, I’m not knowing whether I am going to stick around long term to continue watching if the writing will continue to be this bad. I found myself thinking today that actors should just be allowed to wing it because they would do better than what their being written (and the recording quality – feels like someone recorded on their iphone – not loving it). I feel like the authenticity of the characters is being undermined if that makes any sense, =) What was with the like way they revealed that Victor (on OLTL) was still alive? That should have been a HUGE moment and they squandered it big time. Sorry, back to AMC … these are quality actors with huge history in their roles – let them relax a little and trust them to act them the way they know how 😉

    The one person that intrigues me is the character of Evelyn played by Francesca James. I am truly hoping that we are not expected to forget her roles as Kelly & Kitty Tyler (I’m dating myself – she began that role back in the late 70’s if I am not mistaken). She was won of my favourites back then and it would be a shame to not tie them together somehow now. =)

    • I was very excited to see Kitty too! It’s a little reward for those of us who have been watching since the stone age. To date myself even worse than you, I started watching AMC on the day Tara was killed. She was Phil Brent’s wife. Phil was Erica’s second husband for those who don’t have a scorecard handy. 😉

      • Bonnie Frances Himmelblau

        My first memory was when Phil had his motorcycle accident and lost his memory.

        • Oy, my first memory was when Phil was a POW in Vietnam, and he was in a grass hut. I was about 10 years old, give or take, and my mom introduced me to the show.

      • Bsecia

        I have been watching since the very first episode…and I don’t like that Kitty was not considered as a return character since they have the original actor??

  • Bteragram

    Ack, forgot to add – HATING Miranda and AJ. AND hating the writers’ need to have the actors say s**t and a**h*** so often. Actually, even once is too often, it really takes away from the class that these shows had, =(

    • Bsecia

      I so agree

  • AMC big fan

    It’s growing on me in a good way. I like the opening as it gives you the relationships of the new “Children” actors as grown-up characters. Once I got over how quick they grew up, it’s fine. Better storylines come for teenagers. I remember Jesse protecting Jenny when I was teenager, I’ve been watching since that summer. I’m loving the exterior scenes, it looks like what I imagined Pine Valley to be. It could be written with less cussing.

  • kirouac

    Love the new opening. I’ve been watching since the beginning…and I approve! The cursing and extra skin shots make it more like watching a “reality” show, but hey…the times are a changing…lol

  • I like it … it is a reboot/rebirth of the show.

  • Glenda

    Love the new music and opening although missing some of the characters. I think the little bit of “cussing” that’s taken place so far just makes it more realistic and honest. It did take me a little by surprise though as I’ve been watching AMC for 30 years…..but in a good way 🙂

  • Debbie

    Love: The fact that AMC is back, the opening (but needs more pics,) Angie and Jesse, Adam, Cara, Griffin, Doc Martin and all the kids!!! Hate: the swearing, the nudity between Miranda and AJ. Miss: Tad, Jack, Ryan and Erika. Am hopeful that Evelyn is Kitty and that the other Martin sibs show up, even with new actors. Am I the only one that wonders how Dixie is back from the dead or are we pretending she never died? I don’t care, love her, just wondering….Been watching since the very first day it was on the air, so many years!

    • Dee

      Dixie came back way before it went off the air..Hayward had her

  • HATE-HATE it . What happened to our favorite people-teens are now making up story and we “old-timers” miss or favs-don’t need modern day kids -bring back old characters. watched once and that was enough for me!

  • For those complaining about the cussing and,for now,partial nudity:Now that the shows(AMC & OLTL)are no longer under FCC/network restrictions,they can reflect in a more realistic way than they ever could on ABC. The only thing that most people seem to be offended by is that it’s characters we all grew up with during the ABC run freely getting to say and do things they would if they were real people and not characters on a tv/online show. Trust me,if these shows were airing overseas(German daytime/early evening soaps seem have an abundance of nude male bottoms and cussing on thier shows,and they air on network tv there.),it’d be the same thing.