New Theme Song For ‘AMC’ Already Revealed?

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’s “” has a new logo, a new home, new actors and of course, a new theme song. Fans have already been privy to details on the first three fresh and shiny elements on that list, and low and behold, it looks like we may have all been subtly introduced to the last one, as well!

The OnLine Network
The OnLine Network

On the heels of the latest “AMC” full video preview of the iconic soap (which you can view here), fans tweeted up a storm about the song playing in the background. And according to (Celia Fitzgerald), that song — rumored to be “We Are the Love We Give” by — is the show’s new opener! “Yes, that is the new theme song!” she tweeted in response to a fan asking whether or not the emotional song that deviates from “AMC’s” classic instrumental theme was the new tune. “Pretty good, huh?”

Watch Price along with co-stars (Pete Cortlandt), (Miranda Montgomery) and (AJ Chandler) watching the “AMC” preview video:

A rep for the sudser declined to comment on Price’s tweet.

“All My Children” premieres Monday, April 29 on , Hulu Plus and  and on FX Canada for Canadian viewers.