Prospect Park Suing ABC For $25 Million in Damages Over Licensing Agreement

Prospect Park

According to , Prospect Park has filed a lawsuit against claiming the network “has been breaking the licensing agreement and sabotaging Prospect Park’s efforts to continue ‘’ and ‘’ online.” Prospect Park is seeking $25 million in monetary damages. It is understood that the lawsuit won’t hinder the launches of either soap when they premiere in less than two weeks nor take away from the red carpet premiere schedule for next week in New York City.

“These shows will go forward, and Prospect will address its right sin Court,” the suit said. “Regardless of how successful Prospect may be,the fact remains that ABC did not deliver what it promised, Prospect did not get what it paid for,and Prospect is now entitled to recovermillions of dollars in damages for ABC’s egregious conduct.”

“All My Children” and “One Life to Live” both premiere Monday, April 29 on Hulu, Hulu Plus and iTunes. Canadian viewers will be able to view each series each weekday on FX Canada.

  • Howdumbamovecanyoumake?

    PP makes another stupid move this will surely make even less people watch their crappy new shows. Have they already run out of money and are trying in a desperate attempt to stay afloat? Or are they trying to get some free publicity for their rinky dink shows?

    • Jolie

      Actually it is called KARMA!!!

  • mike

    110% behind prospect park and their quest to get these characters and actors they want, need, deserve and paid for.

    • D

      ABC gave them back the characters. Prospect Park had no right to the actors period. In fact Alderson who played Starr never signed with PP to begin with.

      • TheRalph

        ABC, is that you???

      • Jason

        nothing to do with the actors!

    • Jay

      How exactly did Prospect Park pay ABC for actors? Is ABC running a plantation or something?

  • amcfan

    I think PP has a case to sue for breach of contract but am worried how successful the shows will be. Didnt like what I saw with AMC but still will watch, and I liked OLTL, never watch OLTL but I will start on the 29th. 29th cant come soon enough!

    • I’m pretty much with you on everything you just wrote. I also like the OLTL stuff more so far despite not having watched it before, and will watch OLTL, but still watch AMC anyway. I am a little more optimistic than you about the overall success of the shows though and I’m sad that ABC has been sued as I would think cooperation between ABC and Prospect Park would have been better. The blame does not just lie with one party in situations like this.

  • D

    Prospect Park has no rights to the actors. The actors contracts ended with OLTL ABC had every right to hire the actors. They gave PP back the characters and PP has no legal right to the actors. The timing of this says it all. HMmmm how do we get publicity for the online revival of our shows. I know lets file a lawsuit against ABC 10 days before we launch them. What is stupid is Prospect only has a license to these shows for what one year or two years. Doing this pretty much will mean after that time ABC will take the license back and your shows will be gone. Everyone will blame ABC at that point but the only ones to blame will be the pathetic crybabies at Prospect Park

    • TheRalph

      “According to the lawsuit, after taking over AMC and OLTL in 2011, Prospect Park, in “a gesture of good will”, allowed ABC “to borrow seven OLTL characters to appear on a limited basis” on the network’s soap General Hospital for the actors playing them can have employment. The suit says that, despite having the characters on a temporary basis, ABC signed the actors playing them in long-term deals, making their return to OLTL difficult and “effectively removing any incentive for them to do so.” (Howarth recently made a short-term deal with Prospect Park to do a stint on OLTL before returning toGH.) Prospect Park claims that in the arrangement with ABC, they retained “approval rights over ABC’s use of the OLTL characters. But “for over a year, ABC outright failed and refused to consult with Prospect on any storylines involving these characters, rendering Prospect’s approval rights meaningless.”

    • TheRalph

      The license is for way longer than two years btw, more like 10.

    • Jason

      this lawsuit has nothing to do with the actors but with the characters, how ABC has acted in bad faith and contract breaks.

    • Jolie

      Try 10 years idiot!!!

    • WR54

      First of all, no just decides to go up against powerful corporation with more inflience and immensely more resources than you have. it sounds like this has been building for a long time. I’m sure that they wanted to keep the characters out there being seen and let this go for a while. Reading the lawsuit it looks like the breaches just got worse as time went on. So lets discuss the timing. There are two things that just happened that may have finally caused them to pull the trigger on the lawsuit. First, ABC announced that the actors would begin to appear on GH as their new characters on May 10, meaning RH would be appearing on 2 shows as different characters at the same time. It may seem like no big deal but in the industry it is Huge no no. I remember years ago an actors scenes on their new show overlapped their final appearances on their new show and a huge deal was made of it. It’s like a breach of protocol and is not done. Second, ABC threatened to pull PP’s ads that they had already paid for. Possibly the straw that broke the camel’s back?
      Regarding the actors choices. I don’t think what they want is all that clear. KA had not signed with PP, she’s young and she wanted to move on and try new things. Her right and not a problem. ME had signed with PP and ABC offering him a long term contract was acting in bad faith. He however appears to want to stay in CA. He went to the expense of moving his family and it would be a problem to move back east. RH is as enigmatic as ever. What he wants is not clear. The only clues we have are that he never moved his family and he is the only one that went back to OLTL for a short term appearance. With that said, the truth is that what the actors want doesn’t matter. GH has them under contract and unless they release them from their contract they are on GH period.

  • Taelyn

    I dont understand if they can sue ABC.. First, Did the **Actors** have a CONTRACT with Prospect, over and above PP? And is it Valid after PP announced they were NOT moving forward with the shows, And left those actors Jobless !!! Then GH offered them work..And Now after the fact, and MONTHS Later they decide to move forward,Can they truly Sue ABC (Who I think controls the actors legal obligations, if not the characters) Actors are not slaves.. IF PP does not own them, Then ABC can put them to work… Too Bad if PP wants the characters, Actors at some point have choices to stay .. or go.. anyway, So why would they even want actors that may give a less than great performance, and CLEARLY wish to go to GH.. Frankly I think Prospect is wasting money on an uphill BATTLE…. IMO

    • cindercity12

      Did you read the suit? It’s not about the actors, it’s about everything else.

      They’re suing because they’re claiming ABC damaged the success of their show and blatantly broke their agreements. Their original agreement with ABC was for GH to use 7 characters (Todd, Starr, Blair, John, Tea, Cole and Starr), which PP signed as a show of good faith to ABC and for the actors to continue working until they were ready to resume OLTL. The agreement was for the actors to only appear as supporting characters and for a limited run. The agreement also stated that ABC would consult with PP on any storylines involving those characters and couldn’t make changes to those characters and elements involving those characters and OLTL. That was so there would be consistency between the storylines GH was doing and the potential stories PP would be doing. It would ensure a smooth transition when those characters returned.

      But, no sooner were the agreements signed and they got the characters, ABC completely disregarded them. They didn’t give PP and input on the characters and storylines and almost immediately killed off Cole and Hope. PP has no intentions of killing those characters.

      They charge that ABC repeatedly altered the history of some of those characters without permission. They referenced and altered the storylines of characters they didn’t even have the rights to use like Victor Jr, Natalie and Tomas. ABC didn’t have the rights to Tomas, but they still completely negated his character by claiming he was really Lorenzo Alcazar.

      They also charge that even though ABC explicitly assured them Todd’s role on GH would be limited, they turned around and made him a central character and relocated his newspaper to PC. They say this impacted Todd’s transition back to OLTL and made it impossible for PP to reclaim him without alienating fans.

      They charge that even though those actors were only supposed to play those roles on GH for a limited time, ABC ignored that and offered them longterm contracts. The agreement was for ABC to offer them short term employment and when they’re storylines were finished, the actors and characters would return to OLTL. Instead, ABC went back on that and offered them contracts, which gave them incentive not to return to OLTL.

      Further charges state that ABC damaged OLTL characters (including ones they had no rights to), by creating absurd storylines, having characters do things they would never do and destroying critical relationships that were popular with fans. These charges relate to things like GH breaking up Todd and Blair and John and Natalie, who are 2 of OLTL’s most popular couples, which came about due to the characters not acting or behaving as they normally would.

      There are other charges, but too many to go into. The main thing is they say ABC is deliberately being underhanded and trying to sabotage the launch of OLT and it’s success. What should have been a smooth transition of those characters back into the show has turned into something difficult. They now have to repair a lot of damaged relationships, explain some of the events that happened in PC and some of the character’s out of the ordinary behavior, amongst other things.

      • TheRalph

        If they’re right about having “approval rights” over the characters, and ABC flagrantly ignored those rights, then Prospect Park is about to get paid.

      • The only comeback ABC could make is that it took longer than expected for pp to get the show off the ground than originally intended so they offered to keep the characters on longer not knowing of the future but who knows.

    • Jolie

      ABC left those Actors JOBLESS when they cancelled the shows….

  • D

    Just got doing reading the lawsuit which is posted over at deadline and I believe also Hollywood reporter. The issue I have is PP mentons things like killing Cole and Hope. They do realize that happened in February 2012. That is14 months ago. If you had an issue and ABC breached the contract why didn’t you file an injuction to stop the use of the OLTL characters then? Then they claim they are upset about how the characters were used or the characters were used in main roles(really only Alderson as Starr and Howarth as Todd) but again there was plenty of time to file suit. Then they claim about GH sayng Tomas was Alcazar. They never said that. They did a little story arc where it was suspected but never confirmed or denied. Again the timing of the law suit just makes it seem like Prospect Park wants attention just as the shows launch. this really only hurts the soap fans as the media will laugh at this whole thing. In the end it will either be thrown out of court or settled out of court. Of course if PP does not succeed here is what they will use as their excuse

    • TheRalph

      Maybe they did make their concerns known? You probably know this, since you work for ABC Daytime. So, please, go to the filing cabinet and pull out the relevant documents…It’s likely that they still wanted to work things out with ABC, since it would be better for the actors and the fans in the long run. When they saw the lengths ABC was willing to go to sabotage their new properties, then a lawsuit started to look like a clearer option.