Vincent Irizarry Looks Forward To New ‘AMC’ Material

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Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

EXCLUSIVE: There seems to be more drama going on behind the scenes over at “All My Children” than there is onscreen these days. But as Vincent Irizarry (David Hayward) tells Soap Opera Network, that will no longer be the case once the material by the sudser’s new headwriters, Lisa Connor and Chip Hayes, takes center stage.

“I know both of them, and they’re both fantastic,” the actor raves of the co-writers. “They’re very talented at what they do. And that’s the one thing that you can always be confident in, that no matter what, this medium does produce some amazing, talented people on all sides, in front and behind the camera. So I’m perfectly confident in that. I think that [executive producer] Ginger Smith and [show creator] Agnes Nixon and [producers] Jeff Kwatinetz and Rich Frank all have the best interest of the show at heart, so whatever they do, I’m behind it.”

As for what Irizarry hopes the writers pen for Hayward, he’s onboard as long as there’s conflict. “I want to make sure that he always has conflict, because that’s what David does best,” he notes, adding that he’d also love to have Marj Dusay back as David’s psychotic mother, Vanessa. “I’d love to have a few episodes where he’s talking to his mother and having to deal with all of their crap from the past. She’s always there, always present in his mind and in his heart, because really, that relationship was formative and made him the person that he is. So that would be great. And I’d love to work with Marj Dusay again. [Vanessa’s] just that psycho that never stopped giving!”