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Earlier today Paos Revolution (aka: Soap Revolution flipped) announced that actor is scheduled to make a return visit to Pine Valley as Dr. Joe Martin. It was previously stated by (Tad Martin), in a recent interview with , that MacDonnell would likely be appearing on the reboot of the soap. “I think the Martins are going to be well-represented with Cady and I hear Ray. I’m sorry if Ricky [Paull Goldin, ex-Jake] won’t be. I’m blessed, personally, that the Martins are going to be represented,” said Knight.

MacDonnell appearing on “AMC” adds to a number of familiar faces expected to make visit at some point down the road including David Canary (Adam/Stuart Chandler), who was already spotted on set recently, and (Erica Kane). No word yet on whether (pictured with MacDonnell) will reprise her role on “AMC” as Ruth Martin. Both MacDonnell and Meriwether returned briefly to the soap before it ended its television run in 2011.

  • Susan Lucci

    i wish u could bring back the all my children , i miss it too .
    i always watch too since it been on until is over.

  • When is Michael E. Night coming back!!!!! We need Tad!