Brandon Barash Back to ‘DAYS’: Is He Stefan or Someone New?

Days of our Lives, Brandon Barash
Michael Mattes/Shutterstock

Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus) will soon be in for the shock of her life when she sees Stefan O. DiMera (Brandon Barash) alive and well. Or is he?

In a video posted yesterday, April 15 on the DOOL App, Barash played the guitar and sang an original song dedicated to his since deceased character while also revealing that he would be returning to the series next week, beginning Thursday, April 23.

“You asked for it, you got it. I’m coming back to ‘Days of our Lives.’ April 23. Be there. We got nowhere else to be. We got nothing else to do. Unless you’re home-schooling a child, then you got a lot to do. But be there, April 23, I’m back. Will I be Stefan? Will I be somebody else? Will I be somebody else pretending to be Stefan pretending to somebody else pretending to be Stefan? Who knows? Tune in to find out.”

Barash’s return was somewhat spoiled last month, however, when the show’s full spring promo was posted online. In it, Gabi is shown visiting Stefan’s grave mourning the loss of her beloved husband. Later, she spots his reflection in a window while strolling through Horton Town Square.

You can watch the full “DAYS” spring promo below.