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Horror Film Star Tony Todd Headed To ‘Y&R’

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If you’re a fan of scary movies, then you’ll no doubt recognize , who’s appeared in horror film classics like “,” “,” and the 1990 remake of “.” But the actor has recently decided to step out of the darkness and into daytime, beginning a role on “!”

In an interview with Horror Society, the actor reveals that he’s already started filming a 20-episode arc as “a prisoner who’s falsely accused of murdering his wife.” Hhhmmm… That sounds a lot like Gus Rogan, the father of Leslie Michaelson () and Tyler Michaelson (), as well as the man Avery Clark (Jessica Collins) is hoping to free from prison.

Though a show spokesperson could not be reached for comment, Senior Vice President of CBS Daytime, , tweeted that Todd is, in fact, headed to the show. Word on the street is his first appearance will be in mid-March.

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