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Y&R Recap: Thursday, July 7, 2011

Y&R Recap: Thursday, July 7, 2011

Y&R Recap: Thursday, July 7, 2011

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Thursday, July 7, 2011.


Genevieve took the opportunity to harass Colin, who was dining at Gloworm. Colin asked why she wanted to stay in Genoa City and she said that she had family there, and hoped to become close again with Cane. Colin laughed and said she was merely there to continue bothering him. Meanwhile, at Fenmore's Cane shows up to see Jill. Jill unleashes her anger at him for the lies he told and the danger he put everyone in. When Cane tried to place the blame on Colin's shoulders, Jill corrected him and said that he was more of a threat than Colin ever was. She demanded he leave Genoa City and never return.

Katherine and Ashley ran into one another at Crimson Lights. Katherine took a seat across from her and wanted to patch things up between the two of them. Ashley, was, however, a bit skeptical. Katherine said that she was merely trying to do her best to protect her son but Ashley said she went overboard in her efforts. Shortly after, Nick arrived with Faith and Ashley lit up. The two talked and Ashley offered to spend more time with the young girl. When Nick mentioned how Faith didn't have a mother figure in her life, Ashley suggested that she help him out by having an ocassional girl time with her. Nich agreed and accepted her offer.

After a jog with one another in the park, Daniel and Lily chatted about Maddie and Charlie. She mentioned that she was spending a lot more time with them since she was away from them. Daniel made mention that it was time for Lily to move on with her life, leaving Cane behind, and wondered if she was ready to file for divorce. Lily said that she wasn't ready to think on it at the moment. While Daniel was understanding of her feelings, he did let her know that it was time for Cane to be history. While together, the two of them started to think on their marriage with one another. Both were glad that despite their obstacles, they were still close friends.

Noah headed to see Adam at his suite. He told him he came short of finding any proof to clear Sharon's name in Skye's murder. Adam became appreciative that he wanted to help clear his mother's name. Noah mentioned that he was leaving to go meet Nick and Doris to scatter Sharon's ashes. Adam suddenly became nice to Noah, telling the young man that he knew he had to head out and didn't want to intrude on his family moment. Noah soon met up with Doris and Nick. They shared how Sharon loved being at the coffeehouse. Nick remembered the day he proposed to her there, while Doris recalled Nick once being the owner of the coffee shop. They all got up to head out to scatter the ashes. From a distance, Adam watched them depart.

Katherine came face-to-face with Colin when he walked into Crimson Lights. She demanded that he leave and stay away from Jill. He told Katherine that he wasn't giving up on Jill; he knew there were still feelings she had for him. When she said that his money and influence got him out of trouble, he shot back that perhaps she did the same thing at times when she was in a bind. When Jill showed up, she told Katherine to leave so that she could talk to Colin alone. There, he pored it on thick of how he never stopped loving her and how he would eventually win her back. After a bit, a frustrated and confused Jill told Colin to get the hell out of her life. He promised he wasn't giving up on her.

After another round with his mother, Cane headed to Jimmy's bar where he askedo n a job. After telling the bartender he had experience, he was put to work. While he was in the back room, he missed seeing Lily and Daniel walking in to have a drink. The two exchanged flirty banter with one another. Daniel suddenly wondered if he was falling back in love with Lily and he tested those feelings out when he pulled her into a kiss. Lily and Daniel were still kissing one another when Cane walked out of the back room.

At the bridge, Nick, Noah and Doris scattered Sharon's ashes. They each shared their love and stories about Sharon. From a great distance, Adam watched and listened to Nick's words of his love for Sharon, watching as he scattered the ashes. He soon was overcome by tears. Meawhile back in New Mexico, Sam told Sharon about a dance that would be going on that night; unfortunately Sharon again declined going out with him. After a little prodding on Piper's part, Sharon relented and walked her to the dance. Sam was pleasantly surprised to see her in the dress he bought for her.

Katherine once again ran into Ashley, this time at Fenmore's. She marveled in how good Jack was doing back in the CEO position of Jabot. After Ashley had left, Genevieve arrived and tried to introduce herself to a displeased Katherine. When Genevieve offered to show Katherine her estate, she turned her nose up at her and told her she had no interest what-so-ever in getting to know her. Katherine was convinced that she was nothing more than a troublemaker just like her husband, Colin.

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