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DAYTIME EMMYS: The 41st Creative Arts Nominees

DAYTIME EMMYS: The 41st Creative Arts Nominees

National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

While acting, drama, writing, and directing are some of the more popularized categorizes, and will be part of “The 41st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards” whether or not it’s televised or streamed online on Sunday, June 22, those individuals behind the scenes are just as important to the success of a daytime drama as those that appear onscreen. With that in mind, Soap Opera Network breaks down the nominees in the creative arts categories, which will be awarded on Friday, June 20.

Without further adieu, see below for all the categories and their respective nominees:

Outstanding Achievement in Casting for a Drama Series

Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction/Set Decoration/Scenic Design for a Drama Series

  • AMC – Production Designer: Tim Goodmanson; Art Director: Martin Fahrer; Set Decorators: Sarah Fredericks, Lisa Nilsson
  • B&B – Production Designer: Jack Forrestel; Art Director: Fabrice Kenwood; Set Decorators: Charlotte Garnell Schiede, Elsa Zamparelli
  • GH – Production Designer: Chip Dox; Set Decorators: Jennifer Elliott, Andrew Evashchen
  • OLTL – Production Designer: Tim Goodmanson; Art Director: Martin Fahrer; Set Decorators: Sarah Fredericks, Lisa Nilsson

Outstanding Achievement in Lighting Direction for a Drama Series

  • B&B – Lighting Designers: Phil Callan, Patrick Cunniff
  • GH – Lighting Directors:  Robert Bessior, Vincent Steib
  • Y&R – Lighting Directors: William Roberts, Ray Thompson

Outstanding Technical Team for a Drama Series

  • B&B – Technical Director: Jim Dray; Camera Operators: Dean Lamont, Tom Luth, Ted Morales, Gordon Sweeney; Video Controls: Roberto Bosio, Scha Jani
  • DAYS – Technical Directors: Chuck Abate, Mike Caruso, Jay C McNeil; Electronic Cameras: John Boyd, Barbara Langdon, John D Sizemore, Mark Warshaw; Camera Operator: Steve Clark; Senior Video Control: Alexis Dellar Hanson; Video Control: Nichelle S Montgomery
  • GH – Technical Directors: Kevin Carr, Averill Perry; Electronic Cameras: Craig Camou, Dale Carlson, Dean Cosanella, DJ Diomedes, Victoria Walker; Senior Video Control: Antonio Simone
  • Y&R – Technical Director: Tracy Lawrence; Camera Operators: John Bromberek, Luis Godinez Jr., Kai Kim; Video Controls: Robert Bosio, Scha Jani

Outstanding Achievement in Multiple Camera Editing for a Drama Series

  • B&B – Editors: Brian Bagwell, Marc Beruti, Zoe Basler Edgerton, Anthony Pascarelli, Jonathan Smilowitz
  • DAYS – Supervising Editor: Lugh Powers; Editors: Michael Fiamingo, Tina Keller, Joseph Lumer, Jenee Muyeau
  • GH – Editors: Christine Cooper, Christine Cooper, Peter Fillmore, David Gonzalez, Christine Magarian Ucar, Denise Van Cleave
  • OLTL – Editor: Teresa Cicala
  • Y&R – Editors: Mike Boord, Daniel Cahn, Rafael Gertel, Andrew Hachem

Outstanding Achievement in Live and Direct to Tape Sound Mixing for a Drama Series

  • AMC – Production Mixers: Frank DiMaulo, Ed Dolan; Pre‐Production Mixer: Bob Saccetti; Post‐Production Mixer: Brian Lydell; Re‐Recording Mixer: Michael Allen; Boom Operators: Andrew Capuano, Locke Wallace
  • B&B – Production Mixer: Aaron Lepley; Re‐Recording Mixer: Brian Connell, Danny Lecuna; Sound Effects Mixer: Jerry Martz; Boom Operators: Ricky Alvarez, Brian Cunneen, Dave Golba, Stan Sweeney
  • OLTL – Production Mixers: Frank DiMaulo, Ed Dolan; Pre‐Production Mixer: Bob Saccetti; Post‐Production Mixer: James Kowal; Re‐Recording Mixer: Michael Allen; Boom Operators: Andrew Capuano, Locke Wallace
  • Y&R – Production Mixer: Tommy Persson; Post‐Production Mixer: Dean Johnson; Boom Operators: Mark Beckley, Mark Mooney, Denise Palm Stones

Outstanding Achievement in Music Direction and Composition
for a Drama Series

  • AMC – Music Director: Brian Lydell; Composers: George Whitty, Ed Dzubak, Dominic Messinger, Jamie Lawrence, Gary Kuo, Chris Child, Patricio Morales
  • B&B – Music Supervisor: Lothar Struff; Composers: Jack Allocco, Bradley P. Bell, David Kurtz
  • DAYS – Music Supervisors: Paul Antonelli, Stephen Reinhardt; Composers: Kenneth R. Corday, D. Brent Nelson
  • Y&R – Music Supervisors: Paul Antonelli, Ron Cates; Composers: Ron Cates, Sharon Farber, Rick Krizman, Dominic Messenger

Outstanding Original Song – Drama

  • AMC – “Parachute,” Composer & Lyricist: Denyse Tontz
  • DAYS – “A Love That Never Ends,” Composers: D. Brent Nelson, Kenneth R. Corday; Lyricist: John David Webb
  • Y&R – “Make Me Remember,” Composer & Lyricists: Kati Mac, Rick Krizman
  • Y&R – “While We Can,” Composer & Lyricists: Kati Mac, Joie Scott

Outstanding Achievement in Costume Design for a Drama Series

  • B&B – Costume Designer: Glenda Maddox
  • DAYS – Costume Designer: Jayne Marie Kehoe
  • GH – Costume Designer: Shawn Reeves
  • Y&R – Costume Designer: Mary Iannelli

Outstanding Achievement in Hairstyling for a Drama Series

  • B&B – Key Hairstylist: Michele Arvizo; Hairstylists: Adriana Lucio, Romaine Markus‐Meyers, Audrey Soto
  • DAYS  – Hairstylists: Rachel Bonner‐Mason, Armando Licon, Maria Elena Pantoja,Leigh Ann Pitchon, Margie Puga
  • OLTL – Head Hairstylist: Wayne Bilotti
  • Y&R – Hairstylists: Shannon Bradberry, George Guzman, Adriana Lucio, Romaine Markus, Regina Rodriguez

Outstanding Achievement in Makeup for a Drama Series

  • B&B – Key Makeup Artist: Christine Lai‐Johnson; Makeup Artists: Jackie Brubaker, Allison Carey, Melissa Sandora
  • DAYS – Head Makeup Artist: Gail J Hopkins; Makeup Artists: Deidre Decker, Glen Alen Gutierrez, Joleen Rizzo, Nina Wells‐Orme
  • GH – Head Makeup Artist: Donna Messina Armogida; Makeup Artists: Angela Ackley, Caitlin Davison, Melinda Osgood, Tamara Papirian, Bobbi Roberts
  • Y&R – Makeup Artists: Leilani Baker, Robert Bolger, Patti Denney, Laura Schaffer Holmes, Kathy Jones, Marlene Mason

Outstanding Special Class Special

  • A World of Dreams: Voices From the OUT100 – Executive Producers: Paul Colichman, Stephen P. Jarchow; Co‐Executive Producer: Josh Rosenzweig
  • Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade – Executive Producers: Sharon Everitt, Ryan Polito; Hosts: Neil Patrick Harris, Nick Cannon; Co‐Host: Lara Spencer
  • mun2 News Special: Hecho en America – Executive Producer: Gloria Medel Solomons; Producer: Ilana Sod; Co‐Producer: Manuel Alvarez
  • The Young and the Restless: Jeanne Cooper Tribute – Executive Producer: Jill Farren Phelps; Supervising Producers: John Fisher, Tony Morina; Producer: Mary O’Leary

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