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Former ‘Days of our Lives’ Actor Sets the Record Straight After Facebook Impersonator Makes False Return Claims

Former ‘Days of our Lives’ Actor Sets the Record Straight After Facebook Impersonator Makes False Return Claims

This weekend wasn’t fun or relaxing for actor Peter Reckell who was the center of a Facebook scam in which an impersonator raised the hopes of fans with word that he’d soon be returning to “Days of our Lives” as Bo Brady in the near future. Fortunately, Reckell himself set the record straight after Facebook and Twitter were lit ablaze with Bope fans looking forward to what’s next for the character who last appeared on the soap in 2016 as a ghost of sorts, nearly one year after the character died in the arms of his fancy face, Hope Brady (Kristian Alfonso), after revealing he had an irreversible brain tumor.

“So how many that can’t wait ‘til I’m back on Days?” read a message on the fake Facebook account claiming to be Reckell’s. “Not final but I have been asked to do a surprise drop in for Ciara; on her behalf for one week. Nothing for certain, but I’m thinking about it…,” the message continued. 

With the post gaining recognition across social media almost immediately, the outpouring of support was massive. In response, the impersonator thanked fans for their support, saying (as Reckell), “[Ahhh], thank you. I am seriously thinking maybe it wouldn’t hurt, but my wife’s career keeps us so busy. It’s hard to fit anything in.” The poster added, “Nothing is [definite] yet. Just up in the air right now. I got to run… Thanks for the love and support.”

Reckell not only confirmed the news was untrue but also iterated that he does not have a Facebook account. “It would be nice if people would stop saying I’m going back to DOOL without checking with me. Yes, I miss Bo, but not enough to change how fulfilling my life is right now,” he said, adding, “I do NOT have a Facebook account. I hope none of you have been taken in by this imposter. Stay healthy and happy.”

Fans and followers have since submitted multiple complaints to Facebook about the imposter, asking the social media giant to delete the account. As of this writing, the company has responded to several fans with word that they do not plan on taking down the account because “our technology reviewed your report against our Community Standards. Ultimately, we decided not to take the profile down.” Facebook cited that it only removes profiles that “pose a danger to other people or are harmful to the community.” It asks people to submit specific examples (i.e. a photo) showing the profile violating its terms of service and that people should “report the content itself.” Essentially, Facebook will not be taking the account offline. The fake account continues posing as Reckell even after the ruse was uncovered.

At this point, Reckell’s fans and followers can just take the advice of the actor’s wife, Kelly Moneymaker, who said, “Please spread the word that @peterreckell doesn’t have a FB page. We don’t live in Hamilton & it’s not my career that keeps him from returning to @daysofourlives.  Sheesh. We are both so tired of imposters & ppl who spread misinformation. Love to all.”

As a result of all the drama, Reckell commented that he appreciated the efforts and the support by others, and that “I may have to get a page because of this.”

While we’d love to see Bo back in Salem in the form of Reckell, sadly the character’s emotional death scene below brought a fitting end to such an iconic character.

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