The 2013-2014 television season ending CBS Fan Awards are currently underway and CBS’ “The Young and the Restless” is nominated in the category of Best Chemistry for Sharon and Nicholas Newman (Sharon Case and Joshua Morrow). The two are competing against Deeks and Kensi of “NCIS: Los Angeles,” the cast of “Criminal Minds” (which includes former “Y&R” star Shemar Moore; ex-Malcolm Winters), Sheldon and Amy of “The Big Bang Theory,” and Ted and The Mother of “How I Met Your Mother.” “Big Bang Theory’s” Sheldon and Amy are currently in the lead, so if you want to see Sharon and Nicholas’ chemistry rewarded, make sure to vote.


Also representing CBS’ daytime dramas is Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor) of “The Bold and the Beautiful” for Most Ab-tastic Moment. He’s competing against Shemar Moore’s “Criminal Minds” character Derek Morgan, Steve McGarrett of “Hawaii Five-0,” Penny of “The Big Bang Theory,” and Walden Schmidt of “Two and a Half Men.” “Big Bang Theory’s” Penny is currently in the lead. To vote in the category, click here.


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  • Guest

    Nick and Phyliss-not Sharon-she is a whackjob! Can’t stand her. This has to be rigged!

  • Bexx

    I love Sharon, but can’t stand Nick. Now that Phyllis has been recast I am hoping her secrets are exposed soon.

  • Miranda Rogers

    What? This has to be fix. I don’t agree with the headline to this article at all. If Nick has any chemistry with other characters its either with Phyllis or Avery. If I had to nominate one couple from The Young and The Restless it would be Adam and Sharon. I think they have the best chemistry on the show.

  • Bobbi75

    My vote would go to Nick & Phyllis. If writers let Sharon off AGAIN, I WILL BE DONE. Of course, blame it on bi-polar. Never liked Sharon.

  • Crystal Landers

    Don’t like Sharon at all. If I were going to vote on best chemistry, it would be for Phyllid and Nick.

  • Carrie Wendel

    Adam and Chelsea had the best chemistry. Adam and Sharon never had any chemistry at all. Chadam all the way.

  • Ms.H

    Where did they get off saying Nick & Sharon.have the best chemistry N,,,,,ot Nick & Phyllis had the best chemistry and Adam& Chelsea.Sharon did alright with Nick when they were younger also Adam&Sharon did good together but Sharon&Nick can’t recapture what they once had so boooooooooo

  • JaneFondaIsATraitor

    Deeks and Kensi have the best chemistry