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Susan Flannery To Ian Buchanan: Yes To ‘Old Dogs!’

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Mitchell Haaseth/NBC
Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

The web comedy “” is in the midst of its second season, and guess what? Not only is “’s” (Duke Lavery) popping up on the series as Christoph, a Hollywood photographer who becomes a romantic alternative for one of the show’s leads, but it was “’s” (Stephanie Forrester) who convinced him to join the show!

“Susan is directing a web series [“”] herself, and she convinced me they are the next generation of entertainment,” Buchanan says of the reason he joined the series, which follows the misadventures of four middle-aged gay best friends in West Hollywood. “I was looking to do something different, and… I loved the premise of the show. And after season one, I found myself wanting to be involved.”

John Paschal/JPI
John Paschal/JPI

Having made his first appearance in the episode “Big Fat Gay Wedding” on Wednesday, March 6, the actor is slated for three more appearances this season, which also features “’” (ex-Phillip Chancellor) and “As the World Turns’”  (Iris Dumbrowski).

“This is going to be a very exciting year for web series,” Buchanan previews, adding that he’s thrilled to be alongside “” and “One Life To Live” on the Internet. “The return of two iconic soap operas and the great selection of very-well made ‘pioneer’ shows will help define the genre as ‘must-watch’ entertainment.”

To watch full episodes of Buchanan in “Old Dogs,” visit the show’s official YouTube channel.

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