CENTER STAGE: ‘DAYS’ Alison Sweeney and James Scott Discuss Future of EJami, EJ/Abigail Romance, Fights, Murder and More!

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Howard Wise/JPI Studios
Howard Wise/JPI Studios

The New Year is bringing a fresh start to many, but it looks like it’ll be the same ol’ same ol’ dysfunction for “’” Sami () and EJ () — and that’s exactly how their portrayers and their fans seem to want it! Soap Opera Network sat down with the popular pair to get their take on their alter ego’s dysfunctional relationship, what goes into their incredibly passionate and controversial fight scenes, how Abigail () could be a threat to their future, and more!

It seems that the more EJ and Sami fight, the more viewers eat them up. And, like the proverbial chicken and egg conundrum, it’s not exactly clear how it happened: Would the couple fight no matter what, and it’s just lucky that fans love it? Or do they fight because fans love it? Either way, both Scott and Sweeney get a lot of enjoyment from playing out their alter ego’s extreme love life.

Howard Wise/JPI Studios
Howard Wise/JPI Studios

“I’ve always played a character that I know the audience [gets upset with] and quite often, I expect them to be throwing stuff at their TV set at me,” Sweeney says with a laugh. “So when faced with a storyline that I think is definitely going to get people all riled up, it’s fun. And I think that what’s fun about the EJami fans, is they’re a little bit twisted — and so are Sami and EJ, they’re also a little twisted. So I think you just always kind of know that as tough as times might get, the fans will like that, too. They like the fighting. I mean, for example, that fight scene [in which EJ and Sami broke up in December] was really dark, and the fans really seemed to respond well to it, and that’s good news for us.”

Short of, Scott says, the lack of time to rehearse and work on the intense scenes as much as they’d prefer. “I think if we had a little bit more time to play with things and rehearse things, we’d have a lot more fun,” Scott says. But though the time crunch is difficult, it helps keep them from breaking character during the intense scenes. “There’s this sort of pressure in the background [to get it perfect in one take]; we don’t really have the latitude, so if you notice yourself stepping out of or coming out of character, you have to pull it back quite quickly.”

Despite the lack of rehearsal time, Scott and Sweeney manage to make their characters’ fights look extremely real, almost as if they aren’t even scripted. And Sweeney says nothing beats when people notice that. “Someone in the makeup room said they feel like they are really watching a couple fight, that it’s uncomfortable to watch because it’s so real,” she notes. “That’s the best compliment to get!”

Surprisingly, as fast as the actors have to amp up EJ and Sami’s screaming, passion and insanity, they have to let it all go as quickly as it came. “If we have a big fight, we usually have a big hug at the end of the scenes, and I think it’s gone,” Scott explains.

Adds Sweeney: “There’s all this buildup and tension to it, and then when you get through the scene, there’s something really cathartic about it, just releasing all of that. So yeah, we hug it out afterwards and then the crew is like, laughing and applauding us or just being funny about it and trying to make light of it as we move on to the next scene — because then you have to move on to the next scene, or there’s something else you have to do, maybe change your clothes and do another scene from another episode. So there’s really not a lot of time to sit in those dark moments.”

Howard Wise/JPI Studios

Speaking of not-so-light moments, EJami fans sure aren’t going to be too thrilled about the latest curveball the writers are throwing the couple’s way: The blossoming attraction between EJ and his little brother’s ex-girlfriend, Abigail (Mansi)! But should fans really worry that there’s something there? Scott isn’t quite sure, but as viewers know, Abigail hasn’t been shy about going after older men (i.e. Austin, ) before! “They have an interesting relationship,” Scott muses about the pair. “There’s something very sweet about her. She’s quite innocent. Naïve is probably a bit better of a word. But I think he’s a little bit charmed by that, in a way. It seems like a kind of unlikely pairing, but I guess you never know…”

Whether or not Abigail proves to be a threat to EJ and Sami’s future, both actors agree that the couple has seen worse — and survived to tell about it! “It’s very hard to imagine… even with the two of them having these problems, him having a relationship with another woman,” Scott guesses. “These guys have been through a lot and they’ve managed to stick with one another through some pretty tough times.”

Howard Wise/JPI Studios
Howard Wise/JPI Studio

And, Sweeney admits, that’s due in part to EJ being willing and able to overlook her weaknesses — as he’s doing in the current Nick (Blake Berris) situation. “Sami is so torn. There’s so much going on for her,” she explains. “Obviously, that’s what she wants more than anything, is to have someone like EJ by her side, that when she gets herself into the trouble that she inevitably gets herself into, he will protect her. But for him to actually say to her, ‘I can’t help you unless you tell me what it is I need to help you with,’ then she gets all indignant, like, ‘I can do it, I don’t need your help!’ She wants to believe she can do it alone, but she can’t, so she’s her own worst enemy sometimes. But it turns out to be, you know, certainly, to EJs strengths and background to facilitate making sure that she [and Kate and Gabi] don’t get caught for what they did to Nick.

“And there are some great EJ lines,” she continues. “Like, ‘Look what a mess you’ve made! I have to clean this up now.”

“[He’s thinking] if you’re going to do it, do it properly!” Scott jokes with a grin. “And this is the reason why EJ is so in love with Sami: When she does these things, I feel that he just wants to be the guy who comes in and says, ‘Do this’ and fixes and takes care of it. There’s always a mess to clean up. He’s always got a use.”

As for what the future brings, neither Scott nor Sweeney are worried that their characters have played everything there is to play. “They seem to keep coming up with good stuff,” says Scott of the show’s writers.

“Yeah, they’re pretty creative,” Sweeney adds. “They have really good imaginations, clearly!”

But if the actors could have their say in future EJami storyline? “It would have to be Sami and EJ teaming up against something,” Scott says with a sly smile. “I mean really, from the get-go, be a team — not in a disjointed way. It would be so much fun to see them scheming and planning… something where they’d really have to work as a team to carry out a plot.”

“Yes, a big agenda!” Sweeney says with a laugh. “Something with a lot of planning, and then Sami messes it up. Wouldn’t that be fun?!”

  • Ejabbyfan

    I see they’re trying to calm the crazies by assuring them that ejami isn’t over. Too bad. Ejabby are on FIRE! They’re the future, not this washed up, disgusting rapemance pairing.

    • realitycheck

      you are dreaming..and you are the ‘crazy’. Wake up. Abby is NOTHING and Ej and Sami will be together, c’est la vie as it should be. Moreover the actors want Ej and Sami..your little boring Abby can go ….. herself ! She is no match to them. HA ha.

    • emma

      The ‘future’ in your mind yep..James Scott doesn’t seem exited in the least by a potential Abby/Ej is so funny. lol.

    • truth

      If Ej and Sami are ‘rapemance’ Ej and Abby are ‘manipulatemance and boringance’ eyeroll…

      • scguy

        I like EJ and Abby. The kiss scene today was HOTT!

        • lisa

          IT WAS GROSS. End of story.

        • Ugonna Wosu

          I didn’t see any heat in the kiss. And its not because of bias either. I preferred Sonny and Brenda to Jax and Brenda, but can still admit Jax and Brenda had major chemistry.

      • Daysofoursnore

        Which means they are the same as Ejami it would seem. Look they tried Ejami and it got very boring very fast and now they need to find something else more interesting for the characters. This is the first time EJ has been worth watching since he was with Nicole!

    • MokeleMbembe

      @ Ejabbyfan: Are you always this obnoxious and immature? People are entitled to dis(like) whoever. I appreciate and understand your reasons for no liking EJAMI but there’s absolutely no need to call REAL people – who you’ve never met and never done anything to you – “crazies”. When I see the hatred enormous suffering in this world (such as the mess in Syria, a country I lived in) I’m starting to get really tired of these absurd, petty, and ridiculous “fanbase wars”. It’s just a freakin SOAP OPERA. Also, EJ and Sami are FICTIONAL characters. Maybe you should put some energy into making the world a better place (such as putting some pressure on your politicians to STOP meddling in the Middle East, destroying those countries and using drones killing INNOCENT people in Pakistan and Yemen but I digress). GET SOME FREAKING PERSPECTIVE instead of this nasty name-calling. Grow UP; You’re also very transparent, you claim to be an EJ and Abby “fan” (yeah right) but can’t stop talking about another couple…lol.

    • Ugonna Wosu

      lol. EJabby wouldn’t be on fire even if someone lit the match and threw it on them,

  • alex

    Well said Ali and James !! Abby is a NOBODY compare to she could be a real threat…lmaooooooooooooooooo

  • Paul

    So happy with this interview EJ is going after Abbey because Sami pushed him away and from reading this interview they still together if they talking about future Ejami story so Abby in the end got whipped by Sami we all EJ only loves one woman and is his Samatha.

  • antiejamifan

    umm not everyone is an Ejami fan. I happen to liek Ejabby and my twitter was lit up with talk of them, all of it good. Abby is not nothing, she is better looking and younger then Sami. Let’s not EVER forget that Ej raped Sami and its sick that he got the girl and she’s willingly bedding her rapist. I’d like the show to acknowledge the othe fan bases out there not completely blow us off like the other fans don’t count and don’t matter. EVERY fan counts in this economy and Days is still in last place and that says alot. And here I thought Ejami was ratings gold. More like ratings mold. and don’t send me hate comments please, I’m entitled to my thoughts. anti thoughh they may be.

    • lulu

      And others who disagree with you are entitled to their thoughts too.
      Just because you don’t like Ej and Sami doesn’t mean pushing boring Abby on Ej is ‘good’
      By the way Ej also has a bad history with Abby : he framed her mother, put her in jail, threatened to kill her..he also helped Chad manipulating her and right now he manipulate her again..Ah and he also tortured her beloved uncle Steve. At least Sami gave as good as she got..Abby not really..ha.

      • emily

        What did EJ frame Jen for?

        • lulu

          The mayor campaign : corruption and he called the cops in order to put her in jail and she went in jail ! ha. He also wanted to kill her for a while..

    • Dayz

      Let’s not start with the r word’s been done to death and deemed irrelevant.

    • Always Ejami

      So you want Abby with the rapist? I cant wait for this to play out and Abby is left heartbroken and we all know that’s where this is going eventually, hopefully Abby will not end up pregnant though, enough of that story line, EJ will lose the one thing he wants more than anything and that’s his family with Sami and he will fight to get her back and Days may not be in 1st place but the ratings are up and no it cant be totally attributed to EJAMI but we know it didn’t have anything to do with Abby, And we are all entitled to our opinions that’s what makes this so much fun, (Lol) I am an Ejami fan and in my opinion they are ratings gold and that’s probably the main reason that they felt it necessary to do an interview, to calm a huge fan base down so they don’t lose the momentum that they gained in 2013, also beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder being younger or in your opinion prettier doesn’t equate to being better.

      • Eugennie Buckley

        I agree with you. Being younger or prettier has nothing to do with the story-line and if that is why he is with her, it wont last. Beauty is fleeting. What EJ and Samantha have is lasting.

  • pooh

    EJabby has it in spades…Never did like ejami

    • jules

      i don’t think so..
      Ej and Abby has nothing in spades except a senseless writing plot is worse than Ej and us from that, please Days !

      • Ugonna Wosu


  • LF

    I’ve read plenty of comments from fans – EJami’s included, that say they are bored with the back-and-forth between EJ and Sami. Since neither character is going to mature any time soon, the dynamic is stale and played out. Days needs to realize that lightning in a bottle has struck with EJ and Abby – the chemistry is off the charts and this relationship should be pursued as something with a great deal of potential to bring in new viewers and people who tuned out a long time ago, to tune back in. EJabby combined with the imminent return of John, Hope getting her own storyline finally, the slow-burn romance of Ericole, as well as WilSon? Days is SMOKIN right now & if they want to gain more momentum – especially with the drama that’s going on BTS on other soaps, they need to listen to their fans – not just the loud ones!!

    • Paul

      What chemistry?
      They were boring to Ejami she is just a girl he will love her like Sami and you say new fans will tune in if they paired them together but what the all the Ejami fans that will tune out Days ratings been up last year big time and Ejami played a big part in that.

      • Ugonna Wosu

        there is chemistry to them because they don’t like EJami.

      • Odessa Cee

        The ratings haven’t been up like this in THREE years! Count ’em THREE years!! EJ and Abby are soap gold…Days’ PTB better pay attention!

    • lulu

      the dynamic is not played ou at all. With good writing and the actor’s chemistry EJ and Sami are the best pairing on this soap..hands down !

    • sam

      What are you talking about ? ugh..
      Ej and Sami is the most popular pairing Days has had in years maybe even decades. Like any story with Abby would bring new or old are so funny..thanks for the good laugh LF.

    • Daysofoursnore

      Couldn’t agree more! Tired of the same exact fight/sex scene Ejami plays over and over. That is no relationship! He likes controlling Sami and she wants to do as she pleases and have a lapdog to clean it up for her. Both characters have become completely unwatchable, which is why Days is forever the last place Soap. Maybe Ejabby can provide some welcome interest and romance again!

    • Lori

      I agree. The week Ejabby got together the ratings spiked. I tuned in for the first time in a year because I liked the pairing. They have amazing chemistry and I never liked Ejami. I got bored with them and stopped watching.

  • MK

    Love EJami! Best, sexiest couple in daytime. 🙂

    • MokeleMbembe


  • elsa

    Hey Kambra Clifford why trying to push about ‘same old same old’ dysfunctional and fights ? Ejami are so much more than that, they can fight with passion, that’s right but they also share sweet moments, loving moments, they have each other’s backs least most of the time..
    The ‘tone’ of this article is so biased..ugh.
    I totally agree with James with his idea of a real storyline for Ej and Sami : scheming, working together as a real team..instead we have again an interloper story with this time boring little Abby..zzzzzzzz JS should write the storylines instead of these incompetent writers..that’s for sure.

  • pauline

    So Abby is the new Taylor ? No thanks. Abby go away, you are no match for Ej or even Sami ! And it seems James Scott is not interested by this direction..i understand him : it is boring.

    • Odessa Cee

      Actors say whatever is popular. I read somewhere that he thinks EJ is intrigued with Abby and that they had an established relationship. He says EJ likes her naivete. See? Actors will speak the language of soap anatomy. In the end, they play what they’re given. Besides Abby is becoming formidable in her own right. I mean just because she has killed or maimed anyone doesn’t mean anything. Give her some time…she’ll get there.

  • Dayz

    I know Abby likes older men but she makes EJ look like a pedi-file. >.<

    • Odessa Cee

      Then he and Abby must be the perfect couple then…ESPECIALLY since EJ IS a RAPIST…why not add pedophile to his resume?

      • Dayz

        Soooo let me guess. You want the big bad rapist with Abby?

  • It was not hot to watch at all. It was really gross. Thanks for scaring me Days.

  • And I agree we ejami’s are twisted but we’re more into 50 shades of Days not Breaking Bad. Give us the fire of ejami stop trying to extinguish it cause ya can’t you’ll just be engulfed in flames.

  • Lisa Bowen

    I used to be EJami’s biggest fan. Over the last year and especially lately, I have been ready for him to move on. Sami needs this to happen. It’ll either make or break them, but Sami needs to be shaken up! If I had never seen EJ or Abby before I’d say they make a perfect fit. As far as looks go she is his type. Young, fit, sexy, all that hair! Perfect couple! I’ve always wanted to see him with a young, naive, innocent type to take care of. He needs to be the MAN in the relationship. With Sami, she’s the man. I’m tired of it!

    • sarah

      I disagree, i don’t want Ej to be in an inequal relationship..Ej doesn’t need the helpless naive Taylor or Abby’s type. He needs an equal and Sami is jus his equal..hek even the actors agree. Just read the interview.

      • Eugennie Buckley

        This is not the only interview I’ve read where the actors individually and together have made it clear that they believe the two of them are better together than apart.

    • Ugonna Wosu

      huh? That boring, usually holier than thou drip is a match for EJ? Not anymore than Taylor was.

  • claire

    Finally AS and JS spoke the truth. Like someone like Abby would be a real your dreams Kambra Clifford. A little annoying interloper maybe for a while but that’s it. Ej and Sami at the end of the day have better to do. Although right now this writing plot ploint who comes out of nowhere is destroying Ej’s character. Poor JS, no wonder he is at all for a Abby and Ej’s wonder..

    • claire

      i meant : Poor JS, no wonder he is NOT at all for a Abby and Ej’s wonder

  • charlie

    Ej and Sami are the best ! Abby : puke.

  • Dmitri

    I love love LOVE EJabby! The kiss yesterday was hot and they have chemistry! EJami has done such horrible things to each other and they are so forced and overexposed. There is no chemistry, but loud breathing. Same thing with them everyday: an argument followed by beast sex. This is BORING! And finally the writers are realizing that not all people are fans of EJami. EJabby blew up on Twitter yesterdar with its own hashtag! Several polls show that most people thought the kiss was hot! This interview is only damage control. Sami always judges EJ, tries to change him. He is her lapdog and EJ will never be happy with Sami. Abigail pretty much told him this. And her few nice words made EJ feel more relevant than any moment he has had with Sami. Not to mention that those few words also seduced EJ mre than Sami’s ugly miniskirts. Sorry, but the truth is that Abigail is prettier than Sami. It is not hard to see why he is attracted to her. She may be young, but she is more mature than Sami. I mean what grown woman fights with an 8-year old over a backpack?

    • Dayz

      LOL One that has lost a $30,000 earring and it could implicate her in a murder. I might have gotten rowdy too.

      • Dmitri

        But there are better ways to handle it. Simply tell Hope that Ciara has something of hers instead of playing tug-of-war.

        • Dayz

          I’m thinking Sami didn’t really want to interact with officer Hope. She didn’t want to answer a bunch of questions (which didn’t work after all). Like where did you lose it..yada..yada yada

        • Ugonna Wosu

          lol, none of this has anything to do with maturity. Sami is scared and not thinking straight. Neither are you when you look for any reason to criticize her in order to prop EJ and the little girl.

    • MokeleMbembe

      I don’t think you see the big picture here. The buzz EJ and Abby got wasn’t about them. It is because people are SHOCKED he might sleep with her when he’s with SAMI. Whether you want to admit it or not, his all consuming love for Sami is part of who he is. She’s IT for him, she’s what drives him ever since he first appeared in Salem in 2006. Always has and always will. That’s part of his characterization and I doubt that will ever change. The show has always made that pretty clear as well as JS himself.

      If he was with Nicole no one would beat an eyelash/care. And it isn’t about Abby either – if this storyline involved Hope, Jennifer, Kate, Jordan, etc it would generate just as much buzz. EJ and Sami affect viewers either positively or negatively and for that reason I do think Days is invested in them for the time being. So, no, I don’t believe for a moment the interview is “damage controle”.

      As for Sami trying to change EJ, no she doesn’t. And don’t think Abby won’t do that herself? Really? She’s a good girl and no match for EJ. There’s nothing compelling about them. They’re EJaylor 2.0. And were the original popular with the audience? Nope. So what makes you think EJ and Abby will be a hit? Like I said, the interest in this storyline isn’t about them, it is about EJ and Sami and how this will affect their relationship.

      And regarding chemistry, that is subjective. I think EJ and Sami are still WAY hotter and more interesting.

      That’s all I wanted to say.


      • Ugonna Wosu

        thank you. Her post was based on her hatred of EJami, not on any facts.

      • Dmitri

        If she accepts him, why did she say she does not trust him? And cannot? He does keeo lying to her but when he insisted he told her the truth she didn’t believe him. As for people not liking EJabby, you need to get your facts straight. Twitter and several soap boards show that the users find that they light up their screens with their hotness, that EJami’s fight sex has gotten stale, if they found it interesting in the first place, and that Sami always mistreats him. The only woman so far who truly accept EJ was Nicole. As for Abigail, ,aybe she will still be good now but she is not as innocent as people think. They can go the dark route with her as EJ’s boo thang. And she will probably stop being a goody-goody after she has been the other woman.

        • MokeleMbembe

          Trusting and accepting are two different things. She doesn’t trust him because he keeps lying to her. He was NOT telling her the truth and she knew that.

          As for the rest, well we’ll just have to agree to disagree 😉

          By the way, your agenda is very obvious, another fake EJ/Abby “fan”. . I knew it. Recognised your screen name.

          Not going to argue with you anymore as it’s pointless.

          Now, really, goodbye 🙂

          Take care now.

          • Eugennie Buckley

            Well said.

      • Eugennie Buckley

        I could not have said it better myself. I agree with everything you said. I for one have always been a ej and sami fan. I am now having a really hard time watching this show. For the last two years I have been glued to my tv and huluplus because of these two; now I have to force myself to watch. Any feeling I had for EJ is gone. I find myself now hoping that she will catch them in the act and let them both have it. It saddens me that after all these two have gone through for the last couple years that the writers have decided to ruin their story. My question to the writers is what was the point of him standing beside her in the court case; what was the point of his love letter to her professing his undying love for her; and what is the point of her leaving their children to go off to salvage his company that his psycho sister screwed up. Another thing, so what if she’s locked him out of their bed room. He deserved it. He knew exactly what his psycho sister did to her brother and he’s lying to her face about it.

        I did not take the poll. If I did it would have been for EJ and Sami all the way. The best couple on any soap opera. Yeah they are dysfunctional, but that is the reason we like them.They are real.

      • Odessa Cee

        LOL!!! Wow! It really is amazing the lengths fans go to to defend their choices. I guess EJ and Sami do deserve each other. After all, she raped Austin…EJ raped her…so I guess EJ is what she gets?! *shrugs* Anyway, the numbers were up BOTH times EJ and Abby were together. Days is not taking those numbers lightly either.

        • MokeleMbembe

          Uh and BOTH times it was WEATHER related. People were trapped indoors because it was very, very, very COLD, in case you didn’t notice. If I recall correctly ALL the soaps were up, not just DAYS. GH, Y&R and B&B ALL made new record heights, some even dating from 2007. Also, with the weather a very big advantage the EJ and Abby crap didn’t succeed the EJAMI romp back in November 2011- which did not have the advantage of the weather AND soapnet going off the air (which, was another reason for the high numbers). Plus, sweetheart, a couple does NOT break the show. So, these “arguments” hold absolutely no weight whatsoever. Might want to remember that, next time you come up with this nonsense. Furthermore, one should look at LONG TERM patterns, and not short term ones. As I said, they were because mainly a) weather b) soapnet going off the air and c) SHOCK factor. Whether, DAYS will sustain those numbers longterm with this EJ and Abby nonsense, time will tell. I’m doubting not, because there is simply no potential there. I also don’t understand why you’re answering to comments that are several months old. I’m not interesting in debating with you about this quetion, so goodbye;-)

          • Odessa Cee

            And yet you responded…watch…I bet you’ll respond again…I think you guys are really concerned about EJ and Abby. Never have there been such a response to a couple so fast on Days…not even EJami…Days had to throw a fake history storyline down y’all throats in order to buy THAT couple. EJ and Abby have plenty of time developing as friends. The EJ and Abby relationship has always been on the edge of the canvas. Why do you think they’d always have scenes together in the past for no reason? Talks in the square…talks in the walkway area…talks in the pub…talks everywhere in Salem. EJ has always enjoyed Abby’s company, and he’d always gout of his way to stop and talk to her. I’d say around Thanksgiving, their screen together started increasing. The writers have been testing the waters since Kate had her first scene inside the Dimera mansion, and she was able to hold her own with Joe Moscolo. It’s because there’s always been something there with Kate and James. All it took were minor adjustments. Writers have their bibles written years ahead…James Reilley taught Ken Corday that. If you think about it and review past scenes between the two, you’ll see it. You’ll probably pretend not to see it, but it’s always been there. As far as late responding is concerned…well, I didn’t start watching Days again until I saw the EJ and Abby cabin scene. It got me interested again. I’d say Days made a bold yet calculated risk with them. I’m excited to see what happened next.

    • Ugonna Wosu

      a desperate one trying not to get in prison for murder?

    • Lori

      Love Ejabby! So ready to see Ejami end.

  • CTwildheart

    Love them together and would LOVE to see them truly pair up to fight or scheme against someone/something.

  • Mandy Evans

    hey i am a EJAMI’S fan aways have been, i like him with nicole, and taylor for something new. but i know his heart, and love will aways be for sami so ejami belong to together. they are just a like two pea in a pod they say. they make the perfect pair. and they get good chemistrys, and i know they have done horrible things to each and to other people but they always endup with each other. so keep them together. i think , abby need to be with chad, so bring him back. he is more her type. or give her a new love interests.that is her type. so leave ej along. cant wait to see what happen next. your days of lives fan. badgirl2737.

    • MokeleMbembe

      Agree with everything you said except for EJ’s other love interests (Taylor and Nicole). Didn’t like him with either of those two. He belongs with Sami, his soulmate 😉

  • Denise

    EJ and Sami will likely get back on track again, as on track as they can ever be with their dynamic. But I’m not afraid to say that I am going to enjoy the heck out of EJ and Abby in the meantime…I am very intrigued with their incredible chemistry. I’m blown away by their scenes. James Scott and Kate Mansi played it perfectly and I hope their is A LOT more to come with these two.

    • Denise

      ^ *there

    • Atsvan

      Yes they did a great job I wish they would be rid of Ejami all together. They are just really sickening to watch. It is like it is forced with those two every time they are together. The worst pairing in a very long time for Days

      • Ugonna Wosu

        well, some of us find this EJ and Abby thing forced and don’t see the chemistry. Even when I was no EJami fan years ago, I thought they sizzled. I only recently gave in and joined that fanbase a year ago. EJ/Abby do not have it. How is innocent, young Abby being EJ and better than Sami or even Nicole, who are both much more of a match for him? With Sami being the most like him, but at the same time challenges him? Please. Abby is too fragile and will hate everything he does. Up until November, EJami were happy and in love in 2013, were even doing the partners in crime thing as a united front. They were true partners, but you haters just remember the dysfunction. Too bad.

  • Lucygirl

    Ugh. It wasn’t hot, it was creepy and uncomfortable, and not to mention came out of left field. It felt forced and made no sense.

  • zarasbees

    When did Abi become such a slut?

  • Atsvan


  • Atsvan

    They both need away from one another I don’t care who gave up what. They suck together.

  • GiannaRossi

    Please PLEASE stop saying Abigail is a good girl. She is a liar, a meddler, a self-righteous pain … and in my opinion, looks creepy with EJ as she looks like she could be his daughter. If EJABBY continues, I will stop watching after over 20 years. 🙁

    • Odessa Cee


  • Ugonna Wosu

    Someone a few days ago said that “Sami does what she wants and wants her mess cleaned” or “her ass licked” or something. That’s not what I’ve seen. Saving Rafe’s life/body parts is not “doing what she wants”, nor is helping Will stay out of prison or making sure Gabi doesn’t go to prison for defending herself. She gets in trouble because she’s going out of her way to help people, different from what she did in the 90s. Amazing how she still gets criticized for this. And how can you say she wants her messes cleaned? How many weeks did she spend NOT telling EJ what happened? She didn’t want his help, this very article above reminds us of that, hello. She would rather try to solve the issue alone than to rely on someone who recently broke her trust. Besides, the less people who know the better. Just needed to say that, cause its nonsense to say little girl Abby is so much more mature when she has yet to be tested in any real way in life. And she’s already proven she isn’t a saint by going after a married man two years ago and now sleeping with someone else’s fiance. She and Sami had no beef, in fact, I remember them hugging and speaking warmly to each other at EJami’s engagement party. Now the twit has made sure that’s over for good, and Sami and Jenn may not get along so well anymore.

  • Vicki Harris

    Shut up. You sound so dumb right now with that Days sending out a twisted message crap. Do you know how many twisted message immoral storylines days has done over the 40+ years on the air? People who really give a crap about morality dont use soap operas as a reference. Soap Operas are designed to be immoral….dummy

  • Rock

    The Days of Our Lives team is the best ever! It takes the whole cast to make a great show that is destine to be the number 1 Day Time Drama. Thanks to our super couple Allison and James for their most valued performances that helps put us in the lead. We love all their ups and downs, but what we love most is their love still grows stronger from year to year. They make it look so easy! Do you know how hard it is to deliver this type of sustained connection between two characters? Their strong, acting abilities should be given the recognition it so richly deserves. Thank you so much James and Allison for the EJ and Sami characters that your huge fan base so enjoy from year to year. We are in for the long haul and are waiting for the movie.

  • Brooke

    I agree! I have said for years that I’d LOVE nothing more than to see EJ & Sami work together on something big. They would be great working together instead of against each other all the time.

  • Lori

    Not really! I personally do not see the connection between Ej and Sami. It’s the same story played out for 7 years and it’s just old.