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‘Days of our Lives’ Launches Emoji App: DOOLMOJI

‘Days of our Lives’ Launches Emoji App: DOOLMOJI

Have you ever wanted to express yourself as Chad DiMera, Marlena Evans, Jennifer Horton or even John Black? Well, now you can! NBC’s “Days of our Lives” has released a first of its kind emoji app featuring characters from the heart of Salem USA.

Available for 99 cents on the App Store and Google Play, fans of the soap can download a multitude of emojis featuring their favorite characters, memorable moments, objects and expressions as they send, message and post to their friends and family online and on the go. New emojis will be added frequently.

To download the app, visit doolmojiapp.com to select your preferred platform.

DOOLMOJI’s currently available (as of September 21, 2017)
  • Marlena Evans
  • Andre DiMera
  • Nicole/Sami B*tch Slap
  • Carrie/Sami B*tch Slap
  • Brady Black
  • Brady Pub Clam Chowder
  • Chad DiMera
  • Chloe Lane
  • Bo’s Dagger Tattoo
  • Doug & Julie Williams
  • Hope Williams Brady
  • Hourglass
  • Jennifer Horton
  • JJ Deveraux
  • John Black
  • Kate Roberts
  • Kayla Brady
  • Maggie’s Red Shoes
  • Possessed Marlena Evans
  • Levitating Marlena Evans
  • Marlena’s Wedding Dress
  • Nicole Walker
  • “Oh No You Didn’t” Emoji
  • “OMG!” Emoji
  • Rafe Hernandez
  • Sonny Kiriakis
  • Stefano’s Prism
  • Stefano’s Pawn
  • Tom Horton’s Christmas Ornament
  • Alice Horton’s Christmas Ornament
  • “Uh Uh!” Emoji
  • Victor Kiriakis
  • Nicole Walker
  • WilSon Cake Topper
  • Spill the Tea Emoji
  • Shirtless Paul Narita
  • Sami Brady
  • Steve “Patch” Johnson
  • “Patch’s” Harmonica
  • Maggie Horton
  • Will Horton
  • Horton Town Square Plaque
  • Alice’s Favorite Donuts
  • Broken Heart Emoji

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