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While ‘The Chew’ Celebrated Episode 500, Soap Fans Continue To Mourn Loss of ‘All My Children’

Ida Mae Astute/ABC
Ida Mae Astute/


On Monday, September 26, 2011, ABC premiered a new daytime talk show that brought food back to the table and into our everyday lives. Now in its third season, “” is currently enjoying one of its highest rated on record in both total viewers and key women sales demos. As the talk show celebrated its 500th episode yesterday, fans of the ABC version of “” continued to mourn the loss of their favorite daytime soap opera, which made , and her character Erica Kane, a household name.

Hosted by celebrity chefs , , and , entertaining expert and health and wellness enthusiast , “The Chew’s” celebratory episode featured a food-filled party that included an assortment of games, on-air memories and a cake to help honor the talkers achievement. Meanwhile, “All My Children” fans are trying to find ways to heal from the recent blow by to not move forward with a new season of its version of “All My Children,” which consistently topped the iTunes and Hulu charts during its 40+ episode run. The production company is suing ABC over claims the network was looking to create a “mega soap” with “Chew” lead-out “.” Prospect Park co-founder recently decided to take his own company to court over contract matters directly related to “AMC” and sister soap “.”

  • SoapFansTogether

    How about not just copying and pasting ridiculous ABC spins and propaganda that are aggressively anti-soaps (Hello, SOAP OPERA Network!!!), but checking the facts once in a while?


    “Now in its third season, “The Chew” is currently enjoying one of its highest rated on record in both total viewers and key women sales demos.”

    And yet they are lightyears away from the numbers GH has been drawing over the last year (see last season average women 18-49: GH 1.3 vs. “Chew” 0.7) and from the ratings AMC and OLTL drew year after year after year!

    I continue to NOT watch anything else on ABC daytime than GH and I know a whole lot of people that are doing exactly the same.


      You in your lost little loser world that you live in can believe and spout all that you want, but the statement is the truth. The Chew’s ratings are the highest they have been. Sorry that you are such a loser you can’t deal with that fact.

      One fact that your loser life can’t also deal with and make go away. The Chew is still on ABC and doing well. If you honestly think that ABC is disappointed in the decision that they made then you are even more delusional than most of us thought.

      And by the way have you even looked at the Chews ratings of late. They have been hitting 1.0’s in 18-49 and hitting 3 million total viewers. This is The Chews best season to date and that is what the statement says. You referred to LAST SEASON — the article above does not deal with last season. It doesn’t live in the past — it deals with NOW — where the rest of us live. Leave 2011 loser. It’s 2013.

      • James

        Yea, but how long will this last. Do u think the “Spew” will last 40 or even 50+ years like the soaps? NO WAY!

        • James

          I’ll give the “Spew” another year or two before cancellation.

        • Over4tea

          Right you are. 500 episodes is a small drop in the bucket compared to 10,000+ episodes. Nothing to celebrate. I hope whoever is watching this stupid show will tire of it and the ratings will go way down.

  • ScrewtheChew

    They can all burn in hell

  • Bruce Hillberry

    Never watched the show, never will. 1PM is on ABC is the AMC time slot. I can’t tune into Pine Valley every now and then, so screw that time slot. Both shows were canceled by ABC, because they say nobody watched during those time slots? Then they move GH to the 2 oclock slot WTF?