Michelle Stafford ‘GH’ Bound?

Marina Chavez/SOAPnet

The newest issue of CBS Soaps In Depth, citing multiple sources, is reporting that there may be truth to reported rumors that is leaving Phyllis Summers and “” to head to ABC’s “.” According to one of the mags sources, “It would be a big coup to get Michelle, and ‘GH’ knows it.” This is of course in response to “Y&R” and “GH” swapping cast members. In January, (ex-Jason Morgan, “GH”) joined “Y&R” as Dylan McAvoy, and in April, (ex-Abbie Newman) joined “GH” as Lulu Spencer.

Despite a source close to Stafford stating to the mag that reports of her joining is “not true,” the mag cites another source who says they “wouldn’t doubt” that the actress would be joining “GH” down the road.

A source close to the soap and actress tellsĀ Soap Opera Network, “there is no truth to the rumor that Michelle is going to ‘GH’ … at least not in the immediate future.” They added, “She didn’t leave to jump right to another show.”

  • Melissa

    I don’t think she’d come to GH. I hope not anyway.

  • Bex

    Could GH even afford her?

    • d monroe

      does she cost more than a penny?

  • Beth CP

    Budget concerns aside (which is ironic in itself given FV’s supposed reputation for having cut it to the bone), just how much real story/airtime would she get when you have so many lead/supporting roles vying for attention front and center in a bloated cast? To say nothing of too many said stories going on right now. She’s a good actress but there are too many as it is.

  • Suziq

    I personally can’t wait for her to leave Y&R, however another person playing Phyllis Neuman after all these years would be equally horrible. Send her off to join her son in almost never never land maybe to return one day like Christine.

  • Fox

    The Phyllis character was successfully re-cast previously with the dynamic Sandra Nelson. So it’s not impossible. I’d say give the character a six-month rest and try to hire someone who’s never been on soaps before like redhead Kristen Dalton (the actress, not the Miss USA).

    And for the record, Steve Burton’s Dylan McAvoy character on Y&R is a major snooze. Dylan’s like Sam Gibson 2.0 (Sean Patrick Flanery).

    • janet

      I really disagree, I think the character of Dylan is so genuine, I dread the day he learns the truth about the baby///… he is a major draw to Y&R IMO

  • Debbie

    I think Sarah Brown should replace Michelle Stafford as Phyllis. She played Claudia Zacharra (GH) very well. Please Y&R pick her. If Laura Wright could come in a do such a fantastic job as Carly, then there is hope for replacing Phyllis/Michelle with a great actress like the fantastic Sarah Brown.

    • janet

      I 2nd that, Sara Brown would be awesome!

  • Concerned

    Michelle Stafford left The Young and the Restless because co-star Michael Fairman left the Church of Scientology because of the corruption. The brain-washed must adhere to the cult’s policy of disconnection from any member who dares to wake up and smell the coffee. And she put up with their extremism and making her mess with her very good career like that at 47. Members are forbidden to read negativity about the cult on the internet as it is assumed it all comes from “The Psychs.” Members are pressured to avoid the truth. Please wake up Michelle!

    • janet

      are you kidding because I would think it would be next to impossible to work anywhere under those circumstances



  • staceysimi

    I will miss her .She was awesome. We need the character though. So I hope a good recast is coming.

  • LG

    I don’t think they should replace Phyllis .No one else could play it like Michelle

  • Dewey00

    I just cannot get used to the new Lulu. Don’t care for Emme Rylan in the role.