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Daniel Covin Is ‘All My Children’s’ Hunter of Pine Valley High!


Actor has been cast in the recurring role of Hunter on ’s “.” News of Covin’s signing came about after the actor tweeted, “Hyped to let you know I just booked the role of Hunter on the all new #AllMyChildren!” The actor added, “I start filming on Thursday!”

In a recent audition script, Hunter is described by “Charlotte” (now known as Miranda Montgomery) as being the Romeo of Pine Valley High School when it comes to the ladies. “You know, most girls would’ve jumped at the chance to be with me no matter who else was there.” Miranda’s response was, “I’m not most girls.”

Look for Hunter to interact with Miranda () and AJ Chandler () as part of the Pine Valley High School teen scene when “AMC” debuts this spring exclusively on Hulu.

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  • mike

    another newbie…and no Erica, Jack, Tad, Kendall, Greenlee, Ryan, Krystal, you know the characters that drove story years? How will they explain a Dixie without Tad? A Zach without a Kendall? Will Erica be in LA with Jack? Will Ryan and Greenlee be living out of town somewhere blissfully happy?

  • mike

    when half of the cast is aged former child characters and new characters altogether it will be tough to invest and most of those scenes will be fast forwarded to Angie, David, Brooke, Dixie, etc.

  • James

    Based on what the actors have been saying the writers have it together. I think they will come up with clever ways to have Kendal, Ryan etc out of the mix but with the ability for them to return later. I think after it gets off the ground and the actors see that this is the real deal they will come back if even for guest stints The way they are taping the reboots its much easier for someone to come back even if it is for a guest arc. I kind of like all of the teenagers that have been cast because they need to be able to integrate new story lines into the AMC we all love. A lot of our favorite characters started out as teenagers.

  • Johnny

    Well, it’s not going to be the ALL MY CHILDREN us long time viewers remember and I agree with others that I will be fast-forwarding through the teeny bopper moments to watch the more seasoned actors do their thing.

  • mike

    No more please! This is more teens than we have on the other shows!

    • cindercity12

      Damn, how old are you guys? 60? What’s your issue with young characters? Do you really have that much disdain for them?

      I’ve watched soaps since the late 80s and some of the best characters have been teens. Some of the best storylines have revolved around them. Especially on this show.

      It doesn’t hurt to have a number of young characters on canvas. Hell, I remember watching Days of Our Lives in 2001 and they had 13 teen characters at one time. 13! And it worked.

      The kids have to balance out the adults. You can’t just have older people. The longer you’ve been on the show, the greater chance your storyline potential will be exhausted. There’s only so many new stories you can do with characters who’ve been around for decades like Angie, David, Brooke, Dixie, ect. because they’ve done everything. You need the younger characters because it allows you to cover some of the same ground you covered years ago, but with a new generation.

      Same thing goes for new characters, in general. The same characters can have the same interactions with each other for only so long before it gets stale. New characters allows new interactions and new story potential.

  • christopher nyc

    When the show started Erica was in high school. The new generations are part of the show.

  • Patrick

    @mike, Kendall lived her life for quite some time without Zack, Tad also lived on without Dixie, the point is this show has never been dependent on a single character or couple, they are not trying to recreate the same old AMC they are trying to do something that will appeal to both new and old viewers. Lets remember while it was on ABC those old “solid” viewers weren’t supporting the show enough it ended up being cancelled so realistically I can’t see any reason why Prospect Park would want to recreate the exact same show as what failed before, that wouldn’t make sense at all