Alderson Tells the Story of a Llanview Thanksgiving on ‘One Life to Live’

Donna Svennevik/ABC

( — “” tells its Thanksgiving story this year from a unique point-of-view. On Wednesday, November 23, the still comatose Matthew Buchanan () narrates the tale of how the residents of Llanview are celebrating Thanksgiving 2011.

As we first reported in October, after a number of weeks of the absence of his character from the canvas, Alderson recently returned to “One Life” studios to tape more scenes to air this month. When Matthew “returns” to the screen, his condition appears unchanged as his parents Bo () and Nora  () commemorate the holiday at their son’s bedside.

Also in the episode, fun and laughter bring some Llanview residents closer together, while others spend the day trying to raise the spirits of those in need of a little thoughtfulness and love, and still others reflect on their history together. However, Thanksgiving isn’t all happiness for one family, whose holiday takes a deadly turn, changing their lives forever.

  • My2Cents2

    So he doesn’t live or wake up???? WTF???

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like he doesn’t wake up….OMG!!!  I know that Eddie (Matthew) isn’t signing with PP…so he is leaving OLTL.  

  • Eddie is leaving OLTL so I think they will kill him off .so sad about this .

    • My2Cents2

      Thanks for the info……I have been searching for an answer~~

  • oh i thought it had something to do with brody looks like he is going off a little

  • Anonymous

    I would hope they would just leave him in a comatose state…that way they can bring back the character at a later date if they want.  Kind of like what they did with Evangeline…except without killing him off eventually!