‘OLTL’ Cast Members Sound Off About Soap’s Online Demise

Donna Svennevik/ABC

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — A compilation of and posts from the cast of “” following word that was dropping plans to resurrect the show online only five days after the soap wrapped production on its ABC run.

(Starr): “Extremely sad sad news… No #prospectpark deal for AMC or OLTL. So many lives affected by this… #RIPoltl”

(Nora): “I want to b careful what I say right now. I am so sad for the fans. I am so sad for all of us who were robbed of the 7 months to plan. I wish there had been more communication. This was not about ! The guilds and unions were talking. The endings were changed to accomodate the move. I wish they would have left us alone. So sad!!!! no, I believe they did what they could, just had no idea what a soap cost. Don’t hate them for ignorance. Endings were changed! So unprofessional. You will al still be satisfied. The ride to the end is still worth it!!! I promise. Meanwhile, LONG LIVE VENICE!!! no but ABC chose this deal. It was on the interrnet. I still feel that ABC will regret this decision. I love you all! I m sorry! But the show is worth the ride. Enjoy through January!!!

(Brody): “Sorry to hear Prospect Park was unable to pull it off. A sad day today for all the fans. A sad day for all of us who were part of the One Life family. But I know we all brought our best these last few months and can be proud of how we finished the game. Thanks OLTL for all you taught me.”

(John McBain): “I’m sorry to say it’s done. Still Much to be thankful for. Happy Thansgiving. I love you all. MY THOUGHTS ARE WITH ALL OF YOU TONIGHT…I know how disappointing this news is to many of you. We tried to fight the good fight, we fought to the end to get the up, but it wasn’t enough. We’re sorry we let you down. I just wanted to thank you all for the years of kindness, love and support you’ve shown me and my family. If you get a chance at some point, maybe say a prayer for the wonderful crew members of “One Life To Live”, many of whom are supporting large families, that they may find work soon. God Bless. Happy Thanksgiving.”

David A. Gregory (Ford): “So sad to hear. Again, thank you everyone for all your support… Keep watching! Its gonna be a great finale week starting January 9th.”

(ex-Dorian): “I know NOTHING about Prospect Park’s purported pick-up-or- drop out of #OLTL-I depend on SOD+SID+other postings. If I knew-I’d tell YOU. I’m rooting Prospect Park finds the funding, even if I was not picked to be a start-up contract player. Hoping good things happen for ALL. Sad+disappointed-tho not surprised. Statement sounds a bit blame game- Actors/Directors/Writers terminated by ABC were amped 2 rock 4 PP! I believe OLTL actors who accepted PP offer from git-go would’ve knocked it out of ballpark right through last tape day-even without that. #OLTL cast: talented, smart, great looking, edgy, uniquely+singularly creative. How much do I admire and miss them?-let me count the ways.”

(Rama): “OLTL ended, Im so bummed. Now I may really need to be in LA.”

(Clint): “Hello everybody.Thank you all for your kind birthday wishes. I enjoyed the day prepping for the Thanksgiving Feast. Much to be thankful for and a little something to grumble about. Don’t blame Prospect Park but rather blame the economy. They lost some financing that was too hard to replace. Start-up money is near impossible to find these days. Who knows what may happen. I guess my birthday present this year is retirement. Love to all.”

(Dani): “Just saw the news that #OLTL won’t be moving on to the Internet after all. so sad but at least they gave it the chance it deserved!!”

(ex-Eli): “My heart goes out to my #AMC and #OLTL alumni. What a backwards world we live in right now. A bold response is coming soon.”


    sooooo sooo SAD.  I’m still very angry at ABC.

  • My2Cents2

    I don’t know where to channel my anger. I have to give KUDO’s to PP for trying to get a production company together, to give the fans what they so desperately wanted. Remember, they went and talked to lots of networks for help, and were turned down.

    On the other hand, they couldn’t of made this announcement 6 weeks ago?? OLTL wrapped up their storylines based on moving on to PP.

    ABC can kiss my ass. They have the money to help fund PP off the ground. They chose not to.

  • Didnt they say suspended, which means temporaily!!!!

    • My2Cents2

      Its over Myrna….sorry.

  • PP you are liars and disgusting cowards, sending a memo ie.press release and on Thanksgiving day of all days.I feel so sorry for the cast AND THE FANS. ABC your new shows look horrible, you will regret replacing a venerable show with this garbage.And to not tell the actors and crew personally.Shame on you!

    • My2Cents2

      You need to take this post, and spread it out. Send it to abc. Send it to PP.

      • My2Cents2

        Richard H. Frank(founder/president/CEO)Jeff Kwatinetz(founder/president/CEO)
        These are the people who are responsible for the promise/demise of our shows. I want to find their email address. Once I do, who is willing to sign their name to a letter I send?

        • Brenda Lawson

          I would be willing to sign my name to a letter.  I grew up watching these two shows and have religiously followed them.  I was angry when ABC decided to replace them with shows no one cares about or are going to become invested in.  The Chew really there are cooking channels on cable why is that show on ABC and it is a terrible show.  Then I thought ok here is this company willing to save these two shows…now they aren’t going to.  All My Children ended with a gun shot….now we will never know what happened.  And we have to wait until January to see how One Life to Live ended.  The storylines did not end because they were going to move to the internet.  Now they are not.  The fans of these two shows have been let down by all the promises that we were given by ABC and Prospect Park. 

          • My2Cents2

            I ask that you write down this exact post and email it to the email address I am supplying you with. I already sent 2 emails this morning. I think some should come from other’s IP’s. Let them know exactly (copy & paste) how to feel about the show, and the promise they held out. Now, we lose how the show ends. In reality the show ended carrying on to PP. So we have no closure.
            I ASK EVERYONE to please send an email!

  • My2Cents2

    I just emailed these 3 people this email. Will it do any good?? NO. Will they read it? NO.
    But I had to write it.

    Mr Frons, Mr Kwatinetz & Ms Sweeney:
    I cried the night before Thanksgiving.
    I grew up watching these 3 daytime soap shows and have religiously followed them.  I was angry when ABC decided to replace them with shows no one cares about or are going to become invested in.  Why? To save money? Seriously? How stupid do you think we are to believe that with the amount of money Katie Couric will be getting paid??
    ABC has the funds to pay Katie Couric to join them, yet they feel they owe long time viewers nothing?? We MADE YOU.
    Are you that ignorant to think viewers will NOT hold abc responsible and not view their network out of disgust?
    Then I thought OK here is this company (PP) willing to save these two shows…now they ‘decided’ a week after the final script was done for OLTL ‘now isn’t the time’.
    The storylines did not end on OLTL & AMC because everyone was led to believe that there was ‘continuation’ at PP. (Internet)
    Now they are not.  The fans of these two shows have been let down by all the promises that we were given by ABC and Prospect Park. After almost 40 years of loyalty you pull the blanket out under us like you did??
    Why out of appreciation to the viewers of abc wouldn’t abc take these shows and work a deal out with soapnet to continue?? Isn’t that what soapnet is??
    A soap channel?? 
    Don’t anyone dare roll eyes saying people who watch soaps ‘need to get a life’.
    We the soapfans are a family. We love each other, we fight with each other, and at the end of the day we know we have good friends to share the silliness of soaps.
    So don’t you DARE blame the viewers for the demise of soaps.
    Point your fingers at yourselves and apologize and do the ‘right thing’.
    Loyal devoted fans of AMC/OLTL. And soon to be GH.

  • It always comes down to the money and obviously the money was just not there.  Yes, i am very disppointed that we will no longer see AMC and OLTL but, at least GH is still on……..though it will probably go too in the not to distant future.  I haven’t watched The Chew but, i thought the food network was created for cooking show so, why did ABC put it on in AMC’s place?  I heard the ratings suck and I hope ABC is satisfied with theirselves for selling out the viewers, actors, crew, etc.

    • My2Cents2

      GH is a joke.

    • abc is gonna lose alot of fans i for one is only watching abc for oltl and then NO ABC they are fools to let our soap go for acooking show there are so many cookings shows now why one more who’s watching it?????? not me, do the big dummys even listen to us ????? money money well they are loseing now the butt holes.

  • I simply am flabbergasted that you are canceling AMC & OLTL.I have been watching them ever since I can remember.Many others were watching before I was born.Millions probably watched OLTL today.Yet you say the ratings are too low?

      Now these loyal fans are forced to deal with replacement shows that do not in the least hold a candle to the entertainment value of even one of these soaps.It’s ridiculous!

    Now,I applaud Prospect Park for there efforts to revive these shows.Thank you! I hope you succeed.

    ABC   You probably lost a lot of fans.Will it be worth it?

  • I’ll b e at the gym getting some well needed exercise.  Want need to be watching any tv.  . 

  • My2Cents2

    Since there has been no recap of the daily shows….can I just say this?? OLTL…..

    Victoria I love you too death. You are my favorite and always have been. But please, it will be a week tomorrow, take off that ridiculous Thanksgiving outfit!
    BEST LINE:Todd ‘I still have a hard time seeing Gnat as a forensic scientist’.
    LMAO!! You aren’t the only one Todd!!!! You aren’t the only one!!!

  • If ABC were a paid cable channel, I would cancel it. I wish I could just delete it from from TV channel lineup. I definitely will not be watching it anymore. I glad to hear Brian Frons is leaving, but it’s a little too late, the damage has already been done.

  • I have watched oltl since I was about 8yrs old,the babysitter would make us come in and sit down and watch.I watched allmy children since I was 14. Now 51  I love OLTL more than any show on TV. Do not know what I will do without it. She is like an old friend.They are all like old friends. Star grew up in front of me. I love Vicki and Nicki and gene not to mention Tommy. I Love Jessica and Tess Too. And the men of oltl are to die for.Who remembers Joe Riley. Cord Buchanan.Max holden. Not to mention Rex balson and the Great John  McBain.Please say it ain’t so that ABC is taking my lifetime of memories away.Devistated in Ohio Marla P.

  • After reading that it is now all officially over for OLTL it kind just fits with everything else thats been going on. They put on a stupid cooking show, to replace AMC, even though I didn’t watch it,  if I wanted to watch a cooking show, I will turn the TV to the Food Channel.

      Me and my wife have been DVRing OLTL for over 8 years and watching it night while we eat supper after we get home from work. I guess we will watch Fox News now while we eat. ABC doesn’t care, they will be to busy kissing Obama’s ass during the upcoming election year to worry about soap fans. Chris Mathew and Katie Curic will get tingles up their leg, ABC will continue to loose viewers.

    Advertisers are the real loosers here. They once had loyal viewers and demographics that they could count on being there year after year. With the replacement shows comming on, they will loose these viewer and with the economy being what it is, they will move to find other ways to attack the same customers hearts and minds to get the dollars flowing again.

    There is basically nothing left on the network channels to watch during the day anyway, I’m glad me and my wife have other things to do during the day. USA, FX, HGTV and other options such as NetFlix on demand will be the choice of many thousand of viewers. I don’t think the Soap viewers will be easily convinced to watch the replacement shows, like I said before, if they wanted to watch a cooking show, there is a station for that. I think ABC should think about what they are doing, maybe they did and just think that people that watch Soaps are stupid.

  • Temporary, just ANOTHER word for a COVER UP , their actions speaks volumes THEY werent serious about ther proposal. I wonder if VIACOM had hand in this?  They screwed CTV’s Instant Star this way.  

  • Anonymous

    I have been a loyal fan of AMC and OLTL from day one and now I feel ABC has kicked me to the curb all for a goofy cook show. “Aren’t Americans fat enough”  ABC, I can tell you one thing is that this loyal fan is boycotting you and switching to FOX or any other station but yours.

    • HEY GIRL  No doubt … I WANT TO BOYCOTT  TOO… This is crap 4 sure… The Revolution is supposed to be about dieting, working out, all around health… And the show before is all about cooking & stuffing your face… Oh Yeah, That Makes Sense…LOL …I’m a real Jersey Girl too…U Go Girl

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been thinking…I am going to fast forward through the Chew and the new Revolution show. (When it starts) just to see what commercials are sponsoring. I am then going to make sure I no longer buy those products! Any one with me? I’ll even post a list of advertisers each day so no one else has to stomach these unoriginal shows.
    Does anyone know what the Chew’s ratings have been? I can’t find any information on it except for when the show was first put on the air.

    • Anonymous

      I’m replying to my own post, they took half of what I wrote off!!! Now I am very you know what! No bad language was used no reason to censor what I wrote.  Folgers gourmet coffee is the sponsor for the chew online today.

  • Anonymous

       I’ve been thinking… What if I fast forwarded through the Chew and the Revolution (When it starts) and make a point of not buying any of the products advertised during those two hours. I will even post a list so no one else has to stomach these unoriginal shows. What do you think, should we give it a try? It won’t bring them back to ABC but it might give us some personal satisfaction to have a hand in proving they made a bad decision. I didn’t pay any attention to the Chew today on TV but online it was being sponsored by Folgers Gourmet Coffee. (Dang it, that’s what I drink,,. Well just the regular coffee not the gourmet but if I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it right!) Goodbye Folgers. Hello Good to the Last Drop!
       Does anyone know what the ratings have been for the Chew? I can’t find any information other then when it started and ABC said it was higher then All My Children
       I was also wondering if the Soap Network ever considered doing a show. I know two great story lines that they could start from!

  • Anonymous

    I looked up the reviews for The Chew and they are very, very low…..Keep up the good work AMC and OLTL fans …We need to boycott these shows and stick it to ABC…All they gave us in the end for being such loyal fans is a storyline with no ending for AMC and  broken promises…Is OLTL going to end the same way?.

  • cc

    Hey I am a soap fan. I miss all of you dearly. You all became my family. I have not and will not watch these two stupid shows.  We won’t give up the fight either you see we don’t want to become a loser like some are.  I don’t know why they are pushiing people so hard about weight. The people on the show could lose weight!  You all need to start cooking with real lard real butter real sugar homemade breads cupcakes with real homemade cream filling in the middle and hershys cocoa for real chocolate frosting!  Shuv ur carrott sticks.  I have friends and family I don’t hate them!  Keep ur stupid tofu GOOD GRIEF ABC WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?  Go back down the sewerage in which you climbed out of!