Albert Alarr Remains Co-EP at ‘Days of our Lives’; More than Two Dozen Cast Members Call for His Dismissal

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Albert Alarr Remains Co-EP at ‘Days of our Lives’; More than Two Dozen Cast Members Call for His Dismissal

Albert Alarr is reportedly still in charge as co-EP at "Days of our Lives." Over two dozen cast members call for his dismissal and an immediate replacement.

By Errol Lewis
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”Days of our Lives”
Corday Productions, Inc.

Despite widespread outrage over what was recently learned about “Days of our Lives” co-executive producer Albert Alarr and his alleged behind-the-scenes behavior at one of TV’s longest-running series, following an internal investigation conducted by distributor Sony Pictures Television, Corday Productions, producer of the series, is reportedly maintaining the status quo with Alarr still in charge, leaving several dozen cast and crew members to fend for themselves in trying to create a “safe, balanced and fair work environment,” Deadline revealed today in an update to the dramatic story.

Albert Alarr, Days of our Lives, DAYS, DOOL, #DAYS, #DOOL, #DaysofourLives
Albert Alarr
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According to the outlet, Alarr, who also serves as a director on the soap opera, continues to maintain his position as co-executive producer as of publication today, August 2. As a result, more than 25 cast members have signed a petition calling for new leadership behind the scenes. 

In a copy of a document obtained by Deadline, the actors call the decision to keep Alarr in his positions of power “traumatic and disheartening.”

“As a result of said actions of the current [co-] executive producer Albert Alarr, mentioned in the report, many of us feel — and will continue to feel — very uncomfortable and distraught should he stay involved with the show,” the petition reads. “Many of us have either been physically or verbally violated by him, including witnessing those objectionable and offensive actions.”

The group is asking for an immediate replacement who they can respect and trust, with the petition stating, “We all want to make the most of this significant moment, not just for us in entertainment, but for our loyal viewers and the culture as a whole.”

Following the conclusion of Sony’s investigation into Alarr’s alleged misconduct, the producer received just a written warning and was asked to undergo training. However, those who took part in the investigation as a witness, nor the remaining cast and crew, were made aware of the outcome of the investigation which is said to have still not been properly addressed following Deadline’s reporting, the outlet shared. 

Ken Corday, Days of our Lives
Ken Corday
Photo by Chris Haston/NBC

One source at the show told Deadline, “Everyone is so upset,” referring to Corday Productions’ lack of communication and lack of adequate action over the situation. “It’s just so disheartening. That silence is so deafening. The silence from the show, the silence from Ken,” said another source, speaking of owner and executive producer Ken Corday, who is said to have not been involved in a hands-on way with the show for the last few years, “passing that responsibility to Alarr, and he also opted to keep Alarr in his roles after receiving the report from the Sony TV-run probe following meetings with multiple staffers who had shared their issues with the director-producer before speaking with the Sony HR investigator. Alarr received a written warning and was asked to undergo training.”

One longtime employee said of Corday himself, “I was always grateful to Ken, and I always had hopes that he would do the right thing, and what we’re seeing is that he’s not, and that’s very sad to me.” They added, “It’s very sad that he’s chosen one person over the entirety of the show, and the integrity of the show.”

According to one unnamed actor, “If any of this had come out about any actor or actress, even remotely close, even if it was just an allegation, not even something that was true, they’d be gone,” speaking in reference to the investigation against Alarr. “The actors are held to a standard, and the fact that a producer isn’t, it’s just madness to me.”

Another performer says, “Where are the people helping out the ones who feel voiceless? What is also sad is that you feel like is that this guy gets to get away with it because not enough people are coming to our rescue.”

Overall, the atmosphere behind the scenes is said to be so toxic that one performer notes, “It’s really a place in which the actors have had to take care of each other, check in on one another, [asking]  ‘are you OK?’”

“Days of our Lives” was reportedly set to resume production this week following a two-week production hiatus. Following the allegations against Alarr being made public last week, Corday Productions extended the hiatus for another week after the filming schedule was released showing Alarr’s name as director for the Friday, August 4 episode (which would air sometime next year). Production is currently set to resume on Monday, August 7.

Ultimately, the cast is hoping to foster a “safe, balanced and fair work environment,” an unnamed actor said to Deadline. “We want this beautiful show to continue for as long as we can. We want all these people to have jobs.”

Incidentally, as the bulk of Hollywood is on strike over the expiration of the TV/theatrical contract between SAG-AFTRA and the AMPTP, along with the WGA and the expiration of their contract with the same powerhouse organization, soap opera performers are essentially left to fend for themselves in general, says one performer. “Even though we’re dealing with and facing a lot of the same things that they’re striking about, if not more, in some cases, because it’s a big-time forgotten about area of the business,” the person said. “That being said, the actors and some crew are having to band together and call for change because it just doesn’t seem as if it’s happening.”

Most daytime productions, including soap operas, fall under the SAG-AFTRA Net Code contract, which covers on-air personalities. Daytime drama writers are currently on strike as part of a unified WGA contract.

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