Turmoil Behind the Scenes at ‘Days of our Lives’: Co-EP Albert Alarr Investigated for Misconduct

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Turmoil Behind the Scenes at ‘Days of our Lives’: Co-EP Albert Alarr Investigated for Misconduct

A misconduct investigation against "Days of our Lives" co-executive producer Albert Alarr has concluded with an outcome "sparking outrage" by cast/crew.

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An internal misconduct investigation against “Days of our Lives” co-executive producer and director Albert Alarr was recently concluded, Deadline reported on Tuesday. Launched in March, the nine-week investigation was “triggered by a complaint related to a recent round of layoffs,” said the outlet.

The complaint, filed by a female employee, alleges that a number of recent staff cuts had “disproportionally impacted women” who were not receiving equal pay on the show compared to their male counterparts, people close to the matter told the outlet. 

Days of our Lives, DAYS, DOOL, #DAYS, #DOOL, #DaysofourLives
”Days of our Lives”
Courtesy of Corday Productions, Inc.

Overall, seven contract actresses are said to have departed the series around the time of the layoffs, five of whom were either let go altogether or dropped to recurring status. The remaining two actresses reportedly made the decision to leave the series on their own. Separately, one male actor was laid off. That said, due to the show’s advanced tape-to-air schedule, it’s unclear if any of the unnamed talent who’ve left the series continue appearing on screen.

In its reporting, Deadline noted that Alarr is a regular director for the series, often directing the episode that air on Fridays. “The one full-time female director on the show helms the Monday shows, working alongside three full-time male directors including Alarr, who directs the Friday episodes. Another female director is part of a rotation for the fifth weekly slot that has multiple part-time helmers alternating,” the publication shared.

The investigation was handled by Sony Pictures Television, distributor of the series, with multiple allegations presented against Alarr, including his becoming “much more tyrannical” after he was named co-executive producer of the daytime drama soap opera in 2015. Insiders told Deadline, Alarr had been “abusive, making people feel uncomfortable and humiliated.”

One veteran told the outlet, “I think he became much more aware of his unilateral power, and that Ken [Corday, series owner and executive producer] wasn’t going to be involved in decision-making. And I think [Alarr] took the ball and ran with it, and I think it’s ruined the show.”

Another source said, “Albert has a habit of belittling people, especially people he wants to put down,” while also noting that many women have left the toxic work environment, including several actresses who played major roles.

Claims against Alarr reportedly also involved his handling of situations that pertain to male actors on the show, according to a source to Deadline. “Men also have been publicly bullied on set, with at least one male cast member departing abruptly after Alarr screamed at him in front of cast and crew,” said the source. The alleged “verbal attack” occurred “after the actor had gotten a hair trim, which he apologized for even though he wasn’t on contract at the time.” 

The probe into Alarr’s alleged misconduct behind the scenes as both co-EP and as a regular director on the series is said to have included a large number of complaints stemming from comments Alarr made to and about people publicly. “It’s kind of a running joke that everything that comes out of Albert’s mouth is inappropriate,” said a longtime employee quoted by Deadline. Another pointed out, “After a while, you stop cringing and just get used to it.”

Approximately 30-40 people, largely made of women, were interviewed by Sony as part of the investigation. Neither Alarr nor Sony commented on Deadline’s story. However, Corday Productions, which produces the daytime drama series, said in a statement released to Deadline, “Corday Productions engaged Sony Pictures Television, which distributes ‘Days of our Lives,’ to conduct an impartial investigation into this matter.” It added, “After a two-month investigation, the independent investigator produced a report with its findings. Based on those findings, Corday Productions has taken a series of actions designed to ensure a safe and respectful work environment.”

At press time, there was no official information provided on what actions were taken to “ensure a safe and respectful work environment” for the show’s cast and crew, although sources told Deadline that “Alarr received a written warning and was asked to undergo training. Beyond that, he remained in his co-EP and director roles, sparking outrage among cast and crew aware of the allegations and the investigation.”

In mid-June, the show began what was to be a two-week break, but an extra week was tacked on “because there weren’t enough scripts due to the writers strike,” Deadline noted. 

Additionally, the show’s in-house PR department was laid off at the end of June, leaving all inquiries by the press to be handled by those close to Alarr, with all email inquiries about the show to include a CC to Alarr as well.

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