‘General Hospital’s’ Final Flashback Friday Recalls Luke’s Upbringing, Celebrates 52 Years of General Hospital

General Hospital, Anthony Geary, Joey Luthman, Laura Wright
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Originally aired on April 1, 2015, ABC will re-air the 52nd-anniversary episode of “General Hospital” on Friday, May 22 as part of its final “Flashback Friday” themed episode. In the episode, viewers get their first real look into the upbringing of Luke Spencer, played in flashbacks by Joey Luthman. Best known for his portrayal of the iconic character as an adult, Daytime Emmy Award winner Anthony Geary plays Luke’s father, Tim Spencer.

The episode introduces current “GH” viewers to Daytime Emmy Award winner Chloe Lanier who now plays Nelle Benson on the soap. Lanier played a young Patricia, Luke’s sister who was played as an adult by Dee Wallace who is best known for her role as Mary in Stephen Spielberg‘s “ET: The Extraterrestrial.” In our review of the episode at the time, we said of Lanier, “Her emotional performance as a young Patricia was breathtaking. Such talent that one has. It almost makes you wonder who she could end up playing next on the show as she’s shown herself to be too good to let go. Let’s hope the powers that be listen!” And that they did!

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The episode’s theme brings us back to the beginning of General Hospital, the location, as Luke tries to piece together the details of one April 1, 1963, the day “GH” aired its very first episode on ABC, and the day Luke lost his mother.

In our review at the time, we noted that the show’s story outline for the anniversary episode didn’t just honor the history of one of the greatest entertainment programs ever created, “it pushed forward a story that many, myself included, felt should have ended sooner. I’m pleased that [then] head writer Ron Carlivati and his team of writers kept the story going. It was well worth the long wait.”

At the episode’s conclusion, Luke collapses and bursts into a sea of tears surrounded by the ones he loves, younger sister Bobbie (Jacklyn Zeman), wife Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot), and Patricia (Wallace), saying, “I killed her! I didn’t mean to…she was only trying to help, and I killed her! I killed momma. I killed momma and daddy! I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry!”

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Playing Luke’s mom is current cast member Laura Wright, best known to fans for her Daytime Emmy Award-winning role as Carly Corinthos.

Watch a clip from the episode above.

Jason Thompson, Rebecca Herbst, Chloe Lanier
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“General Hospital” will air three weeks of Nurses Ball themed episodes beginning Monday, May 25 and through at least Friday, June 12. The series aired its final original episode prior to suspending production due to COVID-19 in March. There’s been no word on when the soap will resume production and when new episodes will be available. California Governor Gavin Newsom recently stated that