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Y&R Recap: Monday, September 26, 2011

"The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap - Monday, September 26, 2011

HOME / Recaps / Y&R Recap: Monday, September 26, 2011


Y&R Recap: Monday, September 26, 2011

"The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap - Monday, September 26, 2011

( — “The Young and the Restless” Episode Recap – Monday, September 26, 2011.


Ronan went to the hospital to see Chloe and Delia. He was happy to hear the news that Delia found a match. Chloe shared the news that Kevin was the match. Meanwhile, at Crimson Lights, Kevin is frustrated at having to keep the secret that Billy is the actual donor. Michael understood how he was feeling. They both realize that they didn’t realize that Gloria was locked in the wine cellar. Michael told Kevin that once she learned that he was the donor for Delia, her focus would be placed on it being a true sign that Chloe and he belong together.

Jack was furious that Victor sent him on a wild goose chase in Hong Kong. He accused Victor of not wanting Billy found, but Victor told Jack that he was there to help. Billy, who snuck out of the trailer, came back and overheard their conversation. When the two men left, Billy snuck back into the trailer with a bottle of liquor. He was getting ready to open it up when Victor came back inside, asking what he was doing.

Sharon came into the jail visiting area to grab a book, when she spotted Daisy reading. She thanked her for running interference with another inmate. Daisy told her it wasn’t a big deal. She told Sharon that she should be thanking her; her good deed helped change things for her. Sharon was curious to know what she was talking about. When Avery walked in to see Daisy, Sharon was curious to know what was going on.

Nick saw Victoria at Crimson Lights. He asked on her injury but she told him that she was fine. They got to talking about how on edge Phyllis was, and how he bought her a little distraction to take her mind off of things. As for Phyllis, she was in the park, when she as served papers, courtesy of Avery.

Chloe still wanted to know why Ronan came back to Genoa City, besides the case. Ronan didn’t feel at ease with telling her the truth and decided to leave. She soon ran into Victoria, who was coming to the hospital. They both were wondering why Kevin was acting super strange about wanting people to pat him on the back for his being a match for Delia.

Sharon wondered why Avery took on Daisy’s case so fast not giving away that she could be doing it as a way to get back at Phyllis. Daisy asked Sharon if Avery was the best lawyer to have. Sharon quipped that if anyone could handle Phyllis, Avery could. Meanwhile, a livid Phyllis bypassed Nick and went to talk to Michael, who was out on the patio of Crimson Lights. She was angry that Daisy is requesting visitations of Lucy. She came even more furious when Michael revealed that Avery was now Daisy’s new lawyer. When Avery shows up, Michael tells her that she just made a mistake in taking Daisy’s case; unlike Sharon, Daisy isn’t innocent. When the two women are alone, Phyllis tells Avery the only reason why she is taking Daisy’s case is because she’s pissed at her. She went on to tell Avery that she was getting back at her for not being there. Nick returned to the coffee house and overheard the end of their conversation. Avery wanted to know what she ever did to Phyllis to make her consider her an enemy.

Kevin showed up at the trailer to vent that he can’t take keeping the secret from Chloe. As Kevin is venting about Chloe’s sudden re-attraction to him, Billy realizes that Kevin still has feelings for Chloe. Kevin, in turn lectured Billy for being willing to skip town when he knew he still had feelings for Victoria.

Sharon had a dream that Avery came to her jail cell to tell her that she was now a free woman. Thanks to the testimony of Victor, she could go home to her family. When she walks out of the cell, the doors close. She turned around and saw Victor in a prison uniform telling her “Now you’re free.” She woke up with a start. Minutes later, Victor paid her a visit. He was concerned when she was distant toward him. She told him she didn’t want him to risk everything he had because of her, but Victor told her he was going to do right by her in testifying.

Phyllis ran into Ronan at the park. She wanted him to arrest her. Ronan wanted to know why he should arrest her. She told him about being forced be bring Lucy to see Daisy. While sympathetic, Ronan pointed out that he couldn’t arrest her. When she shared that Avery was the one that was Daisy’s lawyer, he stunned her when he told her he knew that they were siblings. Before she left, Ronan quipped that maybe she could get a case of chicken pox; since it was currently going around.

At the Athletic Club, Nick approached Avery. He told her that he overheard some of her conversation with Phyllis. He pointed out that Phyllis usually goes full throttle when there is someone she needed to protect. Nick managed to get Avery to talk about the good times that she and Phyllis shared as kids. He learned that to get through the rough times, they’d play video games. When Phyllis tried calling Nick, he ignored the call, but slid the gift he was going to give to Phyllis to her. Inside was a video game.

Jack wanted to know what Victor was up to when it came to Sharon’s case. Victor told him to mind his business. Abbott told him that he’d be keeping an eye out on him to catch him, but Victor smugly walked away. Meanwhile, back in jail, Sharon and Daisy had another conversation. Daisy was confident that Avery was going to give her what she wanted: visitations with her daughter.

Victoria decided to write another letter to Billy, hoping that he’d eventually read it. Billy did in fact go to his laptop after hearing the ‘new email’ chime. He was crushed to read that Victoria was ‘doing well and moving on’

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