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Y&R PreVUE: Week of August 9 Edition

Y&R PreVUE: Week of August 9 Edition

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Monday, August 9, 2010 at 10:57 AM ET by Venus Stone

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) Nothing but the truth…


After seeing red about witnessing Paul and Christine's kiss, on Monday, August 9, Nina comes face-to-face with the two of them. That same day, Phyllis and Nick say good-bye to their marriage to one another. Neil purposely rubs Sofia the wrong way. Wednesday, August 11 Ashley has a lot to worry about when her past could tarnish her relationship with Tucker. Meggie gets a little help from someone least expected; Nikki.

The Inside Story:Between a Rock and a Hard Place
As Adam's court date is approaching, a phtograph of him and Sharon at the opening of Gloworm surfaces. Nick sees it and instantly apporaches Sharon about how she's going to handle the witness stand. When Sharon admits that she is afraid of hurting Adam by telling the judge of Adam's complete confession, Nick quickly points out all of the dirty deeds Adam has done to her, as well as the Newman family. When he feels that she still isn't convinced, he tosses in that she only was with his younger brother to get over him. Sharon is further perplexed when her ex asks her to get back together; quickly rebuffing him. Meanwhile, Vance and Adam are going over what's to take place in court. He wants to know what Adam shared with Sharon. Adam admits that he admitted everything to Sharon, infuriating both Vance and Skye. Vance tells Adam that if Sharon tells everything he's confessed to her, he's looking at prison time. He quickly comes up with a game plan to destroy Sharon's credibility on the stand by bringing up her past. Adam will not have it, immediately telling him to go easy on Sharon. When Adam leaves, Skye tells Vance that she wants him to ignore what Adam has requested; she wants Sharon to be destroyed on the witness stand. In the meantime, Sharon and Adam come face-to-face and she tells him that she will testify against him. She is stunned when he tells her to be honest. Later in the day, it's time for Adam's court session and Sharon is set to take the stand. Once there, Vance manages to trip Sharon up and she reveals more than she intended to. Once off the stand and waiting for the proceedings to continue, Sharon lets Adam have it; believing that he once again has lied to her. Meanwhile, Adam's past comes back in a flood of memories of his mother, Hope.

A Closer Look:Playing with Fire
Despite wanting to help Chance while he is in jail, he quickly rejects Heather and Ronan's attempts. Continuing to do things his way, Chance tries to buy drugs in jail, not fully aware of the dangers that are around him. He further complicates things for himself by refusing the bail hearing. An upset Nina feels that everyone isn't putting their complete attention of her son. Meanwhile, Christine does her best to protect Chance.

What To Watch

  • Nikki believes that Meggie is taking advantage of Victor's kindness
  • Phyllis puts her thoughts on paper
  • Victor gets the upper hand on Tucker
  • Shaw heads back to Genoa City to get even

The Young and the Restless News and Headlines

  • Signy Coleman returns as the late 'Hope Wilson' in the storyline surrounding her son 'Adam'. Coleman will appear Friday, August 13 and Monday, August 16
  • Jerry Douglas returns as the ghost of 'John Abbott' Thursday, September 2
  • Susan Seaforth Hayes (DOOL's 'Julie Williams') will reprise her role of Lauren's mother, 'Joanna' on Tuesday, August 17
  • Former child star, Susan Olsen, best known as 'Cindy Brady' from The Brady Bunch will appear on the show as 'Mrs. Liza Morton'. Olsen airs Wednesday, September 1
  • Thom Bierdz returns as 'Phillip Chancellor III' Thursday, August 26
  • Kristoff St. John is taking a brief hiatus from the role of 'Neil Winters', as he is focusing on a project with the Wayans Brothers.
  • SON Top 10: Who was the best of the best on "Y&R" during the week of August 2, 2010? You decide! The SON Top 10 is back! Voting begins Friday's at 4:00 PM, EST.


  • Chloe stumbles upon the truth
  • Someone makes their presense known at Jill's court case

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