How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of 'GH,' 'The View' and 'The Chew'; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of ‘GH,’ ‘The View’ and ‘The Chew’; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

Jeff Branson
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

It’s only April, but former soap stud Jeff Branson (ex-Ronan Malloy, “The Young and the Restless;” ex-Shayne Lewis, “Guiding Light;” ex-Jonathan Lavery, “All My Children”) has already had quite a busy year. Not only did he and longtime love Jaimie Foley just welcome their first child, son Van James, into the world, he’s also been busy shooting a variety of projects like Lifetime’s “Zoe Gone” and and TNT’s “Perception.” But the latest place you can find the star: On CBS’ “NCIS.”


JPI Studios

JPI Studios

It looks like former soap actor Jeff Branson (ex-Jonathan Lavery, “All My Children,” ex-Shayne Lewis, “Guiding Light,” ex-Ronan Malloy, “The Young and the Restless”) is the next on the list of stars celebrating baby news!

The Missouri native took to Twitter to announce the big news to fans. “Thank you all for the congrats and warm wishes!” he wrote. “My little mans due March 17, HAPPY ST. Pattys!”

Congratulations, Branson!

National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

Steven Bergman Photography

Steven Bergman Photography

If you think picking out what to wear for work in the morning is stressful, imagine what it would be like if your work was going to the 40th Annual Daytime Entertainment Emmy Awards, where swarms of reporters and photographers were going to capture your every detail! Stressful, yes. But also ridiculously fun! Soap Opera Network caught up with some of daytime’s hottest stars on the red touch red carpet during the exciting event, and they spilled details on who they were wearing and why they chose the specific looks they did. So sit back, relax and hear the stories on how these bold performers got so dang beautiful!


Getty Images North America

Getty Images North America

The 40th Annual Daytime Entertainment Emmy Awards are set to be an exciting night filled with appearances from the industry’s biggest stars — some of which will also be presenting awards on stage during the big night. Read on to find out if your favorites will be handing the Outstanding Supporting Actor and the Outstanding Supporting Actress winners their coveted awards!


Thomas A. Montalto/Montalto Photos

Thomas A. Montalto/Montalto Photos

The peer votes have been cast, and the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences has announced the Drama Performer Pre-Nominations for the 40th Annual Daytime Entertainment Emmy Awards! Five categories have been announced, including Lead Actress and Lead Actor, Supporting Actress and Supporting Actor, as well as Younger Actress and Younger Actor. Without further adieu, here are the pre-nominees:

Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama Series

  • Sharon Case as Sharon on “The Young and the Restless”
  • Jeanne Cooper as Katherine on “Y&R”
  • Susan Flannery as Stephanie on “The Bold and the Beautiful”
  • Finola Hughes as Anna Devane on “General Hospital”
  • Peggy McCay as Caroline on “Days of our Lives”
  • Kelly Monaco as Sam on “GH”
  • Melody Thomas Scott as Nikki on “Y&R”
  • Michelle Stafford as Phyllis on “Y&R”
  • Kelly Sullivan as Kate on “GH”
  • Heather Tom as Katie on “B&B”
  • Laura Wright as Carly on “GH”


Steve Fenn/ABC

( — It was recently announced that Darnell Williams would be joining the cast of “The Young and the Restless” in 2012. The two-time Daytime Emmy Award winner becomes the forth “All My Children” actor to land on the high rated CBS daytime dramas since the 41-year old ABC soap went off the air in September 2011. He joins Jacob Young who returned to “The Bold and the Beautiful” last September, and past and future co-stars Debbi Morgan and Melissa Claire Egan.  

Williams long-time co-star, Morgan, currently plays Harmony on “Y&R,” the long-time absent mother of Devon (Bryton McClure) on the CBS soap. Paired with Morgan, Williams contributed to forming daytime’s first super couple of color on “AMC.” Jesse and Angie Hubbard remain, arguably, the most enduring and famous couple of color created on daytime television. This marks the forth soap that Williams and Morgan have appeared on together, ultimately paired with each other each time. Along with the aforementioned soaps, the actors have appeared on “Loving” and ‘The City” at the same time. Williams started his daytime career on “AMC” in 1981.

In recent years the number one soap in the nation has taken to hiring – and then in several cases firing – former “AMC” actors at a very high rate. Since 2005, “Y&R” has hired Amelia Heinle (Victoria; ex-Mia, “AMC”), Vincent Irizarry (ex-David, “AMC” and “Y&R”), Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe; ex-Maggie, “AMC”), Stacy Haiduk (Patty; ex-Hannah, “AMC”), Eden Riegel (ex-Heather, “Y&R”; ex-Bianca, “AMC”), Billy Miller (Billy; ex-Richie, “AMC”), Jeff Branson (Ronan; ex-Jonathan, “AMC”), Egan (Chelsea ;ex-Annie, “AMC”), Morgan and Williams fresh off their Pine Valley runs.  Fittingly, “Y&R” jumped at the chance to hire “AMC’s” long-time casting director, Judy Blye Wilson, this past fall.

There are currently no details available on whom Williams will be playing on “Y&R” or when he will debut in his new role. Stay tuned.

Y&R Recap: Friday, September 30, 2011


( — “The Young and the Restless” Episode Recap – Friday, September 30, 2011.


Detective Mauro was pleased with the progress that Ronan was making on the case. He studied one of the pillows that were in Diane’s suite, wondering if it was a clue of some sort. As he was looking at that, a police officer came to him with a torn page from the diary belonging to Diane. Ronan read the torn page and was quick to make his move on the suspect that was listed from what he read.

Phyllis was at the Athletic Club when Ronan arrived. He purposely shared that he was narrowing his list of suspects and that Nick and Ashley were both on the top o the list. Phyllis argued that many people were in the park that night; not just Ashley and Nick. Ronan, however brought up the telephone calls between the two of them the night Diane was murdered. When Phyllis left in a hurry, Ronan was more than pleased to have rattled her.

Nick was upset to get a ransom note in his mailbox, demanding $50, 000. The first person that he called was Ashley. Together, they both believed that Adam was behind the note. Nick expressed being frustrated by the threats and shared that he was more than determined to keep the phone records from coming out. As the two were talking, Phyllis showed up. She told them that she ran into Ronan, who brought their names up in discussion. Before Phyllis could go on with what she was told, Ashley had to leave when she received a phone call from Abby. Nick told Ashley that he would be telling Phyllis everything that had happened. Once alone, Nick told Phyllis everything, including the threat for money. Phyllis offered to help Nick by setting up a meeting with the cash. She would capture the person behind the threats on a recording. Nick was happy that he opened up to Phyllis. The two shared a steamy kiss before Nick left to go get the ransom money.

Abby went to Victoria’s house. She was surprised to see Victor there. She shared the news that she had planned on going to college. Just then, Victor and Abby received an alert on their phones, while Victoria received the same on her laptop. The alert was a headline about Victor and Abby being questioned about Diane’s murder. Victor deduced that it was Ronan’s doing. Victor gave Abby a warning: don’t let the likes of Ronan get to her.

Ronan, meanwhile, met Adam at the Athletic Club with the information about the diary. Adam didn’t know that she had even written about him in a diary. Ronan pulled out the torn diary page and shared the information that Diane had written about him wanting to kill her. Ronan pointed out that it was after his indictment. Adam placed the blame on Ronan, stating that he was doing whatever he could to frame him. Ronan said he either go with him to the police station willingly or he’d drag him down there himself. When they got there, Adam refused to implicate himself. Just at that moment, Victor stormed into the office, demanding to know why Ronan had leaked information to the papers about him and Abby being questioned for Diane’s murder. Victor told Ronan he was not at the park when Diane was killed; Adam piped in that he wasn’t there either. Not backing down, Ronan played the tape of Adam and Victor. He was confident that the tape could do a lot of damage to them both, but Victor said that that tape was recorded without either of their consent. He threatened to sue the police station and stormed out of the police station. Adam attempted to leave but Ronan threatened to arrest him based on the information found in the torn diary page.

Heather’s arrival messed up Ronan’s attempt in making arrest against Adam. She told him that there wasn’t enough for him to go on in order to make the arrest. Ronan, however, felt that Heather was focusing more on protecting Adam. Ronan had no choice but to let Adam leave the police station.

Ashley went to Victoria’s where she met with Abby. She was shown the online headline about Abby and Victor. Victor returned to Victoria’s and told Victoria and Ashley that they were in fact questioned. Abby was scared that the tape of her confession would be found. Ashley learned that Victoria was already aware of the taped confession. Abby admitted that she was there when Ronan opened the lockbox, thinking that the tape would be in there. She shared with the group that Ronan found Diane’s diary in the box instead.

Nick and Phyllis were at the warehouse. Phyllis was hidden with her phone in hand. Nick called out to the person he was to meet, demanding that they show their face before they got their money. Nick and Phyllis both were floored to see Ronan emerge, along with Det. Mauro and a police officer. Ronan took them down to the police station. There at the station, Ronan read Nick the riot act for trying to hide his cell phone information. Nick, however, refused to talk to him without his attorney. It didn’t matter to Ronan. He revealed that Diane’s found diary could have been motive for them both wanting her dead.

Determined to rattle more cages within the Newman/Abbott household, Ronan called Abby. He requested she put him on speaker phone, aware that she was with Victoria, Victor and Ashley. He told Victor that the paper would place an apology to him for putting his questioning in the newspaper. Ronan then shifted the gears and started to ask Abby what Diane had on her. Before Abby could answer, Victoria spoke up for her. During the phone interrogation, Ronan told Victor that it would be in Abby’s best interest to come clean. He also shared about Ashley admitting to have gotten into an argument with Diane, and Victor being at the park that night. He told Victoria that because of that information about her father, it blew her alibi out of the water. When Ronan failed to get them to confess, he hung up the phone. Victor and Ashley both thought that Ronan didn’t have any solid proof on any of them.

Alone together, Victoria told Victor that she saw Victor with Diane the night she died. Meanwhile at the police station, Ronan went back to the pillows that were at the police station. He soon realized that they were clues about each of the suspects. He placed his focus on the ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun’ pillow. He tagged that to being about Abby. He soon cut open the pillow and found the memory stick inside.

Adam saw Heather at Crimson Lights, where he thanked for getting him out of staying at the police station. Heather, however, corrected him, pointing out that it was based on the lack of evidence. When Adam brought up the thought that the diary could have been forged, Heather threw it in his face that he did the exact same thing to Victor.

Adam set up a meeting with someone. When he got to the warehouse, he called the person out, telling them that they were getting out of hand. He lectured that trying to set him up for Diane’s murder was a big mistake. He went on to bring up the diary entry. The person in hiding wound up a little toy monkey. Adam walked off.

On the Next The Young and the Restless

  • The truth comes out about Abby
  • Avery continues to push Phyllis
  • Tucker stands up for Abby

Y&R Recap: Tuesday, August 16, 2011


( — “The Young and the Restless” Episode Recap – Tuesday, August 16, 2011.


Paul and Ronan looked over the latest evidence: the pillows that were placed in Diane’s room. They both wondered if the killer was dropping out clues. Abby arrived and asked if they arrested Tucker yet. Ronan said no, more evidence was needed. When he suggested she wear a wire, she balked.

Tucker stopped at Ashley’s suite with her mail. She told him that she was going to go to the funeral for Diane. He said they should go together. He wanted her to come back home but she wasn’t moving back. She said she didn’t know how they could go forward after the way he treated Abby and placed a rift between the two of them.

Jack and Kyle were getting ready to head to the church for the funeral. Kyle asked if anyone would come to pay their respects to his mother. Jack couldn’t answer that. Meanwhile, at the church, Lauren was the first to arrive. She looked up and saw Adam walk in. He wanted to pay his respect to Diane before everyone else arrived. Lauren suggested that he stay but Adam said that he knew that people wouldn’t like him being there, after all he had little friends there. Lauren suggested he stay anyway.

Victoria and Nick had coffee together at Crimson Lights. She was still shaking off her mood regarding Billy not being there. Nick suggested they do something else together but Victoria said she was going to head to the funeral. She said she wanted to be there for Kyle since his uncle, Billy, could not be. Nick gave his sis his new cell phone number, telling her that he got it changed to avoid constant telemarketers calling. Victoria was set to go get ready but Nick said that he’d go in her place at the funeral. When she left, he received a call: the mystery person played the recorded message again of Nick threatening to kill Diane.

Deacon showed up at Restless Style. He wanted Phyllis to know that he saw her and Diane arguing and then her chasing Diane through the park holding a rock. She wanted to know if he was trying to get something off of her, but he told her that he only wanted one thing from her: a date with her. He said he was attracted to her and wanted a date. Phyllis scoffed at his demand but they were interrupted when staffer came in. He told her he’d call her to see what they could do.

Detective Mauro let Ronan and Paul know that a security camera was stolen from the park. They both figured it was during the night of Diane’s murder. Ronan suggested they go to the funeral to see who would or wouldn’t show up. In the meantime, back at Ashley’s suite, she opened up an envelope as was shocked to see a photograph of her at the park during the night she confronted Diane.

Jack learned from Kyle that he hid his Harvard class ring when the police were over searching his home. As they were set to head to the funeral, others were already coming. Michael wasm’t pleased to see Adam there but Lauren told him that she suggested he stay; they needed to all show support for Kyle. Ronan and Paul arrived, followed by Victor. Victor approached Adam and continued to point the finger at him, while Adam did the same thing.

Ashley found Nick and told him about the photograph. From a distance Tucker watched the two of them, as well as Phylllis. Ronan approached Nick and Ashley. He told Nick that he has his phone records and knows that he called Ashley during the night of the crime. Across from them, Tucker told Abby that he knows that she was the one that went to Ronan on him and that nobody would believe her. He promised that despite her trying to get him in trouble, he’d remain quiet about her running him down.

The funeral got under way. Jack was first to go up and speak about Diane. He told him that while Diane was gone, she was very much with him through Kyle. Michael also shared words for his friend. When the funeral wrapped up, Ronan caught everyone off guard by having them stay. He started to list off the things he found while processing the crime scene. He mentioned that there were footprints, jewelry and a key that were found. He also tossed out that he knows based off of Diane’s phone records, she called a good half of those in the room to see her that night. Ronan asked if those there are willing to put their trust in someone that could be setting them up to take the fall to cover their own tails. He left, obviously doing what he set out to do: making each person very nervous.

Kyle and Jack went back into the church to have a private moment to say good-bye to Diane. Victor approached and handed a picture of the three of them together. Kyle hugged and thanked Victor and followed Lauren to get the condolences book, Alone, Victor taunted Jack about the custody of Kyle. Jack said he wasn’t going to allow that to happen. Victor walked away and Jack softly cursed Diane for trying to keep Kyle away from him, even in death.

Phyllis questioned Nick and Ashley’s sudden need to talk to one another; Tucker did the same with Ashley. Adam confronted Paul and Ronan, wanting the letter that would clear him from the SEC scandal. When Ronan questioned him about the large sums of money in a Swiss bank account, Adam got huffy and said they’d be talking to his lawyer. Paul and Ronan both readied themselves to see who else would draw attention to themselves.

On the Next The Young and the Restless

  • Phyllis chatises Daniel and Lily’s closeness
  • Jill wants to talk with Cane
  • Genevieve and Colin get closer than close

Sean Smith/JPI

( — As previously reported, Jeff Branson is joining the cast of “The Young and the Restless” in the role of Detective Ronan Malloy, Chance’s (John Driscoll) new partner. Soap Opera Network has your first look at Branson on the set of the soap. His first airdate is set for Tuesday, June 22.

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