Pine Valley Continues to Rise In Genoa City

Steve Fenn/ABC
Steve Fenn/ABC

( — It was recently announced that would be joining the cast of “” in 2012. The two-time Daytime Emmy Award winner becomes the forth “” actor to land on the high rated CBS daytime dramas since the 41-year old ABC soap went off the air in September 2011. He joins  who returned to “” last September, and past and future co-stars and .  

Williams long-time co-star, Morgan, currently plays Harmony on “,” the long-time absent mother of Devon (Bryton McClure) on the CBS soap. Paired with Morgan, Williams contributed to forming daytime’s first super couple of color on “AMC.” Jesse and Angie Hubbard remain, arguably, the most enduring and famous couple of color created on daytime television. This marks the forth soap that Williams and Morgan have appeared on together, ultimately paired with each other each time. Along with the aforementioned soaps, the actors have appeared on “Loving” and ‘The City” at the same time. Williams started his daytime career on “AMC” in 1981.

In recent years the number one soap in the nation has taken to hiring – and then in several cases firing – former “AMC” actors at a very high rate. Since 2005, “Y&R” has hired (Victoria; ex-Mia, “AMC”),  (ex-David, “AMC” and “Y&R”), (Chloe; ex-Maggie, “AMC”), (Patty; ex-Hannah, “AMC”), (ex-Heather, “Y&R”; ex-Bianca, “AMC”), (Billy; ex-Richie, “AMC”), (Ronan; ex-Jonathan, “AMC”), Egan (Chelsea ;ex-Annie, “AMC”), Morgan and Williams fresh off their Pine Valley runs.  Fittingly, “Y&R” jumped at the chance to hire “AMC’s” long-time casting director, , this past fall.

There are currently no details available on whom Williams will be playing on “Y&R” or when he will debut in his new role. Stay tuned.