Y&R Recap: Tuesday, August 16, 2011


(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — “The Young and the Restless” Episode Recap – Tuesday, August 16, 2011.


Paul and Ronan looked over the latest evidence: the pillows that were placed in Diane’s room. They both wondered if the killer was dropping out clues. Abby arrived and asked if they arrested Tucker yet. Ronan said no, more evidence was needed. When he suggested she wear a wire, she balked.

Tucker stopped at Ashley’s suite with her mail. She told him that she was going to go to the funeral for Diane. He said they should go together. He wanted her to come back home but she wasn’t moving back. She said she didn’t know how they could go forward after the way he treated Abby and placed a rift between the two of them.

Jack and Kyle were getting ready to head to the church for the funeral. Kyle asked if anyone would come to pay their respects to his mother. Jack couldn’t answer that. Meanwhile, at the church, Lauren was the first to arrive. She looked up and saw Adam walk in. He wanted to pay his respect to Diane before everyone else arrived. Lauren suggested that he stay but Adam said that he knew that people wouldn’t like him being there, after all he had little friends there. Lauren suggested he stay anyway.

Victoria and Nick had coffee together at Crimson Lights. She was still shaking off her mood regarding Billy not being there. Nick suggested they do something else together but Victoria said she was going to head to the funeral. She said she wanted to be there for Kyle since his uncle, Billy, could not be. Nick gave his sis his new cell phone number, telling her that he got it changed to avoid constant telemarketers calling. Victoria was set to go get ready but Nick said that he’d go in her place at the funeral. When she left, he received a call: the mystery person played the recorded message again of Nick threatening to kill Diane.

Deacon showed up at Restless Style. He wanted Phyllis to know that he saw her and Diane arguing and then her chasing Diane through the park holding a rock. She wanted to know if he was trying to get something off of her, but he told her that he only wanted one thing from her: a date with her. He said he was attracted to her and wanted a date. Phyllis scoffed at his demand but they were interrupted when staffer came in. He told her he’d call her to see what they could do.

Detective Mauro let Ronan and Paul know that a security camera was stolen from the park. They both figured it was during the night of Diane’s murder. Ronan suggested they go to the funeral to see who would or wouldn’t show up. In the meantime, back at Ashley’s suite, she opened up an envelope as was shocked to see a photograph of her at the park during the night she confronted Diane.

Jack learned from Kyle that he hid his Harvard class ring when the police were over searching his home. As they were set to head to the funeral, others were already coming. Michael wasm’t pleased to see Adam there but Lauren told him that she suggested he stay; they needed to all show support for Kyle. Ronan and Paul arrived, followed by Victor. Victor approached Adam and continued to point the finger at him, while Adam did the same thing.

Ashley found Nick and told him about the photograph. From a distance Tucker watched the two of them, as well as Phylllis. Ronan approached Nick and Ashley. He told Nick that he has his phone records and knows that he called Ashley during the night of the crime. Across from them, Tucker told Abby that he knows that she was the one that went to Ronan on him and that nobody would believe her. He promised that despite her trying to get him in trouble, he’d remain quiet about her running him down.

The funeral got under way. Jack was first to go up and speak about Diane. He told him that while Diane was gone, she was very much with him through Kyle. Michael also shared words for his friend. When the funeral wrapped up, Ronan caught everyone off guard by having them stay. He started to list off the things he found while processing the crime scene. He mentioned that there were footprints, jewelry and a key that were found. He also tossed out that he knows based off of Diane’s phone records, she called a good half of those in the room to see her that night. Ronan asked if those there are willing to put their trust in someone that could be setting them up to take the fall to cover their own tails. He left, obviously doing what he set out to do: making each person very nervous.

Kyle and Jack went back into the church to have a private moment to say good-bye to Diane. Victor approached and handed a picture of the three of them together. Kyle hugged and thanked Victor and followed Lauren to get the condolences book, Alone, Victor taunted Jack about the custody of Kyle. Jack said he wasn’t going to allow that to happen. Victor walked away and Jack softly cursed Diane for trying to keep Kyle away from him, even in death.

Phyllis questioned Nick and Ashley’s sudden need to talk to one another; Tucker did the same with Ashley. Adam confronted Paul and Ronan, wanting the letter that would clear him from the SEC scandal. When Ronan questioned him about the large sums of money in a Swiss bank account, Adam got huffy and said they’d be talking to his lawyer. Paul and Ronan both readied themselves to see who else would draw attention to themselves.

On the Next The Young and the Restless

  • Phyllis chatises Daniel and Lily’s closeness
  • Jill wants to talk with Cane
  • Genevieve and Colin get closer than close

Y&R Recap: Monday, August 15, 2011


(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — “The Young and the Restless” Episode Recap – Monday, August 15, 2011.


Lauren and Michael are at Crimson Lights together. Kevin tells them that he and Chloe broke up. Michael wanted to go talk to him but Lauren suggested they give him some time. Picking up the newspaper, they talked about Diane’s murder. Lauren commented on how hard it must be for Kyle to deal with losing his mother. As for Kyle, he and Jack are at home. He wanted to see the place where his mother was killed but Jack didn’t think it was a good idea. When the young boy got upset, Jack agreed to take him there to the park.

Nina was at Gloworm getting coffee when she spotted Ronan. When she snarkily wished him a happy birthday, Ronan requested her not to wish him one. Nina expressed her anger at how he used both her and Chance and left town. She was unable to continue talking to him and left him before he could muster a word to her.

Katherine showed up at Tucker’s demanding to know what Ashley and he were up to. When Tucker asked her what she was talking about, she told him about how Ashley agreed to have their marriage annulled as long as Katherine left his company alone. Tucker at first didn’t believe her, but when Katherine accused Ashley of doing it to get something in return, he grew angry. Meanwhile, Abby went to see Ashley and learned that she and Tucker weren’t together. She was happy that she was away from him and assumed that Ashley would be ending the marriage. When Abby realized that her mother was hesitant, she blurted out that she believed that Tucker killed Diane. She told her about the poison sumac rash on his arm and continued to deduce that he killed Diane after she blabbed about the one night stand. Ashley told her that there was no proof of that, but Abby told her mother she was going to tell the police about it.

At the park, a heartbroken Kyle wanted to know what his mother did to make someone want to kill her. Jack was unable to answer that question, but tried his best to comfort his son. They soon headed over to Crimon Lights where they ran into Michael. He offered his condolences to Kyle. When Jack got a phone call, he stepped away. Alone with Michael, Kyle wanted to know why everyone hated his mother. Jack returned and told Kyle that they could head to Diane’s suite to collect his belongings. Before letting them leave, Michael offered to do the funeral arrangements.

Nina returned back to the Chancellor mansion and saw Paul there. He was there to meet Katherine on his search for Tucker’s son. Things became tense between the two of them. Paul wanted to know if they should just realize that things weren’t working out between them as a couple. She softened a bit, and the two talked. He received a call from Ronan, who wanted to see him at the police station. Nina told Paul she had seen him and wondered if it were wrong to have such distain for her son. Paul comforted her with a hug. Nina told him she missed her best friend.

At the police station, Ronan questioned Detective Muro about leaking the crime scene photographs. She told him that her department would never do that. He didn’t believe her. Abby walked in at that moment and told Ronan that she had to tell him about Tucker. She told him about the poison sumac on his arm and his constant use of calamine lotion to try to get rid of the itch. She also brought up his affair with Diane and how he had perfect opportunity and reason to murder her. Ronan took that into account and decided to pay Tucker a visit.

Katherine told a concerned Neil about her wanting to regain complete control of Jabot. He said it would be tricky to do but she told him that she wanted to make sure she saved Tucker from himself no matter what. Neil left to go talk it over with the board. When he returned back to the restaurant, he told Katherine that they were very concerned with her proposal but were willing to take the gamble.

Ashley returned to Tucker’s suite. He quetioned her about her agreement to annul the marriage. She told him that she did it because she didn’t want him to lose everything he worked for. She in turn told him that she was aware that he confessed his affair with Diane to Abby. He admitted to being the cause of Abby spiraling out of control. He told her that he was a better man because of her, willing to change his ways. Ashley, however didn’t know if she could believe him. While they were talking, Ronan arrived, wanting to question Tucker a bit more. Ashley left the two of them alone. Ronan immediately started questioning him about his bandaged arm. Tucker continued to lie that it was carpal tunnel. He didn’t believe him. Tucker told him that if he didn’t have a warrant of any kind, he could leave. As he was departing, Ronan told Tucker that calamine lotion can’t cure the rash he has.

Katherine returned home to find Paul and Nina together. Nina left the two of them alone. Paul filled Katherine in on what he’s found out so far about Tucker’s son. Paul grew concerned when Katherine wanted to keep going further with the search for Tucker’s son, without filling him in.

A park employee came to the police station to report that ther security camera was stolen. Mauro took down the information, realizing that the camera was here at the time of the murder. It is shown that a mysterious person has the camera hooked up to a laptop, looking at footage of Ashley the night of her confrontation with Diane.

Abby is Gloworm having a drink when she suddenly has a flash of memory. She remembers being in the Genoa City Athletic Club washing dirt off of her hands.

Jack and Kyle went to Diane’s hotel suite. Ronan told them that they gathered whatever evidence they needed to, but they could gather up whatever items belonged to Kyle or what he wanted as a rememberance of his mother. When Kyle eyed the various slogan phrased pillows on the couch, Ronan told him that if he wanted to take them with him, he could. Kyle commented that he he’s never seen those pillows before in Diane’s suite.

On the Next The Young and the Restless

  • Deacon corners Phyllis with what he knows
  • Kyle hides evidence that could incriminate Jack
  • All suspects attend the funeral of Diane Jenkins

Details are slowly trickling in from Prospect Park, the new production company that will be handling production and distribution of “All My Children” and “One Life to Live” once both series complete their runs on ABC.


Donna Svennevik/ABC

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — According to Gina Tognoni during Saturday’s “Girl’s Night Out” event during the “One Life to Live” Fan Club Weekend, her character Kelly Cramer will be departing Llanview on Wednesday, August 24, when Kelly decides to return to London to be closer to her son Zane. Meanwhile, Tom Degnan‘s Joey Buchanan may not be far behind.

In a soon to be published interview with Soap Opera Network, Degnan explains that Joey finally has the woman he loves in his life and he doesn’t plan on giving her up this time, which is why Joey leaves town to be with his lady.

Before Kelly leaves town, however, look for her, Joey, and the rest of the Buchanan clan pay tribute to Asa (played by the late Phil Carey) on the four year anniversary of his death. In addition, look for her to help her fellow Cramer girls give Dorian (Robin Strasser) a proper sendoff as she exits Llanview to launch her Senate campaign.

Tognoni was honored by “One Life to Live” Executive Producer Frank Valentini and show cast and crew as she taped her final scenes on the ABC soap back on June 24.

OLTL Recap: Tuesday, August 16, 2011

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — “One Life to Live” Episode Recap – Tuesday, August 16, 2011.

Donna Svennevik/ABC


Viki and the two possible Todds are stunned to see John arrive with someone from the past who can unlock the mystery of who is the real Todd Manning. At EOD, Viki and the two possible Todds anxiously wait to hear the rest of the story, and especially to find out which man is actually Todd.

John follows up on the DNA test. He and Brody have an awkward moment when Brody is caring for Liam, but John remains stoic and accepts that Liam is not his son. Later, Brody tells Liam he needs to neutralize Todd, who knows the truth about Liam’s paternity, and then his future creating a family with Natalie will be secure.

Meanwhile, Natalie asks John if she can have the blank tape held in evidence in the Gigi’s death; she wants to give it to Delphina so the psychic can tell her more about t he cryptic statements she keeps making to Natalie about the father of her child.

Rex runs a search on “Spotted Pony,” the words Delphina received from Gigi. Unable to find anything that makes sense, Rex again sees Gigi, this time at Capricorn. He follows her and bumps into David, who sees he’s researching Spotted Pony and knows what it means. At Cutter’s urging, Aubrey makes a play for newly wealthy Rex, but Rex is nowhere near ready to move on. Aubrey mentions to Cutter that Rex is researching something called Spotted Pony and Cutter has an odd reaction.

Kelly tells Joey she needs to return to London to be closer to her son. Joey wants to go with her.

Dorian and David’s discussion of their past crimes leads to lovemaking and their repeated vow to be together forever. When David is called away for a meeting with his manager, Dorian receives a mysterious phone call.

On the Next One Life to Live

  • The identity of the real Todd Manning is unveiled.
  • Delphina and Roxy try to contact Gigi’s spirit.
  • Dorian makes the decision to run for the Senate.

Edward Herrera/ABC

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — “All My Children” Episode Recap – Tuesday, August 16, 2011.


David tells Angie he does everything he does with only the though of what it can get him. Saving lives boosts his ego and that’s all there is to it. Angie thinks there’s more to the story, he does what he does because he wants to be loved. David is surprised when Marissa pulls him into a hug. She thanks him for saving Zach and Dixie and tells him that his acceptance of her and Bianca’s relationship means a lot to her. David calls Krystal out on stroking his ego. Krystal asks David if he saved their daughter (Babe) too. He takes him leave without answering her question.

Ryan contemplates the odds of Zach surviving the plane explosion the witnessed and wonders how on earth David was at the right place a the right moment. Zach is unable to recall anything from the crash. Ryan is determined to get answers. Greenlee tells Ryan she wants him to drop the obsession with David and to just focus on them having each other – which is in part due to David saving her life. She tells Ryan about seeing Leo after David drugged her. Ryan consoles her and the two make love. 

Zach and Kendall share a tender reunion. Griffin interrupts to give Zach medication to fight his infection and tells Kendall he wants to examine her to make sure she’s okay. Kendall tells Griffin her heart is soaring to have her husband back. Griffin is hit. Kendall tells Griffin how much their relationship has meant to her. Griffin returns the sentiment and reaffirms that he is happy for her. Kendall stares at Zach lovingly before resting her eyes. Zach opens his eyes having heard the conversation between her and Griffin. 

Mookie tells Jesse he’s waiting for Maya to get off work when Jesse finds him lurking in the hallway. Once Alone, Mookie begins pushing Maya around. She slips and mentions giving their baby away, shocking Mookie. Mooke pushes Maya to the ground when she refuses to answer his questions. Jesse and Angie arrive at that moment and toss him out.

Marissa tells Bianca she wants to spend the night with her. The two fall into bed together and begin to make love.

On the Next All My Children

  • Greenlee corners David and asks what he did to her.
  • Someone is found dead!
  • Tad admits to Dixie the truth about his marriage to Cara.

GH Recap: Tuesday, August 16, 2011

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(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — “General Hospital” Episode Recap – Tuesday, August 16, 2011.


Coleman and Diane split up duties to counsel the romantically challenged Alexis and Mac.

Ethan discovers Anthony’s goon dangerously looming over an unconscious Siobhan. Meanwhile, Elizabeth helps Lucky come down from his high and tells him of the car accident.

Dante makes it clear that no matter the family ties, from now on he is treating Sonny as a criminal if he breaks the law. Later, Jax’s plane goes down.

Abby is greatly disturbed when she overhears two women talking about her (assuming she is a hooker) in the casino bathroom.

On the Next General Hospital

  • Lulu expresses great concern for her brother.
  • Carly visits her friend.
  • Tracy and Skye face off.


(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — As we previously reported, after nearly a decade since departing “One Life to Live,” Erin Torpey is returning to the fictional town of Llanview to shake things up with one of her former characters childhood lovers.

On Thursday, September 8, Torpey, who is best known for her portrayal of Jessica Buchanan (now played by Bree Williamson) from 1990-2003 , has a life-changing encounter with one of Jessica’s old flames that will forever alter that person’s life. Unfortunately, however, don’t expect the actress to interact with her former onscreen mom Erika Slezak (Victoria Lord) this time around. Torpey last returned to “One Life” in honor of the show’s 40th anniversary as the adult spirit of Jessica’s stillborn daughter Megan, who escorted Viki to heaven back in 2008.

“I grew up on ‘OLTL,’ and I am happy to make one last cameo as the show prepares to end its run. ‘OLTL’ was a second family to me, and it will always hold a very special place in my life,” she noted in a statement last month. Torpey taped her scenes on June 29.

It is understood the old flame is Cristian Vega, portrayed by David Fumero. Torpey’s appearance is said to coincide with the actors exit from the soap.


(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — One of the first high-profile returns announced following news of the cancellation of “All My Children” on ABC this past April was that of Carol Burnett as Verla Grubbs. Soap Opera Network has learned Burnett will mark her re-entrance into Pine Valley society on Tuesday, September 6. The comedic legend started taping her scenes this past Friday, August 12. Burnett is expected to appear in several episodes of the soap.

The 78-year-old actress originated the role of Langley Wallingford’s (Louis Edmonds)  long-lost daughter  in 1983. Burnett is a vocal fan and long-time viewer of “All My Children.” Along with her 1983 debut, Burnett reprised the role of Verla on the soap in 1995 to celebrate its 25th Anniversary and again in 2005 to celebrate its 35th Anniversary. In 1995, Burnett also hosted a prime-time special on ABC to honor her favorite daytime drama on it’s silver Anniversary.

Burnett is one of the most famous comedians of any gender of all-time. She starred on the successful CBS comedy variety show “The Carol Burnett Show” from 1967 to 1978. Burnett has guest appeared on numerous series including older favorites like “Mad About You,” “The Larry Sanders Show” and “The Gary Moore Show” to newer series like NBC’s “Law & Order: SVU,” ABC’s “Desperate Housewives” and FOX’s “Glee” She was also the first celebrity to air on a little PBS program called “Sesame Street” in 1969. The television, stage and movie actress who has earned nearly every prestigious honor available for a legend has also earned six Prime-time Emmy Awards as a performer and a producer and no less than five Golden Globe Awards as a performer.

Look for Verla to hit the Pine Valley scene with her unique sense of humor just as Erica (Susan Lucci) finds herself in the unique position of having to help deal with Opal’s (Jill Larson) man trouble.

OLTL Recap: Monday, August 15, 2011

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — “One Life to Live” Episode Recap – Monday, August 15, 2011.



John arrives with the key to the mystery. Téa and Blair compare notes as they try to puzzle out the mystery of the two Todds. Blair lets Téa know that the man with Todd’s original face kissed her. Téa’s a little jealous, but that’s nothing compared to how she feels when Blair tells her that she also kissed Todd. A fight ensues, which Tomas interrupts with shocking news that will help solve the mystery of who is the real Todd Manning.

Starr and Baz meet. Baz is stunned about everything that’s happened since he was away visiting his mother. He’s learning more and more about his own dad, while Starr is torn between two fathers. They rehearse some music and are excited by the results.

Destiny reveals to Dani that she decided against the abortion after thinking long and hard about what Matthew’s mom said. She doesn’t know if she’ll give the baby to Nora and Bo. Dani’s supportive, filling her in about the two Todds. They are both grateful for their mothers. Mrs. Evans confronts Nora about Destiny. After a raging argument, Nora apologizes. She offers an olive branch which Mrs. Evans doesn’t quite accept.

On the Next One Life to Live

  • Viki and the Todds are shocked by Irene’s arrival.
  • Kelly decides to return to London to be with Zane.
  • Dorian receives an interesting phone call.