How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of 'GH,' 'The View' and 'The Chew'; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of ‘GH,’ ‘The View’ and ‘The Chew’; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

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Y&R Recap: Friday, August 26, 2011


( — “The Young and the Restless” Episode Recap – Friday, August 26, 2011.


Phyllis wanted to know what Avery was doing in Genoa City. Avery insisted that she didn’t come because of her. Phyllis ushered her upstairs and the two women entered Avery’s suite. The minute the door closed, Adam, who was lurking, approached the door, trying to eavesdrop in on their conversation. Back inside the suite, Avery quipped that she thought Phyllis would be happy to see her younger sister. An unnerved Phyllis questioned why she was there and once again, Avery pointed out her being there was mere coincidence; she was there to take on Sharon’s case. She did admit to keeping track of Phyllis over the years. Phyllis questioned the name changed and Avery admitted that she was married at the time she went to law school. The two sisters exchanged barbs with one another. Phyllis wanted to know why she wasn’t there for her when she was in trouble. Avery shot back that she only defended those who were innocent.

Nick and Ashley met up with one another at Restless Style. Nick said that he sent the envelope to the lab to retrieve the DNA to see who was blackmailing them. Ashley was surprised when Michael showed up. Nick told her that he called him. There, the two shared what was going on. Michael stressed that they needed to come clean. Both said they had nothing to hide. They told Michael about the phone calls that Nick had been receiving and the photograph that Ashley receive. Nick said that he believed that Adam was behind both incidents.

Adam made a cryptic call to someone, telling them that he had information. After ending that phone call, he called the airport, making plans to get a flight out of Genoa City. Minutes later, Nick was at his door, demanding to be let in. Nick quickly accused Adam of messing with him and threatened to get even by seeing to it that he was convicted of Diane’s murder. Adam said he didn’t kill Diane. He told Nick to get out and slammed the door on him. He received a call from someone telling him that he couldn’t get a flight. He insisted that he needed to get on that plane.

Back in her suite, Avery wanted to know why Phyllis left when she needed her the most. Phyllis said she couldn’t stay there; she had to get away from there. She hoped Avery could understand. Phyllis went on to say that both were doing well now and that neither owed one another anything. When Phyllis walked out, Avery followed her. Phyllis wanted her to stay away from her; stressing that they not mentioned what took place. Crushed, Avery went back to her suite where she called someone to meet her at the Athletic Club to discuss Sharon’s trial.

Jill couldn’t believe that Colin was still at Gloworm. He gloated that he ordered lunch or them, even ordering up Baked Alaska, which was her favorite dessert. Jill laughed at him and told him that he couldn’t even get her favorite dessert right; hers was strawberries and cream. Baked Alaska was Genevieve’s. Colin continued to attempt to sway her but Jill was slightly uncomfortable. When lunch arrived, she said for them to eat quick so she could leave. Just then Jack and Genevieve arrived. Jill blasted him for the company he was keeping. Genevieve was insulted. Both Colin and Jack suggested to go to another restaurant, but Jill wasn’t budging to leave; nor was Genevieve. During their time at the restaurant, Jill took delight in one upping Genevieve with sending over a bottle of champagne. Genevieve hit a nerve when Jill saw her kiss Jack on several occasions. To get back at her, Jill leaned over and did the same thing. Jack told Genevieve he was aware that she was doing it all as a way to show up Colin; Colin on the other hand liked Jill messing with Genevieve. Jill finally gave up the game play and exited the restaurant. Colin shortly left too; leaving the waiter to give his bill over to Jack.

Heather was officially back on the job and Paul gave her congratulatory flowers. Although bummed to be starting at the bottom, she was glad to be working. Her first case was assisting with the Sharon Newman trial. Just then, Spencer showed up to tell Heather that Clifton suffered a heart attack. When Heather offered to take over for him. Spencer agreed to give her a chance.

At Crimson Lights, Eden was frazzled and messing up orders. Kevin thought he was working her to hard. When Heather and Paul arrived, Eden and Kevin greeted them. Heather let Eden know that she could stay at her place for a bit longer Alone at their table, Heather talked a bit about Avery Bailey Clark, letting Paul know that she was going to be tough to beat during the new trial for Sharon. Michael and Ashley arrived at the coffee shop. He stopped at Heather’s table and bemoaned about working on opposing sides in court again. When Heather and Paul headed out, Michael commented on Ashley’s silence. Ashley said that she didn’t feel comfortable chatting it up with prosecutors. After trying to convince Eden to move back in with him, he spotted an obviously frazzled Phyllis zip past him.

In D.A. Walsh’s office, Heather and he were in a meeting when Adam barged in, demanding to know why he was placed on a No Fly List. Spencer pointed out that he was involved in an ongoing murder case and also slated to testify in Sharon’s new trial. Adam pointed out that he needed to be on a flight for a new medical trial to save his eye sight. When Spencer asked if he had documentation to prove that, he passed it over. Heather called and confirmed that Adam was telling the truth. Spencer asked what they should do: Heather said they’d have to let him go. Adam quietly thanked her.

Nick met with Avery, who wanted to let him know about the upcoming trial. She knew that Sharon and he were at odds but also knew that he wasn’t one to see Sharon suffer for a crime she didn’t commit. Nick admitted he didn’t want to see that happen. When Ashley walked in, Nick abruptly cut Avery off, saying they’d have to talk later. When he approached her, he received the phone call from the lab. They said that the markers on the DNA test was that of someone that had the same Y chromosome as he did. Nick was convinced that it was Adam.

Michael approached Phyllis, asking if everything was alright. She snapped out a why would he care. Michael assured her that despite how she took Lucy from Billy and Victoria, he still cared about her. She shakily told him that her past was coming back to haunt her. When he looked puzzled, she shared that she has a sister and she was in Genoa City.

On the Next The Young and the Restless

  • Cane and Abby spot Daniel and Lily in a lip lock
  • Sharon learns that Avery is Phyllis’s sister
  • Michael asks if Phyllis has any feelings of guilt; she admits she doesn’t


( — “The Young and the Restless” Episode Recap – Thursday, August 25, 2011.


Jack wanted Noah to take up his offer to do the music for some of the Jabot cosmetics commercials that he had in mind. Noah, however, declined, obviously unsure on how his family would feel about his working with Jack and Jabot. When Noah left, Jill teased Jack a bit at being rejected. Jill received a text message from Colin. Jack pointed out to Jill that it was clear that Colin wanted to move forward, and wanted to move on with her. Jill, however, wasn’t sure but Jack pointed out that it was obvious that Colin was taking steps to end things with Genevieve to be with her.

Colin went to see Genevieve and gave her the divorce papers. He admitted that he caused her pain in their marriage and was sorry for it. When he was set to leave, Genevieve stopped him by letting him know that she confessed to Jill about their night together before he called her to call their marriage off. Colin was angry and told her he was no longer going to play into her games. After he left, Genevieve started crying.

Nick and Phyllis were at The Athletic Club together. He told her that Noah went to see Sharon. Phyllis, however, was still curious about Sharon’s new attorney. After Nick departed, Phyllis spotted Adam sitting at the bar and joined him. She started to question him on his thoughts on Sharon’s attorney. When Adam repeated her entire name, Avery Bailey Clark, he noticed that she became slightly spooked. He wanted to know why she was suddenly interested in the newcomer. Phyllis lied and said she was doing some research on a story. When Adam said he believed that Avery was way out of her league, Phyllis said she would use his statement as a quote. Adam quickly pointed out that he believed she wasn’t doing a story but wanted more on Avery. He wondered what she was to Phyllis. Phyllis attempted to cover by saying she wasn’t interested in Avery, just merely asking questions. When she headed out to her office, she promptly searched Avery Bailey Clark on her laptop and was stunned to see who it was.

Nick saw Noah at Crimson Lights and was curious how his visit with Sharon went. He admitted that things went well between them. When he shared that Sharon wanted Nick to bring Faith to see her, Nick said it wasn’t a good idea at all. Noah accused Nick of being spiteful and unwilling to forgive Sharon for her choosing Adam over him. Although Nick didn’t outright deny it, he told Noah he wanted stability for Faith and her seeing Sharon in jail would only confuse the little girl. Noah told his father that when Phyllis and Victor wronged him, he was willing to forgive and move forward; so why not for Sharon. Noah went on to hit Nick with the truth about how they were forgiving of him when he walked out on them shortly after Cassie died. Walking away from his father, Noah went to the patio area of Crimson Lights and left a message for Jack: he was going to take the Jabot job after all, regardless of what his family thought.

Avery went to see Sharon in jail, giving her the news that she got her a new trial. Sharon was speechless and appreciative. Avery said that she had a lot of work to do to prepare against D.A. Walsh, who she pointed out thought she to be unprepared. The trial would take place the following week. Avery wanted to know in detail why Sharon went to Hawaii. Sharon shared she went to Hawaii to clear Adam’s name by finding Skye. After writing down everything, Avery told Sharon to maintain her positivity because she was going forward in trying to locate Koa As they were talking, Nick arrived. Avery gathered her things and headed out, leaving them alone.

Jack went to see Genevieve. He wanted to see how she was doing, after hearing about her divorcing Colin. She figured that Jill shared the news with her. Jack wanted to be there to keep her company and cheer her up, but Genevieve said that she was more into celebrating her freedom instead. Jack said that Colin was foolish to let her out of his life. Genevieve admitted that she hadn’t made friends since being there. He offered her friendship and leaned in to kiss her. When things became heated between them, Jack wanted to go upstairs to have sex with her. Genevieve was willing but soon hesitated. She admitted that Colin was the only man that she had ever been with and she was nervous. Jack spotted the picture of Samantha on the mantle and Genevieve talked a bit about her. Jack was set to depart but Genevieve stopped him; she was ready. The two headed upstairs to have sex.

Colin arrived after calling Jill. When he arrive, he admitted to sleeping with Genevieve prior to asking her for a divorce. Jill told him that she was already aware of what happened between the two of them. She accused him of only telling her to cover himself. He apologized for his actions and told her that he still was very much in love with her. Jill, however, wasn’t interested in playing games with him. Colin once again told her that his marriage was over and that all he wanted was her.

Nick told Sharon that Noah convinced him to come see her. She was curious as to why he was there now; after all, the last time they spoke, he wished she would have stayed dead. Nick apologized for what he said to her but wanted to know why she wanted them all to believe she died. Sharon shared with her ex that she felt that everything was hopeless for her. After a few more minutes of talking, Nick suddenly stood up and walked out. He soon returned with Faith in tow. Sharon was overcome with joy at seeing her daughter.

At that Athletic Club, Avery cornered Adam, telling him to get ready; Sharon’s new trial was slated for next week. When she said that she was calling him to testify, Adam asked her why she didn’t jump at an offer to represent him. Avery pointed out she only take on those who are innocent. As Adam walked up the stairs to head to his suite, Phyllis appeared behind Avery. She wanted to know why she was in Genoa City.

On the Next The Young and the Restless

  • Nick warns Adam that he’ll expose him
  • Jill blasts Jack’s choice in company
  • Phyllis tells Michael her past is coming back to haunt her

Y&R Recap: Tuesday, August 23, 2011


( — “The Young and the Restless” Episode Recap – Tuesday, August 23, 2011.


Nick and Phyllis questioned one another about the latest company that they have been keeping. Nick told her that he talked to Deacon, and wondered what was going on with them. Phyllis scoffed and said that she was only using Deacon to get possible information on a story. She turned the tables and asked if something was going on between Nick and Ashley. Nick told her there was nothing going on.

Ashley and Tucker were at Crimson Lights together. He filled her in on his latest go-round with Katherine to take control of Jabot. Ashley thought she should leave it alone. Just then, she received a phone call from someone, requesting her to meet them. She at first told them it wasn’t a good time, but became agitated when the person on the other line was persistent. She gathered her things to leave. When she left, Tucker received a call, telling them that the judge was ready to meet with him. Meanwhile, Katherine, who was with Jack at the Athletic Club, shared the news that Tucker was filing a petition against her. She assured Jack that she had a few things in the works to keep things from going the way he wants. She received a call, letting her know that the judge was ready to meet with them.

Paul was on the phone with an editor giving them a stern lecture regarding a crime scene photo. Deacon, in usual fashion, was lurking around, trying to listen to what was going on. After Paul got off of the phone, he started to ask him on the case. A curious Paul wanted to know why he was asking. Deacon said Diane was his friend and he wanted to know if there was any leads. Paul chuckled, asking why he didn’t attend the funeral. Paul soon told Deacon if he had anything to share, he had better tell him.

Heather was stunned to see Ronan. Her mood soon turned to anger; questioning why Ronan left everyone without a care. Ronan then cut the conversation to call Nick, to tell him to come see him for more questioning. When he got off the phone, Heather snipped that he was still hiding behind the badge, rather than dealing with the way he treated everyone. She soon stormed off on him.

Tucker was trying to get a hold of Ashley but forgot her new cell phone number. He was at the courthouse in the hall, when Jack and Katherine arrived. Tucker laughed at Jack being there to support his mother, but Jack shot back that he wanted to see to it that Jabot stayed put. The two of them walked inside, leaving Tucker still trying to call Ashley. His advisor arrived and told him that it was time to go inside and get things started.

Nick and Phyllis were still lightly squabbling about the whole Ashley situation. Nick said there was nothing going on. She said if there wasn’t, then tell her what was going on. When he said that they sounded like a married couple, she backed off slightly and said that whatever she did with Deacon was her business, if what he did with Ashley was his own. Ronan called back, telling Nick to come to Gloworm immediately. Covering, Nick cryptically gave his okay. Phyllis assumed Nick was going to see Ashley. Shortly after, Nick arrived at Gloworm, as did Ashley. They both realized that Ronan summoned them both together. He showed up, more than ready to question them. He told them both that based on the phone records, they both were in the vicinity of the park the night Diane died. He went on to concoct his own scenario: that Nick, Ashley, Tucker and Phyllis were all in cahoots to kill Diane, and working hard to keep everyone’s bases covered. He told them if they didn’t tell the truth, they would be headed downtown for a few nights in jail. When he received a phone call he told them by the time he returned he better start hearing the truth from them. Alone together, Ashley and Nick worked hard at coming up with a new ‘truth’. Nick would say that he was trying to get a hold of Ashley because he needed to locate Abby, while Ashley would claim that she never got the call because of her dropping her phone and someone picking it up in the park. They both said they would have to inform Phyllis and Tucker of the new alibi.

At the competency hearing, both Tucker and Katherine argued their sides as to why the other shouldn’t be in control over Tucker’s company. Katherine felt that he wasn’t ready to take on the challenges since his accident and needed time to heal. Tucker, however, argued that he did everything that was required of him: occupational and physical therapy, and that his progress should be proven in the medical documentation. The judge said he would look over everything and come back shortly. Jack worried that Tucker was definitely back on the mend, but Katherine wasn’t so sure.

Heather met with Paul. She told about her seeing Ronan. He shared that he was aware that Ronan was back in Genoa City and that he was selected to take on the murder case of Diane. She was upset to know that he was aware of his being back in town but not share the news with her. Paul told Heather that he primarily took on helping Ronan with the case in some effort to make sure that he was doing the job accordingly and to find out why he left to begin with. She suggested that Paul set up a meeting with D.A. Walsh. When he arrived, Heather worked her way into getting him to have her be the one to closely work with Ronan, making sure that he did his job accordingly and to get a sure arrest and conviction. Walsh agreed and gave her the job.

Deacon showed up at Restless Style, still trying to worm his affections on Phyllis. Phyllis asked if he enjoyed blackmailing Amber into having sex with him. Deacon seriously thought that he and Phyllis would make a good pair, but Phyllis laughed in his face. She picked up her phone and stated she had to answer a text. She texted Nick, requesting him to get back to the magazine quick.

Ronan went back to the police station, where he took out a recorder from his backpack. Sitting at his desk he played the conversation that Ashley and Nick had while he was gone. He was more than certain after hearing their lies, that they, along with Phyllis and Tucker, were the ones that could have killed Diane.

The judge returned after reviewing the medical records of Tucker’s progress. He was going to be in favor of having Tucker take back control of the company. Tucker’s lawyer wanted to have the Jabot transferring to Chancellor to be revoked, but Katherine sputtered that if he initially signed off on the deal to begin with, why did he suddenly want it reversed. Tucker tried to argue his way out of it, but Katherine presented the documentation. When the judge looked over the documentation, he requested that Tucker and his attorney look at it as well. The judge started to put him in the hot seat: either he’s competent or he’s not;

On the Next The Young and the Restless

  • Nick asks Phyllis if she was trying to use Deacon to make him jealous
  • Tucker wants Ashley back
  • Avery tells Adam she’s putting him in the hot seat when they new trial begins

Y&R Recap: Monday, August 22, 2011


( — “The Young and the Restless” Episode Recap – Monday, August 22, 2011.


Lily showed up at Daniel’s to apologize for pulling back from him on the night of his birthday. She went on to explain that Cane and she shared a Parisian themed romantic evening in a hotel room together, and it brought up memories for her. Daniel was very understanding and told Lily that he knew she would always have love for Cane. Lily stressed that she was ready to move on. As the two shared a tender kiss, they took things to the bedroom, where the two eventually had sex. Daniel admitted that he was caught off guard by what took place; Lily assured him that she felt that it was right.

Gloria was talking to Jeffrey about putting Deacon on the lunch shift to draw in more business from the women that were drawn to him. Phyllis walked in and started to pry to find out Deacon’s hours for the month of August so far. Gloria immediately refused to help give Phyllis information after she spotted the date on the newspaper Phyllis was holding. She realized that Phyllis was trying to pin Diane Jenkins murder on Deacon. With nothing to go on, Phyllis vowed to herself another way to be done with Deacon Sharpe.

Deacon was at the Genoa City Athletic Club when Nick arrived. Approaching his table, Nick wanted to know why he was suddenly interested in keeping company with Phyllis. Deacon asked him if it was wrong for him to turn to a friend, but Nick shot back that he didn’t think Deacon was a true friend to Phyllis. He went on further to bring up how he helped ruin his mother’s sobriety. Not phased by Nick’s words, Deacon pointed out that he was no better: after all he and Victor both turned their backs on Diane. Nick realized that Deacon was assuming that he had something to do with her death and told him he was with Phyllis that night.

Ronan, who was at Gloworm was setting out to leave when he spotted Heather walking in and taking a seat. Walking up to her, he got her attention. She was surprised to see him standing in front of her.

Adam was sitting at a table at Crimson Lights, working at his laptop when a angry Noah approached him. He wanted to know where the evidence was to clear Sharon. He made a curt comment at Noah and went on to tell the young man that Sharon was responsible for her own situation. Noah told Adam that it was Sharon that went on the line to prove his innocence by going to Hawaii to find Skye, and now he was turning his back on her. Not missing a beat, Adam told Noah that while he was working hard to help Sharon day and night, visiting her in jail, Noah was nowhere there to support her. He questioned when the last time he went to go see her. Adam pointed out that he did everything to help her, only for her to turn to Sam for comfort instead. An annoyed Noah realized that Adam was jealous and it was the reason for him withholding the memory card to clear Sharon’s name.

Phyllis was busy writing her dirt on Deacon at Restless Style when he showed up. He teased her for having so many secrets. He shared that he talked to Nick and realized that the two of them were covering for one another: Nick wasn’t with her all night as he claimed to have been. When he tried to insinuate that Nick could have done something to Diane on the night she died, Phyllis barked that he keep Nick out of what was going on with them. He told her that while they may have a ‘connection’ that keeps him from going to the cops on her, he couldn’t guarantee that he could keep quiet about Nick. He bluntly made the suggestion that she dress sexy for a night out with him so they could discuss it. When he left, a nervous Phyllis muttered to herself that she couldn’t chance writing dirt on Deacon, since it would damage the alibi Nick had.

An unannounced Sam showed up at Victoria’s, inquiring about her apartment above her garage. She was surprised that Victor was the one that told him about her place to begin with. Sam went on to explain that he needed a place to stay, since he would be taking care of some veterinarian duties for a short period time. Victoria realized that Sam was the one that Sharon met in New Mexico, and she became topic of discussion between the two of them. He admitted to Victoria that he planned on staying until he could help prove Sharon’s innocence. Impressed by him, Victoria offered the apartment to him.

Noah was still peeved at his encounter with Adam when Nick approached him. Noah told him about his confrontation with Adam, and the comment he made about not being there for Sharon. He admitted that he was still bitter that she let everyone think she was dead. Nick advised Noah to talk to her and to eventually forgive her. When Nick said he’d hope that Noah would be supportive of him if the tables were reversed, Noah quipped that he doubt he’d ever do anything to get put in jail. When Noah departed, Nick remembered the blocked phone call that he got the threatening comment he made at Diane; he then remembered the text message from the mystery person that stated: “Like father, like son…like prison?”

Avery went to see Sharon in prison. She instantly noticed a change in Sharon and was pleasantly surprised by it. Sharon shared that Victor stopped by and gave her some sound advice. Avery mentioned Sam and Sharon smiled. She then asked if she had any leads in play, but Avery told her that she was still working on it. She told Sharon not to give up or be down, even if things seemed to work slowly. When Avery left, Adam showed up. Sharon wanted to know why he was there. Adam told her that Avery was questioning him and figured if Sharon wanted to ask him something, she could do it to his face. Sharon assumed Adam was there because he knew she was the one person that believed in him. She went on to tell him that she knew he couldn’t walk away from her. Adam, however told Sharon that he was by far over her. Like clockwork, when Sharon told Adam that there was nothing between her and Sam, Sam walked in. Adam called Sharon a liar and walked out, tossing at Sam that Sharon was all his now.

Victor was at the ranch when Ronan and the police rang his doorbell. Victor wanted to know what they were doing there and Ronan told him that they were there to search his house for a pair of size 111/2 shoes. Ronan pointed out that the shoes in question had left an impression in the mud at the time of Diane’s death. Victor said he didn’t recall any shoes and didn’t keep track of all the shoes he had. When Ronan showed Victor the receipt from Fenmore’s for the pair of shoes they were looking for, Victor, still not flinching, admitted that he bought shoes but didn’t like them nor recall even putting them on. Going toe-to-toe with him, Ronan showed a picture of Victor wearing the shoes. The police officers took cue to start looking in the house to search for the evidence. When they came back to tell him that they couldn’t find the shoes, Ronan wanted to know where Victor was at the time of Diane’s murder. Just then, out of the blue, Victoria walked in and told Ronan that her father was with her. Not believing her, Ronan started to grill her on why she hadn’t told that to begin with. Victoria snipped that she was already going through a rough time with her husband leaving her, she didn’t feel the need to add any further embarrassment to herself. Victor instructed Ronan to leave. Alone with his daughter, he told Victoria she didn’t need to give a false alibi when they both knew they had nothing at all to hide.

On the Next The Young and the Restless

  • Phyllis questions what’s up between Nick and Ashley
  • Paul advises Deacon to tell whatever he knows about Diane’s death
  • Nick and Ashley tell Ronan they have something to tell him


( — A look at what’s happening on “The Young and the Restless” during the week of August 22, 2011.


Sam decides to stay put and is offered Victoria’s apartment above the garage on, Monday, August, 22. On the same day, Ronan and Heather see one another. Paul has a few questions for Deacon, Tuesday, August 23. Evidence continues to build up around Adam. Thursday, August 25, Jack continues to pine over Genevieve and on Friday, August 26, Jill sees Genevieve and Jack together.

The Inside Story: Tucker and Katherine Battle for Jabot
Tucker nervously gets ready for the competency hearing. Tucker is more than determined to keep Katherine from getting control over Jabot, while Katherine plans on using whatever tactics she can to push Tucker out. After everything has been put out on the table, the judge is set to rule in Tucker’s favor to keep control over Jabot, but Katherine blocks the decision when she pulls out the bill of sale. Tucker is furious and points out that Katherine is doing this just to stay in power. With the evidence presented to him, the judge begins to reviews the documentation. With Tucker’s back against the wall, he has two options: tell the judge that Katherine tricked him or back out and have the company placed in her hands. Tucker, refusing the lose the company, tells the judge that Katherine played him. The judge decides to hold off on making a decision right away, which in turn puts Jabot’s fate in uncertainty.

A Closer Look: Adam’s Actions Continue to Plague Sharon
After learning that Adam destroyed the memory card that contained evidence to clear Sharon, Noah confronts him, demanding answers. After going at it with one another about abandoning Sharon when she needed help the most, Adam takes a pot shot and tells Noah that if anyone abandoned Sharon, it was him, pointing out that he has barely gone to see Sharon since being sentenced. Meanwhile, Avery tells Sharon that while she hasn’t found anything yet to help clear her name, she’s still doing some investigating. Later on, Adam goes to the jail to pay Sharon a visit. Sharon continues to plead her case with him where Sam is concerned. She stresses that there is nothing between her and Sam. When Sam show up, also to see Sharon, Adam calls Sharon a liar.

What To Watch

  • Avery has a surprising connection to Phyllis
  • A pair of missing shoes are searched for at the ranch
  • Ashley and Nick have a confession to make

The Young and the Restless News and Headlines

  • Peter Porte has been cast as Paul and Isabella’s son, Ricky Williams. Porte’s first air date is Tuesday, September 13
  • Genie Francis has another project in the works and will briefly depart the show but will return
  • Debbi Morgan is joining the cast of the show. Her slated air date is to be sometime in September


  • Genevieve and Jill compete for a place in Jabot
  • Chloe and Ronan’s relationship takes another turn
  • Cane debates if he should leave Genoa City for good


  • Genevieve will head out of town for a little while
  • A woman of mystery has interesting connections to Katherine, Neil and Sofia
  • While Lily tries her best to cut Cane out of her life, it’s obvious that love is still there for the two of them
  • Reconciliation could be thwart by new issues for Victoria and Billy
  • By Thanksgiving, several romances may come back into bloom
  • Adam continues to be a problem for Sharon
  • Paul’s son, Ricky Williams heads for Genoa City

Y&R Recap: Thursday, August 18, 2011


( — “The Young and the Restless” Episode Recap – Thursday, August 18, 2011.


Lily was upset that Cane broke his word about staying away from her and the babies. He told her not to blame the nanny, he happened to come upon them but he wasn’t going to turn away from seeing his children; he missed and loved them. Lily stressed to them that their relationship was over with. He understood but it was clear that he missed her. While still in the park, a man approached Cane and served him with divorce papers.

Daniel was still waiting for Lily to return back to Jimmy’s bar. He wondered what was taking her so long. Eden and Kevin were keeping him company when Noah, Hunter and Devon walked in. Eden wasn’t pleased at seeing the pretty blonde near her ex-boyfriend. Noah introduced Hunter to Kevin and Daniel, and they all wished Daniel a happy birthday.

Katherine was with Paul at the house discussing what he’s found out regarding Tucker’s long lost son. He told her based on the forensic analysis, they have a good chance of learning the timeframe of the actual letter. Paul deduced that Tucker’s son had to be around the age of 26. Paul, however, warned Katherine not to get too happy on what he’s found out so far; it was still a long shot in finding her grandson. As they were talking, Paul discussed that the mother of Tucker’s son was someone that may not have been just a one- time fling.

Colin assumed that Jill would be pleased with him that he was proving that he loved her by telling Genevieve that their marriage was over. Jill, however, didn’t buy it. She thought it was all an act to win her over. When he got up to leave, Katherine arrived and chastised Jill for hanging around him. Katherine sat down and Jill told Katherine that she wasn’t at all with him. Meanwhile back at her house, still seething in anger at Colin’s bombshell, Genevieve was nursing her hurt hand, vowing that that Colin wouldn’t be leaving her; it would be the other way around.

Tucker was doing his best to go over business documents when Sofia arrived. She brought over new contracts for him. He was telling her that he was making progress in understanding a bit more clearly. He, however did become frustrated at still needing help. Their conversation took on a personal note when Tucker admitted that Ashley and he weren’t on good terms. Sofia in turn shared that Malcolm and her were no longer together, either. She told him about the baby possibly not being his and admitted to have slept with Neil.

Cane met Colin at Crimson Lights. His father wanted him to go spend some time with Genevieve. Cane didn’t want to do that, but when Colin told him that he was going to divorce her, he immediately jumped on him for doing it just to get closer to Jill. Once again, Colin stressed for Cane to go see his mother, telling him that she’s going to need someone to lean on. Cane agreed and headed over there. When he arrived, Genevieve came down the stairs and figured that Colin was the one that sent him to check up on her. Cane told her he was aware of the divorce. A bitter Genevieve told her son that she didn’t need anything from the likes of her husband. Cane told her that being divorced from Colin was the best thing for him. She shot back if he would feel the same way when Lily ended their marriage. He got upset and was ready to leave when she stopped him. She learned that Lily in fact did serve him with divorce papers. Meanwhile, Colin met with his divorce lawyer, determined to get things moving on ending his marriage.

Lily made her way back to Jimmy’s and privately told Daniel about her run in with Cane. He thought that she would want to have some private time to herself, but she told him that she wanted to celebrate his birthday with him. After they enjoyed birthday cake with their friends, the two of them departed. She took him to a private suite at the Athletic Club. Daniel became flustered, not realizing that Lily was truly ready to move forward with what was going on between the two of them. She soon started to kiss them, and they were ready to have sex with one another. As things started to heat up, Lily suddenly started to think about her times of sex with Cane and instantly pulled back, telling Daniel that she couldn’t go through with it.

Devon asked Hunter if she had her internship yet with Restless Style but she said even when it came through, she would still need a job to cover the cost of living there. Noah found a sure solution by telling her that there was a job opening at Crimson Lights for a barista. When he gushed how they could spend more time together while she was working there, a jealous Eden quickly blocked the girl’s joy by telling her that the job was no longer available. She told a crushed Hunter that she took the job. Kevin skeptically went along with it but pulled his sister to the side and questioned her suddenly wanting the job. She said she changed her mind but Kevin said she only did it because she didn’t want to see Noah getting closer to Hunter.

Paul called Katherine and let her know that he found several pictures of Tucker and a woman together. He wondered if the woman could be the one that is kept her son from him. He told her that he would be looking into who the woman was.

Cane entered Jimmy’s to pick up his check. Devon asked him why he was there if it was his night off. When Cane told him, a skeptical Devon asked if he know that Lily was going to be there. Cane said he didn’t know she would even be there. A nerve was hit when Devon told him that Lily and Daniel left the bar together.

Katherine and Jill were still together at Gloworm when Genevieve showed up. Jill told her that if she was there to talk about Colin divorcing her, it had nothing to do with her. Genevieve coolly shared that before he made his phone call to end his marriage, hours earlier, he was with her, having sex together. Jill didn’t believe her. Genevieve told her whether they got divorced or not, Colin would never be over her.

On the Next The Young and the Restless

  • Abby insisted that Ashley end her marriage to Tucker
  • Deacon backs Phyllis in a corner with Ashley and Nick present
  • Avery wanted to know why Adam destroyed evidence to clear Sharon

Y&R Recap: Wednesday, August 17, 2011


( — “The Young and the Restless” Episode Recap – Wednesday, August 17, 2011.


Sam went to see Sharon in the jail visitation area. Avery showed up to meet them. Sam told her that it would be hard for her to get anywhere with Adam but thought the best place to start would be with Phyllis, who was keeping tabs on him from the very beginning. Sharon disagreed with that idea, pointing out that Phyllis would do anything to twist things and pretty much couldn’t be trusted. Sam said it was worth a shot.

Phyllis ran into Daniel at Crimson Lights and wished him a happy birthday. It was obvious things were tense between the two of them. She wanted to do something with him but he declined. Lily arrived at that moment and asked Daniel if he was ready to go celebrate. Phyllis wasn’t pleased that the they wre together, and started listing off how it was a bad idea, since she was still married. Lily told her that she was getting a divorce. The two of them left before Phyllis could have anything else to say.

Kevin was at Gloworm with Eden when Gloria spotted them, instantly going into mother mode. She wanted to cheer him up since it was his anniversary of being married to Jana. He told her he was doing just fine. When she mentioned Chloe, he broke the news that they were not together anymore. She tried to play match-maker but a freaked Kevin said he didn’t need anyone in his life. He and Eden quickly exited the restaurant.

Across the way, Cane was on his way out when Jill approached him. She wanted him to sit with her and talk. She admitted that while she was still heartbroken and angry at how he treated her, she missed him. She shared the news about Chance and Billy, on how she was unable to talk to him, and admitted that she missed talking with him. He apologized for what he put her through and promised to not do it to her again. While she admitted she was a fool to trust him again, she would slowly let him back into her life, but if he ever betrayed her, it would be over.

Colin went to see Genevieve. He wanted to know if the two of them could have a truce; he no longer wanted all of their fighting to give people more reason to hate them. Genevieve pointed out that he brought out all of his troubles on himself. As for Colin, he wanted to know if she was going to continue to punish him for Samantha’s death. The two exchanged heated barbs with one another. He snatched her by the arm and the two fell into a heated kiss. When she pulled away and attempted to walk upstairs, he cornered her again, kissing her. The two soon headed upstairs to have sex.

Phyllis was back at Restless Style when one of her co-workers told her about a man coming by to see her. Phyllis assumed that it was Deacon but was wrong when Sam appeared, asking her to come see Sharon with him. She balked at the idea, but went anyway. When she got there, Sharon was less than pleased to see her. While Phyllis admitted that she didn’t believe that Sharon killed anyone, she took her to task on her lack of mothering skills, especially to hook up with Sam and let all believe she was dead. Sam tried to get them back on the actual subject at hand: helping clear her name. When Phyllis got a bit antsy, Sam told her to be patient and wait for Avery, Sharon’s D.A. to come back. Meanwhile, Avery clearly wasn’t in any rush to head back to the jailhouse to meet up to hear what Phyllis had to say.

At Jimmy’s Daniel and Lily were settling in for a quiet time together for her birthday. While she stepped away, Eden and Kevin arrived. Daniel was surprised at how much she’s changed. Kevin felt awful for forgetting his birthday, but Daniel understood. Eden joined them and set up a birthday karaoke party for all of them. They all got ready to set up things when Lily got a call. The nanny called to ask about Maddie’s blanket and Lily headed out to go give it to her. While she was on her way, Cane, who was in the park, spotted the nanny with Maddie and Charlie. He started to talk to them and bond with them, telling them how much he missed the two of them. It was at that moment Lily showed up, wanting to know why he was there with the kids. Back at Jimmy’s, after singing some karaoke, Daniel started to wonder where Lily was, unaware that she was detained dealing with Cane.

Colin showed up at Gloworm and wanted to know how Jill was doing. She commented that he just missed his son. Colin quipped how it was nice that she was making amends with Cane and wondered if she would ever feel the same way about him. Jill told him that wasn’t going to happen. Colin continued to profess how much he loved her and in an attempt to prove it, called Genevieve to tell her that he was divorcing her. After getting off the phone with him, Genevieve, who was at the house, went into a fit of rage, destroying the house.

On the Next The Young and the Restless

  • Katherine wants to know what Jill is doing talking to Colin
  • Cane is served divorce papers in front of Lily
  • Lily and Daniel get ready to take their rekindled relationship to the next level

Y&R Recap: Tuesday, August 16, 2011


( — “The Young and the Restless” Episode Recap – Tuesday, August 16, 2011.


Paul and Ronan looked over the latest evidence: the pillows that were placed in Diane’s room. They both wondered if the killer was dropping out clues. Abby arrived and asked if they arrested Tucker yet. Ronan said no, more evidence was needed. When he suggested she wear a wire, she balked.

Tucker stopped at Ashley’s suite with her mail. She told him that she was going to go to the funeral for Diane. He said they should go together. He wanted her to come back home but she wasn’t moving back. She said she didn’t know how they could go forward after the way he treated Abby and placed a rift between the two of them.

Jack and Kyle were getting ready to head to the church for the funeral. Kyle asked if anyone would come to pay their respects to his mother. Jack couldn’t answer that. Meanwhile, at the church, Lauren was the first to arrive. She looked up and saw Adam walk in. He wanted to pay his respect to Diane before everyone else arrived. Lauren suggested that he stay but Adam said that he knew that people wouldn’t like him being there, after all he had little friends there. Lauren suggested he stay anyway.

Victoria and Nick had coffee together at Crimson Lights. She was still shaking off her mood regarding Billy not being there. Nick suggested they do something else together but Victoria said she was going to head to the funeral. She said she wanted to be there for Kyle since his uncle, Billy, could not be. Nick gave his sis his new cell phone number, telling her that he got it changed to avoid constant telemarketers calling. Victoria was set to go get ready but Nick said that he’d go in her place at the funeral. When she left, he received a call: the mystery person played the recorded message again of Nick threatening to kill Diane.

Deacon showed up at Restless Style. He wanted Phyllis to know that he saw her and Diane arguing and then her chasing Diane through the park holding a rock. She wanted to know if he was trying to get something off of her, but he told her that he only wanted one thing from her: a date with her. He said he was attracted to her and wanted a date. Phyllis scoffed at his demand but they were interrupted when staffer came in. He told her he’d call her to see what they could do.

Detective Mauro let Ronan and Paul know that a security camera was stolen from the park. They both figured it was during the night of Diane’s murder. Ronan suggested they go to the funeral to see who would or wouldn’t show up. In the meantime, back at Ashley’s suite, she opened up an envelope as was shocked to see a photograph of her at the park during the night she confronted Diane.

Jack learned from Kyle that he hid his Harvard class ring when the police were over searching his home. As they were set to head to the funeral, others were already coming. Michael wasm’t pleased to see Adam there but Lauren told him that she suggested he stay; they needed to all show support for Kyle. Ronan and Paul arrived, followed by Victor. Victor approached Adam and continued to point the finger at him, while Adam did the same thing.

Ashley found Nick and told him about the photograph. From a distance Tucker watched the two of them, as well as Phylllis. Ronan approached Nick and Ashley. He told Nick that he has his phone records and knows that he called Ashley during the night of the crime. Across from them, Tucker told Abby that he knows that she was the one that went to Ronan on him and that nobody would believe her. He promised that despite her trying to get him in trouble, he’d remain quiet about her running him down.

The funeral got under way. Jack was first to go up and speak about Diane. He told him that while Diane was gone, she was very much with him through Kyle. Michael also shared words for his friend. When the funeral wrapped up, Ronan caught everyone off guard by having them stay. He started to list off the things he found while processing the crime scene. He mentioned that there were footprints, jewelry and a key that were found. He also tossed out that he knows based off of Diane’s phone records, she called a good half of those in the room to see her that night. Ronan asked if those there are willing to put their trust in someone that could be setting them up to take the fall to cover their own tails. He left, obviously doing what he set out to do: making each person very nervous.

Kyle and Jack went back into the church to have a private moment to say good-bye to Diane. Victor approached and handed a picture of the three of them together. Kyle hugged and thanked Victor and followed Lauren to get the condolences book, Alone, Victor taunted Jack about the custody of Kyle. Jack said he wasn’t going to allow that to happen. Victor walked away and Jack softly cursed Diane for trying to keep Kyle away from him, even in death.

Phyllis questioned Nick and Ashley’s sudden need to talk to one another; Tucker did the same with Ashley. Adam confronted Paul and Ronan, wanting the letter that would clear him from the SEC scandal. When Ronan questioned him about the large sums of money in a Swiss bank account, Adam got huffy and said they’d be talking to his lawyer. Paul and Ronan both readied themselves to see who else would draw attention to themselves.

On the Next The Young and the Restless

  • Phyllis chatises Daniel and Lily’s closeness
  • Jill wants to talk with Cane
  • Genevieve and Colin get closer than close

Y&R Recap: Monday, August 15, 2011


( — “The Young and the Restless” Episode Recap – Monday, August 15, 2011.


Lauren and Michael are at Crimson Lights together. Kevin tells them that he and Chloe broke up. Michael wanted to go talk to him but Lauren suggested they give him some time. Picking up the newspaper, they talked about Diane’s murder. Lauren commented on how hard it must be for Kyle to deal with losing his mother. As for Kyle, he and Jack are at home. He wanted to see the place where his mother was killed but Jack didn’t think it was a good idea. When the young boy got upset, Jack agreed to take him there to the park.

Nina was at Gloworm getting coffee when she spotted Ronan. When she snarkily wished him a happy birthday, Ronan requested her not to wish him one. Nina expressed her anger at how he used both her and Chance and left town. She was unable to continue talking to him and left him before he could muster a word to her.

Katherine showed up at Tucker’s demanding to know what Ashley and he were up to. When Tucker asked her what she was talking about, she told him about how Ashley agreed to have their marriage annulled as long as Katherine left his company alone. Tucker at first didn’t believe her, but when Katherine accused Ashley of doing it to get something in return, he grew angry. Meanwhile, Abby went to see Ashley and learned that she and Tucker weren’t together. She was happy that she was away from him and assumed that Ashley would be ending the marriage. When Abby realized that her mother was hesitant, she blurted out that she believed that Tucker killed Diane. She told her about the poison sumac rash on his arm and continued to deduce that he killed Diane after she blabbed about the one night stand. Ashley told her that there was no proof of that, but Abby told her mother she was going to tell the police about it.

At the park, a heartbroken Kyle wanted to know what his mother did to make someone want to kill her. Jack was unable to answer that question, but tried his best to comfort his son. They soon headed over to Crimon Lights where they ran into Michael. He offered his condolences to Kyle. When Jack got a phone call, he stepped away. Alone with Michael, Kyle wanted to know why everyone hated his mother. Jack returned and told Kyle that they could head to Diane’s suite to collect his belongings. Before letting them leave, Michael offered to do the funeral arrangements.

Nina returned back to the Chancellor mansion and saw Paul there. He was there to meet Katherine on his search for Tucker’s son. Things became tense between the two of them. Paul wanted to know if they should just realize that things weren’t working out between them as a couple. She softened a bit, and the two talked. He received a call from Ronan, who wanted to see him at the police station. Nina told Paul she had seen him and wondered if it were wrong to have such distain for her son. Paul comforted her with a hug. Nina told him she missed her best friend.

At the police station, Ronan questioned Detective Muro about leaking the crime scene photographs. She told him that her department would never do that. He didn’t believe her. Abby walked in at that moment and told Ronan that she had to tell him about Tucker. She told him about the poison sumac on his arm and his constant use of calamine lotion to try to get rid of the itch. She also brought up his affair with Diane and how he had perfect opportunity and reason to murder her. Ronan took that into account and decided to pay Tucker a visit.

Katherine told a concerned Neil about her wanting to regain complete control of Jabot. He said it would be tricky to do but she told him that she wanted to make sure she saved Tucker from himself no matter what. Neil left to go talk it over with the board. When he returned back to the restaurant, he told Katherine that they were very concerned with her proposal but were willing to take the gamble.

Ashley returned to Tucker’s suite. He quetioned her about her agreement to annul the marriage. She told him that she did it because she didn’t want him to lose everything he worked for. She in turn told him that she was aware that he confessed his affair with Diane to Abby. He admitted to being the cause of Abby spiraling out of control. He told her that he was a better man because of her, willing to change his ways. Ashley, however didn’t know if she could believe him. While they were talking, Ronan arrived, wanting to question Tucker a bit more. Ashley left the two of them alone. Ronan immediately started questioning him about his bandaged arm. Tucker continued to lie that it was carpal tunnel. He didn’t believe him. Tucker told him that if he didn’t have a warrant of any kind, he could leave. As he was departing, Ronan told Tucker that calamine lotion can’t cure the rash he has.

Katherine returned home to find Paul and Nina together. Nina left the two of them alone. Paul filled Katherine in on what he’s found out so far about Tucker’s son. Paul grew concerned when Katherine wanted to keep going further with the search for Tucker’s son, without filling him in.

A park employee came to the police station to report that ther security camera was stolen. Mauro took down the information, realizing that the camera was here at the time of the murder. It is shown that a mysterious person has the camera hooked up to a laptop, looking at footage of Ashley the night of her confrontation with Diane.

Abby is Gloworm having a drink when she suddenly has a flash of memory. She remembers being in the Genoa City Athletic Club washing dirt off of her hands.

Jack and Kyle went to Diane’s hotel suite. Ronan told them that they gathered whatever evidence they needed to, but they could gather up whatever items belonged to Kyle or what he wanted as a rememberance of his mother. When Kyle eyed the various slogan phrased pillows on the couch, Ronan told him that if he wanted to take them with him, he could. Kyle commented that he he’s never seen those pillows before in Diane’s suite.

On the Next The Young and the Restless

  • Deacon corners Phyllis with what he knows
  • Kyle hides evidence that could incriminate Jack
  • All suspects attend the funeral of Diane Jenkins


( — A look at what’s happening on “The Young and the Restless” during the week of August 15, 2011.


Katherine does what she wants when she decides to regain complete control of Jabot on Monday, August 15. On that same day, Nina and Paul both admit how much they miss one another’s friendship. Kevin has a shoulder to lean on when Lauren comforts him after his break-up with Chloe. Despite still being attracted to Cane, Lily and Daniel take their friendship to the bedroom and have sex. On Wednesday, August 17, Sam meets with Phyllis to get some help in regards to Sharon, and on Friday, August 19, Avery has some questions for Adam regarding the evidence he was supposed to have.

The Inside Story: The Usual Suspects in the Hot Seat
Kyle wants to know from Jack who disliked Diane. Jack tries to comfort his son, but he wants to see where she was killed. Some time later, while in Diane’s room, Ronan questions Jack and Kyle. Kyle comments on the strange pillows in Diane’s room, stating that he’s never seen those before while Diane was staying there. After Ronan is done with his questions, he leaves Jack and Kyle alone. Kyle admits to him that he knew that they were looking for his Harvard ring, so he hid it from them. Meanwhile, Michael wants to take on the responsibility of organizing a funeral for Diane. All suspects and very few friends attend the funeral but keep their words of distain of Diane on pause for Kyle’s sake. With the funeral underway, Michael is peeved to see Adam showing up. Lauren quickly tells her husband that she suggested that he come. Another unwanted guest arrives: Ronan. During the service, Jack, Michael and Victor each take to the front of the church to speak on Diane; each coming up with what a good mother she was to Kyle. When the service ends, Kyle is taken out of the church and Ronan immediatel get the ball rolling by talking on the incriminating evidence he’s found so far in the investigation. Each person possible of the crime soon start to point the finger at others. Later on, Abby manages to overhear Michael discussing the key found in Diane’s mouth, with Victor. She starts to panic that the key could be the one to unlock the video confession she made. She soon finds herself talking with Ashley and is gleeful when her mother tells her that she and Tucker aren’t together. Her mood soon sours, however, when she tells her daughter that while they are not together, their marriage isn’t over. Abby lashes out and says that for all they know, Tucker to be the one that did Diane in. She takes it a step further by going to Ronan and spilling the beans on Tucker. Ronan is interested when she tells him about the rash he has been trying to cure with calamine lotion. When Ronan is done listening to Abby, he soon goes to over to talk to Tucker, who quickly lies about his rash. When Ashley learns that Abby was the one that threw Tucker under the bus, she and her daughter have it out. While everyone is busy to cover their tracks, the mysterious person continues to play mind games with those Diane texted. Nick continues to be nervous as to who could be the one that has the recording of him threatening Diane. Ashley, on the oher hand, receives a photograph of Diane and her at the bridge. As for Phyllis, Deacon makes it known that he has the goods on her. He reveals that he saw her that night chasing after Diane through the park. He happily admits to an annoyed Phyllis that he is blackmailing her: he wants them to go out. As Phyllis is dealing with Deacon, Nick and Ashley slowly start to draw closer to one another regarding who’s toying with them.

A Closer Look: Genevieve Continues to Pull Colin
Colin, tired of fighting with Genevieve, heads over to her house, regquesting that the two of them form a truce of sorts. He points out that they needs to salvage their already damaged reputations due to their constant public fights. The two soon find themselves getting into yet another argument and the argument turns to passion when they have sex with one another. Afterward, Colin refuses to believe that it meant anything to him, causing Genevieve to become infuriated. After leaving, Colin goes right over to Jill’s to bed for another chance with her. To prove that he loves her and only her, he tells Jill that he is divorcing Genevieve. Not believing him, Jill calls him out on his latest omission. In an effort to win her over, he calls his wife to tell her it’s over. Not wanting him to get the last word, Genevieve tells Colin he’s not going to dump her but she’ll do it to him. Getting off of the phone with him, she trashes her room. Once she cools down, Genevieve takes herself over to Jill’s house, determined to make her next move.

What To Watch

  • Paul is puzzled when Kay doesn’t want to keep Tucker in the loop regarding his son
  • Nick and Phyllis continue to draw suspicion to themselves
  • Lily continues to keep Cane at bay, but lets Daniel get closer to her

The Young and the Restless News and Headlines

  • Peter Porte has been cast as Paul and Isabella’s son, Ricky Williams. Porte’s first air date is Tuesday, September 13
  • Genie Francis has another project in the works and will briefly depart the show but will return
  • Debbi Morgan is joining the cast of the show. Her slated air date is to be sometime in September


  • Someone in Genoa City has a connection to the new D.A., Avery
  • It’s another round for Tucker and Katherine over Jabot
  • Lily and Daniel continue to get closer, but Cane isn’t giving up


  • Genevieve will head out of town for a little while
  • A new lady comes into Neil’s life
  • While Lily tries her best to cut Cane out of her life, it’s obvious that love is still there for the two of them
  • Reconciliation could be thwart by new issues for Victoria and Billy
  • By Thanksgiving, several romances may come back into bloom
  • Adam continues to be a problem for Sharon
  • Genevieve plays herself in the middle of Jack and Victor’s latest battle

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