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Y&R Recap: Friday, August 26, 2011

"The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap - Friday, August 26, 2011.

HOME / Recaps / Y&R Recap: Friday, August 26, 2011


Y&R Recap: Friday, August 26, 2011

"The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap - Friday, August 26, 2011.

( — “The Young and the Restless” Episode Recap – Friday, August 26, 2011.


Phyllis wanted to know what Avery was doing in Genoa City. Avery insisted that she didn’t come because of her. Phyllis ushered her upstairs and the two women entered Avery’s suite. The minute the door closed, Adam, who was lurking, approached the door, trying to eavesdrop in on their conversation. Back inside the suite, Avery quipped that she thought Phyllis would be happy to see her younger sister. An unnerved Phyllis questioned why she was there and once again, Avery pointed out her being there was mere coincidence; she was there to take on Sharon’s case. She did admit to keeping track of Phyllis over the years. Phyllis questioned the name changed and Avery admitted that she was married at the time she went to law school. The two sisters exchanged barbs with one another. Phyllis wanted to know why she wasn’t there for her when she was in trouble. Avery shot back that she only defended those who were innocent.

Nick and Ashley met up with one another at Restless Style. Nick said that he sent the envelope to the lab to retrieve the DNA to see who was blackmailing them. Ashley was surprised when Michael showed up. Nick told her that he called him. There, the two shared what was going on. Michael stressed that they needed to come clean. Both said they had nothing to hide. They told Michael about the phone calls that Nick had been receiving and the photograph that Ashley receive. Nick said that he believed that Adam was behind both incidents.

Adam made a cryptic call to someone, telling them that he had information. After ending that phone call, he called the airport, making plans to get a flight out of Genoa City. Minutes later, Nick was at his door, demanding to be let in. Nick quickly accused Adam of messing with him and threatened to get even by seeing to it that he was convicted of Diane’s murder. Adam said he didn’t kill Diane. He told Nick to get out and slammed the door on him. He received a call from someone telling him that he couldn’t get a flight. He insisted that he needed to get on that plane.

Back in her suite, Avery wanted to know why Phyllis left when she needed her the most. Phyllis said she couldn’t stay there; she had to get away from there. She hoped Avery could understand. Phyllis went on to say that both were doing well now and that neither owed one another anything. When Phyllis walked out, Avery followed her. Phyllis wanted her to stay away from her; stressing that they not mentioned what took place. Crushed, Avery went back to her suite where she called someone to meet her at the Athletic Club to discuss Sharon’s trial.

Jill couldn’t believe that Colin was still at Gloworm. He gloated that he ordered lunch or them, even ordering up Baked Alaska, which was her favorite dessert. Jill laughed at him and told him that he couldn’t even get her favorite dessert right; hers was strawberries and cream. Baked Alaska was Genevieve’s. Colin continued to attempt to sway her but Jill was slightly uncomfortable. When lunch arrived, she said for them to eat quick so she could leave. Just then Jack and Genevieve arrived. Jill blasted him for the company he was keeping. Genevieve was insulted. Both Colin and Jack suggested to go to another restaurant, but Jill wasn’t budging to leave; nor was Genevieve. During their time at the restaurant, Jill took delight in one upping Genevieve with sending over a bottle of champagne. Genevieve hit a nerve when Jill saw her kiss Jack on several occasions. To get back at her, Jill leaned over and did the same thing. Jack told Genevieve he was aware that she was doing it all as a way to show up Colin; Colin on the other hand liked Jill messing with Genevieve. Jill finally gave up the game play and exited the restaurant. Colin shortly left too; leaving the waiter to give his bill over to Jack.

Heather was officially back on the job and Paul gave her congratulatory flowers. Although bummed to be starting at the bottom, she was glad to be working. Her first case was assisting with the Sharon Newman trial. Just then, Spencer showed up to tell Heather that Clifton suffered a heart attack. When Heather offered to take over for him. Spencer agreed to give her a chance.

At Crimson Lights, Eden was frazzled and messing up orders. Kevin thought he was working her to hard. When Heather and Paul arrived, Eden and Kevin greeted them. Heather let Eden know that she could stay at her place for a bit longer Alone at their table, Heather talked a bit about Avery Bailey Clark, letting Paul know that she was going to be tough to beat during the new trial for Sharon. Michael and Ashley arrived at the coffee shop. He stopped at Heather’s table and bemoaned about working on opposing sides in court again. When Heather and Paul headed out, Michael commented on Ashley’s silence. Ashley said that she didn’t feel comfortable chatting it up with prosecutors. After trying to convince Eden to move back in with him, he spotted an obviously frazzled Phyllis zip past him.

In D.A. Walsh’s office, Heather and he were in a meeting when Adam barged in, demanding to know why he was placed on a No Fly List. Spencer pointed out that he was involved in an ongoing murder case and also slated to testify in Sharon’s new trial. Adam pointed out that he needed to be on a flight for a new medical trial to save his eye sight. When Spencer asked if he had documentation to prove that, he passed it over. Heather called and confirmed that Adam was telling the truth. Spencer asked what they should do: Heather said they’d have to let him go. Adam quietly thanked her.

Nick met with Avery, who wanted to let him know about the upcoming trial. She knew that Sharon and he were at odds but also knew that he wasn’t one to see Sharon suffer for a crime she didn’t commit. Nick admitted he didn’t want to see that happen. When Ashley walked in, Nick abruptly cut Avery off, saying they’d have to talk later. When he approached her, he received the phone call from the lab. They said that the markers on the DNA test was that of someone that had the same Y chromosome as he did. Nick was convinced that it was Adam.

Michael approached Phyllis, asking if everything was alright. She snapped out a why would he care. Michael assured her that despite how she took Lucy from Billy and Victoria, he still cared about her. She shakily told him that her past was coming back to haunt her. When he looked puzzled, she shared that she has a sister and she was in Genoa City.

On the Next The Young and the Restless

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  • Sharon learns that Avery is Phyllis’s sister
  • Michael asks if Phyllis has any feelings of guilt; she admits she doesn’t

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