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Y&R Recap: Monday, August 22, 2011

"The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap - Monday, August 22, 2011.

Y&R Recap: Monday, August 22, 2011

"The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap - Monday, August 22, 2011.

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — “The Young and the Restless” Episode Recap – Monday, August 22, 2011.


Lily showed up at Daniel’s to apologize for pulling back from him on the night of his birthday. She went on to explain that Cane and she shared a Parisian themed romantic evening in a hotel room together, and it brought up memories for her. Daniel was very understanding and told Lily that he knew she would always have love for Cane. Lily stressed that she was ready to move on. As the two shared a tender kiss, they took things to the bedroom, where the two eventually had sex. Daniel admitted that he was caught off guard by what took place; Lily assured him that she felt that it was right.

Gloria was talking to Jeffrey about putting Deacon on the lunch shift to draw in more business from the women that were drawn to him. Phyllis walked in and started to pry to find out Deacon’s hours for the month of August so far. Gloria immediately refused to help give Phyllis information after she spotted the date on the newspaper Phyllis was holding. She realized that Phyllis was trying to pin Diane Jenkins murder on Deacon. With nothing to go on, Phyllis vowed to herself another way to be done with Deacon Sharpe.

Deacon was at the Genoa City Athletic Club when Nick arrived. Approaching his table, Nick wanted to know why he was suddenly interested in keeping company with Phyllis. Deacon asked him if it was wrong for him to turn to a friend, but Nick shot back that he didn’t think Deacon was a true friend to Phyllis. He went on further to bring up how he helped ruin his mother’s sobriety. Not phased by Nick’s words, Deacon pointed out that he was no better: after all he and Victor both turned their backs on Diane. Nick realized that Deacon was assuming that he had something to do with her death and told him he was with Phyllis that night.

Ronan, who was at Gloworm was setting out to leave when he spotted Heather walking in and taking a seat. Walking up to her, he got her attention. She was surprised to see him standing in front of her.

Adam was sitting at a table at Crimson Lights, working at his laptop when a angry Noah approached him. He wanted to know where the evidence was to clear Sharon. He made a curt comment at Noah and went on to tell the young man that Sharon was responsible for her own situation. Noah told Adam that it was Sharon that went on the line to prove his innocence by going to Hawaii to find Skye, and now he was turning his back on her. Not missing a beat, Adam told Noah that while he was working hard to help Sharon day and night, visiting her in jail, Noah was nowhere there to support her. He questioned when the last time he went to go see her. Adam pointed out that he did everything to help her, only for her to turn to Sam for comfort instead. An annoyed Noah realized that Adam was jealous and it was the reason for him withholding the memory card to clear Sharon’s name.

Phyllis was busy writing her dirt on Deacon at Restless Style when he showed up. He teased her for having so many secrets. He shared that he talked to Nick and realized that the two of them were covering for one another: Nick wasn’t with her all night as he claimed to have been. When he tried to insinuate that Nick could have done something to Diane on the night she died, Phyllis barked that he keep Nick out of what was going on with them. He told her that while they may have a ‘connection’ that keeps him from going to the cops on her, he couldn’t guarantee that he could keep quiet about Nick. He bluntly made the suggestion that she dress sexy for a night out with him so they could discuss it. When he left, a nervous Phyllis muttered to herself that she couldn’t chance writing dirt on Deacon, since it would damage the alibi Nick had.

An unannounced Sam showed up at Victoria’s, inquiring about her apartment above her garage. She was surprised that Victor was the one that told him about her place to begin with. Sam went on to explain that he needed a place to stay, since he would be taking care of some veterinarian duties for a short period time. Victoria realized that Sam was the one that Sharon met in New Mexico, and she became topic of discussion between the two of them. He admitted to Victoria that he planned on staying until he could help prove Sharon’s innocence. Impressed by him, Victoria offered the apartment to him.

Noah was still peeved at his encounter with Adam when Nick approached him. Noah told him about his confrontation with Adam, and the comment he made about not being there for Sharon. He admitted that he was still bitter that she let everyone think she was dead. Nick advised Noah to talk to her and to eventually forgive her. When Nick said he’d hope that Noah would be supportive of him if the tables were reversed, Noah quipped that he doubt he’d ever do anything to get put in jail. When Noah departed, Nick remembered the blocked phone call that he got the threatening comment he made at Diane; he then remembered the text message from the mystery person that stated: “Like father, like son…like prison?”

Avery went to see Sharon in prison. She instantly noticed a change in Sharon and was pleasantly surprised by it. Sharon shared that Victor stopped by and gave her some sound advice. Avery mentioned Sam and Sharon smiled. She then asked if she had any leads in play, but Avery told her that she was still working on it. She told Sharon not to give up or be down, even if things seemed to work slowly. When Avery left, Adam showed up. Sharon wanted to know why he was there. Adam told her that Avery was questioning him and figured if Sharon wanted to ask him something, she could do it to his face. Sharon assumed Adam was there because he knew she was the one person that believed in him. She went on to tell him that she knew he couldn’t walk away from her. Adam, however told Sharon that he was by far over her. Like clockwork, when Sharon told Adam that there was nothing between her and Sam, Sam walked in. Adam called Sharon a liar and walked out, tossing at Sam that Sharon was all his now.

Victor was at the ranch when Ronan and the police rang his doorbell. Victor wanted to know what they were doing there and Ronan told him that they were there to search his house for a pair of size 111/2 shoes. Ronan pointed out that the shoes in question had left an impression in the mud at the time of Diane’s death. Victor said he didn’t recall any shoes and didn’t keep track of all the shoes he had. When Ronan showed Victor the receipt from Fenmore’s for the pair of shoes they were looking for, Victor, still not flinching, admitted that he bought shoes but didn’t like them nor recall even putting them on. Going toe-to-toe with him, Ronan showed a picture of Victor wearing the shoes. The police officers took cue to start looking in the house to search for the evidence. When they came back to tell him that they couldn’t find the shoes, Ronan wanted to know where Victor was at the time of Diane’s murder. Just then, out of the blue, Victoria walked in and told Ronan that her father was with her. Not believing her, Ronan started to grill her on why she hadn’t told that to begin with. Victoria snipped that she was already going through a rough time with her husband leaving her, she didn’t feel the need to add any further embarrassment to herself. Victor instructed Ronan to leave. Alone with his daughter, he told Victoria she didn’t need to give a false alibi when they both knew they had nothing at all to hide.

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