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Y&R Recap: Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap - Tuesday, August 23, 2011.

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Y&R Recap: Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap - Tuesday, August 23, 2011.

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — “The Young and the Restless” Episode Recap – Tuesday, August 23, 2011.


Nick and Phyllis questioned one another about the latest company that they have been keeping. Nick told her that he talked to Deacon, and wondered what was going on with them. Phyllis scoffed and said that she was only using Deacon to get possible information on a story. She turned the tables and asked if something was going on between Nick and Ashley. Nick told her there was nothing going on.

Ashley and Tucker were at Crimson Lights together. He filled her in on his latest go-round with Katherine to take control of Jabot. Ashley thought she should leave it alone. Just then, she received a phone call from someone, requesting her to meet them. She at first told them it wasn’t a good time, but became agitated when the person on the other line was persistent. She gathered her things to leave. When she left, Tucker received a call, telling them that the judge was ready to meet with him. Meanwhile, Katherine, who was with Jack at the Athletic Club, shared the news that Tucker was filing a petition against her. She assured Jack that she had a few things in the works to keep things from going the way he wants. She received a call, letting her know that the judge was ready to meet with them.

Paul was on the phone with an editor giving them a stern lecture regarding a crime scene photo. Deacon, in usual fashion, was lurking around, trying to listen to what was going on. After Paul got off of the phone, he started to ask him on the case. A curious Paul wanted to know why he was asking. Deacon said Diane was his friend and he wanted to know if there was any leads. Paul chuckled, asking why he didn’t attend the funeral. Paul soon told Deacon if he had anything to share, he had better tell him.

Heather was stunned to see Ronan. Her mood soon turned to anger; questioning why Ronan left everyone without a care. Ronan then cut the conversation to call Nick, to tell him to come see him for more questioning. When he got off the phone, Heather snipped that he was still hiding behind the badge, rather than dealing with the way he treated everyone. She soon stormed off on him.

Tucker was trying to get a hold of Ashley but forgot her new cell phone number. He was at the courthouse in the hall, when Jack and Katherine arrived. Tucker laughed at Jack being there to support his mother, but Jack shot back that he wanted to see to it that Jabot stayed put. The two of them walked inside, leaving Tucker still trying to call Ashley. His advisor arrived and told him that it was time to go inside and get things started.

Nick and Phyllis were still lightly squabbling about the whole Ashley situation. Nick said there was nothing going on. She said if there wasn’t, then tell her what was going on. When he said that they sounded like a married couple, she backed off slightly and said that whatever she did with Deacon was her business, if what he did with Ashley was his own. Ronan called back, telling Nick to come to Gloworm immediately. Covering, Nick cryptically gave his okay. Phyllis assumed Nick was going to see Ashley. Shortly after, Nick arrived at Gloworm, as did Ashley. They both realized that Ronan summoned them both together. He showed up, more than ready to question them. He told them both that based on the phone records, they both were in the vicinity of the park the night Diane died. He went on to concoct his own scenario: that Nick, Ashley, Tucker and Phyllis were all in cahoots to kill Diane, and working hard to keep everyone’s bases covered. He told them if they didn’t tell the truth, they would be headed downtown for a few nights in jail. When he received a phone call he told them by the time he returned he better start hearing the truth from them. Alone together, Ashley and Nick worked hard at coming up with a new ‘truth’. Nick would say that he was trying to get a hold of Ashley because he needed to locate Abby, while Ashley would claim that she never got the call because of her dropping her phone and someone picking it up in the park. They both said they would have to inform Phyllis and Tucker of the new alibi.

At the competency hearing, both Tucker and Katherine argued their sides as to why the other shouldn’t be in control over Tucker’s company. Katherine felt that he wasn’t ready to take on the challenges since his accident and needed time to heal. Tucker, however, argued that he did everything that was required of him: occupational and physical therapy, and that his progress should be proven in the medical documentation. The judge said he would look over everything and come back shortly. Jack worried that Tucker was definitely back on the mend, but Katherine wasn’t so sure.

Heather met with Paul. She told about her seeing Ronan. He shared that he was aware that Ronan was back in Genoa City and that he was selected to take on the murder case of Diane. She was upset to know that he was aware of his being back in town but not share the news with her. Paul told Heather that he primarily took on helping Ronan with the case in some effort to make sure that he was doing the job accordingly and to find out why he left to begin with. She suggested that Paul set up a meeting with D.A. Walsh. When he arrived, Heather worked her way into getting him to have her be the one to closely work with Ronan, making sure that he did his job accordingly and to get a sure arrest and conviction. Walsh agreed and gave her the job.

Deacon showed up at Restless Style, still trying to worm his affections on Phyllis. Phyllis asked if he enjoyed blackmailing Amber into having sex with him. Deacon seriously thought that he and Phyllis would make a good pair, but Phyllis laughed in his face. She picked up her phone and stated she had to answer a text. She texted Nick, requesting him to get back to the magazine quick.

Ronan went back to the police station, where he took out a recorder from his backpack. Sitting at his desk he played the conversation that Ashley and Nick had while he was gone. He was more than certain after hearing their lies, that they, along with Phyllis and Tucker, were the ones that could have killed Diane.

The judge returned after reviewing the medical records of Tucker’s progress. He was going to be in favor of having Tucker take back control of the company. Tucker’s lawyer wanted to have the Jabot transferring to Chancellor to be revoked, but Katherine sputtered that if he initially signed off on the deal to begin with, why did he suddenly want it reversed. Tucker tried to argue his way out of it, but Katherine presented the documentation. When the judge looked over the documentation, he requested that Tucker and his attorney look at it as well. The judge started to put him in the hot seat: either he’s competent or he’s not;

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