How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of 'GH,' 'The View' and 'The Chew'; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of ‘GH,’ ‘The View’ and ‘The Chew’; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

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B&B PreVUE: Week of September 26 Edition

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( – - A look at what’s happening on “The Bold and the Beautiful” during the week of September 26, 2011.


Bill continues to scheme with Liam and Hope’s relationship and uses Steffy to do it. Liam gets a sexy surprise by the end of his bachelor party. Rick (Jacob Young) is back from Paris and later witnesses a sordid act of betrayal. Rick and Marcus share an awkward moment over Amber. Thorne and Taylor celebrate her new power of position in Forrester. Unable to contact Ridge, Taylor shares her happy news with Brooke instead.

  • Monday, September 26 - Accusations fly and words of warning are issued when Katie corners Steffy; Brooke and Eric are excited when their son returns home from Paris.
  • Tuesday, September 27 - Rick decides to play detective when he accidentally sees something; Bill recruits an unlikely ally to hinder Liam from returning home from his bachelor party.
  • Wednesday, September 28 - While two couples revel in their passion, love and romance, another couple is blindsided by people who don’t have their best intentions at heart.
  • Thursday, September 29 - An unexpected proposal of marriage is made; Unaware of recent events, Ridge and Brooke talk about the differences between their daughters.
  • Friday, September 30 - Hope makes an important decision; a couple makes love for the first time.

Gilles Toucas

( – – A look at what’s happening on “The Bold and the Beautiful” during the week of August 29, 2011.


Liam chafes at Hope’s restraint. Bill and Katie note Liam and Hope’s lack of happiness about their upcoming nuptials. The Logan sisters realize that Liam is full of sexual frustration. Steffy hopes to express her affections towards Liam with sex. When Hope refuses to put her plans to go to Paris on hold, Katie and Donna are prompted to keep Steffy under surveillance. Bill shows Nick and Jackie his plans to capsize Forrester Creations. Hope tells the press in Paris that she’s not having sex until she’s married.

  • Monday, August 29 – Hope catches Steffy making a play for her fiance and warns her to stay away from him; Ridge and Brooke discuss both of their daughters happiness.
  • Tuesday, August 30 – Newly engaged, Liam and Hope have very different thoughts about sex; Liam is disappointed when he learns of Hope’s plans to travel to Paris for the debut of her line.
  • Wednesday, August 31 – The Logan sisters band together on a “stop Steffy” campaign; Brooke makes a critical decision about Hope after meeting with Katie and Donna.
  • Thursday, September 1 – Hope’s request of Liam causes frustration and temptation; Bill presents an “unstoppable” business plan for Jackie M. to Nick and Jackie.
  • Friday, September 2 – Hope, Eric, Thorne, and Thomas hold a “Hope for the Future” press conference in Paris; Steffy once again takes full advantage of her current situation.

Gilles Toucas

( — A look at what’s happening on “The Bold and the Beautiful” during the week of August 22, 2011.


Hope seeks advice from her mother about intimacy. Steffy wastes no time trying to get her hooks in Liam again. Dayzee and Marcus get closer. Amber tells Dayzee to back off so that she and Marcus can build a family with their child. Madison and her friend give a broken-hearted Oliver some attention at the Bikini Bar.

  • Monday, August 22 – Without giving an answer, Hope runs away from Liam after he proposes; Marcus and Thorne hold a press conference with the media.
  • Tuesday, August 23 – Ridge grills Liam about his feelings for Hope and Steffy; Marcus and Dayzee solidify their relationship.
  • Wednesday, August 24 – Oliver and Steffy bond over their failed relationships; Hope makes a difficult request of Liam in the middle of an intimate moment.
  • Thursday, August 25 – Steffy blames Brooke for being the catalyst of all her problems; Hope talks to Liam about her mother and how her decisions affected her life.
  • Friday, August 26 – Believing that fate has taken its course, Steffy tricks Liam into saying what he shouldn’t; Brooke realizes her advice backfired.

Gilles Toucas

Gilles Toucas

( – - A look at what’s happening on “The Bold and the Beautiful” during the week of August 15, 2011.


Bill gets more persuasive with Nick about buying into Jackie M, in hopes that it’ll make things up to Katie. Liam encourages Steffy to move on with her life. Hope is uncomfortable with Liam and Steffy’s “friendship”. Hope fears that her morals could cost her Liam. Hope and Steffy become a source of conflict for Brooke and Ridge.

  • Monday, August 15 - Liam saves Steffy’s life; Taylor and Ridge worry about Steffy.
  • Tuesday, August 16 - Nick tells Owen and Jackie about Bill’s offer; Steffy confides to Taylor about Liam’s act of heroism.
  • Wednesday, August 17 - Bill gives Liam a warning; Hope gets suspicious of Steffy’s sudden change in behavior towards her.
  • Thursday, August 18 - Marcus and Dayzee discuss their relationship and where Amber and baby Rose stand in their lives; Steffy taunts Hope about not having sex with Liam yet.
  • Friday, August 19 - Brooke and Taylor square off regarding their daughters; Hope debuts her new collection to a full house at a Forrester Creations fashion show.

Gilles Toucas

( – - Jacqueline Macinnes Wood makes her big screen debut this month in the 3D supernatural horror-thriller “Final Destination 5″.

Wood, who currently portrays young spitfire vixen Steffy Forrester on CBS’ “The Bold and the Beautiful”, can be seen in the fifth installment of the “Final Destination” horror film series when it hits theaters this Friday, August 12, 2011. Wood portrays Olivia, one of the survivors of a bridge collapse, who later finds herself in a dangerous predicament while going through laser eye surgery (see clip below).

“Final Destination 5″ also stars Nicholas D’Agosto (“House,” “Supernatural”), Emma Bell (“Supernatural,” “Law & Order”), David Koeschner (“Saturday Night Live,” “Hank”), P.J. Byrne (“ER,” “Desperate Housewives”), Courtney B. Vance (“FlashForward”, “The Closer”) Ellen Wroe (“Gary Unmarried,” “Huge”), Arlen Escarpeta (“American Dreams”), Miles Fisher (“Gossip Girl,” “Mad Men”), and Tony Todd (“24,” “Boston Public”).

WARNING: Clip contains material that may not be suitable for children under age 14.

Gilles Toucas

( – - A look at what’s happening on “The Bold and the Beautiful” during the week of August 8, 2011.


Liam tells Hope he’s ready to take the next step with her and doesn’t know how much longer he can wait. Ridge thinks Bill has an agenda against the Forrester family. Bill makes a decision based off guilt. Hope and Steffy exchange heated words about their feuding families.

  • Monday, August 8 – Ridge apologizes to his daughter; Katie gives Bill an ultimatum regarding their marriage.
  • Tuesday, August 9 – Bill gives Steffy bad news; Nick wants Jackie and Owen to find somewhere else to live.
  • Wednesday, August 10 – Jackie is bothered when she learns Steffy was the one who purchased her loft; Brooke and Hope support Katie.
  • Thursday, August 11 – Ridge is in both protective and defensive mode when it comes to Bill and Steffy; Liam wonders how his father will make his marriage work.
  • Friday, August 12 – The Logan’s vs. the Forrester’s heats up in regards to the Spencers; Seeking revenge on Ridge, Bill propositions Nick about being a partner at Jackie M.

B&B Recap: Tuesday, June 28, 2011

B&B Recap: Tuesday, June 28, 2011

( — "The Bold and the Beautiful" Episode Recap — Tuesday, June 28, 2011.


Liam and Bill came by the Malibu house. Amber told them that Rosie was with Marcus. Liam asked how he was handling it. Amber said he's still in shock. She then told them to get on with what they came here for, which was to give her the boot. "I'm already packed." she said. "Good." Bill replied. Liam stepped away and called Hope to tell her to come by. Hope, who was still with Steffy arguing, told her she had to go. Steffy told Hope that she didn't want her to be heartbroken over her parents reunion. Hope told Steffy that she'd be the one who ends up heartbroken because Ridge belongs with her mother, not Taylor. Meanwhile, Amber came downstairs at the Malibu house with her bags packed. Bill snarked at her. Hope arrived and Amber told her she was sorry and hoped to make it up to her some day. Bill wasn't having any of it and fiercely told her to leave. Before leaving, Amber said she's starting a new life now taking care of her precious baby. She asked them to all say prayers for her. Bill clapped with glee when she left and suggested they call a hazmat crew to come and disinfect the house. Liam was stoked when Bill told him that he and Hope could keep the keys to the house. Bill left and Liam and Hope celebrated. "I want to make this the summer of our lives." Liam said.

Dayzee stopped by Brooke's home at her request. She asked what happened with her and Ridge. Brooke didn't want to talk about it. Brooke told Dayzee that she wanted her to be on the board of her new foundation.

Over at Taylor's house, Taylor confided in Stephanie that she wanted her wedding to be small. Stephanie was to distracted to listen. Taylor asked if she was ok. Stephanie said she was. Taylor noted that Eric told her she was coughing the other night. Stephanie said she goes in for all of her check ups and that she's fine. Taylor tried to cheer Stephanie up by asking her to be her matron of honor at the wedding. Stephanie gladly accepted but wondered about Steffy. Taylor said she wanted both of them to be it. Just then, Stephanie got a call from Brooke who said she needed to talk to her. Ridge came in as Stephanie was leaving. Before leaving, Stephanie hugged him and told him she wants him to be happy. Taylor told Ridge that she thinks Stephanie's been acting strange lately. Ridge said he hasn't been paying much attention. He told Taylor that he went to see Brooke and told her about the proposal. He talked about how difficult it was. Steffy arrived home as her parents hugged. Taylor asked her daughter to be her maid of honor. Steffy accepted and was excited. Taylor told her that her Grandmother would be standing beside her. Steffy wanted to go talk with her about it but Taylor said she was with Brooke. Later, Taylor sat with Ridge, who was sullen. He said he felt like his whole world has turned upside down and that he can't hold onto his bearings. He added that he didn't know how he could cope with all this without her. Taylor said she was ready to be his wife and would marry him right now if he wanted. Ridge said soon. "I want my famiy back. I want you." he told her. They kissed.

Stephanie arrived at Brooke's, along with Nick and Jackie who were there to help with the foundation. As the meeting commenced, Jackie and Dayzee noticed Stephanie's reluctance to the idea and wondered how she could be so hesitant towards Brooke's gesture. RJ came downstairs and asked Brooke to read him the book his dad always reads him. She told him to go get the book. Brooke decided to end the meeting but asked Stephanie to stay awhile longer. Brooke told Stephanie that it's been a difficult transition for RJ. Stephanie said she'd support in any way she could. Brooke said she lies awake at night and tries to remember what happened on the island. Stephanie told her not to obsess over it. Brooke told Stephanie she was grateful and lucky to have her in her life. "You changed my life, and I will always love and respect you for that," Brooke told her. She hugged her. Stephanie looked on with a guilty face.

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    B&B Recap: Monday, June 27, 2011

    B&B Recap: Monday, June 27, 2011

    ( — "The Bold and the Beautiful" Episode Recap — Monday, June 27, 2011.


    Taylor celebrated her engagement at home with Stephanie and Steffy. Taylor couldn't believe her and Ridge are getting married again Stephanie told her that she deserves this. Later, Taylor and Stephanie sat down for tea. Taylor thanked Stephanie for the ring and said she was honored to have that Forrester heirloom. Talk shifted to Brooke and they talked about how she has no morals. Taylor said she felt vindicated and that she can finally stop worrying about Brooke coming along and ruining everything. Stephanie laughed.

    At Forrester, Thorne, Eric and Ridge worked with some models in the office. When the models stepped out, Thorne demanded Ridge to tell him why he and Brooke broke up and why Brooke left the company. Ridge said it was between him and Brooke. He then announced that he proposed to Taylor last night. Thorne got upset and told Ridge he was moving to fast and making a mistake. He stormed out. Eric told Ridge that Thorne would probably feel differently if he knew what happened between Brooke and Thomas. They talked about Brooke not being able to remember what happened and Eric said he thinks she's blocking it out. 

    At home, Brooke looked at a photo of her and Ridge together. She thought back to the previous night when Stephanie told her that Ridge proposed to Taylor. Hope came downstairs and said good morning. She could tell her mother wasn't fine and accused her of burying herself in the foundation project to hide her pain. Hope wondered why she even wanted to work with someone who hates her. Brooke said Stephanie doesn't hate her, just what she did to Thomas. Hope couldn't believe it when Brooke told her Ridge and Taylor were engaged already. She asked her mother why she was giving up so easily. Brooke told her that it's the best for Ridge. Hope told Brooke that at some point she's going to have to forgive herself. Brooke noted how disillusioned Katie and Donna were when she told them what happened with Thomas. Hope told her mother that she's not alone and that she has her family by her side on this. Later, Brooke looked at a letter from her attorney. Ridge stopped by. They talked about telling RJ about the divorce.  Ridge asked Brooke if she remember anything else about what happened on the island. Brooke said she didn't but that she won't stop trying. She said her betrayal shattered their life and dreams together. Ridge wondered if he could still call her 'Logan'. Brooke said she wouldn't want him to call her anything else. "I will always be your Logan," she told him softly. She then showed Ridge the final divorce decree that she got from her lawyer. Ridge admitted to proposing to Taylor last night. "I did what you wanted me to do," he told her. Brooke said it was hard to hear him say that but she accepts it. She told him she thinks they should get married quickly to start the healing process. She added that she will always love him and always cherish the memories they've had. Ridge took her into his arms and then kissed her before slowly walking out the door. Brooke sobbed.

    Hope came by Steffy's office and gave her some promo photos. Steffy noted how Hope's handling her parent's reunion better than she thought. Hope snapped that it's because she doesn't think it'll really happen. Steffy said that Brooke won't ruin it this time and that Ridge will never forgive her for what she did with Thomas. Hope told Steffy that she thinks Thomas is lying. Steffy accused Hope of being desperate and in denial. She said that she, her mother and Thomas all deserve happiness with their father for once and added that her mother deserves happiness more than anyone. "I think my mom deserves to be happy, to." said Hope. "Yeah your mom will be happy–with another man because my father is officially off the market," Steffy replied. Steffy told her that integrity, goodness, and loyalty win in the end and that unlike Brooke, her mother has all those things. Hope told Steffy that her "sainted" mother isn't perfect and also noted to Steffy that her mother only allegedly slept with her brother, unlike Taylor who definitely slept with her brother. Steffy yelped that her mother and Rick were in an actual relationship and that it was completely different. Hope said she was just sayin'. Steffy told her that Brooke betrayed her dad in the worst possibly way and that he'll never forgive her. Hope said that Ridge loves her mother and that he will always go back to her. "It's their destiny."

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      B&B Teasers: Week of June 27 Edition

      ( — "The Bold and the Beautiful" Teasers and Sneak Peeks for the Week of June 27, 2011.


      Dayzee starts to have trouble appeasing the good side of Stephanie she knows, with the evil side she's beginning to showcase. Brooke supports Ridge and Taylor's engagement and files for divorce. Hope's still convinced that Thomas is lying. Amber hopes that Marcus's family will help her. Bill senses a hit story brewing within the Forrester family. Felicia is back for a Forrester family event.

      • Monday, June 27 - Eric and Thorne talk with Ridge about his destroyed marriage; Steffy gloats about her parents reconcilliation until Hope gives her a reality check.
      • Tuesday, June 28 - Bill kicks Amber out of the beach house; Stephanie's guilt amplifies and begins to affect her health after Brooke makes a heartfelt request.
      • Wednesday, June 29 - Taylor fills Brooke in on her future plans with Ridge; Thomas tells Dayzee everything he's been hiding; Eric starts to wonder what's wrong with Stephanie.
      • Thursday, June 30 - Stephanie tries to justify her actions as she recalls all the terrible moments her and Brooke shared; Dayzee tries to convince Thomas to do right.
      • Friday, July 1 - Stephanie learns that Dayzee knows the secret; Taylor's bridal shower turns into an event that reveals secrets.


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        B&B Recap: Friday, June 24, 2011

        B&B Recap: Friday, June 24, 2011

        ( — "The Bold and the Beautiful" Episode Recap — Friday, June 24, 2011.


        Liam and Hope smooched in Bill's office. Hope noted how much she enjoyed kissing him without feeling miserable. Bill came in and joked that he's the only one who can get freaky in his office. Later he asked Hope for some inside info on Brooke leaving Forrester Creations. Hope said she didn't want to get into it. Bill asked her about the Stephanie Forrester Foundation. Liam asked Bill not to pressure her. Bill got called out for a meeting, but before leaving, he asked Hope to tell her mom to call him so he can get an exclusive. Liam and Hope discussed Brooke and Ridge's marriage breaking up. Hope told Liam she's worried about her mom but she can handle it as long as she has him. "With us together, what could possibly go wrong?"

        At Forrester Creations, Stephanie and Marcus discussed Amber and the baby. They both laughed about it but agreed that it'll work out. Marcus told Stephanie that he came to see Eric about giving the baby the Forrester name. He asked Stephanie's opinion on it. Later, Stephanie got a call from Steffy telling her about Ridge proposing to Taylor.

        Taylor is speechless after Ridge proposes to her. Ridge said he's home if she'll have him. Taylor accepted Ridge's proposal and they kissed. Steffy was excited about the news, while Thomas was aloof. Steffy and Thomas went outside and Steffy expressed how excited she was. Inside, Taylor told Ridge she was happy about the reunion but was nervous. She said she didn't want this to backfire on them again. Ridge said it wouldn't. "I am never going to forget that Brooke slept with our son," he told her. Taylor told Ridge that she doesn't want to set herself up for more emotional pain and told him she doesn't want to have a physical relationship with him again until they're married. Ridge said he understood. Thomas and Steffy came back inside and Ridge told Thomas that they'd work through their problems together as a family. Steffy took out the ring Stephanie told her to give to her father. Ridge took it and talked about how Stephanie used to frustrate him with all the bad things she said about Brooke. He said what he needed was always right there in front of him and told Taylor that he's taking flight to safety with her and never looking back. Ridge put the ring on Taylor's finger. They kissed.

        Donna and Katie tried to make sense of Brooke's admission that she slept with Thomas. Brooke said it didn't make sense to her either. Donna wondered how  it happened. Brooke explained all of the hallucinations she and Thomas went through and how they didn't have a care in the world at the time. She explained that she doesn't remember getting intimate with Thomas, but he does. She promised her sisters she would repair herself for the better. Later, Stephanie visited came to visit Brooke. She told her that she still wasn't comfortable with her name being used for the foundation. "Just because you've lost Ridge doesn't mean you can latch onto me," she told Brooke. Brooke told Steph that she was her inspiration and the reason she's doing all of this. Stephanie told her that she didn't want to be her inspiration and to just leave her out of it. She then switched gears and told Brooke that Ridge proposed to Taylor. Brooke put her hands over her mouth and tears started falling down her face. Stephanie shook her head and hugged Brooke.


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