Ratings: All Soaps Up in Total Viewers

Ratings Report for the Week of June 19-23, 2017

Ratings Report for the Week of June 19-23, 2017


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Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings


(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)


Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,348,000 (+195,000/-247,000)
2. B&B 3,550,000 (+133,000/-191,000)
3. GH 2,439,000 (+75,000/-296,000)
4. DAYS 2,050,000 (+31,000/-75,000)


1. Y&R 3.1/11 (+.13/-.2)
2. B&B 2.51/8 (+.06/-.16)
3. GH 1.77/6 (+.08/-.25)
4. DAYS 1.54/5 (+.04/-.05) <—— ties low (2nd straight week) *

* Rounded to 1.5


Women 18-49 Viewers
1. Y&R 478,000 (+9,000/-136,000)
2. B&B 414,000 (+34,000/-142,000)
3. GH 377,000 (+21,000/-77,000)
4. DAYS 309,000 (-21,000/-67,000)


Women 18-49 Rating
1. Y&R 0.74/7 (+.01/-.22) <——— ties low (2nd straight week) *
2. B&B 0.64/5 (+.05/-.23) <——— ties low (2nd straight week) **
3. GH 0.58/5 (+.03/-.13)<—— ties low (8th straight week) **
4. DAYS 0.48/4 (-.03/-.11) <——— ties low (2nd straight week) ***

* Rounded to 0.7
** Rounded to 0.6
*** Rounded to 0.5


Women 18-34 Viewers
1. Y&R 94,000 (-6,000/-82,000)
2. GH 89,000 (-2,000/-39,000)
3. B&B 85,000 (-11,000/-75,000)
4. DAYS 60,000 (-2,000/-28,000) <—— ties low


Women 18-34 Rating
1. Y&R 0.27 (-.02/-.25) <—— ties low (4th straight week) *
2. GH 0.26 (same/-.12)
3. B&B 0.25 (-.03/-.22)
4. DAYS 0.17 (-.01/-.09) <—— ties low (16th straight week) **

* Rounded to 0.3
** Rounded to 0.2


Women 25-54 Viewers
1. Y&R 781,000 (+28,000/-82,000)
2. B&B 671,000 (+51,000/-114,000)
3. GH 542,000 (+54,000/-88,000)
4. DAYS 402,000 (-9,000/-76,000)


Women 25-54 Rating
1. Y&R 1.28 (+.05/-.15)
2. B&B 1.1 (+.09/-.2)
3. GH 0.89 (+.09/-.15)
4. DAYS 0.66 (-.01/-.13)


Day-To-Day Ratings – HH/Total Viewers

Monday: 2.52/3,566,000
Tuesday: 2.49/3,590,000
Wednesday: 2.49/3,419,000
Thursday: 2.59/3,694,000
Friday: 2.44/3,483,000

Monday: 1.55/2,115,000
Tuesday: 1.55/2,034,000
Wednesday: 1.54/2,084,000
Thursday: 1.57/2,047,000
Friday: 1.50/1,973,000

Monday: 1.84/2,561,000
Tuesday: 1.75/2,381,000
Wednesday: 1.80/2,467,000
Thursday: 1.70/2,361,000
Friday: 1.75/2,422,000

Monday: 3.09/4,275,000
Tuesday: 3.16/4,461,000
Wednesday: 3.16/4,316,000
Thursday: 3.04/4,334,000
Friday: 3.06/4,352,000


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  • John Dylan Valdez

    GH better start getting better

  • JayTN

    A week largely devoid of any national breaking news interruptions and all four soaps increase. Both CBS soaps have their best numbers since the week of April 24. So, while some people are quick to “pooh-pooh” the notion of pre-emptions having an impact on ratings, we may have seen some evidence that pre-emptions DO indeed affect the ratings. I’m not saying that pre-emptions are the be-all-end-all for the ratings problems – notice all four soaps are also down year-to-year – but it isn’t a development that is helping the genre.

    • ctshar

      Down from last year by a big amount, only up compared to an interrupted week. We’ll know more next week, but the good news is newtworks are learning not to interrupt news except for actual news.

      • JayTN

        As I posted earlier, the CBS soaps actually had their best week in nearly two months, not just compared to an “interrupted week”.

        • ctshar

          I’m not worried about CBS, both shows are headed in the right direction IMO. I’m on GH break, so I’ve been watching BB and trying to watch YR. B&B is finally was great the last two weeks, and YR just needs to quicken up. I think both will be in good shape very soon if they listen to their audience.

    • TV&MovieBuff

      But the sad thing is it was basically only the older viewers who came back. The demos didn’t rebound a whole lot. And still all in record low range.

      The networks too me are seeming to finally do something though or are just getting desperate. Which shows me that even they are worried about there being more to these drops than just the interruptions. I mean you’ve got GH pulling out the guns and hiring back Burton and getting rid of Budig who hasn’t been accepted well by the audience.

      Days hired a new writer plus bringing back Massey and Davidson.

      B&B pulled back in fan favorite Kimberlin Brown.

      Whether they will all be stunt casting type of things is something to wait and see. The soaps have tried bringing back favorites for years now but then the story for them is just so boring. The last real return that excited me and didn’t disappoint for the longest was when GH brought back Sean Kanan. That was the most excited I have been for any story in a long time, and then it got ruined by the stupid Relish story and the return of the OLTL 3.

  • FoxyRoxyy

    Lets be positive this week. Y&R is down less than it has been recently. They’re still down a quarter million viewers in a year and down in every single demo, just not as much. Sally and Mal still have not helped the ratings at all. And she is still down from when she started in December. Other than that, it was a good week.

    • ctshar

      B&B is getting better, Y&R must be figuring out the need to quicken the story pace AND focus on its show title more. I see lots of long-term good things, Y&R has the pieces, and is just plain boring right now.

  • Vanessa Prentiss

    Cane slept with Juliet six months ago and she’s only now finding out she’s pregnant LOL. I don’t think Cane had sex with her anyway, she’s just a psycho who wanted Cane and she got some other guy to get her pregnant. I guess Lily will be falling into Jordan’s arms and a cat fight with Hilary will soon follow.

    • jonboy

      Lol 6 months in soap time is like two weeks in real time.

  • ctshar

    GH, yikes! 8th straight demo lows and anohter bad ratings week but with no interruptions this week so you’re not AS LOW in total as last week.

    Not surprising, but to avoid more GH budget cuts during the summer of sonny, mummy ava, and guest actor stories, should I root for new trump interruptions? I think GH might want some excuses before budgets are slashed too low.

    • JayTN

      …and that is why ABC was so desperate to bring back Steve Burton, even though his character has been recast. They could try and be a little less obvious, but this is ABC we are talking about. Subtlety is not their strong suit.

      • ctshar

        If the show was nearly cancelled when the sonny/jason show, I don’t get how that helps GH ratings a bit.

        I agree GH is desperate for ratings, though.

  • Salem Spectator
    • eyerollz

      For how long? Will and Kristen are returning from the dead. No one stays dead on Days unless the actor dies in real life (sometimes). Days is a mess right now. You can not even laugh at the bad writing and acting.

      • Yoryla

        lol that’s why Kristen is returning so that the show would have a chance to get back to its 2013 glory. And Kristen was never dead, they just stopped searching for her body. and Will’s killing was by Dena Higley anything she does in invalid

      • cab

        You can not say bad acting. There is one, but the rest are amazing. Days is not a mess, it is really exciting for me compared to the borefest at Y&R. Stopped watching years ago.

  • Amie

    YAYY Y&R.Its getting good thanks to Canes expose caught on tape with Juliet and now she is pregnant.But the baby is not Canes.I cant wait till Victoria fired Cane next week.Im heart broken for Lily.

    • jonboy

      Cane is such a dope. Does that actor know how to do anything but walk around looking shell shocked all the time?

  • jesse

    Good to see YR and BB up in total viewers.Enjoying Sheila also great to see the Avants,Zende,Carter,Rick.YR is holding steady in HH always willing to watch character driven s/l’s.Angelica still has her job.CBS excutives know what they were doing when they fired JFP/Pratt.I’m looking foward to the next couple of yrs for BB and YR

  • Eileen

    Y&R and B&B are safe for a 2-3 years, Gh must be kidding me with the return of Steve Burton; no doubt the Jason/Sonny lovers will tune in but I just see this as another nail in their coffin. The same played out, dated mob b.s.

    • Amie

      YESS The best news now Y&R is up total viewers now the show renew 3 more years.Amazing week.GH is out of their minds for bringing Steve back on GH.Dont tell that he will be back as Jason or someone else.Im not here for Sonny/Carly/Jason aired time.GH try to copy B&B.

    • Michelle

      B&B is only safe until next year.

    • jonboy

      It’s GH, they do this kind of stuff. If he wanted work so bad wonder why he went back there & not YnR. I don’t really care. I didn’t care for his YnR character.

  • James

    I did like seeing Morgan Fairchild on DAYS, I hope she stays as part of the new writing team. She has not lost her magic

  • TruthSquad

    Thanks SON for the early ratings and the good news all around. Also loving the new content articles. Happy holidays all.

  • BoomBoomBoomerang!

    Just thinking about the Bauer BBQ. Anyways, I’m enjoying both Y&R and B&B. These shows have stories I like for the first time in ions, it seems. Hope the other two soaps can uptick with changes going on with them. Now back to the Bauer BBQ… if only!

    • diego

      Loved the Bauer BBQ’s with Bridget and Kat up to no good.

  • daysfaux

    Alison Sweeney has already finished taping for Days. Sounds like another pointless return only to have fans disappointed again. We didn’t even see her on screen and its already confirmed she is done lol

    • deuxwills

      Got me thinking. I wonder if we will find out that Will (Chandler Massey) came back from the dead and killed Deimos. Which means he will be put in jail and written off the show until Guy Wilson makes his return as Will.

  • cab

    I think CBS and the other networks realize that these numbers from Nielson are a starting point. They know that there are viewers who watch on line or watch these programs not live through their DVRs. Yes I know that the advertisers do no really care about these numbers, but I hope the networks take them into consideration. The fact that Y&R received a 3 year renewal proves that CBS takes these numbers to heart. Primetime owes so much to the daytime serial Almost everything in primetime now has a story arc that is played out throughout the season. Primetime shows used to have one central story on one week and then have a differennt story completely different from the last episode. The only show that I can think of right now that still follows this routine is the Simpsons. Shows like Chicago Med, This Is Us, etc,.. even Agents of Shield carry a story arc throughout the season.
    Days who done it mystery and the way that it happened was rather interesting to me. Should be a good murder mystery. The drug induced Halo effects that happened that night also brings many complications to the characters. LOve Days. Keeps me in suspense.

  • padange

    Y&R had only 94,000 in W18-34. I don’t remember them being under 100,000. Why don’t they call it *an all time low*?

  • Derrick

    Just now looking at this………….Good for all soaps to go UP in total viewers and hoping it will continue ESPECIALLY DAYS!