CBS Exec Dispels Rumors of a Jason Thompson Departure from ‘Y&R’

Before news of ‘s return to “” became official, rumors began to swirl that might soon be leaving “” and his role as Billy Abbott, and possibly be heading back to Port Charles as Dr. Patrick Drake. But not so fast!

In a tweet by a fan directed at “Y&R” executive producer and CBS Daytime honcho , which said, “Just know that y’all lucky to have talent like Jason Thompson on ur show and y’all better not let him go ya hear ,” McDaniel cleared things up for all fans of the soap and actor when she said, “JT is incredible” with the hashtag .

It’s understood that fans were seemingly worried about the status of the actor following an alleged survey sent out by Sony Pictures Television, producers of the soap, asking fans for their thoughts on Thompson’s portrayal of Billy Abbott, among other questions about the soap opera.

With McDaniel’s tweeted response, any doubt on where Thompson stands in Genoa City can now be put to rest.

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  • TruthSquad

    Glad they are keeping Jason Thompson. I didn’t like him at first but now I do. Very much. This will be an unpopular thing to say but Miller never did it for me.

    • Edith P

      I am glad that are not letting Jason Thompson go from Y&R but not because the same reason. I love Billy Miller as Jason on GH and not very happy about Steve Burton’s return especially if he comes back as Jason. I also like Jason Thompson chemistry with the actress who plays Phyllis on Y&R. He is great but I also like Billy Miller but on GH.

      • Linda Tarmon

        Rumor is Billy Abbott is the father of Juliet ‘s baby…did I miss something???

        • Edith P

          The rumor was if Jason Thompson was leaving Y&R.

  • Dee Dee Richards

    I like Jason Thompson as Billy Abbott. Keep him

  • Amie

    Jason did a hell of a great job Billy on the show.He is amazing.

  • Lynnette Long

    I grew into this Billy, but Miller will Always be my favorite.

  • Bart Kasper

    Bring back Billy Miller!! JT’s interpretation of Billy Abbott just doesn’t work – at least he’s not that Burgess Jenkins guy!!