Ratings: All Soaps Get Holiday Bump in Total Viewers


Ratings Report for the Week of December 26-30, 2016

NOTE: Nielsen included Friday’s repeat into the weekly averages for Y&R and GH, so I had to calculate the weekly averages without Friday’s numbers.  Y&R and GH’s numbers are “unofficial”.   

NOTE: Please do not copy and paste the entire .  Thank you.

Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 5,090,000 (+361,000/-414,000)
2. B&B 4,018,000 (+266,000/-197,000)
3. GH 2,818,000 (+130,000/-557,000)
4. DAYS 2,547,000 (+91,000/-266,000)

1. Y&R 3.54/10 (+.19/-.19)
2. B&B 2.8/8 (+.11/-.08)
3. GH 1.99/6 (+.04/-.38)
4. DAYS 1.78/5 (-.03/-.21)

Women 18-49 Viewers
1. Y&R 650,000 (+65,000/-216,000)
2. B&B 532,000 (+17,000/-127,000)
3. GH 455,000 (-30,000/-125,000)
4. DAYS 423,000 (+14,000/-85,000)

Women 18-49 Rating
1. Y&R 1.01/6 (+.1/-.35)
2. B&B 0.82/5 (+.02/-.21)
3. GH 0.71/5 (-.04/-.2)
4. DAYS 0.65/4 (+.02/-.15)

Women 18-34 Viewers
1. Y&R 166,000 (+37,000/-119,000)
2. B&B 134,000 (+25,000/-72,000)
3. DAYS 102,000 (+6,000/-24,000)
3. GH 102,000 (-18,000/-84,000)

Women 18-34 Rating
1. Y&R 0.48 (+.11/-.36)
2. B&B 0.39 (+.07/-.22)
3. GH 0.30 (-.05/-.25) <——— ties low
4. DAYS 0.29 (+.01/-.08)

Women 25-54 Viewers
1. Y&R 966,000 (+105,000/-234,000)
2. B&B 792,000 (+41,000/-189,000)
3. GH 666,000 (+10,000/-109,000)
4. DAYS 566,000 (+18,000/-94,000)

Women 25-54 Rating
1. Y&R 1.58 (+.17/-.41)
2. B&B 1.3 (+.07/-.33)
3. GH 1.09 (+.02/-.2)
4. DAYS 0.93 (+.03/-.16)

Day-To-Day Ratings – HH/Total Viewers

Monday: 2.84/4,129,000
Tuesday: 2.73/3,875,000
Wednesday: 2.73/3,954,000
Thursday: 2.88/4,115,000

Monday: 1.74/2,524,000
Tuesday: 1.86/2,614,000
Wednesday: 1.74/2,494,000
Thursday: 1.81/2,619,000
Friday: 1.74/2,484,000

Monday: 1.98/2,948,000
Tuesday: 1.92/2,697,000
Wednesday: 2.04/2,788,000
Thursday: 2.0/2,840,000
Friday: 1.06/1,405,000 (repeat – did not count)

Monday: 3.56/5,263,000
Tuesday: 3.44/4,860,000
Wednesday: 3.47/4,956,000
Thursday: 3.69/5,281,000
Friday: 2.45/3,389 (Classic episode – did not count)


NOTE: Nielsen included Friday’s repeat into the weekly averages for Y&R and GH, so I had to calculate the weekly averages without Friday’s numbers.  Y&R and GH’s numbers are “unofficial”.

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  • TV&MovieBuff

    Love these numbers for Y&R and B&B. Great to see the holiday bumps for the shows.

    REally nice to see that the repeat for Y&R did so well. First time that I remember a repeat doing that well even one of Y&R’s.

    Was reading the commentary on the message board and it sounds like the holiday shows didn’t coded as specials this time so those airings might be counted as the ratings that Nielsen actually released were lower for Y&R and GH because the repeats might have been actually counted this time.

  • jesse

    Thanks for the update Xavier:)Wow even more impressive week for Y&R.Sally and Kay are doing a great job.2 days over 5M and the demos are increasing.This proves with the right writers/EP you can attract viewers.Michael/Lauren/Gloria/Kevin looking forward to their s/l’s.

    • FoxyRoxyy

      Look at the year to year losses for Y&R. Out of all the soaps, they have the biggest losses in every demo category. Mal and Sally are not doing a good job at all.

      • Bart Kasper

        Bitch, bitch, bitch – many of us are enjoying “Y & R” now – if you’re not, don’t watch and stop defecating on our parade.

        • FoxyRoxyy

          Did I say anything untruthful? Nope. Y&R can’t afford to lose anymore viewers. Look at those year to year losses. Disgraceful.

  • Salem Spectator

    It’s nice that DOOL has had so many gains the last several weeks, but that may no longer matter.

    • SoapArmageddon

      Once Days is done, I’m done with soapwatching.

      • vivien

        Days is the only soap I’m enjoying right now too. Won’t watch any of them just out of ‘loyalty’.

        • Salem Spectator

          And Steve and Kayla are planning their Valentine’s Day wedding! Could the bride be a “Lady in Red”?

  • JayTN

    It is unusual for the networks to not request holiday repeats be excluded from the weekly averages (perhaps they had already met their quota for the year?), but even with Friday’s repeat averaged in, Y&R still had an up week. Y&R averaged 4.75 million viewers for the full week of Dec. 26th, up about 20,000 viewers from the previous week.

    GH, whose repeats tend to not fare as well as the CBS soaps, was not as lucky. With Friday’s repeat factored in, GH actually fell below “Days” to rank as the least watched daytime soap with 2.536 million viewers, roughly 10,000 fewer than “Days”. GH was also off about 150,000 viewers when compared to the previous week.

  • missmeka1987

    YR haters where ya’ll at? Days fan for life over here though Glad they haven’t had any lows in a while I seriously just put my tv on GH these days just to do it Not a interesting thing on that show BB really I’m tired of Liam in Steffy’s ear repeating himself in every episode The first scene Today was him complaining I turned the channel..

  • Paul

    I hope Days stays on air as a Ejami fan they gave me so many good memories hope NBC doesn’t cancel the show but people magazine said its happening and ET i not sure what to think. The ratings have picked up a bit the viewers are not to bad now so they should give it another year or so, my worry is Days demos never seem to move that may be why NBC are no longer backing it i was told they only care about Demos that where they make the money.

  • so the other ratings were false???

    • JayTN

      The other ratings were the ones reported by Nielsen and used by the networks. The ones above were changed (or recalculated) to exclude the Friday reruns of Y&R and GH which Nielsen included with the other 4 days.

      Obviously excluded a rerun makes the numbers higher, while including the rerun makes the numbers lower.

  • FoxyRoxyy

    Look at those year to year losses for Y&R! Mal and Sally aren’t faring too well, are they. Yikes.

    • padange

      Yeah, given how similar their stories (event, car crash) were to the ones in 2015, these numbers (and a weekly gain) aren’t nowhere near satisfying, they are much lower than Pratt’s in 2015. In 2015: Y&R 5,504,000 (+665,000/+460,000)
      It looks like the general audience doesn’t think the show has improved.

  • Derrick

    Alrighty……………….Liking these numbers. Y&R made it to 5 million total viewers and B&B made it to 4 million total viewers.

    DAYS is continuing it’s increase and I’m amazed but now I’m worried because rumors is flying around that this might be their final year!

    • Kevin Little

      Yeah. I read that, too. It just popped up on my Twitter feed ten minutes ago: @CBSSoapsInDepth is reporting that several employees at “Days” are being told that 2017 is the final year they will be employed.

      There will be NO “Days of Our Lives” in 2018.

      • Alanna Jackson

        This has not been stated nor confirmed in any way.

        Soaps In Depth said “A source has told People Magazine” the rumor about Days, which could be anyone from a network exec to a set assistant. I realise it’s difficult for some to grasp that just because ‘a source’ is quoted in written language doesn’t mean it’s necessarily an accurate, or even knowledgeable one.

        If you actually read the entire SID article — sadly vetted, written, and attributed as it is — it goes on to finally admit that all of that is speculation. Further, it progresses on to quote Broadcasting and Cable (a much more reliable industry and trade publication) as saying “Kelly’s show is actually expected to replace the low-rated third hour of TODAY at 9 a.m.”, which makes far more sense and is much more credible. Days, while changing its time slot in New York, will otherwise likely remain as is.

        You should be careful about making definitive statements like this without careful reading, research, and proper reporting. It’s irresponsible and incendiary, and colours you as wholly unreliable, inarticulate, and ill-informed.

  • Hedda Lettuce

    Y & R is so boring now, just a bunch of people talking and nothing happening.

    • FoxyRoxyy

      Y&R is so dull! Sally Scissorhands thinks that viewers want Bill Bell’s sleep inducing pace. Todays viewers are too busy with 500 other channels and smart phones to sit and watch boring dialogue. The year to year viewer losses are alarming.

  • padange

    I wish there was a possibility to see Live+3 and Live+7 ratings. It would be interesting to see how these holiday bumps look in a wider context. Are these the same people who watch on a regular basis, just sometimes not live or the same day? Or do the shows attract new viewers for holiday periods? Or maybe only TVs are on as background LOL? (but that’s impossible to know lol)

    • TV&MovieBuff

      IF we did see them they wouldn’t be available for another week for soaps. Even when the season to date which includes Live plus 7 were released to the public, they were always a week behind the Live plus 1 ratings. So we wouldn’t even see what effect they might have until next weeks ratings, but as you said we never get to see those anymore. Too bad.

      • JayTN

        I don’t understand comments about Live+3 or Live+7 ratings. They are really only used to pad a show’s audience by the network so that certain shows look better. It’s all optics. Advertisers don’t seem to like them because they want Live+SD viewers. That makes sense from the advertiser’s point of view. If you are advertising a sale for a certain period of time, by the time someone watches and is counted in the Live+3 or 7 numbers, that sale may be over…so what’s the point, is what the advertiser’s are saying. Advertisers pay the bills and the networks have to cater to their needs and wants.

  • Salem Spectator
    • Vannnessa

      Looking forward to some of these returns. I saw Days weekly promo and Leann Hunley looks much heavier and older. I thought it was a pregnant Carrie Brady at a distance until they had a close up and I saw Anna Dimera with a double chin and very thick contour face shadowing make up. She looks beautiful and as cute as Miss Piggy representing BBW’s.

      • Salem Spectator

        You are disgraceful.

        • Truth

          For once, i agree with you Salem Spectator.. As for the Vannnnessa poster, show us your face, we want to laugh. The actress who plays Anna got less thin with age.. So what ?! It happens to many, even the ‘best of us’ and heaver and older or not, she is still really beautiful.. And i am sure more beautiful you will ever dream to be. Ha !

      • Vannnessa

        I did not mean it in a negative way. Upon seeing the promo at nbc I saw Leann looked very different from the pic that was posted above (on this board). I guess the pic used above is an old pic. Perhaps it was the outfit she was wearing in the promo but to me she looked like a pregnant woman and I mistaken her for Carrie Brady. As I said, she looks beautiful and as cute as Miss Piggy because i love Muppet characters. Anna Dimera always had a feminine charm about her and nothing stood in her way much like Miss Piggy .. Being called a BBW is a compliment. Big, plump, curvy, thick whatever you want to call it is beautiful! And if someone points it out it should be celebrated. I am a BBW myself.

        • JBT

          I think that what people often forget about celebs is that they are people too. They read the boards and have feelings.

  • Andrew Hass

    Yeah all 4 soaps had a good week but at the same time all 4 is still way down from last year.

  • Salem Spectator

    There has yet to be any confirmation regarding the status of DOOL arising from the “People” article riddled with speculation that has basically been copied and pasted by all the so-called news outlets.

    “could” and “possibly” along with “sources” don’t add up to a confirmation.

    • TV&MovieBuff

      Those same could and possibly sources were saying the same thing about OLTL and AMC for months and months while ABC was telling it’s stars that they were safe and sending them out to say to the public they were too. In the meantime they were working on the replacements for the shows. At least if NBC has told the stars this time they aren’t lying to them like ABC did. Gives them time to wrap up the show and the stars to make some kind of arrangements for health insurance, retirement, etc.

      My hope is they told them before more recently — if not then basically they have about 3 months to write and film the finale since one site is saying they have already filmed up to May or June.

  • Salem Spectator

    Sources have told me it’s a possibility that I could win the lottery…I better start packing for my trip around the world!

  • Happy Accidents
  • Happy Accidents

    With extra people temporarily at home during the day in the festive season, probably the most reliable indicator of the health of a daytime show ratings-wise right now is households watching. Here’s the up to date household graph for Days of Our Lives:

    • Gabe36

      I always appreciate your graphs. 🙂

  • sherwood

    DAYS has basically been told that it’s over. When PEOPLE magazine reports that numerous people on the set have been informed of the show’s impending cancellation, NBC is ready to drop the hammer. The ratings are a disaster and Sony can’t do anything to stop the bleeding. The other soaps are just slithering along. Nothing to cheer about here.

    • TG

      I agree once a magazines like people or Entertainment weekly start reporting these rumors it’s only a matter of time until the network makes a statement. all we can do as is to continue to enjoy our soaps while we can.

  • Dave

    DOOL’s days are numbered. Dena is hammering the final nails in the coffin and I say Dena because I don’t think Ryan has contributed anything important. Everything on Days for months has been Dena. She can’t let go of her obsession for some characters and she can’t come up with new stories. As sad as it is for some fans there are a lot that don’t care. Petitions and threatening to boycott a new talk show or network won’t do anything. It didn’t do anything to save AMC, GL or OLTL and it won’t do anything to save DOOL. The networks have heard it all before. NBC can make more money with different programming and complaints or threats from a few thousand fans is nothing. Ken Corday’s constant plans to save Days haven’t worked. A spike in ratings during holidays doesn’t mean much and the actors can tweet whatever they want.

    • Ken is killing the show. Days needs a professional staff. Lynn Latham would actually be a fantastic choice.
      Maybe Dsys needs to purge much of the current cast and ad a new, exciting family?

  • jesse

    CBS/Sony must care about Y&R or else they would have let the misery continue.Less than a month in Sally/Kay/Mal have done a great job so far.3 yrs is what Y&R has received the last couple of times.If it happens again no worries here.If Days goes under nobody to blame but Corday.It’s his decision to rehire hacks,kill of popular characters etc.Already filmed into June,get canceled can end it quick.

  • Amie

    YAYYY Y&R over 5 million views.Way to go Mal and Sally.Its been the best.

    • FoxyRoxyy

      Yayy! Y&R is down over 400,000 viewers from last year. And they have huge demo losses. There is nothing to celebrate over at Y&R.

  • robert

    the end is near for Days

    • barbaraa

      For many it ended a long time ago…

    • gaylesoap

      Some say these rumors/media leaks might be a publicity stunt to cause
      fan outrage and send NBC a message before contract negotiations begin. After all, there is a second-season option that NBC can utilize from last years renewal.
      I think it will be renewed for another year and the show/cast will get
      paid for 6 months of working since they are already taping six months
      ahead of schedule. We will see big story lines with the main
      characters, a lot of guest appearances from the past and new actors who
      will be put on for a couple of episodes. My guess is that Corday new
      this was coming and managed to hire his friend Dena back for the last
      year of Days.

      • JayTN

        That second season option only kicks in if certain ratings benchmarks were met in 2016, which I’m guessing is not the case. If those benchmarks are met, “Days” would be automatically renewed; otherwise NBC & Sony have to start renewal talks from scratch.

      • Can’t Days get picked up by Amazon or CBS All Access?
        There are many networks aside from NBC. It is the least expensive show in America to film and esrns money globally.

        • steven38

          It is the first I heard of CBS All Access. From a quick google search I saw it was a paid site. Unless these older tv soaps change drastically in terms of writing, story lines and casts I doubt the younger generation would be watching and I really doubt older soap fans would pay to watch a soap like Days. Weren’t there other soaps that moved on line and to a satellite tv station that failed just recently?

        • Salem Spectator

          Jeff Bezos (Founder, Chairman and CEO of Amazon) is, or at least was, a fan of DOOL. He watched with his grandparents on their ranch when he was a youngster. After his grandmother died he continued to watch DOOL with his grandfather. He reflected on those times as some of the best days of his life.

          • maya

            Jeff Bezos is 52 years old now. Which means he watched DOOL during his childhood summers on a ranch with his grandfather like 40 years ago. Many people did the same back then. Yes spending time with your grandparents can be a loving memorable, experience no matter what you are doing together.

      • Elizabeth_Erwin

        It has been reported elsewhere (in more than one outlet) that cast members have been told that this next year is the last.

    • scott16475

      The decision has already been made, IMO. The execs at NBC/Sony have already made the decision and are waiting to announce the decision until the appropriate time. The fact that they haven’t already announced the renewal tells me the decision has been made to cancel the show.

  • FoxyRoxyy

    Y&R should not have brought bug eyed Gloria back. She’s annoying. Her face is stretched a little too thin. Her hands tell how old she really is. Gloria be gone.

    • ScottinPhilly

      Someone feeling insecure?

      • FoxyRoxyy

        Nope! Look at Y&R’s ratings and how much they have dropped. Mal has done an awful job in retaining viewers. He has failed. Sally’s storylines are very boring thus far.

    • I used to love Gloria but sorta agree. She unites Michael and Kevin but is yet another oldie.
      She is out of shspe from not working but fun as ever.
      Gloria should stay but used sparingly. Today’s sauna scene was dumb

      • FoxyRoxyy

        Very dumb! This millionaire potential investor falls for this contrived scene where Gloria bad mouthes Fenmores? Stupid writing by Sussman.

    • TV&MovieBuff

      And that is another problem with American soaps and why they are failing is viewers who don’t want generational viewing anymore. Why does every person on the soaps have to be wrinkle free and a model. They aren’t in real life. They aren’t all on the soaps around the world either that are doing great. Some of the greatest actors and actresses to ever come out of soaps were not heart throbs and beauty queens. Personally I would rather have a person who can act and deliver the story than just a model to look at.

  • JBT

    I have to say that a lot of the posters on this board have gone in a very dark direction. There is so much confrontation/troublemaking, name calling of other members and critisms of actors appearance. It is all bad but especially the disparaging of actresses based on their weight, etc. — All while hidden behind the anonymity of a screenname.

  • FoxyRoxyy

    Wasn’t Mal supposed to RAISE the ratings? Week to week, we get. It was the annual holiday bump. But year to year, YIKES! Mister Mal Young has failed in his job so far.

  • BigGal



    9 days ago

    IMO Charles Pratt’s writing was not just boring but lazy, stupid and
    inconsistent. Worse than Latham and the worst Y&R has ever seen….”

    guess some people feel it is totally fine to bash a writers work using
    terms like “lazy” and “stupid” but if someone states that a person you
    have not seen in a while looks older or heavier..its such a bad thing!
    Can we all stop being so sensitive when it comes to weight and age. If
    someone loses weight, gets cosmetic procedures and looks younger, they are
    typically praised all over media outlets…. What message does that
    send out? Think about it. This is all very subjective. Pointing out that someone
    looks older and/or has gained weight is not a bad thing. Change your
    attitude towards age and appearance, understand that people come in all ages and sizes and you might not be so offended when someone points it out on a discussion board about soaps.

    • JBT

      Oh brother. Donald, is that you?

    • JBT

      You’re very funny BigGal. I have never seen you post before. It looks as though hiding behind one screenname isn’t enough for some people. #fakeprofile

    • Truth

      Wow totally pathetic… I don’t even know how to reply to YOUR silly post.

    • ScottinPhilly

      Hi FoxyRoxyy

    • I’m in the minority in that I enjoyed Latham and year one of MAB. The show currently looks great but it’s painfully boring.

      We all live our vets, however, twenty and thirtysomethings are the bread and butter of soaps in that they are fodder for romance, serial relationships and babies. Young and Restless characters are always a shows future (Y&R Billy vs Jack; Adam vs Victor).
      Vets are best used in supporting and occasionally non romantic universal story. Y&R, for example, treats 55 year olds as if they still omit the hormones off pubescent teens and this is lazy, silly and evidence of poor character development.

      Vets must never dominate the canvas as happened with 1990s ATWT. Instead, a core of essential vets (Nikki, Victor, Jack, Ash, and Jill) must not be used as window dressing but reserved for important, well-written story.
      There is a middle ground between the youthful yet hollow shell of GH and the 1980s centric Y&R.

      • ScottinPhilly

        I agree, we need more younger characters to be more central to the show. It is The YOUNG and the Restless after all. I do see SSM making efforts in this area by introducing an aged Reed and some of the new secondary characters who look to be in 20s/early 30s. It takes time to get these characters to take root and see which ones will interest the audience. I think the prior regime tried to do this, but did not do a good job introducing new characters or fleshing them out so the audience would form a connection with them. Also, it looks like Victor will finally retire which will put the younger generation front and center in the business storylines.

        SSM did go with character first in the reboot of the show, but I think that the show is coming to a slow boil and has really picked up in the last week. It looks like February sweeps will very engaging when several stories will hit some peaks.

        • FoxyRoxyy

          What stories? What peaks? Y&R is SO boring since Sally took over. There is nothing interesting happening. It’s all blah blah blah.

  • cab

    Wish the networks would realize that there are people watching these programs through other media. What are these numbers going to look like for next week when Direct TV cancels all the major networks to its subscribers.

    • robert

      Just get an antenna and you can watch all the major networks and more for free. That is what I have been doing for years.

  • FearlessDaysFan

    Megyn Kelly will be leaving the Fox network for NBC. Most news articles now state that she will most likely be taking over the Today Show third hour which airs in the morning. Diedre Hall a beloved actress on Days tweeted…#NexttimeIwanttoblowupmymailboxI’llleakasillyrumor!
    Happy to return to work soon! D. Nothing is set in stone until we hear from NBC and Corday. I am at ease that Days will be picked up by NBC soon.

  • FoxyRoxyy

    Per the CBS press release on Tuesday, Y&R got 4.98 million viewers from 1/2- 1/6. They were down well over 300,000 viewers from a year ago. Mal and Sally just aren’t cutting it. The show is so dull and boring.

    • TV&MovieBuff

      Did you also read that it is the highest rating since April that the show has gotten. You keep praising the last year ratings. Well if those ratings had held on during Pratt and Phelps through the year there would have been no need to fire them. But even Pratt couldn’t hold on to the ratings he was getting last year.

      CBS did great this next week per the press release.

      • FoxyRoxyy

        Y&R got the typical winter bump, but they are still way down in viewers, from a year ago and we can assume, more importantly, the demos. I’m sure Phelps and Pratt were fired for a reason. But the show is now incredibly boring and lifeless. I’m sure that CBS would rather have the ratings that they had a year ago as opposed to today. There is nothing to celebrate as far as advertising dollars go with Y&R. The CBS press release is stretching it – which is what press releases are all about. Spin. The fact is that Y&R is down across the board since Mal took over.

        • TV&MovieBuff

          What is funny is that you act as if they would have gotten as big as a winter boost as they got last year if they had left Pratt there. Ratings suffered all summer and even into the fall with Pratt. There was no big indication they were suddenly going to go up.

          As far as the show being incredibly boring and lifeless — that is the taste of the viewer. I happen to like what is happening now but I know that all want.

          But the same can be said for Pratt, Latham, Griffith, and MAB — many viewers weren’t liking them and Y&R was bleeding viewers big time under all those regimes leading us to what we have today. At least it is a change. Whether or not it will work only time will tell. I’ll do with them the same I did for the other 4 hacks at Y&R is I’ll give them time.

          Sorry but wishing for Pratt back or Latham or Griffith or MAB is the same as Days fans wishing Tomsell or Higley or GH fans wishing Carlavatti or Guza back. They were all fired for a reason. They proved to be failures. They are all why these shows are in the shape they are in now. Give it a rest and let’s get on to at least a different person who hasn’t already written multiple shows into the ground.

          • FoxyRoxyy

            Sally Sussman has never been a headwriter successfully. Her Generations failed and when she headwrote Days, ratings tanked until she was fired. So far she has failed as a headwriter at Y&R. Boring. Sally has proven that she cannot successfully write a soap on her own.

          • JBT

            I think Y&R has improved it’s quality since Sally. There are certain aspects I still don’t like but I am back to regular watching after literally only watching once a month while Pratt was writing. It sounds like Foxy watches every day. When I didn’t enjoy Y&R during Pratt I did something else. I didn’t spend my day being critical on some board. Hopefully he stops watching soon and moves on.

          • JayTN

            Word of advice: Don’t feed the trolls. Just block them, it’s so much easier and makes this board so much more enjoyable without the same-old week-in, week-out copy-and-paste postings.

    • Kevin A.

      For the love of soaps, just go away! You constantly criticize Y&R and you don’t even watch the show. Mal and his team just started and are doing a fine job.

  • TV&MovieBuff

    Toups who posts the ratings posted on the main site that he will not be posting the ratings for the week ending Jan 6 until next week as he is on vacation.

    In the meantime we do know that CBS got another bump for week after Christmas per the CBS press release. I can’t post the link but here is the wording from the release until we get the full ratings:

    delivered season highs in viewers, according to Nielsen live plus same
    day ratings for the week ending Jan. 6.

    THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL averaged 4.07 million viewers, its largest audience since the same week last year.

    THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS averaged 4.98 million viewers, its largest audience since the week ending April 8, 2016.

    THE TALK averaged 2.91 million viewers, the broadcast’s largest viewer delivery since the week ending May 13, 2016.”

    • jesse

      Thank you for the info.It’s great news that Y&R had another increase.Fans are watching.Sally is doing very well.

      • FoxyRoxyy

        Sally’s writing is boring.

    • JBT

      Thanks for sharing. Much appreciated. Looks like good news to me.

    • padange

      It means they counted the repeat into the weekly averages for the week of Dec. 26-30, 2016. Otherwise the week of Dec.26-30, 2016 would have had better numbers than the week of Jan.2-6, 2017.

      • TV&MovieBuff

        It wouldn’t matter in the long run for Y&R since they would have set record ratings either 26-30 or 2-6. Nielsen is the one who counts record ratings and stuff – not SON or the networks. Since they are saying this is the season high that means that last week’s original ratings went in as official. That is bad for both Y&R and GH since they got a low rated repeat counted, but evidently they didn’t want that to count as one of their allowed episodes not to count or Nielsen didn’t get the right info from either show.

        Either way Y&R had a great back to back 2 weeks of ratings. One was brought down by a repeat but it was even good news with that repeat in that it was a classic repeat that didn’t get the normal really low ratings they get. It even got a decent rating.

        The key will now come in coming weeks how the shows sets up things going into Feb. sweeps and what sweeps ratings will bring.

        And people keep saying the normal holiday bump. The normal holiday is not always big. Many of them in the last few years have been helped out by really bad snow storms, extreme cold, big stories, etc. None of that happened this year. Weather esp. in the south east has really been mild, and only this week have we really had any weather that kept anyone in. So all 4 shows getting the ratings they got this year is something to be proud of.

      • JayTN

        Toups excluded the Friday reruns, but ABC & CBS opted not to, so they counted in the “official” Nielsen ratings for the week of 12/26. Also that week, since ABC decided to count that rerun (and GH repeats always do worse than Y&R reruns), GH actually finished behind “Days” in total viewers.

    • JayTN

      Also, ABC’s “The View” averaged 3.05 million viewers for the week of Jan. 2, 2017.

  • almer

    I’m waiting to see what NBC announces in a couple of weeks regarding the
    show’s fate. I’m not sure I’d even come back to watch the series finale
    tho. I’ll have to give it some thought. I might just watch the last
    couple of episodes to see the wrap up if it comes down to that. I was so
    disappointed with the show under Griffith, I’m not sure I’ll ever be
    able to watch full time again (that and not being a HIgley fan). I have
    read nothing re: SLs that interest me esp. Carrie and Austin were never
    that good for me. Anyways, good luck, Days!

    • joelra

      I am loving this show right now and you can tell that the team are
      really putting a lot of effort in to please the fans and get back lapsed
      viewers, it will be such a shame if this is the end. Dena Higley and Ryan Quan are the right mix of dual head scribes for this soap

    • horak

      Well at this rate it won’t matter if
      Days is cancelled because the writers are beyond horribble!! They can’t
      put a decent story together, dragging things out forever, w/o ever
      giving us anything to look forward to!! Days writers, you stink!!!

  • sammy

    Where are the Soap Opera weekly ratings we used to be able to find so easily? Have they disappeared as well?

  • Salem Spectator
    • DaysFanAgain

      I feel like a cougar saying this but Greg Vaughan is so sexy! I am so tired of watching the mainly over 60 year old male actors on Days that no longer appeal to my appetite. I like to sit on top of our washing machines during the spin cycle when Greg is on. lol

  • Dianne

    Where are ratings posted when they are not posted here?
    For more than a month there was nothing here, and I couldn’t find them anywhere.
    Now more than a month later, I’m actually surprised to see new updates. I got so used to seeing nothing. But the ratings posted are still only for 2016.
    When they are not posted regularly, I wonder why.

    • Salem Spectator

      There was a glitch here at SON a while back, but if you had gone to the SON twitter or Facebook you would have found a link to take you to the ratings here. All those weeks are accounted for. I don’t think any other site posts the ratings, possibly because they cost money. The ratings are late this time because the owner is on vacation.

      • Dianne

        I’m not into Twitter or Facebook (might be the only person on this planet that doesn’t care for Facebook), so that didn’t occur to me.

  • bertha

    Was Days on today? Was it cancelled? Access Hollywood was on.

    • JayTN

      Do you live in NYC? “Days” was moved to 12 noon on WNBC starting today.

      • bertha

        Yes. Thank you so much. I did not know about this change. Guess I will have to change daily routine.

  • Where are the ratings from last week and this week nobody cares about daytime ratings anymore tvbythenumbers doesn’t post them either messed up!!!

    • monzo

      Tvbythenumbers used to take ratings from other sites like this one. They don’t pay for ratings, they just get paid from advertisers. So as long as ratings aren’t published here Tvbythenumbers can’t show them either.

    • vikyy

      The person that posts them is away. The new ratings will be posted later this week. I read this on this site. Are you planning on buying commercial time? Relax!

      • You are rude…. are you? I was asking a question??

        • jonboy

          Seems like theres alot of bullies here.

          • I know she’s psychotic… and got blocked… im not the one !!

  • scott16475

    I caught some of Days last Friday and they had two characters talking in a park. It’s January and everything was green and they even had flowers in a flower pot in the background. Green leaves, flowers, no snow, and they even had the sound effect of BIRDS CHIRPING!!!!! This show isn’t even trying anymore. Put a fork in it.

    • Salem Spectator

      You must live in the blacktop jungle, but you could at least google the subjects of which you know nothing about. Seriously, you made me laugh. Yes, there are many different types of “evergreens” (including Boxwoods), winter flowers and birds chirping in the dead of winter. Life does go on. If you can’t take a trip to experience those things, you can watch the discovery channel or use google to be better informed. Put a sock in it.

      • scott16475

        I’m happy that you defend the show but you look most ridiculous in doing so. Good for you for standing guard, I guess. This must be the first winter episodes of Days you’ve ever watched or else you would know that they used to at least pretend the show was in the Midwest during the winter. To keep things realistic, shows don’t typically have greenery, blooming flowers, and chirping birds during winter episodes unless the show takes place in a warm climate. Spend a few hours watching “outside” scenes on Y&R and GH during the winter. What you won’t see or hear is blooming flowers and chirping birds. What you will see is (fake) snow. It adds to the illusion. I guess Days is so cheap they can’t afford realistic sets, but then again, a lot of Days viewers enjoy simple mindless drivel so why bother being realistic.

        • Salem Spectator

          It is realistic to have things that DO exist. It’s a falsity or stereotype that goes against what is real. DOOL must read the Farmers Almanac to get the weather patterns correct because we are having a mild winter, but there was a lot of snow a couple years ago on the show when the real snowstorm hit. I don’t think those other shows got it right.

          • scott16475

            You’re embarrassing yourself. Please stop. Days execs reading the Farmers Almanac. BWAHAHAHAHA!!! In this years Farmers Almanac there must have been a story on moon cycles so that’s why they film in near darkness. You know, to give it that moon like feel regardless of the time of day the scene is set in – and even when the scene is inside.

            Look dude, I’m happy that you watch and love the show and I mean this in all seriousness. Your excuses when defending the show (there’s a long line of excuses from you) is embarrassing to read. You’re time would be better served simply ignoring those who disagree with you because, trust me, there’s a lot.

            You want to have an adult back and forth on Days, great, but stop using lame excuses for the cheap quality of the show. Farmers Almanac…You slay me…

          • Salem Spectator

            You just can’t handle the truth and the fact that you’re wrong! You’re embarrassing yourself with your petty supposed wants and needs. You want a fantasy winter wonderland with snow, no greenery and dead silence.

            You should be silenced.

          • scott16475

            You sound smart.

      • jonboy

        Really? Is it necessary to respond like that?

        • Salem Spectator

          Yes, it’s REALLY necessary! If someone goes out of their way to bash, then they should be educated.

        • scott16475

          Thanks jonboy, but SS has a LOOOOOOONG history of defending the show in a way that does more harm than good.

          Thanks, though!

    • campells

      I agree with you. As a long time viewer, I was used to wintry Days sets in the past. You would think that fake snow is cheaper to buy in the middle of summer when these episodes were taped and are now airing. Also, I believe that these cancellation rumors were leaked purposely and were done to try and boost ratings and fan outrage before negotiations begin with NBC. It is Corday’s last straw to save the show since he, the writers and staff can not do it.

  • jonboy

    Thats a fairly decent # for YnRs classic repeat! Hope they do more of them at holidays.