Billy Miller Cast as ‘GH’s’ Jason: Future Co-Stars React!

 Maura West Twitter Page
Maura West Twitter Page

It’s been merely a hot rumor for several months, but yesterday, whispers that (ex-Billy Abbott, “”) will be taking over the role of “’s” Jason Morgan became official. Fans seem quite supportive of the casting announcement, but what about his future soapmates? Seems some are quite ecstatic, as well!

A few of Miller’s future “GH” castmates took to social media to welcome the actor to Port Charles. Maura West (Ava Jerome) tweeted “Miller High Life” upon hearing the news, along with a picture of herself with the former “The Young and the Restless” actor. Meanwhile, (Maxie Jones) tweeted that she thinks it will be really cool to work with Miller. But perhaps the most excited actress of all? (Nina Clay, “GH;” ex-Phyllis Summers, “Y&R”), who tweeted a long series of hearts, rainbows, lips and sunshine over the exciting news. So, it seems Miller will be in very good hands over at ABC!

  • susan

    So excited Jason is coming home, and that Billy Miller has agreed to play him. He is a Top notch actor, and will do the role of Jason Morgan, much justice. Welcome to Port Charles Billy Miller

  • Sarah O Taylor

    I am SO curious as to why we are being bombarded with photos of Steve Burton lately – it adds to the mystery, since we know Jason is coming back with a different face! I wonder what in the WORLD the nasty icky Cassidines are planning to do to his face and if he will sort of skulk around Port Charles watching before we see him interacting with Sam, etc. I am also happy to welcome Billy to the show, he is certainly a talented actor. Wish he hadn’t left Y&R when he did, but that is in the past and needs to stay there. Welcome and enjoy, Bill.

    • mom chez

      Maybe because of the clinic explosion, Jason needed repairs to his face, thus the new face.