SCHEDULE ADJUSTMENT: OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network Removes ‘AMC’ and ‘OLTL’ Repeats; Moves ‘OLTL’ Up

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OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network

In what many fans have called the most confusing schedule in the history of daytime soap opera programming, OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network has adjusted the scheduling of “new to OWN” episodes of “” and “.”

Effective Monday, August 5, the network will remove the repeat airings that preceded each “new” episode and the re-airing of the “new” episode that immediately followed. Additionally, “AMC” and “OLTL” will now air back to back with said “new” episodes as “OLTL” is changing timeslots.

According to recently released listings, “AMC” will continue airing at 1:00 PM ET/PT and “OLTL” will immediately follow at 1:30 PM ET/PT.

OWN began airing both soaps on Monday, July 15 as part of their summer soap fling. Ratings weren’t that stellar in the first week, but both shows increased their audiences in week two.

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  • ♥♡ Jan ♥♡✻ღϠ₡ღ✻

    we have OWN here in canada but the soaps don’t air here, why not?

    • cindercity12

      OWN Canada isn’t run by Oprah Winfrey, nor are they explicitly affiliated. It’s just a branding thing. Because of that, the programming on OWN has no direct bearing on the programming on OWN Canada. Oprah Winfrey licensed the shows to air on her OWN network and OWN Canada has to separately license them to air on their network. She’s not responsible or involved with what airs on that channel.

      • Suzanne

        Well that stinks, I have been watching them for over 30 years so now the only way is to pay for it through iTunes. Hopefully Canada will be important again soon to be included in making it available for us!

    • CTwildheart

      Also, the FTC has some rule about allowing scripted programming on OWN. I don’t know if it has to do with the licensing cindercity spoke about – I am only passing on what another Canadian viewer told me.

  • cpr1977

    why are Canadian’s not able to watch on OWN?

  • Over4tea

    I hope the change will be publicized on OWN. It’s much better and easier to follow, but they should try repeating the episodes in the evening.

  • KansasGuest

    OWN Canada negotiates its own (ha!) contract w/distribution companies for tv shows. Prospect Park negotiated with OWN U.S., & signed an agreement just with them to air the new soaps. That’s how I understand it – that Canada has its own restrictions & considerations for what airs in their country (as it should be).

  • Lecha Faukner

    as long as we can watch AMC times don’t matter just glad we have a chance to see it again thanks!!

  • Robin Griffin

    Because I work during the day, I totally miss the showings. I wish OWN could come up with an additional time slot later in the evenings to accommodate those of us who work during the day.

    • They are available 24/7/365 first on Hulu, iTunes and TOLN.

    • CTwildheart


  • lauriehaugh

    I recorded all the episodes on fri and watched them today. Love it!

  • mrsjb007

    Perfect example of cutting off ones nose to spite ones face. Just now caught up with episodes that I missed, This is soooo much easier. Now OWN, want to try shooting yourself in the foot?

  • tina

    Not all of us can afford cable and wish we could get OWN on digital airwaves.Otherwise we can’t watch the shows we have loved for so many years..It was bad enough having to search them on the internet trying to figure out where to go to watch them,Now this is just 1 more way I won’t be able to watch..Thanks for letting me vent a little there

    • TheRalph

      They have told everyone a million times how to find the shows on Hulu. If you can’t figure it out by now, there is no hope for you.

  • Pamela

    Isn’t this the way we used to watch it AMC, then OLTL? Thanks, Oprah & co.

    • They way you used to watch AMC and OLTL is what got them cancelled in the first place. Sorry to tell you folks, but online/streaming serviced like Hulu, Netflix and the like are the way things are going. It’s now so easy to wirelessly stream from your computer or tablet to a big screen that the old broadcast/cable model is dead, dead, dead.

  • Derrick A. Donaldson

    She needs to bring the shows up to date cause I saw the reruns from the Hulu cable channel and I am so over it ready for some new headlines

    • Shari Borochaner-Strawbridge

      Derrick I two was watching AMC & OLTL as soon as it aired on Hulu. I was very confused & afraid I would miss impotrtant things or plotlines if I started to Watch the OWN Network, But I stopped watching onlint & am absoloutly loving watching AMC , OLTL & GH. My daughter is the 5th generation to enjoy the shows.
      So lets just go with the flow:::::::::::::: Remember what it felt like when they were no longer there to allow us to escape our own lives & join the Glamorus , Gorgeous , Wealthy & above all SEXY Hotttt. For some afternoon delight. So relax & enjoy , hopefully our shows will be on OWN for 100 years.

      • OWN is airing OLD episodes that debuted online on Hulu, iTunes and TOLN. THEY run the new episodes first, not OWN.

    • See comment below. FYI, season finales of both OLTL and AMC are this month then they go on a break, much like prime time shows.

    • CTwildheart

      All OWN is showing (for now) are the shows that have already aired on Hulu. She cannot ‘bring the show up to date’ because she has NOTHING to do with these shows – other than the current promotion.

  • Shari Borochaner-Strawbridge

    First I would like to thank Oprah for giving us back our Love in the afternoon. From the day these two shows were canceled I prayed , posted even on Oprah’s web site, to bring our shows back. I know she is a fan like the rest of us. Because if I have learned anything in the past twenty- something years that Oprah ” GET’S THINGS DONE!”
    It has been a confusing time since TOLN started airing the soaps on Monday’s but also airing Tues; , Wed. , & Thursday episodes all at once. Not to mention all the new Actors & moving 5 years ahead.
    So now lets stop Bitching about what we don’t have or what we want & stand behind OPRAH & OWN to keep theses beloved shows on past the 10 week trial Having said that OWN & OPRAH need to understand that we soap fans are having major Anxiety , because what happens in 10 weeks ? If people don’t watch we may just have to watch it on line Then fans can really complain.
    To Quote John Lennon ,” Give Piece A Chance.” All I’m asking is to “GIVE OUR DAYTIME A CHANCE.”

    • TOLN and Hulu drop all the new weekly episodes on Mondays now. You can then choose how you want to watch them each week. Marathon or spread out however you want. Nothing at all confusing about that, especially when it is clear OWN is clueless with their scheduling.

    • CTwildheart

      No offense, but NOprah got nothing done. All she did was outbid every other cable network to air these shows. Because apparently there IS a dime to be made on them after all!

      BUT, I still hope they are successful on OWN so they can find a permanent cable outlet. Even if it is OWN.

      • NeronWillRise

        Outbid? Are you serious? Nobody else was interested. Let’s be honest about that cause if they were, the shows would’ve been on a network from the start.

        • CTwildheart

          But apparently..not OWN

  • Kay Cee

    I’m just thankful she put OUR soaps on TV again! Thanks O! (I have a 78yr. old aunt named Oprah) who lives in Chicago!

  • Michele Swartwood Kaye

    I just wish Oprah had stepped up in the first place and declared her interest in branding these two shows in the very beginning. Many fans where looking for a forever home for our beloved OLTL &AMC,sending messages & letters to those in a position such as Oprah even Snoop Dog who have the ability & connections to get the shows back on TV. I really would have been in Oprahs best interest to have opened up this opportunity before the shows went off the air.

  • marjiej

    I am glad this is happening one step closer to being on permanently. Thank You Oprah for doing this but you should have done it in the first place.

    • Gabriel Morgan

      Why was it her responsibility for doing this in the first place?

  • Tracy Challice

    To bad that we Canadians help save amc and oltl yet we can’t watch them on own it is very unjust

    • Can’t you watch on Hulu up there?

      • Azzychan

        Nope. Canada is blocked. Canada was supposed to get the episodes on FX Canada, but they dropped out at the last moment.

  • Why bother with trying to figure out what the heck OWN is doing when these episodes are already available (and have been since they were resurrected) on Hulu? OWN had NOTHING to do with saving these shows so please don’t give credit where it isn’t due.

    • NeronWillRise

      You must be nuts. Oprah threw you guys a lifeline and that’ show you talk about her? OWN’s ratings have been rising for the past year. She doesn’t need two failed shows to boost her network. She’s doing it because she’s a fan and because it’s worth doing. You ingrates need all the help you can get because you’re on your last legs. Prospect Park is stuttering toward an ugly finale with these shows.

  • Postie 57

    I feel that we ( Canadians ) are being treated as second class citizens. We get OWN but not AMC or OLTL.

    • marti

      i was wondering that too i cannot found it either and i am in BC Canada

    • CTwildheart

      I have been told (by other Canadian viewers) that the FTC will not allow scripted shows on OWN. Don’t know the reasoning…but that is who you should contact about this. I wish I could help you guys.

  • Postie 57

    Thanks for info CTwildheart


    Oprah is too slick. Have you noticed that there are certain days that she
    do not air AMC or OLTL. The next date coming up is August 16th. First she cut
    them off when the Prince’s wife had her baby, thus causing some of us to watch
    her show that day. I’m happy that she had a baby but don’t force me to watch it
    when I’m supposed to be watching my soaps on your station. She make me think
    she still don’t think our soaps are important.

    Please do not watch her station on August 16 just in case she’s trying to
    trick us into boosting up her ratings. Please only watch her when our shows are
    running. Let her know that we only watch her show because she runs our soaps.
    Own has dropped the soaps from running 4 episodes per day to one per day.

    Oprah, don’t insult my soap intelligents, I’m watching your tactics..
    Trust me when you don’t run my stories, I won’t watch your station. Nuff said!!

  • disqus_CNu4R1Jygt

    What do I think? Are you really interested in what we like? I for one am losing interest in AMC and OLTL because of the constant changes with the number of days shown. In the beginning it was starting out strong and giving the fans back the days they longed for, but now you have it down to two episodes on Monday and with the ridiculous “More” showing as well. I for one am not interested in the “More” and would watch both these shows every day rather than back-to-back on Mondays. As it is right now on Hulu I’ve been deleting them before watching them because I am losing interest because of the lapse in days. Whatever your scheduling problems are they won’t be figured out before you lose more fans on these longtime favorites.

  • Andrea

    Today is Sept 23, I have been enjoying the Online Networks All My Children and One Life to Live on Oprah Winfrey Network. This week they are not on. Why? Where is the consistency for these shows. Not fair to get us started and hooked again only to drop it. Pleasee keep the shows on. its my only daytime enjoyment on tv.

    • Lori

      Will someone please tell me what time AMC has now been moved to, beforeI miss anymore shows-thank-you very much