REPORT: Disney/ABC Looking to Replace ‘Katie’

Andrew Eccles/Disney-ABC Domestic Television
Andrew Eccles/Disney-ABC Domestic Television

According to a report by FOX News, might be looking to replace and her talker “” just as the show gets ready to wrap its first season in July.

“While all television is going through a difficult time and programming is having a hard time finding its niche, Katie’s new talk show does not live up its expectations,” a source closely connected to the ABC show told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “Whatever constraints Katie experienced anchoring ‘Evening News’ [it is] certainly taking its toll, and her return to daytime has backfired.”

“One of the biggest failures ever in syndication,” says a reported studio exec to FOX411. “Terrible ratings, no growth, shouldn’t be on the air. Where did it miss the mark? Let’s start with her, she is dreadfully boring. The show offers nothing new to the audience, nothing to say.”

Per FOX411, “When ‘Katie’ launched in September 2012, and many expected that Couric would fill Oprah’s shoes as the ultimate talk show Queen, and although the show is number one in the ranks of first-year talk shows in terms of ratings, it has endured an erratic, overall underperformance. Nielsen Media Research reported that in mid-May Couric’s show averaged a 1.6 rating/5 share average in households, down 30 percent from the same time period last year.”

According to a press release sent out today by Disney/ABC, “Katie” finished the May 2013 Sweeps period as the number one freshman talk show in households and total viewers (1.7 rating and 2.101 million viewers, respectively). “Katie” ranked sixth overall for the just completed 2012-2013 television season in both categories (1.8 rating and 2.352 million viewers).

It was reported in August of last year, just weeks before “Katie’s” debut, that Disney/ABC had spent roughly $80 million just to get the Katie Couric hosted talker off the ground. Disney/ABC renewed “Katie” for a second season in January of this year, but the show may not see life beyond that. “There is zero chance is goes to a third season,” said a Fox411 source. “It might not even finish the second.”

“They (staff) are desperately running around approaching talent and offering to train them to replace her as a new daytime talk show host,” revealed another FOX411 source. “It’s a number one priority.”

For more on the alleged turmoil surrounding the future of “Katie,” click here.

  • Helene Pultuskier

    Katie is smart and sweet. Unfortunately, the show is terribly boring.

  • kimavhd

    and they canceled the soaps for this?

    • Philip

      Shows how much you know. Katie is a syndicated show. It airs in the afternoon. AMC and OLTL were canceled and replaced by The Chew and The Revolution. The Revolution was cancelled and replaced by GAA. ABC decided to cut it’s losses. Moved GH back one hour and gave the timeslot to the affiliates. Some of them chose to air Katie and some did not. Katie even airs on NBC and CBS stations in certain areas of the country. So to answer your question — no they did cancel soaps for this.

  • Laura McKinney Beaner

    Put AMC and OLTL back on ABC.

    • Lori

      AMC & OLTL had been around for generations (not seasons) With the introduction of other networks people began channel surfing and the ratings declined. So many of those networks show repeat upon repeat, even from the past seasons. Just like talk shows and cooking shows, you can only watch so much before you’ve had enough. Although I do watch AMC/OLTL online I would enjoy watching them on ABC again even if they were only 30 min episodes.

  • MC

    Hey, ABC, you might wanna just ask TOLN for your soaps back now.

  • Mike

    I love articles where all the sources are ones who can’t be listed. Even the executive who talk bad about Katie didn’t have his or her name revealed. All the sources were people close to the set or close to the show, etc. Wonderful examples of journalism.

    And just because we might lose Katie, it doesn’t mean we’ll get a soap back. The article says they are looking for someone to host a new talk show to replace it. They are still looking for their new Oprah.

    I wouldn’t put it past them to put Katie on The View in place of Barbara Walters since the article also says she is still working with ABC.