‘MORE’ Not Part of the OWN AMC/OLTL Package

The OnLine Network

As a result of OWN picking up the cable rights to the first 40 episodes of “” and “,” many wanted to know what that meant for “MORE,” the series that gives fans just that at the end of each week, or on Mondays now that it, along with “AMC” and “OLTL” will release new episodes Netflix style beginning Monday, July 1Soap Opera Network has the answer.

According to a representative for , “MORE” will remain exclusive to  and  for the time being. “That’s all we have right now. Just the [AMC/OLTL] run,” said the rep in response to whether OWN would be airing “MORE” as well.

OWN announced that beginning Monday, July 15, “AMC” will begin airing in its former ABC timeslot at 1:00 PM ET/PT*, Mondays through Thursdays, while “OLTL” will air at 3:00 PM ET/PT, Mondays through Thursdays. Both soaps will strip in their original half-hour format as they’ve done since launching back in April.

“MORE” is released as a combined “AMC” and “OLTL” series on iTunes, but on Hulu is broken up into sections for just “AMC” or just “OLTL.”

*All My Children aired at 12:00 PM in the pacific timezone.

  • Fox

    Will they be broadcast on OWN-Canada? Our neighbors to the north, kinda got a raw deal when FX-Canada pulled the plug.

  • jillian matthews

    You know what not for nothing but Oprah truly pisses me off she thought she was too good for the soaps and didn’t want them on her network when prospect park first picked them up, she couldn’t admit the fact that she wouldn’t have the following she has if not for the soaps she had to be miss high and mighty they are beneath her. Well it seems the tables have turned and her sucky network is failing thus meaning she is failing w/o the soaps so now she’s picking them up on her network so they can resuscitate her pathetic network and existence “Oh how the mighty have fallen”! That witch could have saved the fans the crew and the actors a lot of time and heartache by just admitting she needed them bcuz the only reason she had such a following was from fans leaving the channel on after their soaps had aired for the day. If it were not for the fans that cannot navigate the internet to see the shows I would say she should be told where to go and how to get there bcuz she’s only using the show to benefit herself, but those fans need to be able to watch on television so the witch gets her career reprieve once again on the backs of the soaps she is truly pathetic and I still won’t watch any of her shows but the soaps bcuz she said she was too good for them then well she’s not good enough for them or me now!

    • Truth Squad

      Your rant sounds great…it is too bad that FACTS must now get in the way. Please google Oprah’s statement about the cancelation of the soaps. Please listen for yourself as she clearly states that, although she is a fan of the soaps, her decision not to have them on her network at that time had to do with finances and nothing more. You said that the “mighty have fallen”. Oprah’s net worth is 2.6 BILLION dollars….she obviously had a soft landing when she fell.