BREAKING NEWS: The OnLine Network Removes Swear Words from Episodes of ‘All My Children’ and ‘One Life to Live’

The OnLine Network/TOLN

’s The OnLine Network has announced that beginning with today’s, June 20 episode of “,” all swear words in new episodes of both “OLTL” and “” have been eliminated. “AMC” episodes without swear words will begin airing on Monday, June 24.

In true “OLTL” style, fans can check out the special SWEAR words sizzle reel featuring all FOUL-MOUTH favorites below:

  • gv416

    It doesn’t bother me….makes it more real. The things they talk about on primetime now makes the few “shits” you hear on OLTL and AMC seem tame.

  • Amy

    They should leave them in. Any parent who thinks their kids don’t swear is delusional.

  • Too many old farts crying. This isn’t the 1950s. Whats next no sex scenes and seperate beds?

    • DeannaGarold Wright

      Well, us “Old Farts” have been watching these two soaps longer than most of you have been alive. This is NOT how soap operas should be and if you want swear words watch all of the reality shows, but keep them out of our beloved soaps.

      • Laughing at the Hypocrisy

        What is the difference in the swear words being in there and all the other sins that are in there. I mean soap operas feature stories that not only break every one of the Ten Commandments at times but a whole multitude of other sins.

        Hearing a swear word is bad, but lets just forget the fornication, adultery, murder, stealing, not to mention the half naked people who cause people to lust.

        Yep swear words are the big sin here. We sure wouldn’t want our minds corrupted by one of them.

        • DeannaGarold Wright

          Ok, I don’t LIKE the other stuff either and wish they would take most of that stuff out too. But as they say I guess I am an “OLD FART”. The original soaps didn’t have a lot of this stuff they have today in them and some of it was left to your imagination, not show everything. But as you guys say, that is the way things are now. You can’t get away from it no matter what you try to watch on today’s television. To each their own! But I don’t have to like it and a lot of stuff I don’t watch.

  • Philip

    Everything about Prospect Park just screams incompetence. They have advertised these shows as being more modern, etc. and different. Now the one thing that set them apart and make them more real and racy is taken away. Unbelievable.

    • Lana

      The curse words did not set them apart from the other soaps. In fact OLTL and AMC are just more of the same right now comparable to the last few years they were on tv. The only thing they added in was slight nudity and cursing which really adds nothing.

  • Tammy K

    No matter what PP seems to do for soap fans, they get sh** load of complaints. You can’t please everyone 100% of the time. As for the language? Open your windows people, take a walk to a park, you hear much worse & more frequently. Focus on the drama or even the scene & maybe you won’t even notice an occasional little #@*!!

    • Philip

      I get so tired of hearing that crap about what PP has done for soap fans. PP did nothing for soap fans. They are a company who saw a chance to make money and they purchased two shows and put them out there for people to watch. And as soon as they quit making them money PP will do what ABC did and cancel them. Why don’t some of you go ahead and petition the Pope for sainthood for PP. That’s the next step. I believe some of you if PP bought guns and went into a school and shot it up or set a bomb at the next marathon — you would be on message boards reminding soap fans what PP did for soap fans.

      • Tammy K

        You make no sense. First of all, our goal was to get the soaps back on & they finally came through. WTF are you talking about “Petitioning the Pope? SAINTHOOD? Guns in schools? Bombs? You are SICK! Not sure why you even have an opinion on this at all. If you were any kind of soap fan, you would not be talking about PP like they are vicious murderers we supposedly “worship”…

        • Philip

          I am the kind of soap fan who watches my shows. I support them with my viewership. I do not worship them. I do not put the people who make them up on a pedestal. I do not expect more of the actors than I expect of myself. I realize that these people on the soaps and behind the soaps put on their pants one leg at a time just like me. They are human beings who are doing a job…nothing more nothing less. Prospect Park is a business. AMC and OLTL are TV shows. They are there to entertain me. As long as they do that I am okay. If they don’t or stop doing that I turn them off or I quit watching. They don’t write me a check or give me anything other than entertainment.

          That’s the kind of soap fan I am.

          • Tammy K

            You assume we look at stars or PP like they are gods, but you have no idea who your talking to. Facts are facts, PP was the only company that ABC allowed to have our shows. They let us down 3x, before they proved they were legit. We fought so hard to get these shows back on for all fans everywhere. Do we still resent PP for letting us down twice? HELL YEAH! Are we glad they got the shows back on now? Hell yeah! That’s facts, not “worship”!!!! As for murder, save it for the soaps! Nobody needs that drama in our “real” life!

  • Marjie

    If you want people to watch, cut the swear words and save them for the IRS! Also, OLTL needs to stop blaming Clint for EVERYTHING bad that happens in Llanview! He’s a complex cowboy, not a monster. Look at his history. Don’t make him an Asa clone!
    Viki & Clint still work if you let them!

  • -frank, tx

    aww, i was really liking this edgy new side…seems more realistic…maybe they could just cut back and save the cursing for really intense scenes to add for dramatic effect…in other words, save it for the good stuff..other than that, im really loving OLTL more than ever now!!! thank u prospect park!!! love all of you who bring this show to life everyday for fans like me!!!