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Howard Wise/JPI Studios
Howard Wise/JPI Studios

ABC has announced that “’s” (David Hayward) and (Zach Slater) along with “’s” (Victoria Lord) will appear on the Thursday, April 25 edition of the networks “The View.”

With guest co-host Gretchen Wilson (album, “Right on Time”), the actors are expected to talk about the triumphant return of their former ABC Daytime soaps as they get ready to launch via , Plus and courtesy of beginning Monday, April 29.

Also scheduled to appear on the chat show are Self Magazine‘s Best Beauty winners and Carla Bruni (album, “Little French Songs”).

“The View” airs Weekdays from 11:00 AM – 12:00 Noon, ET/10:00 AM – 11:00 AM, PT on the ABC Television Network. The talk show is also available to watch online daily at 4:00 PM, ET/1:00 PM, PT on

  • Whoppi made this happen because she is good friends with Thorston. She probably had choice words to ABC and she will do whatever for her friends like Thorston!

  • Brianna

    lets watch abc try and save their own asses

  • Wish they could be on the Talk rather than The View on ABC. I will watch to see the soap actors but that is all. I will not watch the rest od the show. ABC still sucks.

  • I love it go and promote the return of two shows that ABC cancelled on an ABC show. It’s like they can see more and more what kind of mistake they made.

  • This is actually ironically, semi-amusingly, infuriating to me! The actors
    trying to bring these two wonderful shows back to life after ABC
    murdered them in order to put on more of their reality swill, are going
    to be appearing on “The View”…the ABC show which has had ME literally
    GAGGED on their Facebook wall for two YEARS now, because I had the AUDACITY to DARE complain there about the cancellation of these two shows!! The
    View is the ONLY ABC show other than GH that I still actually watch, and
    it has REALLY upset me that I’m GAGGED (cannot post or even “Like” comments) like this on their wall and have NO WAY WHATSOEVER to get it removed, or even ADDRESSED, but now they’re having the stars of the shows that I was gagged for defending, appear on the program as if it’s all good. So apparently for ABC, the ostracization of THIS particular VIEWER even outlasts that of the shows they
    cancelled. How NOT heartwarming for me! I’ve been trying to find a way to get my posting privileges there back to no avail for ALL this time…I really wish SOMEONE could help me! But, on next Thursday, I’ll just get to watch everyone pretend that everything’s fine…too bad I won’t be able to comment to say how much I enjoyed the show! 🙁

  • I am glad that Prospect Park is suing ABC. I wasn’t crazy at the way they killed off Cole and Hope plus the way ABC trying to make a hit out of Revolution which fail in the long run. The Chew try to included the whole family in their show and not the female only in the other show. I can’t wait to see the debut of the new AMC/ONTL on April 29,2013 at noon.

  • The ONLY show I watch is SCANDAL; been boycotting ABC since they cancelled AMC & OLTL. Will be watching on-line starting the 29h.

  • Misty

    I can’t wait for AMC to come back. I do not watch the View but I will watch on Thursday for Thorsten and Dr Delicious/Vincent. Love them but still hate ABC

  • It sucked the view you took off All My Children and One Life to Live I thought I’d watch that show to the day I died I will never watch the view I want my soap back on

  • yolanda

    I just saw the show on my dvr. Can’t believe that they had them on The View after AbC cancelled they’re shows. Anything for ratings.